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Found 23 results

  1. Hello, everyone! After watching a video today on YouTube, I was just wondering if any of you listen to any modern rock and if so, what are your favourite bands and/or songs? I was also just a bit curious about this subject, since I've noticed there isn't really anything I could consider rock in the charts (with some exceptions), as they are currently dominated by electronic and/or rap music, and I would like to further expand my musical scope...
  2. Thought this was a lot of fun to see what your name would be if you were born today based on popularity. Obviously you don't have to share your real name if you don't want to Here's mine :comeatus:
  3. What are some words/phrases in vogue that you love or hate? For me... Love: - "hella"; I don't know, just has an adorable kind of feel to it, and it helps rid of redundancy with the words "very" and "really". - "facepalm"; because I do that quite a lot. - "ship"; because shipping your favorite characters can be quite fun and fulfilling. Hate: - "literally"; specifically when people say it but they're talking metaphorically... How could you have "literally exploded" if you're standing here in front of me telling me this and you're in one piece? - "YOLO"; just... stop. No. Besides, do you mean "YOLO" as in be careful and don't kill yourself? Or do you mean "YOLO" as in live life to its fullest and do reckless, possibly stupid, activities? Sorry, I fail to understand. - "faze"... but you mean "phase", right, as in a noun? Plus it's a bit uncreative and vague; instead of saying "it's just a phase" can you be more specific please?
  4. Ever notice how there are planes on Jet Set's cutie mark, but nowhere else? It's just 'plane' weird. My theory is that when he was a colt, Jet Set and one of his parents were mining for diamonds in the Canterlot Caves, when Jet Set spied a plane from the human era. The family fixed it up, and brought it to the airport thing we saw in Becoming Popular. And so Jet Set got his cutie mark.
  5. The premise is simple: someone posts a videogame screenshot, and you try to guess it. After the game is guessed you can then post a screenshot of your game in return. Retro and obscure games are allowed. Hints are also allowed. As much fun as it is to stump your opponent it's also fun to move onto the next game to guess so it's relative. I'll start with a shot I think is fair but not too easy. Guess this game:
  6. (Please don't judge the early chapters too harshly, they are YEARS old, don't believe me? Check out the date it was first uploaded. But I can assure you that as you read on the quality of the chapters will improve. Please leave a review as to how you think of the story so far. As for the story itself, it is still in progress so stay tuned for more chapters fellow Equestrians ^^)
  7. Hello everyone! I made a remix of She's a Vampire. let me know what you think! all rights go to Psych Goth. the creator of the original. greetings Dashner! PS, the music might not play,that's probably an error. sorry if it does not work.
  8. The old version doesn't necessarily have to be better than the modern version. Personally, I find CRT screens and muskets are cooler than flat-screens and modern rifles Oh and also old computer games, it wasn't just a bunch of good-graphics shooters that were on the shelves of the local store. What about you?
  9. I was just playing some Atari 2600 games I got in the mail today, and thought, "Did people really play this? I have been missing out!" It was true, I was born in 1992, so I never got to experience anything before the NES years (My father still had it and gave it to me) The only systems I truly grew up with were the SNES and the N64. I was hooked back then. (And I still am to this day.) But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the newer game systems of today, like the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the Wii. I enjoy the online multiplayer games of the Xbox 360, I like the motion controls of the Wii (NOT LOVE, LIKE), and some of the exclusives to the PS3's library of games.
  10. For Sonic's 20th anniversary, SEGA decided to merge three eras of Sonic history- classic, Dreamcast and modern- into one game, 'Sonic Generations'. In it, both classic and modern Sonic were playable characters, running through stages from previous Sonic games (with updated music from the originals) as well as fighting familiar bosses such as Perfect Chaos and the Death Egg Robot. Simply put, if you had played any of the main games in the series, you were going to feel the nostalgia, hard. What I'm wondering is, what other gaming series would you like to have their own Generations-styled installment? Personally, it would have to be the Mario series for me. There are quite a few characters that haven't appeared again in years- Wart and Tatanga, for example- and it'd be great seeing them and some other retro settings return modernised. Plus, considering its long history, there'd be a lot of material to work from, even disregarding the various spin-offs that it has. What are your ideas?
  11. Ok so nowadays the gaming generation is rapidly aging and is getting more advanced each year. Gaming in todays day is more about graphics, while back then it was all about gameplay ( i.e. Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1 etc.) I personally think mid to late 90s gaming was the golden age for video games. Reason being is because games were just starting to release in 3d and the 8bit generation was ending so it started to become a nice blend of graphics and gameplay in most cases. Tell me what generation you think is better and why in the post below.
  12. Current TV we are fans of :- My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic AND Doctor Who Torchwood The Big Bang Theory House Lewis Warehouse 13 Spooks It has to be TV series which are being made/shown currently
  13. So what are your thoughts on so called contemporary art? Now keep in mind, when I say "modern" art, I'm not referring to the movement that spawned the works of Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso, rather I'm referring to the pretentious, offensive, and often provocative shock content endorsed by many "trendy" art galleries in large urban areas.
  14. Since Romeo and Juliet doesn't really have a fandom, no one has really read this. Would you like to!? I've only done one chapter, but I'm working on chapter 2!! Reveiw, please!! If...if you want to...
  15. So this is the second modern mansion that I have made, so here we go.
  16. Went ahead and tried to make my first mansion ever in sims 2 and this is what it came out as. Hope you like it.
  17. I just recently began watching MLP, and (while I am still very dubious about clippers) I have come to really enjoy the fandom. I have recently started writing a screenplay for a hypothetical MLP movie. Come and check it out at the following link: I am posting this via google drive because I am constantly making updates, and so that you can see my latest updates at your convenience. This screenplay is about peace, despite the name. I have actively avoided blood and gore, so that it is more acceptable to younger audiences, while still discussing the horrors of war and the strength of friendship. I also utilized several works of fan art as concept images, embedded in the text. If you recognize any as your own, please let me know so that I can appropriately cite you. I am also hoping to get some help from Silly Filly Studios and other animators to try to make this movie a reality. If you have some ideas for the music, all help is appreciated. Please keep any comments limited to constructive criticisms only. If you think I should make a change, post it in the comments either on this thread or on the google drive. I hope you enjoy. -2nd LT Jeremy Truesdell
  18. Hey so I'm curious. What are your opinions on Classical, 80's and basically Modern music today. Mainstream mostly. I picked these for a reason so I just want to know, love em or hate em
  19. So I think you remember this character... And yeah, kinda played too much Call Of Duty, so I made a wallpaper of it And I'm glad of how I did it Here is a link -
  20. In all honesty I prefer the Renaissance world. I don't know if it's because I'm just a hardcore fan of history (for some weird reason lol) or if it's because that's when explorations began and new things began to emerge. Although I wouldn't like to live there since of all the things back then, but I am mesmerized about it How bout you?
  21. Hey everyone, welcome to Silver's first rant! Okay let's be serious, this is more of a look at advancements in amazing technology. This mainly focuses on how commonly certain things are found, sizes, prices and etc. The first technology we will look at is Cellular phones! Cell Phones Phones, cell phones in particular, have changed in such a drastic matter it isn't even funny. Well, it is if you consider how versatile, easy to use, and portable they have become. At least for most people. Other's absolutely hate how there are next to no buttons and everything is touch screen based. This is understandable because some people have large fingers and they can't press the tiny things on the screen that are supposed to be buttons. They end up hitting multiple numbers at once. But that's besides the point. Cell phones have advanced at an alarming rate. The first really neat thing that was added to them was likely colour screens, followed by flipping open and shut, having an entire keyboard on them (be it sliding or built in), gaining touch screens with increased resolution and finally a little more recently 3D screens. Now how you can merge touch screens with 3D without giving your customer headaches from attempting to press something that appears as though it's behind glass is beyond me, but either way it's a very impressive trend. (A trend Nintendo and other game companies seem to be slightly farther ahead in.) Now I am not a professional about information like this so don't take all my info as immediate fact, but more as a general idea and reference. I'm just someone who likes to vent about things like this. A closer look at these phones! 1997 Very large, and brick-like. Tough and durable, with large bulky antena's. (Some of which could be extended.) Often quite plain, very little difference in colours. Basic keypad with start, and end call buttons. Volume sliders on the side and power plug. Digital screens that had very little variety. Showed the time, and some basic phone functions like call quality, volume and etc. Black and white if you want to call it that. Quality wasn't the greatest, often was difficult to hear and microphones got jammed with dust and little things from elsewhere. (Same with the speaker.) Speaker could only be heard when right by your ear. 2000 Phones became slightly smaller, and more compact. More appealing design and set up, far more portable. Volume, keypad, call buttons and navigation were a standard. (To an extent.) Screens still digital, but contained a little more. Distinctively brighter, and easier to see. Quality was still around the same. 2002 All in all not too different from 2000. A little more unique design around it, meaning shape and colour layout. Mic's were placed on the under side of the phone, possibly to prevent sound interruption by people's cheeks rubbing against the mic. Buttons had backlights for easier seeing in the dark. (On some phones.) Screen was now in colour! Gasp! Very low resolution, fairly clearly pixelated. Quality was steadily improving as cell reception and phone technology advanced. 2005 Crap just got real. Phones were often made to flip open and shut, this way larger screens and still fairly big keypads were available. Things like sleep mode became VERY present from when the cell was closed, so as to use less power. Flip phones had screens on the front so you could view basic information without opening the phone itself. Resolution improved and screen sizes were distinctly bigger thanks to the beautiful folding phone. Far more options were available such as browsing the internet, head phones were more commonly available, and largest of all likely camera's. More graphical and colourful games were available. Texting took off. Quality greatly increased and mic's were in various places based on the phone you were using. 2008 Full sized keyboards were available, some in slide form, others in standard. Flip phones fell out of interest and all in all phone size began to increase again. Texting was made easier with these keyboards, and unique navigation systems became available. Touch screens began to become a thing. Touch screens were now something actively seen in phones and astounded many people. Resolution became even higher and more vivid with wider colour ranges a visually appealing graphics. Calling wasn't as common since texting became so successful, yet quality still improved. ("Fewer dropped calls!" To quote hundreds of billboards I have seen on road trips.) 2010 Holy smokes slow down! Touch screens became standard and almost every phone had them. Smart phones became widely popular by this point. Phone's became almost nothing but one to four buttons and all screen. (With some slide out keyboards.) Incredible data networks for browsing the internet at full quality and applications for doing what you want developed by many people other than the phone provider. Almost all screen's are touch screens, beautiful graphics, astounding games and things to see and explore on your phone and on the web as mobile sites grew high in popularity. Things like facetime were invented where you could talk with someone and see them as you do so. Built in speakers were widely common so you could play things out loud as well as talk from a farther distance. Progressed quality from things like 3G and 4G. Okay, once again this is all based on what I have seen. The years are based on the picture above, and aren't necessarily exact. Just around the general area. Don't take all of this as fact, because some of it probably isn't. :U I will likely write a post about handheld gaming eventually too. Just not now. @.@ (I think I will also add, this is partly me practicing writing long stuff and providing information based on my assumptions. Please do not rage at me for screwing something up.
  22. Was wondering what is everyone's favorite news sites? I don't watch TV or read news papers so my only way of keeping up-to-date is online. Anyone have any news site suggestions?
  23. Anyone up for playing some MW3 on Steam? Add me! King Kick Ass