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Found 88 results

  1. How cool would that be? You would have all the mane 6 (and maybe some others) with all different sorts of tastes. Rainbow would taste like Blueberry, Fluttershy would taste like Banana, Twilight would taste like a mix of red fruits, etc. Hasbro is losing millions by ignoring this idea.
  2. Hello everypony and welcome to my little shop!! My name is 11newells I am glad you found this tiny shop of art. Here you can find all kinds of art at cheap prices. If you want something that is not in the shop and you want it I can happily add it in. payment and prices are here Link to store Some rules for buying 1. Please place your orders here in the topic to avoid any misunderstanding and only pm if you have more detail to add to your order. some proof that you have paid for the art. make a snapshot of your screen of your purchase and send me it by PM. It helps me know that you paid and that I didn’t miss you also PayPal doesn't give me a nickname that you have on here. 3. please be patient some commissions take time to do or there are those who are ahead of you on the list. If you are in a hurry and would like to receive your commission in a short time I will move it up to the top but it will cost more due to putting more into it in a short time. those on the list show the process of your artwork and your payment. 1.user: 2.user: 4.user: 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 12. 13. 14. 15. Examples
  3. So I'm new to the brony fandom, so naturally I'm knew to pony merch. So that's why I'm asking: Am I getting conned by spending 15 dollars on a pony figurine? What about 18 dollars on a poster? I'm getting a high quality 16x24 inch poster and a lightly used funko figurine.
  4. There is a lotto winning jack potted to 70 million AUD (Australian Dollars) for division one prize pool Now my question to all of you guys is... (well, to whoever even bothers to read this) What would you do with all that money? I would probably spend it on holidays, gifts, dream car(s) and a nice house! But anyone could put that into greater detail of course
  5. When it comes to money,are you a person who save your money and only buy things you need and maybe some cheap stuff sometimes or are you a person who loves to buy different stuff such as clothes etc. and maybe buy more expencive stuff? I am a saver myself. I only buy things I need and if there is something expencive I really want I save money for it and never buy other stuff even if they're cheap.
  6. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the dollar never existed and a different system of exchange was adopted? Could you imagine the average dollar or credit being replaced by something else entirely? Do you think that the age old system used to this day is still the best possible system one could have come up with? To answer questions like these I like to return to the foundation our currency is built on, representation. More specifically, a representation of what you are in possession of. After a while money started branching off and taking on new meanings like promises to fund this to get back more of that. Banks sprung up and so did debt. Money had evolved from something useful to something potentially dangerous. Cautions had to be taken to warn others of this danger and fear finds yet another material thing to inhabit. Money turned from a use to a trade off over the course of time. Representation was the initial goal of money, what it represents though, is what matters. Say money instead directly represented the accomplishments of an individual. How would it change and for good or bad? Say money instead directly represented the respect an individual received. How would it change and for good or bad? These are just some examples that I can think of off the top of my head. What do you think?
  7. I have some decisions to make about housing because of very adverse decisions made by the landlady of where I am living now. There are many routes to go and innumerable variances in various traits, and one of them is to rent a house or apartment myself and then seek out roommates, rather than the other way around which I have been doing for years. I am utterly inexperienced with this and thus I ask you all for advice. I have been living in a house with up to 5 occupants for over two years here, renting out a room for 350/month (including utilities). I have been very complacent and unimaginative with regards to housing, but I was forced not to be when she decided to evict me due to the supposed effect my gender non-conformity has on her business there (the effect is pretty much zero). There is a wildly unpredictable legal component here which will affect costs and timetables since I have to fight in court even for the 60 days she must give me, and to raise the discrimination issue (this is illegal under the federal Fair Housing Act and HUD's interpretation of the protected Sex category, in case anyone is in a similar position). Do I rely purely on state law and try to leave by 28 December, or do I rely on federal protection and appeal a loss which seems likely (I might get a judge who agrees with a pro-trans interpretation, though) after the state's statute is followed? Is turning this into a protracted siege worth the costs financially? Will HUD or any organization assist me with appeals? However, the other component is even more important, the housing strategy. Do I look for low-income subsidized housing (I'm disabled and get benefits for that), or do I look for a room? What filters do I use to prevent both information overload and endangering myself with a bad situation? What is my cut-off financially and with regards to public transit? Yesterday and today, I had a rather important realization, one that is late and I am rather embarrassed about given my identification as a strategist and tactician: I could rent a 3+ bedroom and then bring in roommates to sustain that, giving me control and saving me from having to rely on the tolerance and whims of other people. Of course, I have never done something like this in my life, and this is the largest public place I am a member of on which such a question is within decorum. I also would be preferring bronies and furries in such a circumstance, so it's also somewhat relevant to bronydom. I have minimal knowledge of this process and thus need advice. Are such places usually furnished? Are there costs involved that I am not aware of (beyond utilities or having to suffer if a room is vacant)? Is there a high likelihood even with proper vetting and precautions, I will have to contend with bad roommates? Will finding suitable roommates take over a month usually? Is it considered reasonable to lower my share of expenses and increase those of the others (like, if there are 4 of us, have them pay over 25% each and me less) if I oversee the place and pay the landlord? Should I actually look more towards buying a house with some sort of home loan instead (I have nothing for collateral and am already 6k in debt, but have decent credit ratings), and then rent the remaining bedrooms as I would if I was only renting the place to pay for the mortgage and utilities? I thank you all in advance for your assistance. I hope I can pursue this option so I can for once be in charge of things and provide a suitable place for upstanding bronies and furries and others to live.
  8. Warning! Feldian-length post ahead! It's really an editorial rather than your average forum post. Please read the whole thing before voting in the poll and replying. The point of this is to give you a site owner's perspective on online advertising and ad blockers in particular, and I aim to get a mature, well-informed discussion going about it. We're all familiar with advertisements, commonly shortened to ads. They're everywhere - from your local supermarket's weekly fliers to the massive billboards on urban high-rises. There's no denying that the advertising industry is a prevalent one in most people's lives. It has embraced technological innovations from the airplane to Hollywood-like computer graphics over the years. With an ever-increasing array of technologies at their disposal, advertisers have come up with a mind-boggling variety of ways to give you a sales pitch. The advent of the Internet (and particularly high-speed residential downlinks), combined with browser technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and Flash Player, presented advertisers with an opportunity to shell out some dosh in return for space on an existing website with an existing audience. Due to the interactive and media-rich nature of the web, advertisers have been able to provide ad experiences more dynamic than anything a newspaper or TV channel will ever show. But at some point, they took the "dynamic" aspect too far. Popular opinion has it that online advertising is not a solicited message from a product creator to a potential customer, but a brutal war for space, cash, and the most important factor - the end-user's attention. Pop-ups and pop-unders; pre-, mid-, and post-rolls; aural alerts congratulating you for winning contests you never entered. There's something to be said for being creative with an ad, but you know something is wrong when users begin to dread them. Enter the ad blocker. Several developers took it upon themselves a few years ago to create browser add-ons that seek out the ads in a page and remove them for the user. Promising an automated end to the UX- (user experience) destroying madness that online ads were, such add-ons enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. Internet users were happy to take control of their experience and blot out what they didn't want to see, enjoying the content of sites in blissful purity. It sounds great, right? And from the end-user's point of view, it is. Ads are ugly, flashy, soundy, poppy, and do little else than distract you from the site you're trying to enjoy. What could be better than banishing it all with a single, free program? But like every good story, there are several sides to the plot. You're not the only character in your online adventure. Advertising is and always has been, for thousands of years, a method for advertisers to pay publishers for the privilege of marketing a product or service to the publisher's audience. Newspapers sell ad space between their articles to cover their writers' salaries, the maintenance of their printing facility, and rental for their office space. Television networks sell ad space interspersed in their content to cover the sky-high costs of maintaining their studios, equipment, and creative minds. Webmasters are no different. Site owners like I sell ad space on their little slice of the Internet for the exact same reasons - to lower the cost of using the site for you, someone else will need to provide the money to pay for its maintenance. Advertisers are more than happy to line up and pay site owners money for some space on their site to expose their wares to a new audience. Better yet, when the right advertisers are matched up with the right site owners, the end users get access to additional content that is relevant to their interests. An ad might give you that extra push to buy what later becomes your favourite video game. Ads were always meant to establish a symbiotic relationship between the user, the publisher, and the advertiser. The advertiser gets to show their product to a new audience. The publisher earns the advertiser's business, which helps the publisher maintain their own service. The end user is exposed to a product that may fill a need or desire in their life. If it does, the end user gives the advertiser some business, leaving the advertiser with more money to develop further products and the end user with a useful product. There's no denying that advertising can be a fantastic revenue stream for site owners, and a happy site owner with a profitable site is in a much better position to keep the site online and continuously work on improving it than one who pays for everything out-of-pocket. Among other things, a profitable site is a sustainable site. There is a very common misconception that I've seen time and time again in my experience as a site owner, and that is that sites are just as free to provide and maintain as they are to visit. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's true that one can maintain a relatively small site on pocket money, yes. But the monetary and temporal cost to a site owner to maintain a good website can increase dramatically as the site grows. Servers, bandwidth, software, development, support - all of these things and more cost money. And the bigger a site grows, the more it needs of each. Websites that get "free" hosting for huge amounts of traffic (Equestria Daily is a good example you're likely to be familiar with) pay for the resources they use in other ways. On Blogger, for example, you are limited to a very small feature set that Google have optimized to run and scale as cheaply as possible on their global server cloud. And this still does not take into account any of the other "costs" involved in running a website that doesn't have a monthly bill. What about plane tickets for the staff to various events that the site covers, for example? It might sound impressive if someone tells you that their site earns $10/day, which works out to ~$300/month, right? Well, what if the site owner spends 50 hours a week working on their site? The earnings work out to $1.50/hour. The crappiest minimum-wage job is going to pay more than that. I don't mean to imply that every site owner is looking to get rich, but that should say something about how much love one needs to have for their site to continue running it for years on end. Considering this, is it really fair to try and further limit the revenue that many site owners already get? Now, I've seen the "I'm just one guy of thousands; there's no way my choice is going to make a difference" mentality, and it is often a deciding factor in someone's choosing to use an ad blocker. IGN has 19 million readers. It won't matter if only 18,999,999 of them see any ads, right? The problem is, this mentality has become so widespread - people thinking of their individual choice as inconsequential - that all the collective choices of millions of Internet users have, together, made quite a noticeable impact. For an anecdotal example, just about half of MLP Forums' pageviews display any ads at all. The other half comprise traffic (that costs every bit as much to pay for) by users who have chosen to not see them, whether by refusing to opt in to them or using an ad blocker. Another common misconception is that ads only earn money if you click them, and that you won't cause any harm by removing them if you weren't planning to click them, anyway. This is, again, quite false. Advertisers are willing to pay more to show their ad to a larger audience (that's why a 30-second slot during the Super Bowl costs eight figures). As far as the advertiser is concerned, if you do not see ads, you do not exist and they will not pay for an ad slot that won't be shown to you. Even without clicking ads, their value increases for every impression they get. Newspapers, TV, and magazines have no conception of a "click" whatsoever, and the advertising industry thrives in them, does it not? A well-trafficked ad space will be more valuable. It's basic supply and demand, really, and it's odd how many people do not realize this. Here's where the irony begins. The very ad blockers that tens of millions of users believe to be performing a valuable service to the Internet by "killing" a corporation-driven economy where the wealthy only get wealthier are an advertising spiel in and of themselves. Look carefully and critically at the various ad blocker extensions' descriptions and their developers' comments. These developers are people who want to get their own product out to as many people as possible. Sound familiar? Here is how the developers of several popular ad blockers try to convince you to install their extension in your browser: Each ad blocker developer is trying to earn your click. They value your click on that "Install" button every bit as much as an AdSense advertiser values your click on the ad you saw in the New York Times. Your installation of their extension means that you trust them to run their code on your computer, and not a rival ad blocker's. In fact, some of them have amassed so many installations that the developers have begun to act like they have the entire advertising industry at their beck and call. When one guy's whims decide whether several million people see an ad or not, you'll probably want to pay attention as an advertiser, too. There's nothing inherently wrong with this - as I already stated, it's simply how the advertising industry works - and capitalism, by extension. The thing is, you're not supporting a "death of corporate greed". If anything, by installing an ad blocker, you are making a single individual more powerful by granting them control over what, if any, advertising you see. And like I said before, you might not think your choice means much - but most people tend to think exactly the same way and ironically create a much larger effect together. Let's return to the topic of revenue for a moment. Programming a good ad blocker that is desirable for users takes effort just like anything else. Most, if not all, of the ad blocker developers I've come across ask their users for donations. And because people perceive the removal of ads from their web browsing experience as a valuable service, they're willing to pay for it. And they do. In fact, the developer of Chrome Adblock earns so much from donations that he quit his day job last year. Don't believe it? Check out the reviews on the extension for yourself and see how many people are proud of the donation they've made. Honestly, it's working out pretty great for him so far. There's a disgusting moral implication to this, however: when an ad blocker removes an ad from a site, that ad (and therefore the site owner) can no longer earn any money from you. When you make a donation towards the ad blocker's developer, you are directly supporting the removal of a revenue stream for some of the very sites you love, and expressing your thanks for it. To a person who played absolutely no part in creating or hosting the content that made you love the sites you block ads from in the first place. Consider this... might it not be more worthwhile, if you're going to throw money at the problem, to give that money to the site owners? Many sites fully embrace the "premium membership = no ads" model - you either pay directly, or you let the site make money from you by displaying ads for you. It's a great model and one that I personally stand by. Comments like this one are sickening to me, as a webmaster: Another myth I'd like to dispel is that site owners either have no control over the ads that are being shown on their sites, or intentionally cherry-picked the ones that you see. Either way, if you get an annoying ad on a site, nothing will be done about it. This is completely and entirely false. While it doesn't go for every site due to the dizzying number of online business models, most site owners are more than willing to listen to and implement their users' feedback for a lot of things, including ads. At the end of the day, most of us want your attention and loyalty as a visitor. If our placement of advertisements jeopardizes your loyalty, we usually want to know about it and are happy to make it right. While the vast majority of online advertising is displayed via automated ad networks such as Google AdSense, these networks still usually provide facilities to filter out "bad ads" (I did some of that just last night). Some have network-wide policies against certain things that resulted in the proliferation of ad blockers in the first place. It is against AdSense's rules, for example, to run audio ads with it that start playing sound without the user's permission. AdSense doesn't offer any support for pop-ups, pop-unders, or interstitials, either. So next time you see an ad you don't like, consider getting in touch with the owner (or a higher-up, for larger sites) of the site you saw it on and give them your honest feedback. Site owners want happy users, and the good ones will pay attention to what you like and don't like about their site. And if you're thinking that the "big" multi-million dollar sites will throw your email in the spam bin, you should see this article on deviantART's blog (which is the third in a series). They went to the trouble of developing a custom plugin themselves to giving users a chance to help out with fixing the site's ads. The mere fact that so many commenters are saying, "just use AdBlock instead!" is ethically repulsive. One particular comment seemed to get the point of what deviantART's admins were trying to say: If a site as large as deviantART is willing to work with its users to improve the ads it shows, I hope that improves your confidence that other sites will do the same. Before ending this, I wanted to take a moment to say a few things specifically about MLP Forums and what I'm doing as a site owner to address the issue. First off, I only force guests to see ads. As soon as you register, they disappear unless you voluntarily choose to give them a chance and opt in. The reason I did this is because it gives me a chance to show the ad blocker users among you that, first of all, ads exist on the site (without the textual indicator in the UCP, you'll never even know there were ads here with a decent ad blocker). I've been fortunate enough to be able to sustain this site mostly on donations and subscriptions, which means I can take this risk with ads. Based on the feedback I've seen, just about everyone who has enabled the option has seemingly been impressed with how "reasonable" my placement of ads is. If anything, this proves that it is indeed possible to run advertising on a site in such a way that you do not feel the need to block it. For those users who do not opt into ads, the option still exists to donate or subscribe, both of which are ways of directly supporting the site (frankly, they're more effective, too). And the site does have enough revenue from users that see ads and donate for me to be able to still offer up a full, ad-free experience for free to those of you who neither donate nor opt in. Unlimited 100 MB attachments, huge PM inboxes, the goods. These exist because someone was generous enough to allow me to show them ads, contribute some money themselves, or a combination of both. Hundreds of users have opted into ads here, and the contribution that has resulted in has been more helpful than you might realize. The revenue this site has not only means I can cover the costs of high-end hosting for it, but also gives us a lot of managerial flexibility. Roleplay World with its character database cost a good deal of money to implement, factoring in the software that had to be purchased to make it happen, but it has resulted in a tailored and organized roleplaying experience. I was only able to make it happen because I had money to throw at it. Site owners having money to throw at things isn't evil, nor does it make them greedy. It is legitimately useful and a whole lot more sustainable than running an operation at a loss. It's directly comparable to an artist using money from contracted and commissioned work to purchase new art supplies and take advanced lessons to better their work for everyone who sees or orders it. I have left the choice of ads or no ads to you, the user. How you feel about it morally is up to you, and you can opt in and out as often as you like. While I certainly appreciate it greatly if you opt into ads or donate (or even both), my staff and I will treat you no differently if you don't like ads and don't want to or cannot donate directly. That is my promise to you. The other promise I have to make is that if any part of my implementation of ads here bothers you, I'm ready to listen to what you have to say about it. If there's anything I can do to make it right, I'll do my best to do that. Don't "vote" by silently opting out of ads if something about the ads themselves makes you want to turn them off. Start a feedback topic instead - I read each and every single one of them, and long-time members can attest to the fact that I take feedback seriously and am ready to act on it. I'm here to run a pony forum for you to enjoy, and I'm more than happy to work with you to improve the site. Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, it is indeed possible to maintain a symbiotic, friendly relationship with a webmaster. It's time to close off this editorial now. Before you think cutting all ads out of a website will solve your problem with them, consider telling the site admins how you feel about their ads instead. By doing so, you are doing your part to help online advertising return to a state in which it is symbiotic for all three parties - the advertiser, the publisher, and even yourself. Before donating money to the developer of an ad blocker, consider whether the developer or the site you're blocking ads from deserves the money more. Perhaps the site is willing to remove ads for you with no need for an ad blocker if you pitch in to cover their costs. Before installing an ad blocker, think about the implications of what you're about to do. Consider how you'd feel if you were a site owner trying to earn something from ads and all your users thought you were evil, greedy, or irrational for doing so. Before making the choice to strip out ads from your web browsing experience as a way to help you "gain control" of what you see on the Internet, realize that most, if not all, of the websites you visit are private property. You do not hire a team to destroy every banner in a mall before you go shopping. The banners aren't yours to destroy - someone owns the mall, and the decision of what goes on the mall's walls is rightfully theirs. Website ads are really no different - the website is the mall, and the ads are the banners. If anything, I hope this piece has been an eye-opener for you. I don't expect most of you have had too many opportunities to get a webmaster's perspective on ad blockers, so I look forward to reading your thoughts and responding to them. You're welcome to vote in the poll now; as well, feel free to share this article with anyone you want. Just remember this: The Internet isn't only about you. Site owners and advertisers are human, too.
  9. So I'm fifteen and in high school. I was wondering for those who do and don't have jobs what its like. Whats it like with out a job? whats it like with a job and if you do have one do you like it?
  10. Everytime i ask sumone this its usually quite interesting so i thought why not make it a thread , personally i would give my family some probably like 1m too each side and get all my mates a sweet car .
  11. What would you do if you get US$ 70.000 ? In my case, I would take my brother, mother and boyfriend outside of my country. Anywere they want London, NY, Roma, etc. And then I would spend it in Greenpeace to protect the forests
  12. So, this story took place back in high school of my Sophmore year. I did my daily morning routine as usual. I wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, watch a youtube video, get my clothes on ( even though I already took a shower at night time ), go to the bus and get on, and just enjoy the ride to school! When I got off the school bus. My very first class in the morning is P.E ( aka Physical Education ), It's a gym class actually. I went through the doors. I then took a right turn leading into the gym hallways, took another right turn when I got down to the Basketball court area and then went up the 2 flights of stairs to the upper gym to get into the gym. Now, how the layout of the gym was set up is that their is wooden benches from the bottom of the gym to the top of the gym. Their is also steps that are made of some kind of smooth stone in each middle row of the benches from top to bottom. In the middle, is a basket ball court. Which is pretty cool to have! In the middle their is a corridor leading to the gym hallways at the bottom. Now, I know I should've taken the easier way to the gym, but the thing is that they have a gate that closes the way to the gym. Their is also 4 door ways leading to different areas in each upper corner of the gym. 2 of them lead to the cafeteria on one side of the wall. the other side of the gym is another one that leads to the pool area of the gym, but in the hallways. The one I came out of is from the basketball court hallway area. So, when I first entered the gym. I saw a freshmen female walk up to a group of guy's that were walking a few feet ahead of me and asked them "Do you guys have any change?". The group of guys then said "No, we don't" and after they answered her question. She then went towards me to ask the same question. After, she asked me the question. I then asked her myself saying "Why are you asking me if I have change?". She then said "Because I want to buy a soda". I then told her "I don't have any money with me right now, sorry" ( Now, I did have money with me at the time, but it was not enough to buy a soda drink. I know it sounded like I lied to her, but it was because I didn't know what to say to her at the and I was also tired as well and i'm still waking up. I'm a very honest person and I never lie, but only very rarely ). After, our little awkward conversation. I then went down the steps to put my stuff down and went to go hangout with my friends in the school's halls. As I was walking up the steps, I saw that she went around the gym asking people the same question as well. AS soon as I walked out of the gym doors to the cafeteria. I told myself that ( I don't think that's a good idea to go around asking random strangers for money to buy a soda and it's also the first week of school that started as well ). The second week of school started and at the time. 1st period was being let out for passing period before 2nd period starts. Now, for passing period. We get only 10 minutes to go to our lockers and go to our next class. At the time. I was in the freshmen center, because one of my homeroom classes I have next is Basic Math. I was getting a soda at the time. when I was waiting in line to be next for the soda machine and when it was my turn to get one. I got out my wallet and as soon as I did that. The same girl from last week, came around the corner and asked me the same question. Now I was tired at the moment and didn't care about anything for a sec. Also, their were 4-7 freshmen behind me waiting and they saw how awkward the situation was. So, I gave a $1 bill and told myself ( Here is $1 to get off my tail ). After, I gave her the $1 bill. She went back around the corner where she came from and after I saw that. I told myself ( The soda machine is right here and not around the corner ). So, I bought my soda and went to my next period class. I did see her in the halls sometimes around the school, but the good thing is she never asked me again. Now, im wondering if she got into trouble for asking random strangers who she doesn't know and are not her friends. I also think the reason why I gave her a $1 bill is, because I didn't want to be mean or rude to her about it. So, I was nice to her at least. Moral of the story: Do not give people you don't know or who are not your friend money, because you don't know what they will do with it instead. I hope you Ladies and Gentlecolts enjoyed this story! Have a good day or night! May your favorite pony visit you in your dreams!
  13. Hello everypony, I'm not sure if this topic has already been up before but I couldn't find it, so I made my own. So, yesterday I was thinking about economy and how the ponies hold up with money. Specifically, the mane 6. Applejack has a family that she has to take care of, so she obviously needs to earn money and we've seen in the show that money is what she often aims for when it comes to it. She wanted to sell at the Gala, she sells cider, she sells apples and pies in a stand in the middle of Ponyville.. She really tries to earn money now and again. This fixation is probably because she needs to take care of her farm and family to keep it all running. Pinkie Pie works at Sugarcube Corner, probably to earn money and buy her party accessories? And I cannot imagine that it's free to live in a house like they all do. They probably pay rent somehow, all of them. Rarity has her boutique, makes dresses for others and probably earns money that way. She has a sister as well, that she sometimes need to take care of. As well as keeping her budget up to buy fabric and other necessary things for her dress-making. Twilight is a Princess now but I'm not sure how she makes money... She was a student of Celestia before, so I'm still a bit confused about that. Has anyone else gotten any idea? Rainbow Dash literally doesn't do much at all. Perhaps she works for Clouds-dale somehow, but that sounds a bit weak of a theory to me. Fluttershy takes care of ponies pets, but I cannot imagine she would charge many ponies for anything like that. Otherwise she doesn't do much for a living either... Lend me your ideas and thoughts, I'd love to know what you think!
  14. Earlier ago today, I just captured this new (and very rare), lightly circulated Series 2013 $100 bill. Now, usually, most $100 bills we see are Series 2009A, but this one's not one of them. In fact, according to the BEP reports, it's a May 2017 printing, based on its serial number. Also notice the letter M at the beginning, and the fact that all Series 2013 notes always start with that letter. This pretty much implies the fact that as of sometime earlier in late 2017, the Series 2013 $100 bills are now in circulation today.
  15. you have to spend it in 24 hours . If you wish you can either wait until you have a day off or pretend that you boss has given you today off . You can not invest it or use it to pay off debts or house payments or to put down a down payment on any thing in other words it must be used for fun .
  16. WELCOME BACK! I hast returned after my longest (and genuinely my most boring) hiatus! Do I regret taking such a long break after “promising” to write more? Yeah. I do. Am I ditching the corporate episode style to the blog? Yes. Why? Because being the owner of an episodic webseries without payment or any kind of royalties and copyrights is dumb and decreases my motivation toward producing content with outstandingly high effort put into it when I can write anything and make it worth reading regardless. Another reason for that being I finally picked up writing again and would like a fresh start without the aim of being the most popular brony within vicinity of a dying fandom (I hate to admit it, but yes, I had priorities). Regardless, it’s nice to be back and try to keep this ship afloat for at least a little bit longer. I’ve been spending more time with “Le Brick”, so let’s see what this baby can do. (not to mention, I’ve done a few stupid stuff over the past few months and it would be nice to share them for a change ) Let’s get started, shall we? It should come as no surprise that I am the poorest kid on the block. Even without knowing the others in my neighborhood, you could automatically point me out from the crowd just by the number of hours I spent this summer tirelessly racking up hours on steam for the sake of a sick meme. By now you’re probably wondering, “What does being poor have to do with hours on Steam?” Well, at first, this wouldn’t come up as a surprise. But like any aspiring teen who is one-year shy of getting access from the biggest supply of minimum wage job applications, I liked to abuse any and all systems to find a way to get profit. To be clear and honest, this habit started back when I started playing TF2 (y’know, when it wasn’t dead. Well, it’s still not dead; but back then it wasn’t as dead as it is today) and learned of Community Marketplace. There, I learned you could sell Virtual Items for Real Cash. That got my little gears grinding as I suddenly discovered random drops would populate my inventory after only an hour of gameplay. How cool is that? Returning to my current dilemma. Little did I know the 10 dollar game I purchased on sale (with the rare occasion of 33% off or something like that) could grant me more profit than any other game. To my unknowing, Counter Strike: Global Offense has some of the most profitable in-game items ever acquired in history (with some prices ranging up to a rumored 10k!). Once again, I had those little instincts clicking again. What if I could get those items and buy something more worthwhile? Like . . . I turned to my cheesy 200 dollar Soccer-Mom Laptop, “A GAMING PC” It’d be done before, of course. After that very moment (and getting the courage to convince my Dad this was a good investment), I started to collect every case I could get my hands on; and, after watching enough Anomaly vids to realize that, “YES, IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET TWO KNIVES IN THE FIRST 15 CASES”, I started converting every penny I had into the digital currency known simply as, “keys”. I only had 20 dollars, but any money is good money! Especially if you had the chance to make a 300 dollar profit from it! At the time, the Glove Case had truly lost its moment as the brand new Spectrum Case was revealed just a shy two days ago with its peak price being a total of about 15 dollars. I would wait a while before I could open those; and even if I got one, I’d sell it right away to buy more keys for Glove Cases. (‘Cause a good pair of gloves looked really swanky!) A 20 dollar bill gives you about 8 keys. Out of those 8 keys, the best I got was an “AK-47 | Elite Build” with Minimal Wear float (Condition). I was distraught, but refused to give up on such an American dream. “Capitalism will prevail! I will gamble more!” I’d scream in my small two bedroom apartment. Shortly after my disappointing unboxing a friend whom I hadn’t seen (wait, Rebus has friends?) in over a year came online. We were friends IRL, so I invited him to play on the new map, Canals. We had a blast and I was still in Silver II. Figures. (I’m about Silver Elite now, so HA) Still, in those final moments of the map being reassigned, the little icon for the “SPECTRUM CASE” shone my friend’s name beneath it shone in the right pane next to the leaderboards. I was screamed as though my friend had won the lottery. It was late at night, so we both logged off. Regardless, I convinced him to give me his case for no real price in return. He didn’t play CS:GO often, so he didn’t keep up with the “politics”. I was one step closer to getting that “2 Knives in 15 Cases” unboxing experience. Unfortunately, Steam Authorizer is that one jerk you don’t invite to parties. I know two-part-ers are undesirable, but stay tuned anyway! The next part will be released tomorrow at 7:00AM Cent! I’ll see you there!
  17. Of course there is no confirmation of any of this yet. I just wanna know whatcha think. By the Mane Six getting paid, I mean of course they're getting paid at their different careers such as Rarity gets paid at her Boutique, and Pinkie getting paid at Sugarcube Corner, but do they get payment to cover their expenses when they do their cutie map missions? Same with Spike when he's assisting Twilight, does she pay him for what he does so he can buy more comics or flowers for Rarity? Also the CMCs, since solving cutie mark help seems to be their career, shouldn't they get paid?
  18. There was already a post about who is the richest among the Mane Six, right? It's right here: Now how about who's the richest among the side characters? Obviously, Diamond Tiara is, so let's not count her, Silver Spoon, Filthy or Spoiled Riches, or Fancy Pants for that matter. Oh yeah, and not the princesses either. Just the side characters that seem average. Like let's go with: Spike, each CMC, Zecora, Cheerilee, the Cakes, each of the Apple family how they split the profits, Starlight, Snips, Snails, Coco Pommel, Cheese Sandwich, yunno all those characters. Of course Discord can make his own money with his face on them!
  19. Trust me, you'll need this: About two days ago, on an island far, far, away. . . PONE WARS EPISODE II GAMELOFT STRIKES BACK Now, I wasn't going to ANOTHER one of these, but about two weeks ago, during my CRUSADE toward the other side of the world, I was looking at the MEDIOCRE laptops in a convenience store (laptops in a convenience store, how about THAT?). Normally, I'd simply fiddle around with them and CRITICIZE how bad they are (2.5Ghz SINGLE core? What is this? The 90s?); but this time around, something caught MY EYE. On the start menu was a little blue icon with a loopy "G", signifying the ever-so triumphant, GAMELOFT. My timing was bad, but never before had curiosity grown on me. I began to wonder if My Little PONY could be played on WINDOWS 10. When I got HOME, I pulled open my NEW laptop and began to search the store for anything resembling my FIANCE'. Finally (after about three seconds), I managed to find a copy of the famed, "HASBRO simulator" dubbed, "My Little Pony: A GAMELOFT game". Here's where things got a bit complicated. FIRSTLY, the game is so outdated, they're still pulling up Equestria GIRLS promotions (which was equally bad as it sounds. It's some kind of RHYTHM game, but it's got a really bad delay of about 0.75 SECONDS). And the HUD is about as old as Windows 98 (This version dates back to 2013). Unlike the LAST, this version had hardly any lag. In fact, it ran at a smooth 180FPS . . . when it wanted to. Ever so OFTEN, the game would drop to a dead HALT at the worst times. "Want to grab that apple that's falling on the other SIDE of the screen? WHOOPS, let's drop the frame-rate to 12 and forget this was going to happen". It does that QUITE often and always at the most inconvenient of times (like that STUPID EQG dance party mini-game) A lot of the THINGS here are the same as what I said in the ORIGINAL post. It's a waiting simulator that only runs BETTER because it's a Windows 10 counterpart. Despite this, I still MANAGED to have fun by burning all of Ponyville's REVENUE and forcing all the MARES to work for low wages, basically creating Gameloft's COMMUNIST dream society. One thing that, REGRETFULLY, remained the same were the loading times. Now, in WINDOWS 10, apps that work like programs are SUSPENDED whenever the person clicks off them or MINIMIZES them. That's fine and all, but when you're DOWNLOADING updates? It resets EVERYTHING and you have to start it all over again. For a game that already had LOADING issues, it was pretty bad and took me 6 HOURS to downloading something with bad HOTEL internet. Nice thing is that after that FIRST boot, everything goes back to normal and you can spam your Twitter feed with as many horses as you want. The BETTER thing about this version is that I could ACTUALLY experience all the game has to offer. (Such as BAD minigames and other DELICACIES) A lot of the minigames are the same, do the task at HOOF and earn some points. Problem is, it gets really repetitive and you'll soon find out that you earn the same amount of EXP per game (I'm looking at you, TELESCOPE game [which is harder with a MOUSE). The game still costs a lot to play. Not so much REAL currency, but the bits are just as bad. Buying is a pain and really scrapes you dry. ONE problem with buying is that it NEVER tells you just how much money you'd be making with a new SHOP, forcing you to blindly punch numbers into a calculator to find the bits per SECOND ratio. (Yay, SCHOOLWORK) Eventually, like many of you I'm sure, got TIRED of the waiting and remembered a little trick. CHEAT ENGINE, the problem solver of the world. Within this MAGICAL program is a SPEEDHACK, which can UNLIMIT the FPS in the game; thus, making me more MONEY. As soon as I remembered it, I downloaded and submit my COMMUNISTIC Ponyville to EXTREME measures (Pinkie Pie style). Now we're happy to announce that we're making 10,000 BITS every twenty seconds. So that's GAMELOFT'S PONY GAME, from what I've heard, there's a co-op mode where you can play with others. I've got a friend who might be able to help with that; so if all goes well, I'll UPDATE this story and add an EPISODE III. No this is NOT the 5k special. -REalityPUBlishing
  20. Ladies and gentleman, the time is upon us... Everybody get hype and empty your wallets. Anything you want to buy, or do you just grab what you like on first sight?
  21. So how does the ecomomy of Equestria work? I know what your thinking "oh your just overthinking a kids show' and yes i'm aware. But really makes me wonder how the bit works. For example, the history of money is really in depth but i'm just theory here. Could the Bit be gold standard...well i'm not sure how considering that unicorns and such can remake things into other things. sure High level magic but still if you can turn rocks into gold you invalidate gold as being well rare and hard to make. Not to mention the unexplained matter of gemstones that apparently can get you an industrial pet hair dryer for such a tiny little gem. Rarity hands those things out like candy in Rarity takes manhattan. So it is like modern time and the bit is just worth X amount because everyone says it is. So anyway overthinking what do you think?
  22. I trust everyone's played Monopoly, yes? Good 'cause you'll probably need to know what that's like for this story. So I've done a bit of thinking and, it's been two weeks! Congrats to me for sticking it out for this long. Seriously, content is running short after daily blogging. I feel like Flint Lockwood from the movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs". Anyway, after a bit of thinking, I thought about extending my "memories" to "beyond bronyhood". Going where no man has gone before with "Reality Publishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails +". It's special 'cause it has a plus at the end . So that would kinda be a Season 2? I don't know, I'll probably do one more week of this before thinking about a sequel. To keep it going for a full month, y'know? Let me know if I should divide the series in the comments. Either way, I'll probably try to keep going; these covers are fun to make. Anyway, today's story goes back about 3 weeks, before I started doing all this crazy blogging. I was in my room, minding my business when me mum calls me down to play a game of Monopoly with her. I shrug and, because I'm sick of playing MW3, I go right ahead. Now, my mom is one of those people who have to collect every version of the same thing. So we had about 20 versions of the game, Monopoly. Naturally, because of this, I ask her, "Which version do you want to play, then?" She thinks for a bit, before opening her mouth to say, "Let's play your My Little Ponies one." Now, I really didn't object to this and that wasn't too much of the problem. The real issue was that I'm an avid viewer of the show, thus, I'd be the MLP brainiac in front of my mom, who had only seen a single episode in all her life (Hearts and Hooves Day). I went through it anyway. We set up the game, got the money out and went about 2 times around the board before suddenly realizing just how twisted this whole thing was. We were playing as ponies, walking around, buying structures so we can monopolize Equestria. Therefore, we were buying Equestria and not letting anypony else reside within it because we owned it. I had to explain all the landmarks and pony personas like a wikipedia page and, in the end, I won as Applejack. Kinda makes her solo in "At the Gala" a bit more realistic, huh? Lesson of today is to be frugal. Don't spend your money all in one place unless you land on The Crystal Empire or Canterlot. Then build a few houses on there and you're good to go until your opponent milks you with the brown properties. -RealityPublishing (I would've explained the game a bit more, but you really don't want to read four hours of rolling dice and buying crap. Also, buy the Orange properties. If you want an explanation on that, go buy the Monopoly Companion. [it's a book])
  23. Okay, i just overheard the hasbro investor meeting that just happend about an hour ago. I will give a quick summary of the pony stuff that was happening and talked about. Not much to say, everything is going fine, Pony declined slightly due to Hasbro transitioning their products, EqG dolls declined but was offset by EqG minis that sold well. Boulder Studio means a focus on internally produced, high quality animation for Hasbro animated series. Pony movie is coming out in October 2017 (we already knew that). It was an investor conference call, can't expect much beyond finding out the current financial state of pony and EqG really. Whatever you have to say, say it down below.
  24. I mean, we already know that Rarity and Applejack run their own businesses, Pinkie Pie is the town's party planner and may also work for the cakes part time, Rainbow Dash manages the skies though now she seems to becoming a part of The Wondercolts (which I guess is their version of the airforce), Twilight is a princess and before that she must have been supported by Princess Celestia in order to carry on living in Ponyville, but how does Fluttershy earn her money? And I have seen her with money before (S:2 E:19 Putting Your Hoof Down). I know she looks after animals but I don't quite know if she gets paid for that.
  25. The rules are simple; estimate how much money you have spent on all of the pony memorabilia you have bought since you've started being a brony! ^u^ I have spent about... 540$ Good lord, I didn't think I spent that much..