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Found 41 results

  1. After a little bit of discussion, we came to the conclusion that making an all-inclusive “Ask a Staffer” thread would be a great opportunity for members to get to know our team! How it works: Anyone may simply ask a question in here, no matter the subject (so long as it remains appropriate of course) and a random staff member will come around to answer you. The questions can be serious, fun, pertain to certain individual staff members, whatever! All in the name of getting more familiar with our hard-working staff members. There’s no telling who’ll be the one to answer your question, as it will simply be answered by whoever is available at the time. Here is a very handy index of each staffer:
  2. This is my first time modifying any mlp game credit goes to whoever created the game. Removed mean and scary jumpscares. You can now Exit the Game With the Escape key. You can press H to bring up the game Help. Sorry if this does not belong here Ive seen game mods in here but not a mod of a fangame so I am not sure what this would go under. Luna Game 0 Nomorejumpscares Mod.exe
  3. not really a silly question but do you have a FAQ page, or link, so I can figure out how to do some things to my profile? Everyones signatures, pics and more and more are amazing but i cant figure out how to do any of that. Also, do this site have an app?
  4. Hey everyone! So I made this really old video awhile back and wanted to see if I can get feedback on what could improve etc etc. Please Share if you can too! Thank you! (Also let me know if this topic is relative or in the appropriate category 0-0 new to forum posting!)
  5. Download it now at NexusMods! The Watcher is the prologue for Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm, and the first in a series of episodes in a DLC-length mod for Fallout: New Vegas. It introduces players to Gardens of Equestria, an episodic adventure that shuffles the reality of New Vegas like a pack of cards. GoE introduces new enemies, allies, and unique equipment from beyond the Mojave. As you investigate the cause of these echoes, you will choose a side and decide the fate of two worlds. However, it’s not just the start of a world-spanning adventure. Changes have swept through the New Pegasus area, altering everything from billboards to ancient Pre-War posters, stimpaks to road signs, teddy bears to the Las Pegasus sign itself. There’s also a new PipBuck radio station featuring 32 of the greatest hits from the MLP:FiM fandom. The reality distortions have even affected your PipBuck’s user interface, complete with new loading screens, a new progress wheel and altered game Perks. Custom cinematics, a fully-voiced cast, unique new ambient music and much, much more await you within. Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm requires Fallout: New Vegas and the Old World Blues DLC. Prices and participation may vary. See store for details. If your download lasts for more than six hours, contact the Ministry of Peace immediately. This simulation has been approved by the Ministry of Morale, and verified by the Ministry of Arcane Sciences to run on most StableTecTM terminals.
  6. As the title states, what kind of mods would you like to see in games? Whether it be special game modes or character skins or whatever else. Personally, I'd like to see a Bulldozer in Payday 2 as the Michelin Man. >.> He just has that bubbly, bulky appearance and the Michelin Man seems...armor-able. See?
  7. I've been toying around with some mods to allow flight in Skyrim, as I've found a pair of wings that look beautiful, but don't want them if they can't be used to fly. There are only two mods that I've found, Flying Mod Beta, which has beautiful animations, but flight is basically no clip, which is too easy to abuse, as well as requiring the power slot for flight, and Real Flying, which has flight mechanics that don't simply turn on no clip, but has much worse animations (that sometimes persist after landing, including whatever it is that prevents combat whilst airborne) Is there anyone who can aid me? I'd like the animations from the first, with the flight mechanics of the second (compatibility with Animated Dragon Wings for use of the 150% bigger wings would be nice, though if this can be altered without that mod that's just as good). If there's anyone that can do it, or at least help me do it myself, I would be very grateful.
  8. I have officially given my Playstation Portable Slim model 2004 a new way of audio-ing things. I present to you: The PSP Fatty-Woofer Version 1.0. Now "WHY?" you scream towards me from across the globe, "Why would you EVER put a big and clunky speaker in the back of your PSP?" you yell even further. Well, to start off, the sound quality on the PSP is... well... i'll give you a hint. It begins with S and ends with HIT. That's right. "Not very good". and for that sole reason, i strapped my music angels bets friendz portable speaker onto the back of it and gave it a little more BASS. PON-3 would be proud. give it a litsen with my attached video i recorded from my iPad. capturedvideo.MOV what do you think? Pros + Better sound quality + More heavier which makes it more easy to balance. + Still portable + The shoulder buttons, dpad, analog nub and [] X O /\ are completely untouched. Cons - UMD Drive is completely denied access. - Requires a second charge cable for the speaker - Sticky-tape shivstorm. - Not pocketable. Balanced out, yeah i think it's a good idea. if you want to do this yourself, be warned. it will cost you tape.
  9. Good afternoon fillies and colts! Novel Idea here with a very special surprise for all of you! We've got a ton of new content for all you kind folks. While I'll leave the screenshots on the main blog page here, I'm super excited to reveal new music courtesy of our Music Director, Corvus Productions! As you know, we here at the Manehattan Project believe that music is an integral part of the storytelling experience. For those of you who remember the ending of Mass Effect 2, think about the stirring score that pounds through your speakers during your mad dash to escape the Collector's Base. Listen to that and anything you're doing becomes epic! We're bringing this philosophy to Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm! We're happy to reveal a remastered edition of the Smuggler's Run theme, the Mysterious Cave sketch and finally, the Rock Farm - Sector X. Check them out below! The Rock Farm - Sector X Mysterious Cave Smuggler's Run Theme - Remastered We're also releasing Chapters 15, 16 & 17 today from the Fallout: Equestria (The Manehattan Edition) audiobook! You can find the fully updated playlist here. We hope you enjoy this preview of things to come. Have a great day and stay safe! -Novel Idea
  10. We have a nice little treat for you this week in apology for us missing last week. For those of you who have read Fallout: Equestria...this might look somewhat familiar. And it's just a hint of what's to come. Just a little tidbit of what's coming! We also have a little preview about the history of the "Gateway Research Facility" which will be the grand finale of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm! But to see that, you'll need to stop by and check it out for yourself! ;) We're also still looking for scripters familiar with the GECK! Let us know if you're interested!
  11. As some of you may know, we are in the midst of developing a story-driven mod experience for Fallout: New Vegas called “Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm," a mod featuring dozens of levels, an entirely new worldspace, custom music, fully-voiced NPCs, hostiles, and companions, and new weapons, armor, and enemies. It is the first chapter in an ongoing story that will continue in Fallout 4. However, our team has run into an unexpected hurdle. One of our scripters recently had to leave the project due to an excess of real-life demands on her time. In the wake of this development, we are looking for an experienced scripter willing to step into this role to keep us on target for our current estimated release date. You do not need to be a fan of MLP or Fallout: Equestria for this position. You simply need to have an understanding of scripting and some experience with working on quests, dialog or companions in the GECK for Fallout: New Vegas (or similar; e.g., Fallout 3, Oblivion, or Skyrim) and an interest in being part of the exciting accomplishment this opportunity offers, particularly for those interested in bulking up their portfolios for entry into the game industry proper. We're looking for a serious candidate who's willing and able to buckle down and work flat-out for the next two months, with the possibility of staying on for the continuation of our work in Fallout 4. If you're interested, please contact us! You can either do so through by applying at or contacting the project lead directly at With your inquiry or application, please include a sample of modding work you've done in the past as well as an explanation of your experience with scripting generally if you haven't worked extensively in the GECK. Thank you for your time.
  12. Greetings one and all. My name is Novel Idea, the Executive Producer, Lead Designer & Creative Director of the Manehattan Project, who is currently in development of a new story-driven mod experience for both Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4 called Gardens of Equestria. The Manehattan Project team has some incredible talent, including professional game design and voice acting experience. And we're looking to expand! Some of you likely already know of the project, as we've been featured on Equestria Daily a couple times, mentioned by Kkat and we've worked hard to build a presence on the various FOE/MLP Reddits and FiMFiction. I'm here today because we need your help. Fallout 4 is only a few months away and as our workload increases, so does the need for help. We're currently looking to fill several different positions on the design team, tech team and even a few vocal spots. We're also looking for someone to be our PR Director. If you or someone you know is interested in any of these positions or even just want to help us test the game, please let us know by heading to There, you'll find some more detail about what we're looking for. Please note that the contact form has been working oddly, so you may just want to send us an email directly to the email listed on that page. If you have experience modding in Skyrim, Oblivion, Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, we'd especially love to chat with you! We're also looking for musicians, artists and modelers. Thanks for your time folks and have a great day!
  13. So yeah I've seen these homebrews called Nintendont and Devolution that play Gamecube ISOs on the Wii U. They do not however, play the disc natively. You have to load it from USB or SD card. Wii = Gamecube Wii U = Wii So surely... Wii U = Gamecube Pretty sure those programs take advantage of the Wii U having everything necessary to boot Gamecube games... is that true? So I guess the setback is that the disc drive won't read MiniDVDs. Maybe the console's drive could be changed to accept Gamecube discs? Or an adapter that goes into the USB port on the Wii U? MiniDVD reading + Gamecube hardware + Gamecube controller adapters = Gamecube back compatibility on Wii U! :D And of course, my cousin and I give our humblest respects to Satoru Iwata... <
  14. Does anypony have any Nsmbw modding experience?
  15. I've been working on a mod called Mine Little Testy Pony for a game called Minetest. It's based off of a mod called Mine Little Pony for Minecraft. Yes, I really did think of an original name didn't I? I put it on a public server along with some other random mods, thus "Mine Little Testy Server BETA" was born! All of the custom mods running on the server are unfinished (there are 3 so far), I plan on eventually making a "subgame" which is a collection of mods and modpacks bundled together. I plan on the final subgame having a much heavier MLP theme than the test server has. I plan on doing custom biomes, maybe custom mobs, and altering several other mods, or at least changing out their textures. The main part it the subgame the mltp modpack, which essentially only has basic skins now. I have some simple pony race specific things added like speed for earth ponies, and higher jump for pegasi (alicorns get everything). I also have the ability to cycle through different physics settings, currently there is normal, alternate, and flight. I'm still working on the flight system for pegasus and alicorns, it's about 80% done more or less, the animations just get screwed up too easily, but the flying part works well (it's locked in the server). I also plan on adding a magic system, that let's you use magical powers if you are a unicorn/alicorn. Another component I really need to add is an upgrade system where you start off only being able to use earth pony powers, then you can craft an upgrade to use flight, then magic. last but not least, edible flowers Image gallery showing some places in testing server, pony models, and pony flight (not currently available in the server) Do you want to play this game? Here's how! Note: the current version of the skins mod on the server apparently doesn't save your skin settings after you leave, it should be fixed next time I update the mod on the server. edit: total rewrite
  16. The relationship of Creator/Mod and OC is quite a famous relationship, as of this I was bored and thought 'Wonder if anyone else gets bored and does this?' So I made this thread, do you ever act like you and your OC can interact like separate entities? For example... Void-"Keenan?" Keenan-"Yeah Void?" Void-"Can I borrow some love or something? I am kinda hungry" Keenan-"Can Changelings even drain humans?" Void-"Always best to try before assuming right!" Keenan-"Still no Void, you ain't draining me" Void-"You're no fun!"
  17. MAP01 is finished.
  19. I need an explanation about this "Scruffy" guy and his hatred from the satyrs and satyr-posters. Here's a related picture ( ):
  20. Doom wads are back in action with the follow up of a new DooM WAD project I am currently making. I am proud to announce LulaDooM. A DooM WAD where you play as Trixie fragging angry Mages and Wizards who for some reason want to frag her. More news will come in the future discussing my progression, and hopefully I don't give up and abandon it. In fact I won't give up, I'm gonna beat this project even if it kills me. Anyway, I could do with some more pixel artist for the sprites (I currently have two including myself). If you want to help then PM me and we'll get straight to work. P.S. Moderators, you know what to do if I've stuck this in the wrong place AGAIN. Cover art (made by me):
  21. Ok Im gonna cut the hoopla and get to work AS OF THE AP-SAP UPDATE NORMAL SAPPER WILL BE CHANGED TO A NEW MODEL AND TEXTURE(S) Now I had an Sapper Texture I really like but as of the update it messed it up so I can't use it. Now im too stupid in order to update the mod/texture myself so that's where you guys come in. Can you help me by either A : Teaching me how to update it myself or B : Update it and send It to me at Thanks Sapper Texture
  22. Backstory (aka Hold On I'll Try And Explain This Crap) The year is 250 BC (Before Celestia. Don't let those Christians tell you otherwise.) Three tribes of ponies remain at odds: Earth ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi. Equestria does not exist: Instead, the three tribes are (presumably) too busy being discriminatory bastards to learn that pooling their resources could be an actual good idea. One day, a mighty blizzard strikes, famine befalls the land, and tensions boil over. Then, by the power of Deus Ex Machina (We can only presume it's THAT GODDAMN DISCORD.), the three tribes find themselves on a strange new planet, inhabited by ugly, two-legged creatures. The three tribes look around: The land is strange, and so are the people. "Humans" so they call themselves. Gaia or "Earth" is in a state of complete and total war. Unlike the three tribes of ponies, these "humans" have taken hostility to a whole new level. Forging strange items such as "swords", "spears", "shields", "slings" and a variety of other pointy or blunt implements, humans resolve their tensions by simply clubbing or stabbing eachother to death. Later finding themselves in different parts of a country called "Greece", the three tribes wonder what to do. They hate eachother, the climate is odd, and the humans are too busy killing or being killed to notice that in the streets of what were Epirus, Sparta and Athens, strange, large pastel-coloured ponies are wandering around. Athens calls them "GIFTS FROM ATHENA!", Sparta calls them "WARRIOR STALLIONS FROM ARES!", Epirus calls them nothing as they're too busy being oppressed by Macedon to say anything. This is good news for the tribes: No lengthy building of empires or cities. All they need is the right application of subversion and cunning, and they can and will take them for themselves. Not only that, but now they can kill eachother without actually killing eachother. Just persuade the humans to do it. Earth in 250BC isn't swayed by the arrival of magical fighting ponies. They're too busy with important shit like conquering, killing, raping and conquer-raping. The Roman Republic is making the slow march to being a Roman Empire by destroying anything that yells at them. Gaul is busy rampaging everywhere and burning shit down. Germania is busy rampaging into Gaul and burning shit down. In the far East, Nomadic tribes are running around firing arrows at everything that move, while Eastern empires such as the Seleucids, Baktria, Parthia, Pontus and others are running actual horses that aren't cartoon ponies over people and trampling them to death. To the South lies Egypt, now less Egyptian and more "Macedonia Two: We're Going To Kidnap Alexander's Body For The Lulz", Carthage is in the south-west, hording elephants and infantry to begin the almighty task of kicking the shit out of Rome, and Britannia is sitting around, doing nothing and instead scratching its balls while making human sacrifices. In Greece, they are now looking around and wondering what to do with pastel-coloured ponies that clearly don't make good food ("GODDAMMIT HEPHAESTION IT'S TALKING TO ME I CAN'T EAT THIS") and can't be ridden (That would open up some very grey areas, despite what clopfics may tell you.) All this while Macedonia and several Illyrian, Thracian and Dacian tribes hover nearby, ready to take advantage of cartoon pony-related weakness and take Greece. So why not go to war? The world is growing and changing. Seas and rivers no longer form boundaries, but just entities to step over while punching people in the face. Empires grow and swallow tribes. And now, stuck in the middle of it, are our beloved ponies. Do you spread love and tolerance? Or will you take the reins and create your own empire, an Equestria that spans another world? Wherever you go, everything wants to, can, and will kill you. Or maybe even sacrifice you. Or eat you. Or all three. This is Total War. How far would you go for Equestria? ** Alright, so I took the next logical step with the mod. Most things are working right. There are a few grammatical hiccups from modding the text data, but otherwise? It's workable. When I start working on units, i'll probably think the bloody opposite, but it works. So, I decided to take the Greek States, and replace them with three different locations from the games, resembling the three tribes. Ponyville (As it was founded by Earth Ponies), Cloudsdale (Exclusively inhabited by pegasi) and Canterlot (Massive city of wealth, culture, and all kind of rich things. Like Unicorns. Fecking Unicorns). ** Meet The Tribes Cloudsville (replaceS Sparta HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GOOD GODDAMN RIDDANCE) A tribe of mighty Pegasi and Human Warriors, there are few tougher, few meaner, and few more dedicated. Though they'd eventually form part of the Royal Guard, they were a terrifying tribe in their own right. Note 1: During a Civil War, Cloudsville has to fight Spartan Human Rebels. Note 2: Planning on giving a slight boost to infantry recruitable by Spartans, and plan to give slight trade boost to Sparta to hopefully stimulate them forming an empire and creating a more dynamic balance of power in Greece. Canterlot (replaces Athens) What would become the central city of Equestria, Canterlot is a city of culture, wisdom and wealth. Home of the Unicorns, and preferring love and harmony to warfare, Canterlot could very well form the beating heart of an empire should she decide to fight.. Note 1: If Canterlot forms an empire (So far, it's only possible if you play as them. I assume that, if you play long enough, Athens may be enough of a world power if it survives to form an empire following a civil war), it forms an Equestrian Empire. Note 2: The major building it can construct for culture (ie; it's top faction building) is Canterlot Castle. Ponyville (replaces Epirus) A tribe of hard-workers, Earth Ponies have taken residence in Epirus, driving an agrarian revolution. They are still a tribe through and through, and will fight to the death to protect their fellow ponies and human hosts. The work and toil in the fields could easily forge a warlord capable of forging a new Equestria... Note: Will be getting a heavy tweak to ensure survival, especially in terms of soldier power and trade. ** A Few Notes 1) I'm going to have test out some mods on how they affect the factions. The reason for this is simple: Though i've shown that Canterlot/Athens can survive and grow, it's always grim for Ponyville/Epirus. It rarely survives, if at all. Sparta/Cloudsville varies: In some campaigns, it can rival Athens/Canterlot and make an empire of its own. In other campaigns, it sits there and does nothing. 2) I highly, highly, highly, highly, HIGHLY doubt there'll be actual pony models in the game. The reason for this is twofold: i) I can't stress how shit I am at modding. I can make textures in Photoshop and create new units, but 3D modelling ain't my forte. ii) With how the game operates, and its files, I'm not sure if it'd take nicely to ponies. I know it sucks, but bugger off. 3) The mods remaining private for now. Though this mod in itself is entirely made by me (This is a separate mod from the units i've added), there's still a crapload of work to do. It's not actually interested anyone, which is good, but on the off-chance that you're insane enough to: Sorry, but not now. ** Pictures It's that time again. Time to show off what little work i've done! WOOHOO! As you can see, I need to create an emblem for Ponyville. As you can see, they have the trait "Love and Tolerance" that enables the brutal assimilation of enemy tribes under the guise of caring. You can also see a wee bit of description for the City State of Canterlot Same for Cloudsdale. The three cities. As you can see, Cloudsdale starts hostile with Ponyville, because it's weak as shit and can be beaten if you throw stones at it long enough. Only a fine warlord will be able to take Ponyville and mould it into something that isn't a punching bag. Cloudsdale emblem, based on Pegasi Tribe banner. Too faint, needs re-doing. Cloudsdale Hoplites looking ashamed in their shields. Thanks to the way the game works in terms of edited data (ie; Not very goddamn well), I've had to edit certain units with their own colour scheme. This is the only one completed so far, with Spartan Royal Guard replaced with Cloudsdale Guard. Notice their proud beards, good posture, fancy cloaks and pointy killing implements. There is a shit-load of re-texturing that needs to be done which will severely slow down the mod. Red crest? Pah, it won't work! Although the soldier next to the Captain clearly wants that awesome helmet. Case in point: I've edited the Faction Uniform Colours but for some goddamn reason (ie; It's Creative bloody Assembly) the changes aren't showing. Also notice how, because the Spartan emblem was uniform for every single hoplon, it's replaced with the Pegasi symbol in every instance. Unless I create entirely new shields, it's a horde of Pegasi coming at you. But notice how the oval shield of the standard bearer has the Spartan lambda still on it. Goddammit, this is gonna take a while. SPECIAL: TWO IN-GAME LOADING SCREENS (NOTE: Resized them for display or else my blog would explode.) The Pegasi were a fierce tribe who enjoyed killing, maiming, and yelling at people of a lower caste than them. This is why they won't expect the SUEBI TO WIPE THEM OUT FOR WODAN SHUT UP SHUT UP AND BOW TO FLUTTERSHY BEST PONY GODDAMMIT ...Rhodarein made this wallpaper, and it is fucking excellent. *** Parting Thoughts (aka Going Back To Work Dammit) This is going to take a while, and it's going to involve a lot of hardship, pain and punched screens. I'm enjoying it, at least. There's just something about seeing those poor humans, fighting in the name of factions related to a childrens show involving talking pastel ponies, getting completely minced by a horde of roaring Germanic berserkers. I also get giddy, watching as every little crap thing I do is somehow replicated on the screen without royally cocking up and causing my laptop to explode and cause red shot shards of glass to pierce my face and turn me into Colonel Volgin. Nobody cares about it, but I do. Mostly because this is a practice for improving the goddamn Brigantes faction AND LEADING MY ANCESTORS IMMORTAL GLORY, but, hey, its pretty neat being able to eradicate the Greek States and replace them with Equestrian States. I'm also interested in just placing spies in Greece/Equestria for a single campaign, and ending each turn without doing anything, just to see how the AI handles it. It tickles me to see Canterlot, in my current campaign, running riot across the land while Ponyville lies in tatters and Cloudsdale sits there, arms folded, waiting for either the moment to strike or the sweet release of a Roman Gladius to the throat. We'll see. But at the end of it all, I guess we'll be able to answer the question: "How far will you go to Equestria?" And if you answer doesn't include "Enslave half of the free world", then you're going to be in for a tough time. Crap To Do 1) Edit units. 2) Create at least 2 new units for each major Pony faction. 3) Edit texts for Campaigns. 4) Possibly edit texts and pictures for research tree. 5) Lay down and cry. 6) Drink. 7) Create new emblem for Ponyville. 8) Modify Mercenary units. 9) Create "Legio Equestria" for Rome faction. 10) Drink some more. 11) Attempt to add Equestrian units to auxiliary pool if possible. 12) Include sound files to have Equestrian factions yell out that goddamn spine-chilling ferocious war cry of "Winter Wrap Up". 13) Possibly modify sound files for introduction of factions which, to me, a complete idiot, is going to be like re-programming the Ark of the Covenant while blindfolded and with hands stuck in buckets covered in piranhas with Velociraptors for teeth. 14) Drink, cry, then drink tears.
  23. Dearest Feld0, It has come to my attention that your MLPForums lack taste in art. There are literally no seals anywhere here. All there is are silly ponies. Silly four-legged beasts. :c Feld0 plz, I'm begging you, add more seals. I guarantee that the Pinniped fandom is a lot bigger than the Brony fandom, and it will give you an increase in members of your glorious community. In fact, seals are absolutely magnificent, loving, and smart creatures! I really think that you should add more seals to MLPForums. Also, I think I should be a mod because I like seals and I could be your seal representitive. Thx senpai.