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Found 12 results

  1. I model N and G scale. So what do you if at all model?
  2. A couple months ago, I made 3D models of the mane 6's cutie marks. ( A couple days ago I realized that there are loads of other ponies who I could do! And these are the results. All images are 1920x1080p. First Up: Celestia and Luna. When I saw Celestia's cutie mark, my first thought was that this was a perfect opportunity to use the fire simulator. And after 15 minutes of modeling, 30 minutes of fiddling with render settings, and an afternoon of simulation/rendering, it came out like this. To keep the balance, I tried to make Luna's equally realistic. Luna's was pretty interesting too, actually, because the moon never actually does that in nature so that was fun to figure out. After that, I did Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. I learned something sorta interesting here, that the crystal heart in the empire is not the same shape as the crystal heart on Cadance's cutie mark. Unlike the actual crystal, which is constructed of quadrilaterals, Cadance's cutie mark is made of triangles, which turns out to be a super noticeable difference. Unfortunately, Shining Armor's cutie mark is pretty flat (It seems to run in the family). And it was difficult to make it pop in 3D. I tried to use a more cartoonish style for these renders. Finally, the Cutie Mark Crusaders! These were pretty easy. I just made a base since they were all so similar then carved out the symbols and colored them. These ones were all pretty flat and I didn't render them at an angle, so they came out in a very 2D way. Not really what I wanted, but still came out really nice so I'm happy. Overall, really fun to do, and good practice! Made with Blender 2.76b.
  3. For any 20 year olds out there. You might remember a anime series that was on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s called Zoids. I have recently been rediscovering my interest in Zoids. So, I though I would start a thread for anyone that still might have a interest in the series. If you have never heard of Zoids, here's a history lesson. Zoids is a Japanese mecha model kit series that began in the 80s. The series depicts mechanical life forums know as Zoids, that live on the planet Zi.
  4. Hello! So I do 3D modeling as a hobby and I usually like to have one big project that I am working on at a time, otherwise I just get bored or distracted. In the past I have made various models, such as dragons or demons, and at one point I made Discord, But now I am wondering what would be something interesting to model, I was thinking about making tirek but before I started I thought I would ask around and see if there was anything better or more interesting that I could make. It doesn't have to be mlp although I would probably prefer it. Some things I have made previously are below. I think this could be an interesting thread not only for me but for others who want to work on something as well or want to share something that they have made. So feel free to share models in a reply or something. Thanks!
  5. So i'm trying to paint my gundam model to look like its part of the New Lunar Republic any ideas?
  6. So I've been obessed with Gmod and recently I've found that most models I've seen haven't shown up during my browses on the Steam Workshop. I've searched my little pony but all I can find is Mane 6 (and not even princess awesome sparkle?!). Also, my little cousin borrows my account (no, he does not play online) and like everyone in his class he plays minecraft, but we can't find any things like herobrine that he likes. Links ? Help ? Yes!
  7. The title speaks for itself. Do you guys own any diecast models? If so, how many and what scale are they? I'll start off with my own models. They are all 1/18 scale, and two I purchased at home. The first one I got, however, was from England. My Dad gave it to me for my 18th birthday. They include a Shelby GT500, an Alfa Romeo Daytona, and a Maserati 3200GT. Pictures are below.
  8. Currently, I'm trying to fill a rather pathetically empty niche in this fandom: 3D Animation. Yes, excellent models currently exist for our favorite ponies, fully articulated and ready for use by creative persons... in Garrys Mod and Source Filmmaker... That's nice if you like restricting yourself to Teamfortress 2, Half Life and Left 4 Dead maps, props and characters by forcing them to barge in on something you probably only wanted to be pony-related. But hey, you're working with Valve's resources, and that means you're working with Valve's maps unless you want to bother yourself with learning Hammer so you can make a seriously awful Brush-based map of Ponyville! Ick... Okay, admittedly there are SOME decent maps made, but you get what I'm saying. An entire medium of artwork and animation left unplumbed and neglected, solely represented by some SERIOUSLY limited productions involving a game-engine, adding another hurdle to the process of making videos by exporting models and textures into Source. What if you wanted to go BIGGER? Where is the content necessary to make a 3D scene NOT constrained by game-engine limitations so you can have huge spaces to work with, or use fluid, cloth and general physics simulations on a grand scale? Maybe you want better effects, and to NOT have to deal with a game's particle engine to do it? Well here's the thing: I'm such a person, who wants to do scenes and trailers and all sorts of other cool things to supplement my written work for the fandom (a little fic on EQD called "Black Equinox"). And I'm currently working to make tons of 3D pony content available for those who work in the realms of 3DS Max, Maya, Blender or whatever 3D package you favor. Want an idea of the sort of thing I mean? Well, here's a teaser trailer I did recently for my fanfic: What you see here is not possible in Source Filmmaker, and if it were, it would be massively inconvenient. Already I've been hard at work extracting Nahka's 3D pony models and rigging them for animation, finding a way to implement the facial expressions he added that would otherwise be unavailable beyond Source Filmmaker or the like. Here's an example of a cel-shaded test animation I did with the current Twilight rig: Cel-shaded, smoothed over during the render to prevent low-poly edges, and open to ALL the possibilities raw CGI offers. Ah, but even with the characters, you need places to PUT them, right? And what yahoo is going to bother modeling all of these environments? Well, look no further than THIS yahoo. I am, at this moment, working to make detailed models of the buildings and structures located in Equestria, from Ponyville to Canterlot. I warn that my work is primarily exterior, but it's better than nothing. At the moment, I'm working on the Library. Yeah, pretty rough, but it's a WIP, obviously, and I haven't modeled the leafy-portions, just the core woody bits (mainly because I plant to set the former on fire in a scene, and I need the husk of the tree). So here's where you guys come in: To do this right, I require references. Here, for example, the Golden Oaks Library (to my knowledge) is only EVER seen from the very front. Any exterior shot of any kind ensures we get the same angle, the same iconic profile. While I'm getting that down in the model, 3D isn't 2D. I can't use an eternally isometric perspective and make the Library a facade with no back. As it stands, I don't think ANYONE knows what the back of this damn tree LOOKS like! I can wing it if I must, fill in a random window on the second floor and call it a day, but in 3D, something should look good right ANY angle. Similarly, (and a bigger long-run concern) Canterlot is shown to be both a palace and a city. By now we have a general idea of the city layout and the palace layout, but the relationship between the two is nebulous at best. Like the Library, we ONLY see the city from the South in that same angle, showing off the aesthetically pleasing silhouette. We assume the rest of the city is past what we can see, but it's shown to be a pretty big place. Big enough that when we see individual ponies on balconies in zoomout shots, we KNOW what we're seeing must only be a small part of the city. Or else, the city must curve around the back of the mountain out of sight. And true, you could do like THEY clearly are and make exterior city shots and interior city shots separate scenes, but it'd be nice to be able to pan a camera all the way through and not rely on cut-away shots.
  9. What's everyone's opinion on the models for Gamelofts Ponyville? Honestly I love some of them, like Pinkie Pie's model, and Braeburn looks pretty good too. Mr. Cake's is pretty funny, but some of the models are just horrid. [Rarity's voice] Oh, Darling, Vinyl? Just what is that hideous mane of yours doing? [/Rarity's voice] I'm not liking Spitfire's model either... the goggles look rather off and is kind of bland. Appleblooms model is well designed though, and I do enjoy it. So what's all your opinions?
  10. Well then, I figured I would showcase the military models I've forged over the years. For me it is a primarily passive hobby which is only done on rainy afternoons or evenings, sometimes with the assistance of my father. The parts are so small it is often rage-inducing and frequent breaks are... recommended to say the least. Here's a few that I have done in chronological order! Since I have had more practice and taken more time to improve my hand stability as well as patience levels I am most happy with the Bf-109 xD Here's a pair I got from the Winter Holidays this past year which I have not gotten around to doing quite yet, super excited to do the Jagdtiger model though. 1:35 scale and it is Otto Carius' specific tank!~ Now then, enough about me I can't stand the spotlight, as it were. What are your experiences with models, if any? Comments are appreciated~
  11. Basically it's just a model of Rainbow Dash I made out of Clay. Worked on it for about two weeks. It was a pain getting the colours right. Anyways, hope you all enjoy!
  12. I thought I might show you some of my photography and see if I can get some opinions to help me improve. This was from my very first baby shoot. She had such an adorable little laugh. It's a simple picture but I quite like it all the same. Looking at it now I think I should have probably put him in the light rather than the shade. These are both for my artwork. They are about the elements earth,fire, air and water. There are a couple of examples. If you have anything that might improve my photography in future then that would be extremely helpful.