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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! Sunset shimmer here~ today id like to talk about characters who go underused or are never used (ie moon dancer or characters who are used for a episode plot or never appear again except for cameos There are characters who go unused in the show and unlike Background ponies they get forgotten about:( some of the characters do get reused once or twice yet there's potential to keep them around for many episodes (ie daring do) in the case of moondancer there could of been a plot where moondancer sticks around with twi or help her in finding important books or being another student for twi too teach. Just a thought That's about it Thanks for reading! Sunset shimmer out~
  2. (The picture above did not Included Human Twilight Sparkle) “The Stellar Six” is a group consist of six characters who had shared many encounters with each other to varying extents. Some of these characters have went on to have bigger roles in the show and Equestria Girls films, while others have faded into obscurity. However, they all have enjoyed a degree of popularity with some of the fan-base. Not to mention that they all have astrological based Cutie Marks and all are respectively unicorns and/or alicorns in the case of Human Twilight’s ponied up form, and as such these characters tend to be collectively grouped together in many fan works. Princess Twilight Sparkle: A gifted unicorn who was tasked by her mentor Princess Celestia to moved in to Ponyville to befriend 5 other ponies and become the bearer of the element of magic and the leader of the Mane 6. she was later transformed into alicorn after completing a one of Star Swirl's spells and was crowned as the new princess of Equestria, obtaining the title of "Princess of Friendship". Sunset Shimmer: Former prized pupil of Princess Celestia who abandoned her studies to pursue her own ambitions and ran off to the human world where she was eventually shown the error of her ways during her encounters with Princess Twilight Sparkle. She would later become a staunch friend to the Human Twilight Sparkle. Trixie Lulamoon: Famed illusionist and notable braggart with a tendency to annoy Twilight Sparkle. She once enslaved Ponyville and banished Twilight while being possessed by the alicorn amulet. However, after being tricked into removing the amulet, she begins developing change of heart in spite of her struggle to earn and win back the respect of others, especially and ironically Twilight herself. Luckily, She was able to later befriend Twilight’s student Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer: Former believer in equality without Cutie Marks who sought revenge against Twilight and her friends after they exposed her for who she was. However she was reformed in her process of her attempt revenged and later became Twilight’s reluctant student in the lessons of friendship. Moon Dancer: One of Twilight’s Canterlot friends who was devastated by Twilight’s actions when Twilight did not attend her party, and became a shut-in who refused to value friendship until Twilight came back to amend for her past actions for being a bad friend. Human Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi): Former student of Crystal Prep Academy who shared many similarities in comparison to her pony counterpart, except her experiences during the Friendship Games where she was transformed into Midnight Sparkle in pursuit of her interest in magic while taking a dark path. She was later reformed but her regret over the incident continued to alienate her from her new friends, as she kept things to herself. luckily, she managed to pull it through after saving Camp Everfree and overcoming her alter ego. This is an idea that me and a few other people came up and would like to ask that you can support the new Mane Group. More Images:
  3. Me and a few other members from came up with an idea of creating a new type of mane 6 called the Stellar Six/Stellar Mane Six. and we would like to ask if you could support our idea and help us spread the word across the community. READ THIS TEXT AND SPREAD THE WORD: P.S. if this wrong place to post this please let me know about it
  4. This is just a little thing that I felt like I needed to write because it’s one of my favorite aspects of the show, and also one of the few that are actually inspiring in my opinion. We all know why Twilight is the princess of friendship, sure, she has saved Equestria, defeated monsters, and finished an ancient spell with the power of friendship alone. She’s also very knowledgeable in the matter, and her bond with her friends is really strong, so strong that it was even a product of destiny. She’s basically an authority on the field because of what’s she’s done and what she knows; however, I think the reason she’s suited for that role isn’t that she’s too good compared to anyone, but quite the opposite, that she’s not hesitant to admit that she actually isn’t when it’s necessary. Twilight isn’t a character I like as much as I admire, that’s why Celestia’s ballad is my favorite song of the show, because it was inviting me to feel proud of her, and I did and still do indeed feel proud of her. Twilight’s greatest strength is definitely her humility, and that quality of hers has gotten to shine in two episodes specially: Amending Fences and The Cutie Re-Mark (both of which are in my top 5). In the former she had to admit that she screwed-up, and even though she tried to set things right through the whole episode, what really resolved the conflict is that she accepted that she couldn’t. “You’re right, this party can’t make up for the way I hurt you, but please, don’t let my mistake be the reason you can’t be friends with anypony else”. That’s a really mature lesson, when you want someone else to accept your apology, it doesn’t matter what you do to get it, it’s all about you feeling better about yourself, not about the other person moving on, in fact, that can be a pretty selfish act. You have to accept that the damage is done, and if you can make it up to them then do it, but you shouldn’t expect anything from them, since you’re just attempting to fix your own mess. Any other character would’ve kept trying to get Moondancer’s acceptance of their apology, and that doesn’t make their intentions bad, it’s just that only Twilight would be wise enough to understand that not getting one doesn’t mean you failed to do what you had to do. Of course in the end she was forgiven because otherwise it’d been a pretty sad ending for the episode, but just the fact that Twilight did it is good enough for me. Now let’s talk about The Cutie Re-Mark, being more specific, the Starlight reformation scene, which is my favorite scene of the whole show. I know a lot of people find it rushed and confusing, but I think it’s one of the scenes with the most genuine and believable emotions of the show, but if you see don’t see things from Starlight’s perspective it probably won’t feel that way. She lost any chance at making friends because of the cutie mark incident, which made her grow up totally alone, then she came up with the idea of creating the village so that she, and anybody else, wouldn’t have to feel that way ever again. After so many years she finally had friendship (even if it was fake) and wasn’t miserable, and then Twilight came to take that away from her, all because she had been as lucky to get her cutie mark at the same time as her friends whereas Starlight hadn’t. When someone who had it easier than you comes to lecture you on how to live your life based on the opportunities they had and you lacked, it’s very likely you won’t want to listen, that doesn’t excuse her actions, but makes them understandable in my opinion. What I really love about the reformation is Twilight’s speech, because she had to admit that she didn’t have the right to judge what Starlight had been through, which gets Starlight to listen to her. The lesson is also very reminiscent of Amending Fences, that the past can’t be changed, but how much it affects your future can. Twilight does a really great job delivering the message, I really like the way it was worded, and combining that with seeing her philosophy of life being proven wrong and opening to Twilight about her past, I don’t find it hard to believe that Starlight would just accept Twilight’s help in the end. As I said, Twilight is the princess of friendship for a reason, and I think these scenes are the ones that show why she’s the one that holds that title.
  5. Hi everyone! Wow, i really never meant to let it get to May before i brought a new update on Equestria's Dawn. I promise the final pages have been scanned in and are ready to be inked, and then the prologue will be ready for publishing! I'm still debating whether or not to make a separate Tumblr page for it, it might be easier to do it that way purely because of the navigation system and i know how (sort of) to use tumblr (kinda ha ha). BUT. all is not lost, for a bring you a basic outline of what the Map of ancient Equestria will look like, the who and the where of what things will be where. of course it's going to be different to what Equestria currently looks like, i know, but please, use your powers of suspension of disbelief ^^ please forgive my horrendous handwriting. Also please note, the names at the bottom of the circles are the names of the 6 mane characters, however since then some names have changed. also, big picture is big and for that i am sorry. Also, i really must beg your forgiveness with these following pieces i've been doing - I've been experimenting with the use of Copic markers with my traditional art (not like i do a whole lot of it anymore BUT anyway...) and where I'm currently living i don't have access to a scanner. Lighting is also pretty awful, and my phones camera is a big pile of owl pellets, so please do forgive the poor quality. First up is Party Pooped - oh hush now, i really like Cheese and Pinkie together, they're so cute <3 Next is Zecora - back when i was about 14-15 years old, i became obsessed with drawing HUUUUGE Alice in Wonderland A3 sized pieces, and every single one of them had wooden frames covered in plant life and decorated like this. So i thought i'd revamp the old style a little and see where it took me. I love using the green colours and blending the shades and URGH this one was a lot of fun. Third, I've always loved the idea of Trixie, Sunset, Moondancer and Starlight all being potential candidates for the role of Princess of Friendship - they're all unicorn mares who share similar traits with their personalities, their diligence to study, their attitude towards other ponies...any one of them could've been in Twilights position. So as a part of Equestria's Dawn, I'm adding in a prophecy, one that speaks of this princess of friendship, but only says, "with eyes of the stars". What else do all of these characters have in common? a twilight/evening theme - Sunset, Starlight, Moon(dancer), and Trixie's last name is supposedly Lulamoon, but her colour and design theme also resonate with the evening. and of course, there's Twilight. bit of a no brainer there. ANYHOW. It'll be a bit of a side step in Equestria's Dawn, kind of a nudge at the FiM series going HEY LOOK THIS IS THA FUTURE WHOOOOAAAA. anyway....this one was taken in two parts because some of the closer detail got lost when i tried to take a picture of the full thing. Part One: Part Two: Also, if you'd like to know what the writing says on the side, it reads: To my Master Starswirl, It has been many moons since my last letter, and in my search for the Elements of Harmony I discovered an ancient archway and a plinth that spoke a prophecy of futures untold...that someday a Princess of Friendship would walk among us, a unicorn mare with eyes of the stars. Who do you suppose it means? Perhaps she reigns in years beyond ours. She would have to study and surpass many a challenge to earn the crown of royalty. Perhaps we should seek out candidates to teach and train... ...In the meantime, I plan to activate the archway shrine to see what may lie beyond. Perhaps I may catch a glimpse of this fabled princess... Please, Master - keep me in your thoughts as I venture forth... Your faithful student, Clover Bramblebit, the Clever. ---------------------------------- Next up, once again with bad camera focus and lighting issues, here's a few sneak peaks at some of the sketch designs for the protagonist of Equestria's Dawn, Clover Bramblebit, and her assistant Toulouse. who is basically playing Spike's role, since we needed a trusty side kick dragon. we all need a trusty side kick dragon. Please keep in mind, a hand-draft all of Equestria's Dawn's pages before scanning and digitally inking them, so the process has taken me longer than anticipated, plus with my studies currently time has been shorter for this project than i'd hoped. However i am persevering, and I will soon proudly be able to present the very first installment of this years-overdue project Stay safe everyone, -Wandering
  6. POSSIBLE SEASON FIVE SPOILERS So I had some thoughts about Moondancer and her situation before Twilight came to apologize to her in Amending Fences. Given that it really didn't take much for Starlight Glimmer to become a villain, could Moondancer have become one as well? I mean, she really felt betrayed by Twilight and isolated herself from her other friends as well. Given enough time, could she have grown hateful and resentful of Twilight and her new friends? Could she have grown her power with her studying and self-imposed isolation to possibly become a villain? In the episode, we definitely see that she had strong feelings about what Twilight did to her. Specifically, 1:10 - It wouldn't be that big of a stretch to think that had Twilight not apologized, she would've become incredibly more spiteful. Maybe even to the point that she would want revenge? What do you guys think?
  7. How much friendship drama is too much in My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic? Let's review Amending Fences and find out. To subscribe:
  8. Does anyone recall way, way, waaaaaay back in season 1, in the very first episode, in fact, where Twilight was without friends, still living in Canterlot, and a few ponies wanted her to go with them to a get-together that Moon Dancer was throwing? I do. And now that the map of Harmony has the Mane 6 going all over Equestria and reconciling with both old enemies and making friends out of them, along with meeting new friends and relying on them to get a job done while the mane 6 take back seat, I can't help but wonder.....will we be getting an episode with Twilight being summoned back to Canterlot and meeting up with Moondancer (who we really only heard of in mention, never actually got to see), and Twilight making a friend out of her, grabbing at the opportunity that she turned aside, once before? *Silver Quill voice* CONTINUITY!!!! I think that's a pretty good lesson to being in, actually, and one that ould play off of "Make New friends but keep Discord", where Discord gets jealous of Flutterbutt's new friend, but learns that his friends could have more friends than just him, on the flip side, Twilight could learn that sometimes opportunities present themselves more than once, allowing her to make a friend that she might've missed out making in the past. (and maybe, at first, Moondancer holds a bit of a grudge against Twilight for missing out on her get-together in season 1, but eventually comes around?) What do you guys think about a potential Twilight and Moondancer friendship episode callback in season 5?
  9. <---------- check it out