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Found 88 results

  1. I was wondering all my friends at school think day time is better than night time i personally think night time is better i was wondering if i was the only one cause im the only person who enjoys night time its way better than day time cause there isn't a giant ball of fire slowly cooking me
  2. So there is a "what is your favorite planet thread" so why not your favorite moon? Mine is Io, because it is a very geologically active world and it just looks cool. What is yours?
  3. So, yeah, a bit of an astrology buff here. I'm curious to know what y'alls Sun and Moon signs are, for those of you who know. I'm an Aquarius sun and Leo moon myself.
  4. Hello fellow ponies! Ask me anything you want!
  5. Yes I’d like another Nightmare Moon Episode - but with a twist in case you haven’t read the tag,I want a horror mlp episode,starring if you guessed it,is Nightmare I guess somewhere around this Halloween or when another Friday the 13th happens that Hasbro should have some type of jumpscare or some message at the VERY end of an episode,telling them to prepare for Nightmare will return But when I mean horror,I’m dead serious,I want Nightmare go into some kind of Freddy Kruger/Slenderman mode! Ill let Hasbro do the plot but I want them to release this episode on Friday the 13th at 3 am (no,not for those FAKE 3am videos) now let’s discuss how this show would work,ive gave my thoughts so I wanna hear yours! Good Day!
  6. Is that black butt patch apart of Luna's cutie mark or not? First, just the moon disappears. Then, in A Royal Problem, the butt patch goes along with the moon.
  7. Hi everypony, Ginger Ale aka Widowmeiker is here! Ever wonder what Princess Luna thinks and faces in her daily life? Luckily I tried to make one. Sorry for the watermark, had to pay for the upgraded version and I couldn't. All these amazing pictures belong to their very own artists. I just added thought quotes that I wrote and tried to create an empathy as Princess Luna, sorry if I couldn't manage. It even has 1080 hp HD version! Hope you like it! Don't forget to comment, your thoughts are really special for me. Thanks for watching and sharing your precious time. Feel free to comment on YouTube too and give a like or dislike also!
  8. Hello everypony!!! I decided to try drawing a full body pony on paint I went with my OC Shimmering Starlight hope you like it !!
  9. I was wondering, does it seem, that Celestia, rotates their planet towards, then sun, opposed to her actually moving the sun? It would make more physical sense. The sun will rise regardless, but because ponys are used to Celestia raising it early they will see the sun as rising late.
  10. It is shown that Princess Celestia raises the sun and Luna raises the moon, but they really only shown it where they raise it once, when day/night start. However, the sun is shown to move throughout the day, and I assume the same for the moon, which only makes sense. Do they move it throughout the day/night, or does it move on its own? Pretty much do they only move it once, or continually throughout their time of day?
  11. I've had this theory for awhile now... I think it's only 45% plausible. So, does any(pony)body think Celestia and Luna are lying about raising the sun/moon, for the sole purpose of the throne (much like the pharaohs, of Egypt did)? Maybe they time it... when have we ever seen them do it in the show. except for during the Summer Sun Celebration.
  12. So, I've been playing a ton of Pokemon Sun lately, and something that's been present since Diamond and Pearl is the GTS (Global Trade System), essentially a marketplace where people can offer Pokemon in exchange any other Pokemon, narrowing it down by Gender, Level, ect. In concept, it's a brilliant idea, since finding some Pokemon can be a tedious process, not to mention that some Pokemon are version exclusive so if you don't want to have to buy both versions then this would be a fantastic way to fill up your Pokedex. So naturally people had to ruin it until it's become the deplorable hive of scum and villainy it is today. Nowadays, no matter what you look up and on what game, 99% of requests are written by either idiots or trolls and boil down to "Give me precious diamonds for pennies." "You want a level 1 Charmander? Sure... for a Level 100 Shiny Charizard." "Hey, how about this Butterfree for a Dialga?" "Here, I'll trade you this Magikarp, which you can literally catch by going to any body of water and fishing for two seconds in exchange for your Mew?" Don't believe me? The first time I booted up the GTS in Sun, even knowing how awful it was, I was looking for a Feebas, which have always been hard to find. However, they're potentially at their easiest to find in Sun/Moon, since they're localized to one area, you're told what this area is and I found two in less than an hour. But searching through GTS, the first FIFTY offers all wanted Version-Exclusive Legendaries, Legendaries you can't catch without importing them, an Ultra Beast known as Celesteele or Level 100 Dittos. I stopped looking after that because i wanted to beat my head against something. However, in X/Y, an alternative was introduced that has proven to be better than GTS in almost every way: Wonder Trade. Basically you offer up a Pokemon you've got and then you are randomly paired up with someone to trade with, only seeing what Pokemon you've received after the trade has occurred, so it's entirely random what you'll get. It's not perfect, and there are plenty of cases of people trading common Pokemon hoping to get a rare Pokemon, but there are far more people who are willing to give away good Pokemon through the Wonder Trade. Hell, I bred multiple Feebas' for the sole purpose of Wonder Trading them. Just in Sun, I've gotten a lv.50 Scyther, the fire starter Litten, a Sandyghast, an Axew and, most shocking of all, a Lv. 100 Legendary. Even when I do get common Pokemon like Spearows or Yumgoos, I still get something, which is more than I can say for GTS. Plus, each Pokemon is another unique ID number I can use to win the ID Lottery in-game, which means that no matter what I get through Wonder Trade, I've still profited somehow. Nintendo, will you moderate the GTS already and kick off all the stupid trades? Or, at the very least put some kind of filter on it! It says a lot when a random shot in the dark is leagues better at getting good Pokemon than a market where you can search and request specific Pokemon.
  13. Hello everypony. I drew a Nightmare Moon on school because I was totally bored, and since it came out pretty good, I decided to finish it on home and turned into this. Hope you guys like it. (I don't have more a scanner, so yh)
  14. Title says everything, critique is welcome.
  15. After watching season 5 finale a question came to my mind. Would Nightmare Moon be really a terrible ruler? An obvious answer seems to be "yes". After all, she imprisoned Celestia and brought about the Eternal night. But what does that entail, exactly? As we see in Cutie Remark, the lack of sunlight does not kill all the plants, again showing how different the world of the show is from our. Someone might say, "But she might just took over!". The problem with that is, awakening of Nightmare Moon was first thing that happened in the show. So even if all episodes were a showcase of everyday since Twilight came to Ponyville, there still would have passed at least a few months. Enough for plants to start dying. This does not exactly prove that she's not "bad" ruler but certainly makes saying that night eternal would be "horrible" look like a bit of overstatement. Let's look like her motives for becoming Nightmare Moon to begin with. She loved her subjects but felt that they didn't like her in the slightest. Nowhere was said that she would stop caring abut them (well, at least when it comes to matters other than sun-and-moon-raising business). In her castle we don't exactly see anyone unhappy (hell, RD looks like she's very much into her job). The most we see is Rarity being.. busy. I don't know abut you but I would be upset as well if someone who I don't know came up to me while I was doing my job and started talking to me like I'm their friend, and spewing some nonsense. As far as I'm aware there is nothing saying she would be a bad ruler. So, any thoughts?
  16. So I got bored and made a wallpaper with a vector done from the first images opening MLP, I choose Luna for this subject. Thinking of what or how she would paint the night sky while the ponies would sleep and end up missing out on the wonders of the night! Keeping in the colors mostly of purples and a lavenders and throw in the simple moon with a light glow more and along with Luna herself. Done in star brushes and some glitter and just tuned some of em down with a few mist and a plant in the stream of stars in thinking of the Milky way a bit for some adding! Put in the clouds and just reduced em a bit to let the colors of night shine in them or be a frame!
  17. I just finished this beauty. I hope you enjoy!
  18. Hello all Since the fandom in the town of Bydgoszcz is preparing to hold a locac Christmas brony meet-up, I was requested to prepare a promo poster for this event. The pony presented on the picture is Princess Kujavia who is the official mascot of the Bronies Bydgoszcz fandom group. The main attraction of the event will be making Xmas hats for MLP plushies in a nice before Christmas atmosphere. My poster for the event without the text. Enjoy
  19. Nightmare Night has already hit these lands. And as a homage, I wrote something in ten minutes because I was bored as heck. Why, you may ask? I don't know, I was bored I guess. "A night to be remembered; dim, portentous, menacing. Gentle wafts turned into vicious blasts of air, threes were plucked from their roots, supernatural thunders branded a clear sky. Confused souls ran and stumbled upon each other, yet none could tell, none could understand what transpired, how grudges from past times unveiled into havoc. As a mere fabric the skies gashed, dismembered constellations covered the sky as the most obscure of voids emerged amongst them, concealing the brightest of moons; the whole crowd impregnated with the stench of apprehension, of utter horror. Whereas catatonic ponies and beasts anticipated the most hideous consequences, a cackle emerged; impudent, loud and pervasive, and subsequently followed an outburst of chaos. A blinding, yet mesmerizing beam slit the skies and embraced the world below. None was prepared, for the embodiment of spite had arrived, overwhelming as a storm, all-powerful as the skies up high and the most devastating tide. And a slender figure arose, its black coat merging with the new darkness that surrounded the firmament; orbs emanating hatred and pride surmounting the fiend, whose svelte figure was protected by unknown metals and was escorted by ethereal mist. The world trembled at each step, the grass and flowers withered with each step, untold atrocities arose from the depts of the world. A thunderous voice pierced the skies, and a warning was dispatched, for the Maiden of the Night had returned. Shall nary forget their deeds; for betrayal does not go unforgiven; for time does not seal the deepest wounds. The Nightmare was free." Enjoy the spooks lads. Have a good one.
  20. I am sure this has been discussed to death.. but if we look at when she was banished and when she returned, it was as if time literally STOPPED for her for the past 1000 years - like she was simply paused and when she returned she went right back to doing exactly what she did the moment she was banished. Celestia seemed to sense the one thing she would try to do is eliminate her and so she appeared to hide. Does this mean that nightmare moon assumes celestia is gone and seeks to rule in her stead? Or without the elements of harmony was luna able to detain her and then go after what was rightfully hers? The story doesn't really fully explain this.. what are your thoughts?
  21. This just occurred to me - in the episode where the sun and the moon are both in the sky - the moon clearly was casting night, blocking the sun from that side, when in our world, the brightness of the sun would simply have covered up the darkness around the moon. WHAT DOES THIS MEEEEAN. And I know the answer is probably just "it's a children's show, it doesn't have to make sense" - but I like to have interesting discussions
  22. (Firstly I'd like to say that I apologize if this is in the wrong section. Still fairly new to this forum ) It seems like the topic of how long a moon is in Equestria has been up for debate for some time now. Some propose it's a year, others say a month, but in the end no one knows for sure. However, I'd like to throw my hat into the ring and try to see if I could figure out how long it is, and I think I may have. So in the first Equestria Girls film, Luna says that the portal will close in 3 days, and won't open again for 30 moons. Then in Apple Family Reunion, Granny Smith says that they have a new family reunion every 100 moons. Of course this just doesn't add up, as there has been too much growth in the apple family for it to occur once every year, and Twilight being stuck in the human world for only a couple months wouldn't really be hugely catastrophic. So that pushes this off the table. However, I think there is a way this all can add up, and that's if there was a complete lunar cycle every 1.7 weeks. This would allow 30 moons to be the equivalent to 1.5 years, and thus allow there to be a large Apple family reunion every 5 years, or 100 moons. The former would make sense because that is a lot of time to be trapped between realms and have it be potentially dangerous for Equestria, while the latter would make sense because it allows time for significant family growth (and physical growth in characters like Apple Bloom) as well as allowing there to be smaller reunions in between then. Although this all is purely speculation, so if you disagree or have a theory of your own let me know!
  23. Okay so after watching all the episodes until "Do Princesses dream of magic sheep?" I just realized somethin that Luna isn't doing, but she can technically do it. If Luna controls the Moon and Stars, she should still be able to control the Sun because technically its a star, am I right?
  24. <Twilight Sparkle> Good evening, everypony! I'm Twilight Sparkle, and I'm going to clear up some confusion on what Celestia and Luna do to "Raise" the Sun and the Moon, based off of what I know from my studies. First off, I've seen some crazy ideas about Celestia and Luna running some big conspiracy... (Ha ha. Verrrrry funny... ) Well, Terra (Not Earth. That's your planet) does spin on it's axis to make day and night. Celestia and Luna don't literally spin the Sun and the Moon around Terra, that would take ridiculous amounts of power! But they do keep the sun and moon rising every day. It doesn't make much sense at the surface... But, allow me to explain a few things. Tidal Braking: First, a moon's gravity causes a tidal bulge in a planet's oceans, and a tiny bit in the land, too. But because the planet spins, that tidal bulge is moved away from the moon, but the moon pulls back on that tidal bulge with it's gravity. So this happens: This is what happens with your Earth and Moon. But our Moon is a little different... It orbits in the opposite direction as Terra spins. See, your moon is in a prograde orbit, mine is in a retrograde orbit. Uhm. I need to explain orbits, don't I? An orbit is when a body falls towards another, but it's going so fast sideways, it misses, but as it flies away, it's pulled back, and it misses again. Your moon is pulled forward, as it goes faster it misses your Earth more and more, so it goes farther away. Our moon is pulled backward, so it's slowed down, and it gets closer to our planet. Or it would, if it wasn't for Princess Luna. Our moon is also in a highly elliptical orbit Normally it's so far out that Tidal Braking doesn't do much. But periodically it swings in close, and when it does, Princess Luna gives it a little boost. If Princess Luna didn't push on it, then in just a few thousand years, it would break apart, and later after that, come crashing down on Terra! The Moon also slows Terra's spin just a little bit every year - just enough to make the day a little less than a second longer. Not much, I know, and honestly it wouldn't make much of a difference if Celestia didn't speed it up again... But this isn't how Celestia "raises the Sun". This is just how Luna keeps the Moon in orbit. And so there you have it, Luna "raises the Moon" we say, by keeping it from falling out of the sky! Which would end all life in the world... How Celestia "raises the sun" is quiet different... Here's what your inner star system looks like: Highlighted in red is Jupiter's orbit. It doesn't get very close to Earth... Now, uhh, this isn't to scale, but it shows how the gas giant planet in our solar system is in an elliptical orbit: (Uhm. It's not very good but you get the idea... ) Remember how the tides on your world pull your moon along, causing it to drift out slowly? Zeus, the gas giant here, pulls Terra along, or pulls it back, depending on where the two planets are in their orbit. But no matter what, left by itself, in just a few dozen years, our world would either crash into the sun, be launched into a craaazy orbit that we couldn't survive, or launched into eternal night by Zeus' gravity, because it swings in so much closer to Terra, than Jupiter does to Earth. It's important to note, that it wouldn't happen instantly. Each time Zeus swings by, it would change Terra's orbit only a little bit, and each time it swings by again, it would change it more and more, until finally either launching Terra into the sun, into a stable, but unsurvivable orbit (like really close to the sun), or into interstellar space and eternal night. Every year, at the Summer Sun Celebration, Celestia has a power surge. That's what I had when I earned my cutie mark: Except, unlike me as a filly, she can control it, and she uses her immense power to give Terra a little push back into it's normal orbit. So because of her, the sun rises and sets every day. Without her, in only a few decades the sun would either become a tiny star, and the world would fall into eternal night, or the sun wouldn't set, and would burn the whole world. And that's how Celestia "raises the sun". And so there you have it! The Truth! See, a little filly wouldn't be able to understand all that. Even lots of grown-up stallions and mares don't get it, so, often it's just simplified to: "They raise the sun and the moon". Any questions? [image credits: hot coco / Sarcastic Very Funny / Only One Second / bad drawing / The Truth / Any Questions?]