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Found 17 results

  1. I thought this would be a nice topic to start off. Basically you have to say how famous/popular E.C.T you are on the forums. I think it will be quite cool to see what people think about themselves! So the rules are say how famous you think you are, and there is an option to say how famous the person above you is to! I think I am average, I am only a bunny and people don't see me that much. I would rate myself 7.1/10
  2. I have demanded the sweat, blood, and tears of many staff members, but none have measured up... All have collapsed under the pressure, their bones lost in the sands around my temple... BUT THERE IS ONE! The Acolyte, ... He has undertaken every task I have set forth, brazenly carrying my banner, when others would hide their faith. TAKE THIS SABER, MY ACOLYTE, AND SERVE ME AS A TRUE SITH! I DUB THEE SITH LORD CU-PI-DO, QUEEN OF GAEMS! ("Koukatsu, your announcements suck, nobody ever understands what you're trying to say!" -> Lightwing / Cupid Strike is being promoted to Global Moderator!)
  3. I had no option to acknowledge the received the warning so that I could have a hard talk with you. Why the Hell would you take a nonsense report serious only because @Raritas couldn't handle a joke that is used many times. I mean serious. You should've ignored it, but no. You all had to screw me because of that member being so easily offended. You lost credibility with that action.
  4. In my admittedly short time on this site, (Compared to some) I have noticed that administrators and moderators possess abilities that may seem strange or even otherworldly to new users. To help prevent any confusion or fear, I have decided to compile a complete list that details exactly how a moderator or administrator differs from the average user. Administrators can hide exactly how long they've been offline. Moderators can edit their posts, and it won't state that the post has actually been edited. Moderators can cause your computer to play the brown note with the push of a button. Moderators can smell fear. All site administrators are high ranking members of HYDRA. Hail HYDRA! Moderators can see you when you're sleeping, and they know when you're awake. They also know if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake. Moderators devour the souls of the living for sustenance, as well as to maintain their eternal youth. If you are slain by an administrator, you come back to life as a moderator under their control. Moderators highly recommend that you drink the tap water. In fact, they say that you should go drink some right now. Despite their near omnipotence, moderators and admins do have two weaknesses: If you type a moderator's username backwards, they will be immediately banished to their home dimension for up to a week. SCS is immune to this effect as his user name is spelled the same way backwards as it is forwards. If you say "I don't believe in moderators!" somewhere in the world a moderator will drop dead. Disclaimer: This blog post is meant as a work of comedy, nothing more.
  5. Fillies and gentlecolts of MLP Forums, it is with great pleasure that I now announce a new addition to... no that's not quite right. He's not new at all! Dawn Rider has been a valuable member of the staff and a friend to many for a long time. Most of you should know who he is by now. During his tenure, he has continuously assisted in capacities beyond those required, offering and providing aid in areas outside his "jurisdiction." In short, he's helpful and proactive, and he knows the ropes. For this I am pleased to announce his... reassignment to the moderation team, where' he'll continue to render assistance as he always has, yet shall now be able to stand guard against whatever forces run afoul of our community. Besides his helpful nature and experience, there is one other very important consideration here — he's an Aussie! Meaning an increase in coverage during a time when most of the others are at work, school, or asleep! How many times has he messaged me on Skype while I was working to take care of some flame war or troll incursion that he was both capable of and available to handle? Over 9000 would be a conservative estimate. Not any longer. His promotion comes as a relief to us both in this regard. Welcome also Troblems to the same role, although her focus will be primarily the Roleplay section. In her time there as Poniverse Staff, she's pulled more than her own weight in keeping the place organized and on-task, proving vital to the development of Equestrian Empire, while proving herself to be a very friendly and approachable person. We're grateful for all the hard work she's done to date, and hope that her new position as a moderator will help her to take Roleplay World to even greater heights. Thanks, Troblems!
  6. Hello. I came up with an interesting concept and wanted to see what others thought of it. So basically, because the debate pit is always such a mess I thought it would be a great idea, I figured we could have specialized moderators for the Debate Pit. These users would not necessarily have the same jobs as other moderators. Rather than answer questions or spot out rule offenders, they would moderate debates. This could be done a few ways. Unfortunately, I could only come up with so many details due to my limited knowledge. The moderators could give warnings (warnings could be given for such things as logical fallacies ) and possibly even ban users, not from the forums, but just from the Debate Pit. I thought that this would help clean up some of the "mess" in the Debate Pit, and that would it would encourage more productive discussions. My suggestion for how the moderators would be chosen involved either having staff select them such as with regular moderators, or allow people to send in applications. I believe the moderators should be relatively neutral and should not, if they are to be effective, be selected simply because they were recommended by someone else. Lastly, the moderators should give a pledge of neutrality and should be stripped of their powers if need be. I probably forgot something so if there are any questions about my suggestion just ask. I ran this by some other members and they seemed to like my idea, so I wanted to see what the more official thoughts would be.
  7. So, just a bit of feedback on the size of signatures on the forum. Now I think that the size nor normal users is ok, and does not need to be changed, but I feel like the size for subscribers is possibly to big and the size for moderators is just massively to big. Now I don't have a small laptop, but this is what my screen sees sometimes: (see attached file) as you can see it fills up atleast a 1/3 of the screen. This is crazy! I didn't come to the forum to see peoples signatures but to read the topics. I know signatures are an important part of your online persona, but why do moderators sigs have to be so much bigger? It sometimes feels like they are trying to show it in our faces sometimes! Now I'm suggesting that you make them smaller and standardise the signature size to be the same as non subscribers. In the end, they still get a bigger portrait (which is fine as it stays out of the way) so why the need for such big signatures? It also severely reduces my ability to read topics quickly: a. they load slower b. they take forever to scroll throught. It seems crazy to be that signatures can be so much bigger then then persons post! Anyways, I hope this didn't come over to ranty, and if there was a way (or is that I can't see) to turn signatures off for me then that would fix the problem as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this, Happy Plant
  8. Your favorite pony... is still your favorite pony. Wut do?
  9. (It’ll help if you read with this music playing in the background.) Captain’s log. Stardate 2014.59. The entire MLP Forums staff has been exposed to potentially lethal doses of responsibility. Mr. Discord calculates a 77.77% chance of destruction if we do not find a supplemental power source. Facing annihilation, I have conferred with the crew and MLP Forums High Command, led by Admiral Feld0. In order to weather this challenge, it seems we must request assistance from new and old friends alike. With that utter indulgence of geekery, I’d like to formally announce the introduction of four new moderators to our staff. All of them are familiar faces that many of you have encountered over the months—even years—on the forums. They are proven to be smart, able, active, and friendly folks who are more than capable of ensuring that the MLP Forums community continues growing rapidly and soundly. SCS – If you’ve ever had questions about how things work here on MLP Forums, chances are SCS addressed your concerns at some point. He’s been a member of the Poniverse Staff for several months, working diligently in Site Questions & Tech Support. Need to do know something but never had the courage to ask? SCS is more than happy enough to provide an answer. He’ll be doing that now (and more) with a nifty moderator badge. Sugar Cube – Sugar Cube joined MLP Forums way back when the ball first started rolling in October 2011. She’s remained with us ever since, and we’re pleased as punch that she’s at last a part of our team. It stands to reason that an Applejack fan is both loyal and level-headed. I’m likewise sure she’ll also prove to be the most dependable pony around! Wingnut – Since Wingnut promotes “The Excellence of Execution”, I’m going to assume one of two things: either he made Artemis tap out in order to join the staff, or he wants to face Sugar “The Showstopper” Cube at MLP Forums’ main event. Because moderators are not encouraged to feud with each other (except for ~CD~ and me), I’ll dismiss my apprehension and instead say that Wingnut is a thoughtful member who has long deserved a position on the staff. Akavi (AKA DashForever) – Like Kirk to McCoy in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Artemis, looking totally hip in his bellbottoms, clasped hands with DashForever and said, “Damn it, DF! I need you! Urgently!” In reality, DashForever has shown an unyielding drive to help keep MLP Forums the best pony community on the internet. We’re overjoyed in welcoming him back into the fold! Please take a moment to welcome our newest (and oldest) moderators! On a slightly more somber note, SolarFox, one of our most dedicated moderators, is stepping down from the staff. He’s been more than a helpful member of the staff; SolarFox is a darn good friend. Although we’ll miss him, all of us here thank him for his service and hope to see him around on the forums. I’m fairly certain he won’t leave us unless we ban all mention of Rarity from MLP Forums. Moony and Radiance64 should keep those plans in check a while longer. It is also of mention that Evilshy is temporarily stepping down from his position as moderator. Real-life has conspired against him, but his dedication to our community remains steadfast. When things are at last sorted out, we’ll be waiting for him with open arms. You haven’t seen the last of Evilshy yet! Finally, we need to address some nitty-gritty policy matters. Recently, several staff members have come across multiple topics related to drug and alcohol usage. While we are not so draconian as to ban all mention of intoxicating substances, it does bear repeating that our youngest members are 13 years of age. Discussing personal drug habits and glorifying drinking aren’t the ideal topics for discussion around those who may not even be old enough to legally take a sip of beer. Much like the NSFW rule, it often comes down to exercising common sense. To avoid blurring the lines too much, however, we are announcing a formal policy on alcohol and drug-related content. Discussing those subjects in the abstract is permissible, provided that the topics and their participants do not delve into graphic detail. In other words, in the contexts of education and debate, members are free to chat about drugs and alcohol. Conversely, the promotion or graphic description of personal drug usage—especially illegal drugs—is prohibited. The same applies for alcohol. If you want to talk about how smashed you got last weekend, or how great it is to drop acid at parties, go somewhere else. MLP Forums will stand by its PG-13 policy for all discussions and their content. That’s all for now! Mr. NewCalamity, take us out. Warp factor 6.
  10. Like NewCalamity, I too am fond of military terms and Deus Ex references. I hope everyone knows he doesn’t have the market cornered on that front. I’m here to provide a short rundown on two points which have recently become recurrent issues over the past several weeks. Bear in mind that we are not changing any rules or presenting new ones; rather, the point of this thread is to reiterate what exists but may not have been totally clear to those who call MLP Forums their home. 1.) The NSFW rule applies to all aspects of the forum. Without going into unnecessary details, there appears to be a bit of confusion as to where you can post content which is otherwise inadmissible on MLP Forums. If you need an official point of reference, please check out our handy dandy FAQ regarding NSFW material. Avatars, signatures, and profiles are subject to the same standards as anything else posted on the forums. In the event you are uncertain about whether or not certain content would be appropriate, err on the side of caution and choose something safe. Feel free to PM a moderator if you are really uncertain whether that saucy FlutterDash picture you found on deviantART can become your new avatar. In most cases, however, common sense should prevail—but you are still responsible for what is posted on your account. Ignorance is really no excuse. As with most of what is posted on MLP Forums, moderators and admins hold the final say as to the appropriateness of any given piece of art, whether it happens to be an illustration or text. In the event an MLP Forums’ staff member requests that you change your avatar, signature, or profile background, you are compelled to comply. If you disagree with the decision, you can use the Support Ticket system to file it under a Moderation Dispute. Who knows? Upon second glance the staff might realize that the saucy FlutterDash picture you slapped on your profile page wasn’t so bad after all. This leads into the second half of this announcement… 2.) Moderators speak authoritatively for the staff of MLP Forums. Moderators are not “lesser” admins who stand in as lies and proxy soldiers for administrators: their requests are to be honored as though they came from ~Chaotic Discord~, NewCalamity, me, or anyone else with a nifty Alicorn badge. Requesting to have an admin weigh in on a moderator’s ruling is not an excuse to ignore the moderator. To be honest, 9 out of 10 times, the staff discusses a decision prior to putting it into effect. You either confer with the moderator with whom you are already in dealings or you appeal through a Support Ticket afterward. In the case of the former, should the moderator stand by his or her decision, you are obliged to listen and act accordingly. Finally, while everyone can go through rough patches during the day, we ask that you be as respectful as possible when dealing with us. Everyone who works on behalf of MLP Forums does their best to represent the interests of the community. Do we make mistakes? Surely we do—but being passive aggressive or sniping at staff members doesn’t make us better at our jobs. Words—even when conveyed through a digital medium—carry a good deal of impact. I think we can all afford to show each other some courtesy. It will make our time together here a lot more fun. Now please return to your government-assigned housing units, citizens.
  11. Why is Thereisnospoon making announcements? Fear not, everypony -- moderators have yet to become autonomous and overthrow Feld0. But we thought you should all be privy to a few changes made recently amongst the staff. 1. All moderators are now global moderators. What does this mean exactly? In the previous hierarchy, moderators were divided into two separate yet equally important groups: sectional mods and global mods. Sectional mods could only moderate areas to which they were assigned. This distinction is now abolished. Moderators are now consolidated into one group, with all the rights and privileges of global mods. They will still be assigned to oversee particular sections, but their responsibilities as a whole overlap across the forums. Why was this change made? What madman placed all of his faith into a collection of unstable individuals? Providing all of our moderators with global tools should help them with responding to needs across the forums; furthermore, they can more readily assist administrators with issues which crop up across the website. In spite of joking comments about their stability, all the moderators serving on MLP Forums are judged to be trustworthy and responsible in the utmost possible manner. The decision to effectively promote all of them in one fell swoop would not have been made if we did not believe they were willing and/or capable to shoulder a new set of responsibilities. 2. You may contact a moderator directly if that moderator has taken an action related to your account or posts. If you feel confused or require clarification, sending a PM may be preferable to filing a Mod Dispute support ticket. Avoid requesting clarification from a moderator unrelated to the issue. Should you be unsatisfied with the response, make a support ticket so that the admins can take a closer look at the case. (For a more in depth response, please refer to this part of the FAQ.) Of course, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them.
  12. I got permission from ~CD~ to make a thread like this, so here goes~! Title says all. Be honest, though not too hostile. I trust the mods won't ban anyone who has an honest critique of the management here. Anyway. Lately there've been some complaints about mods (and I admit that I have complained as well) and I want to hear everyone's thoughts on how the site is being managed currently! Many may agree that the site currently has a great and responsible load of moderators and adminstrators (and I agree) but some others may think that mods and admins are horrible at managing the site and/or are very biased, favoring their friends. What do you think? (Poll is anonymous so give your hell to it! ) -- Heyo folks. As I told Clarity when they first approved this thread, I just want to make sure everyone knows that this thread is not a place for specific complaints about something. This is a general feedback thread about the staff as a whole, touching upon the things Clarity has mentioned in the poll, not a general 'this rule sucks, this needs to be changed, I didn't deserve so and so warning' etc etc. Anything specific that you may have a problem with is best served in a Support Ticket, one on one, with you and the staff. Tickets are accessible through the 'Site Questions & Tech Support' forum. Thanks! ~C.Discord
  13. In the past, if you were to ask us 'what are warning points for? how do I get one?', you'd most likely be given a very vague and non-specific response; not out of any desire on our part to remain coy or evasive on the matter, but because we've never really had a clear policy in handing them out. What one moderator might consider grounds for a warning point might be considered merely worthy of a PM and/or slap on the wrist by another. Because of this, consistency was, sadly, often the exception rather than the norm. As was originally outlined and discussed in this thread some time ago, we have decided to move toward a standardized warning system in an effort to increase moderation consistency, and to minimize potential perception that individual moderators might be biased one way or another toward specific members and give them lighter punishments as a result. Moving forward, everyone, regardless of join date, post count, or user rank, will have the same punishments applied to them when they have broken a rule. Without further ado, I'd like to officially pull the curtain on our new warning system - even though it hasn't actually changed since the last proposal I posted in the original thread. All posts that are hidden for violating our board rules will carry, depending on the nature of the post, one of the following warning point values: Pointless/Off-topic posts: 15 pointsPosts falling under this category are largely harmless, and made with no ill intent; despite this, they serve no purpose beyond cluttering up discussion threads and/or driving people away from the original topic at hand. The fifteen point weight is not intended to be overly punitive; rather it is intended as a gentle reminder to people that they should mindful of what they post, and where. Backseat moderating: 25 pointsBackseat moderation is the act of replying to a thread solely for the sake of calling another user out for infringing on our rules; this behavior is not smiled upon, regardless if any rules were infringed upon or not. Most instances of backseat moderation are harmless, and stem from a desire to help newer members understand the rules that govern the forum - regardless of this however, such posts contribute are often completely off-topic, and rarely contribute anything to the discussion at hand. When a rule is broken, it should be reported - not called out in public. Character minimum violation: 100 pointsMost of the boards on this forum require your posts to be of a certain length before our forum software will accept them. The standard minimum is one hundred characters, whereas the Life Advice and Roleplay boards carry with them a two hundred character minimum; Cloudsdale, meanwhile, has no such limit. One hundred points may seem a steep punishment for making a post that goes against the character minimum - but there is a very good reason for it to carry so much weight. Our forum has a number of automated systems in place to prevent posts that do not meet the minimum character requirement from being accepted; people who receive this warning have willfully and knowingly added nonsense filler text to their posts in order to sidestep the systems we have in place. In doing so they have shown a complete, utter, and direct disregard for our rules. Like the minimum or not, this forum has rules that must be followed while you are here. Advertising: 100 pointsUnsolicited advertisements - be it via private message or forum posts, are not permitted. You are allowed to link to your own website in your profile and/or your signature, however if you wish to advertise something beyond those two areas you must seek direct permission from Feld0. Abusive behavior: 250 pointsThis should be fairly straight forward, I think. Abusive behavior is, quite simply, the act of being a prick. There are many ways in which one can be a prick, to such an extent that attempting to list them all out here would be an impossible feat. If you need to know how to avoid getting this warning, you're probably on the wrong forum. Borderline NSFW content: 250 pointsSometimes something gets posted that isn't flat-out pornographical, but still manages to exist completely outside the comfort zone of the forum. This category is primarily intended for material that might not be quite Rule 34 material, but is still beyond what most fans would be comfortable with. If you're uncertain if an image would qualify as being borderline NSFW, contact a moderator and let them make the call. NSFW Content: 800 pointsSome may say that the internet is for porn, and while that may often be the case, it does not hold true for this particular community. Pornography and/or images of extreme real-world violence are not tolerated here. Users that accrue large amounts of warning points will find the following restrictions placed on their accounts: Two day suspension at 400 points Seven day suspension at 800 points Permanent forum ban at 1,000 points Twenty five warning points are removed from one's account every week. Given the change from the present warning system to the new, all existing warning points are being wiped and reset. Consider it a clean slate and a chance to move forward without worrying about what may have happened in the past. It is important to note that this system exists primarily as a guideline. The forum administration may, at their discretion, overturn and/or modify the point value of any warning if they feel that there is sufficient ground ground to do so. Users that feel that they have been given warning points inappropriately may submit a moderation dispute in our support area. All moderation disputes are reviewed by the forum administration alone, and are not visible to the moderation team. All moderation disputes are given significant and thorough review. This system exists as a tool for the betterment of the forum, not as an invisible tyrant that serves no purpose beyond binding the hands of the site staff. Members that are found to be exploiting the system in one way or another, or that are found to be disruptive and/or detrimental to the community as a whole will be dealt with swiftly and appropriately, regardless of how many warning points they have accrued. We hope that this system will enable us to provide much more consistant moderation and rule enforcement, while at the same time providing us a great deal of assistance with keeping track of repeat offenders. Please note that the values listed are not set in stone, and may be changed in the future as a result of our experience with the system moving forward. As always, we welcome any feedback you might have on this change.
  14. Alright, so I've been noticing the site has been going through a little bit of a tumultuous funk right now. People leaving, uproar over new rules or policies, drama, etc. What I'm proposing is a member-generated, anonymous survey to give out to the masses to get their unbiased and uncensored feedback about the site, the staff, and whatever. If this survey is created by members, then everyone should feel more comfortable answering truthfully because their answers won't be seen by users in power who can punish them (except Feld0 and Swoop will see it). Also truthful answers give Feld0 and Swoop a (hopefully) better batch of feedback to work off of. The main focus of the survey will be on the moderating team, site rules and policies, and policy implementation, among other things. Now, not everyone can go off all willy-nilly making questions for this survey. What I'm suggesting is a panel of 3-5 nominated, respected users (NOT moderators) to come together to create the survey and listen to suggestions and ideas for questions from the masses. These members must be - at least Pony rank and above (join date will also be a factor) - have been active within the past 60 days - nominated and respected by their peers I figured I would formally propose this to Feld0 and Swoop and to gain their blessing before just going off and doing it anyways and causing more of a ruckus. At least this way, there is some legitimacy to this. When the survey is written, it shall be presented to Feld0 to be given the okay to distribute. Vote in the poll if you support this idea or not.
  15. Apparently some people feel (not my opinion) that the moderation (excluding Devin) is slacking off. They feel as though they aren't doing their job. Personally, I believe this means that the community is being well-behaved. HOWEVER, they're saying (not naming names) that the whole ISN'T well behaved. Again, this isn't me. This is just two other high ranking users here on the forums. If the higher ranking users on the forums aren't pleased with how things are happening however, then maybe it's time for a self-evaluation. In conclusion, what are the moderators doing?
  16. As most of you have no doubt noticed (and commented upon already, in many cases), we've recently added somewhere around eleventy zillion new moderators to the forum. I'd like to take a moment to discuss why that is, and hopefully offer some minor assurance that we haven't gone completely insane. Yet. Prior to this change, the staff consisted of one Feld0, two admins, and six global moderators. For a while this was a comfortable number of folks to keep things in hand. Feld0 would typically spend his time dealing with (among other things) the technical and financial side of things, the admins would most often spend their time doing supervisory work, and the moderators would go through reports and hammer their way through them. From a reactive standpoint, this setup worked pretty decently. Stuff would get reported and dealt with, and everyone is happy, right? Somewhat. With the forum hitting anywhere between 3,000 to 4,000 posts per day, a lot of stuff was going unreported, and subsequently unnoticed by the staff. On more than one occasion, I've heard reports of bias stemming from the fact that while we've moderated one thread, while another similar thread went by with no action taken against it due to nobody having reported it, resulting in it not being noticed by the staff. With that in mind, we've decided to try an experiment of sorts. Each of the new moderators we've added today is responsible for a specific section of the forum, to the tune of two-three moderators per section. While super moderators are meant to be reactive, the goal for the new sectional moderators is to be proactive. Sectional moderators have been given domain over portions of the forum that they are already most active in, allowing them to closely monitor their sections without putting too much strain on them. While the number may seem a bit high, keep in mind that most of the staff consists of people with full-time employment and/or education, in addition to healthy social lives. They're not being paid, so they can hardly be expected to dedicate the entirety of their free time to the forum. With that out of the way, the current staff assignments are as follows: Aureity - Roleplay World Devin McCourty - Beyond Equestria Ezynator - Octavia's Hall Little Miss Fluttershy - Octavia's Hall NewCalamity - Beyond Equestria Scootacool - Beyond Equestria Thereisnospoon303 - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Tom The Diamond - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Torneko Taroop (King K. Roop in disguise) - Beyond Equestria Vexx3 - Octavia's Hall We'll be keeping a close eye on things to ensure that everything goes smoothly in the coming days; as always, if you feel that any action taken by a moderator to be inappropriate you can bring it to Swoop or I for review - we'll be all too happy for an excuse to bully the newbies should they slip up on accident. At any rate, try not to be too intimidated by the horrifying ocean of purple user names - they're here to help you. Really.
  17. Exactly what the name implies. This one's for you, Klopp! More coming soon. A Kloppfic: Chapter 1 The streets of Manehatten are a dangerous place to be. With drug trafficking and gang violence, a pony could easily lose his way and end up in the obituaries the next day. Klopp kept to himself as he walked the lonely sidewalks he had called home for the past two weeks. Being an undercover agent of Feld0 did have its downsides, but it was all worth it. He knew he was serving his leader, and he had to admit, the ever-lovely Arylett Dawnsborough wasn’t bad either. The loneliness of his job could often get to Klopp. He always told himself that he’d turn his badge in one day, and settle down, adding to his collection of exotic hats. But this dream was always washed away by Feld0’s many assignments for him. This week, he was infiltrating the inner-circle of a notorious gang member, high up in the infamous Spam trade. Spam had taken it’s toll on the once great city of MLP Forums, a city that, at a time, was filled with prosperity and hopes for tomorrow, but brought down by the evil-scum that were spam dealers. The beloved fedora that Klopp loved flew off his head, upsetting the humble Keeper-of-Justice. He was on his way to meet with Spam Dealers; he had to keep his cool. A HeliKloppter whirled over head, its spotlights hitting the streets, probably in pursuit of a clopper. “Eeghad!!” Klopp said to himself. He was often mocked for the similarities of his name to the foreigners from the strange land of R34, but he never let that get to them. HE was the one wearing the fedora. Klopp soon entered the spammer’s hideout. The worn out sign above the door said “Rainbow Dash’s Adventures-The Rainbow Galaxy”. An obvious hoax, Klopp observed. He approached RainbowDashie slowly. Spammers were quick to violence and cussing, something Klopp disapproved of. At this time, Klopp could only hope that the spammer did not see the wire he was wearing…