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Found 20 results

  1. I'm curious if anyone here likes them or not. Yeah... yeah... we all know they aren't GOOD for you. Let's not make this a debate or anything, okay? If you do drink them, what ones are your favorite? Do you drink a certain brand? When do you usually drink them? As for me, I LOOOOOOOOVE Monster. It's about the only one I'll drink. My favorite is the Mango Loco because I love mangoes. <3 I usually drink them at night when I want to stay up late.
  2. What would be good names for a race of monsters?
  3. You know all those cookies you ate in your life? Well, this one's coming back to eat YOU! lolz This one has been in my head for a long, long, LONG time now, but never got around to working on it. Whelp, I worked on it and finished it in one day. Sounds about right for me. In any case, criticism is greatly appreciated. Thx!
  4. So, what are some of your favorite monsters and creatures from the world of video games? What do you like about them the most? Both sentient and non-sentient beasts count. Here are some of mine: *Ridley, Kraid and most creatures Samus meets *Of the Monster Hunter bestiaries, my particular favorites include Lagiacrus, Deviljho, Khezu, Teostra and Lunastra, Qurupeco, Jaggi and Great Jaggi and Tigrex to name a few. *Pretty much all of the monsters of Dragon's Dogma, specially Grigori the Dragon *Reapers. What's not to love about a gargantuan, biomechanical squid? *Behemoth, Marlboro and Cactuar, all from the Final Fantasy franchise *Moon Presence, Amygdala, Ebrietas, Darkbeast Paarl, of Bloodborne fame.
  5. Since nobody ever reblogs art on tumblr and DA couldn't seem to give less of a toss, I figured I'd post here and see if anyone had some feedback on these character's designs? They're gonna be the main characters of a webcomic I'm working on in a world populated by mutants, monsters, and modern magic. Still trying to piece together an overarching plot, so it's just gonna start out revolving around Lagtime (L.T.) and Bruce as characters sharing an apartment. /shrug Need to do more art for Bruce, I've got a lot of unfinished junk.
  6. Well, first time drawing with a drawing tablet, got to say, It's easier than with mouse. Also, can anyone explain why I made this?
  7. Couldn't find a good gif, so I made one. The King of the Monsters deserves no less. I've provided the following tune to establish the evening's tone. Please repeat the song how many times you need to finish reading this. - Originally envisioned as a giant octopus, before the look of a giant ape with a mushroom shaped head (because mushroom cloud) was considered. - "Gojira" is a combination of the Japanese words for "gorilla" and "whale". A popular idea has it that this was the nickname of a guy who was working at Toho at the time. "Anguirus" was considered, but ultimately saved for Godzilla's greatest monster ally. - It varies depending on which continuity we're dealing with, but as of right now, Godzilla stands at 80 meters (267 feet), weighing 55,000 tons. - The roar is accomplished by rubbing a leather glove down the strings of a bass, similar to the TARDIS sound effect. - The original was made practically at the last minute; Toho needed to make a movie, any movie, and fast. Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka got the initial idea for the movie during a plain flight by taking a bunch of random magazine covers and stories and mashing them together. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms served as the basic idea of a giant monster, and Godzilla's origins (animal that was mutated by nuclear fallout) came from a story about a U.S. bomb testing mutating the local tuna population. - This pressure to get something done fast meant they had to abandon the use of King Kong-style stop motion effects. Thus, they brought in the suit. And unfortunately for the man inside it, it was a wearable hell. A drain had to be installed to easily let sweat out, and it could only be worn for 3 minutes at a time. - King Kong vs. Godzilla remains the highest grossing Godzilla movie ever. - Godzilla vs. DESTOROYAHHHHH!!!, which ends with our favorite reptilian anti0hero dying, really was meant to be the last Godzilla movie for awhile. That is, until the 1998 American remake sucked so freaking hard that Toho decided they needed to make a few more to appease all the pissed off fans. Within the movies themselves, the filmmakers took every chance they could manage to take a shit on Zilla (the American version), even going so far as to have that crappy version of Godzilla fight the real one in the (for now) final movie, only to be taken down in 13 seconds. Huh. Seems I don't know too many Godzilla fact-o-roonies. I am sad. I'm gonna have to make up for this one. In the meantime, have this.
  8. We're almost at the end, but I still find that there's a crap-ton of movies I wanted to do that I didn't get to do, so I've decided to work through a bunch of them in one post. Aren't we having some fun now? Get it? Because it's a lyric from that number. I'm...I'm funny. LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS - A adaptation of an off-Broadway show which is itself an adaptation of a movie Roger Corman legendarily shot in two days (and just so happens to be Jack Nicholson's film debut). - Actress Ellen Greene played Audrey I in the original stage production as well. - The dentist office set was originally covered in blood, but that didn't sit right with tests audience, so the scenes in the office were thus re-shot without all of the stains. This would no be the only thing to be cut. - No green screen or composite shots were used for the scenes involving Audrey II. Six different plants increasing in size were used over the course of the movie. Near the end, more cables were being used on the Audrey II puppet then there are in the Brooklyn Bridge. And sense the puppeteers could only move the puppet so fast, any actor in a scene with it (mostly Rick Moranis) had to act in slo-mo. - - My sister thinks Rick Moranis is cute in this movie. But now, we move from one cult classic to another, and this one is probably the cultiess of all the cult classics. Beneath its flashy varnish lies the tale of a young couple torn apart by their hidden demons and a strange but passionate man whose pathological pursuit of hedonism and pleasure, often at the cost of human life, brought upon his ultimate and all too tragic downfall. THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. - Tim Curry's fabulous film debut. He reprises the role he played in the original stage production. - Dr. Scoot being pulled through a wall by the electromagnet was not scripted. The filmmakers realized that they had not made the laboratory set wheelchair accessible, so the only way to get that character in the scene was to have him crash through it. - Mick Jagger wanted to play Frank, Steve Martian tried out for Brad, and Vincent Price was the first choice to play the Criminologist. - The longest running theatrical run in history thanks to its popularity as a midnight movie. - No body knew Eddy's corpse was hidden under the dinner table, so when it's revealed, the shocked reactions are real. - Brad and Janet has been nicknamed "ASSHOLE" and "SLUT" by the fans, respectively. - Tim Curry gained weight after starring in the movie so he could distance himself from Frank. Speaking of Tim Curry... That's fugging hilarious. Easily the best of the televised Stephen King adaptations, though to be frank, that isn't saying much. It's like saying Red Dead Redemption is the best western game. What's its competition? Custer's Revenge? IT - The book was so damn long because King wanted to fit all his favorite monsters in there. Apparently, giant spiders is one of them. - Speaking of which, the spider became the ending because the budget couldn't handle the real ending. Much like Carrie, the entire town was suppose to get destroyed. - Tim Curry was apparently frightening to be around on the set, so everyone just kind of avoided him. - Seth Green, hounded by a werewolf (no pun intended) in this movie, plays a werewolf later on in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. - The actors actually got injured by the large amount of balloons in the library scene. So yeah, I guess that happened. Guess now would be a good time to get some other requests out of the way. Let's continue with a classy one. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. THE BIRDS - Hitchcock was huge bird person long before making this movie. - Blue screen had to be abandoned for a different technique partway into production because the rapid movements of the birds made the shot look bad. - Tippi Hedren was actually cut in the face in one of the shots. - The owner of the restaurant allowed Hitchcock to shoot inside his establishment if the lead male character was named after him. Hitchcock agreed. - There's no "The End" card at the end of the movie because Hitchcock wanted audiences to have the feeling that the horror would never end. - Hitchcock required to be real. - At the film's London premiere, speakers were installed to play an assortment of bird screeches as patrons left the theater. Okay, what's the next request? Oh yeah! I HAVE SUCH FACTS TO SHOW YOU. HELLRAISER - It took six hours for Doug Bradley to put on the Pinhead makeup. - The original title, "The Hellbound Heart", was rejected by the studio because it sounded too much like a romance. - Filming the scene where Frank is spun around upside down covered in blood cause actor Sean Chapman to vomit. - Pinhead was in no way the "main" Cenobite; he was just given the most dialogue. - Due to a limited budget, all the special effects were animated by Clive Barker and "a Greek guy" over a single weekend. - It wasn't so much the content the MPAA was worried about, so much as the "intensity of the tone". Also, heads up guys, but I've never seen Mothra, nor have I been able to find any interesting facts on her solo career, so have this gif of Mothra dragging Godzilla like a punk. Hey, guess what, SE7EN. This is literally the only gif I could find that wasn't NSFW or spoiler-heavy. Seriously, if you've never seen this movie...damn. - Every single one of John Doe's creepy psycho-killer books was written out and packed to the brim with detail. As in, if you opened to a random page of any of those books, you'd find a fully-realized, thought out page. Pretty impressive, considering most of them are just seen in the background. - Kevin Spacey was cast two days before filming, and his involvement was kept as quiet as possible, in keeping with his tradition of trying to immerse the audience into the character he plays, as opposed to the fact that it's Kevin Spacey. - The studio hated the ending, but Brad Pitt refused to star in the movie if a single line was changed. - David Fincher wanted a super-skinny guy to play Victor. If you've seen the movie, you know why this is pants-crappingly terrifying. - The city the movie takes place in is never identified. - Rob Bottin, of The Thing fame, did the makeup effects for the movie. - - A sequel was in the works in which Morgan Freeman's character gets psychic powers. Guess this means I should do SILENCE OF THE LAMBS too. I'll admit, the part with the face made me jump. - The last film to take home the Grand Slam at the Oscars: Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Picture. It remains the only horror movie to ever win the top award. - John Hurt, Christopher Lloyd, Dustin Hoffman, Patrick Stewart, Robert Duvall, Jack Nicholson, and Robert De Niro all auditioned for Hannibal Lector. - The moths used for the film were flown to the set in first class. - Whenever someone is talking to Sterling, they are looking directly at the camera towards the audience. - Lector is only in the movie for 16 minutes. - Brooke Smith, Buffalo Bill's victim, actually became good friends with Bill's actor, Ted Levine, on the set. - The Lector voice was, according to Anthony Hopkins, a combination of Truman Capote and Katharine Hepburn. Wait, tomorrow is Halloween? Well how about some TRICK 'R TREAT? Seriously though, if you haven't seen this, do so, because it is a treat. Yes, pun intended. - Was suppose to be released in theaters in 2007, but got buried by Warner Bros for what I am sure are stupid reasons. - The appearance of Mr. Kreeg was based off of John Carpenter. - Little people make up most of the little kids in the background. The movie was shot at night and it was way past regular kids' bedtime. - Based on a Marvel Comic. - Sam is named after Samhain, the medieval festival that served as the origin of Halloween. - Remember that bitchy girl who leads that horrible prank? Guess who. And I can't finish this post without mentioning this. - Tim Burton did not direct this. That would be Henry Selick. He did design the movie and come up with the concept, which was inspired by Burton witnessing a mall taking down Halloween decorations and instantly replacing them with Christmas stuff. - The most difficult shot in the entire movie was Jack reaching for the door knob on the Christmas door due to the reflection of the forest. - Danny Elfman does the singing voice for Jack. - Was meant to be an official Disney animated film, which would have made it art of the Disney Renaissance, but it was deemed too scary. Well, Oogie scared the shit out of me when I was a kid for some reason, so I dunno, - The scene where Oogie's insectoid innards fall into the murky molten material was shot at 25 fps (real-time). - Tim Burton has said that Jack is probably his favorite character that he has created. - The killer snake is based off the sandworms from Beetlejuice. - Lock (the kid dressed like a devil) is totally Paul Reubens, and Dr. Finklestein is Uncle Lewis from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Aw man, so many horror movies, so little time. Sorry if I didn't do a movie you wanted (I know one of you wanted Van Helsing, for instance). Tune in tomorrow for the final film in the blog series (I think you can guess what movie I'm doing), but in the meantime, have two awesome scenes from a couple of movies I didn't get around to doing: Best Van Helsing and Best Dracula fighting to the death... ...and the most iconic transformation scene ever. Seriously. They actually created a new academy award just to award this movie. I remember the first time I saw it; it was on TV (but on a channel where they didn't have to censor it), and I walked into it and thus had no context with which to work. It was the first "real" horror movie scene I ever watched, and it blew my freaking mind. Also, fun fact: it was that movie that inspired the music video for "Thriller".
  9. Okay so I was playing around in Inkscape when I got really bored and made this. I have no idea what it is so you guys should give this sexy pony a name. (the head shape is a little bit wrong but I was going to make a vector of someone's drawing at first but I got lazy and made this weirdo instead) Hawt, right?
  10. If you need have any scary, or at the least creepy pastas you would like me to add, please comment below. Or if you are willing to give a background story for these creepypastas, let me know :3
  11. My fourth pmv or maybe it is the fifth. I was thinking about a pmv for the monster of MLP... I've mixed some green-screen videos... So... Yeah.
  12. I was thinking recently, I got flash cs4 and I'm kinda good at drawing monsters -visit HorrorshowMania on deviantart to see the wide selection- and I was thinking, how awesome would it be to see a fight or brawl with my monsters with other people's monsters. Let me give some examples of some of my monsters and other ones. My dream eater vs Slenderman, -mickeymonster- mutant 1 vs banshee I think it may be awesome, I'd make one probably almost once a month or so, what do u guys think? :3
  13. So when you were a kid, and you were alone, in the dark in your room, and you were scared of you closet, What did you imagine was in there? When did you realize it wasn't even a monster? Post below! I also made a poll for common monsters! Mine was a basic Stereotypical Monster, You know, All green and Furry with claws and Razor Sharp Teeth!
  14. These are for dungeons and dragons. So I was reading my monster manuals, Wich I do alot, so I thought why not make stats for the ponies? They will all be lv. 20 because I feel like it. (except for Luna, parasprites, Celestia and Discord) Done: Twilightsparkle Fluttershy Parasprites Rainbow dash Royal Guard (Unicorn) Yet to be done: Applejack Pinkie pie Rarity Discord Luna Celestia Royal guard (Pegasus) Diamond dogs Timber wolves Zecora Queen Chrysalis Shining Armor Changeling Cadence ---- Twilightsparkle Rainbow dash Fluttershy Parasprites Royal Guard (Unicorn)
  15. for the full description go to My deviant art HorrorshowMania heres a short description after getting enraged over losing a fight, bryan transformed into this monstrosity. He wreaked havoc all through the city, it took so many "warriors" and enforcement units to try and stop him. While in this form his strength is that of a titan, he picked up a 90 story tower, (yes a tower) and was able to throw it an amazing distance of half a mile. bullets and missiles do nothing but piss him off, seeing as they literally bounce off of him. there will be a more of a story on deviant art later. enjoy when my drawing skills increase and become better i will put this guy into a comic, so much action will be in that comic!
  16. a before and after picture of my Banshee, Even though i can see improvement, id like it more if id drawn it on the computer and made it look epic!!! but idk how to start in digital art tumblr: if you know any good starting digital art programs that i could start with that would be very awesome!!! please don't hesitate to tell me! I wanna make awesome cartoons like the tumblr accounts, Hotbloodedpinkiepie, Princess Molestia, and My little chubbies :3 PLEASE HELP!!!
  17. let alone some people say i can draw cute things, well i can also draw scary things as well, like this. A then and now picture of how i improved (slightly) and a little more to his concept art, The story behind him is on my Deviantart, but ill give you guys some basic info height (while standing) 11 feet, (on all fours) 6 feet weight 255 lbs Origin : Indian legends strengths : speed, strength, power, Jaw strength, long claws, agility, multiple visions (night vision, heat, etc.) high jumping, roar weaknesses: Dream catcher prison, if you want to know more just ask
  18. Guest

    Visual Art Good painter?

    I would be very happy if someone could paint a monster made of these animals... if someone want to paint it. you dont need to paint it scary, you can paint it cute, funny... you can draw it just as you want to! I would be so happy if someone did it