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Found 9 results

  1. I was just playing some halo three and a question came to mind. Would you forgive the Elites? The Jackals? The Brutes? The Grunts? The Engineers? The Drones? The Hunters? The prophets? in total they literally glassed billions of people and attempted to exterminate the human race. I figured it would fit on a mlp forum because of the whole friendship an tolerance thing.
  2. This is an example of the thought process one can use to reach a conclusion with knowledge we already have, but did not think to consider. It just takes some time and patience. If the brain can store massive quantities of data, why do most people not consciously recall it all? Its because people do not try. All you need is spare time, and recognition of an almost order of operations of logic. In this example I start by asking a question that most would think has no definite objective answer. Then I keep going through a self-critical process of proposals based on reflections and the knowledge it brings to the foreground that I already had but did not know I had. So to simplify. 1. 'unknowable' question 2. reflection 2.a knowledge from reflection 2.b applying the knowledge into the equation 2.c rule it out if it doesn't objectively answer anything 3. repeat 2 til it does objectively answer something 4. add this into the equation permanently 5 repeat 2-5 as needed til the first question is answerable. 6. The answer and its objectively true within the assumptions that 'the world is real'.
  3. This seems to be something that's debated on much more than I thought it would be. On topics discussing Spike and his terrible characterization and episodes, the two main points that are brought up in support are Equestria Girls 1 (highly underrated, but that's for a different topic), and inspiration manifestation. People retaliate with these: EQG- Its not canon, so that doesn't count Inspiration Manifestation- That was a Rarity Episode. Saying that EQG isn't canon is stupid and dumb, and doesn't require arguing back, but the second point is much more debatable. Was Inspiration Manifestation a Spike or Rarity episode? Spike was the one who saw and confronted the problem, but Rarity was the one who realized she was doing something wrong. There is valid arguments for both side. What do you guys think? Edit: and don't say both. That's no fun.
  4. Feeling Pinkie Keen's moral was one of MLP's biggest controveries. However, was the backlash against it warranted? Is the episode really promoting blind faith like so many have concluded? Here, I take another look at the moral and share my own conclusions about it. Thanks for watching and comments are always welcome!
  5. Out of the many morals that FiM has portrayed, which one is your favorite so far? Or favorites, if you cannot narrow it down to one. I will put NO pressure on you, so MAKE YOUR DECISION! *Ahem* Mine might actually be from Equestria Girls. The moral of just being yourself is a big thing to me, as I view self acceptance as being very important, as much as I have trouble with accepting myself personally. I really wish I was able to do that without all of these nagging negative thoughts towards myself...Still, I think the movie does it well and it is a great moral. I know that one may argue that it goes against that due to the girls all being über pretty and whatnot, but that is a different discussion. (And quite frankly I have no problem with that so...meh, whatever) Ohitan! Hows about YOU fine mares and gentlecolts?
  6. Exactly what the title says. In MLP: FiM, characters learn all sorts of lessons. Is there any particular lesson you think your favorite character needs to learn, or something you'd like to see them take to heart? I'd like for Rainbow Dash to learn that she doesn't have to be cool/the best. While she's known for being pretty blunt at times, she actually can struggle with being herself. In Sonic Rainboom, she was compelled to put on a cocky and confident face while inside she just wanted to get away from everything. Her fear of not living up to everyone's expectations and messing up in public crippled her. In Mare Do Well, she hid just how bothered she was with how quickly a new hero replaced her in the eyes of the town and how quickly she became yesterday's news, showing only brashness and jealousy, and not how troubled she was. In Read it and Weep, she was afraid to let people know that she liked a freaking book. Seems to me that she'd be better off and happier being who she is and not trying to be who everyone (and she) thinks Rainbow Dash is/should be. How about you?
  7. Okay, so I've been a brony since October and it has really impacted my life in a big way. Before I discovered MLP:FIM I was a hardcore Pokemon fan, and I still am, but not very active anymore. Once I discovered MLP:FIM and watched a few episodes, it hit me. Every time, I saw the old MLP stuff, I'd cower away, grab the TV remote, or run out of the room I was in. Now, all of that has completely changed. People ask me why I even bother watching that show. They don't know how DEEP it is. They just look at it in a shallow level, because they rely on the previous generations of MLP as their evidence. But I tell them, put all of that aside, it's a new era, a new experience. The #1 thing that got me hooked on this show was the depth of each character and the depth of the lessons. For instance, Pinkie Pie is not just a hyper party animal. She's a loving, caring, giggly ball of fun, who despite her quirks, understands her friends. In "Griffon the Brush-off," despite her love for pranks, she also considers who she pranks. When Rainbow Dash says they're going to pull one on Fluttershy, she's shocked, for Rainbow Dash has forgotten that Fluttershy is very sensitive and one wrong move could send her into a huge crying fit. Switching to Rainbow Dash, we see her loyal personality, as shown in the pilot episode and her will to push herself to become the best she could be. Yet, she is very arrogant and promotes herself like she's the best, when she isn't. This is what some people do today. I even do it. Plus, the overall society of MLP:FIM works just like the real world. No one goes without a day of doing something, weather it's helping to build new buildings, clean up and do other chores around the town. It even goes as far as cleaning up winter to prepare for spring. The way each lesson is portrayed so deeply is why I like this show. Take "A Canterlot Wedding" for instance, which had quite a bit of complaints and hate before it even aired. When I watched it, I thought it was one of the best episodes ever, for the lesson portrayed in this episode was so well portrayed. Learning to trust one's instincts is a very important lesson we all need. Because of the presence of two Cadences, one good and one bad, Twilight rushed to fast and accused the wrong Cadence without getting the full intel, which led to her being abandoned by her friends, her brother and even Princess Celestia herself. Celestia doesn't even offer any words of wisdom. Instead she drills it straight into Twilight's head that she did have a lot to think about. (Just typing that phrase makes my heart creak). That's how much that episode affected me personally. I would never want my friends to abandon me like what happened to Twilight in that episode. It just goes to show how one's actions, and one's thoughts, could affect everything. What are your thoughts on this?
  8. WARNING! CONDITION RED As many of you know, the state of the world economy (especially the condition of the United States) is in condition red. But that is not exactly what this short blog post is about. The condition red stands for two things: the state of our economy, and the state of our declining moral values. Especially when it comes to sex (another symbolic example of the condition "red"). As a nation, we no longer seem to have any moral values when it comes to sex. In fact, America seems to be obsessed with sex. We no longer seem to worship a divine figure, but our worship lies with money, sex, and anything else that "feels goods". So, why is this a problem? Well, to put it simply (even regardless of ones spiritual beliefs) a nation that is not able to control itself morally, will never be able to find stability. In fact, a historian did a study on 83 to 87 past nations and societies that eventually became obsessed with sex, and refused to recognize a moral guideline for it (especially Rome). When compared to other nations that found revival and re-established their moral values, that scary part is...all 83 to 87 societies that became addicted to sex and other immoral acts...failed. And that brings me to the main topic! If we don't re-establish what morals we are going to live by as a nation, how are we going to be able to sustain ourselves! This is the path of the nation, if we do not make a change: 1. From bondage to spiritual faith 2. From spiritual faith to great courage 3. From great courage to liberty 4. From liberty to abundance 5. From abundance to selfishness 6. From selfishness to complacency 7. From complacency to Apathy 8. From apathy to moral decay 9. From moral decay to dependence (RED ALERT!) 10. From dependence back to bondage. Now folks, there is hope! Also, this blog is titled "Reflections of Passion" and I am very passionate at attempting to find others that agree...we need a moral revival! This is a very short entry and I hope to elaborate on it much further, but for now, we need to recognize the problem before we think of ways to fix it. And this is the basic idea of the problem. Everypony, we are in CONDITION RED! And it's time to act.
  9. I would really like there to be an episode where the moral is on empathy, or 'walk a mile in their shoes', or just seeing things from another perspective, in which the Mane Six gets a better understanding of a certain character or group of characters, seeing they are not as bad as they first believed. This is what I thought the supposed 'Fluttershy turns into a dragon' episode was going to be about; Fluttershy walking a mile in a dragon's shoes and thus understanding that she should not fear dragons as she does, now having understood what it's like to be one. However, it seems that such an episode is not going to happen after recent confirmation. Yet still, an episode on empathy would do well for MLP. I, personally, would like it to be on the Changelings and the Mane Six's perception of them being their enemies. Why this would be an interesting episode is because the Mane Six and most ponies do have complete justification for not trusting Changelings; an army of them invaded their country! So it then makes the Mane Six more sympathetic in their distrust and that no one side is wrong. However, in this episode, the Mane Six could come to understand that Chrysalis' army is not representative of every single Changeling and that it is wrong to paint all Changelings as their 'enemy'. That they are people, with family and loved ones (on a side note, this is why I do not support the hive-mind idea that some fans endorse, because it mostly takes away the opportunity to show Changelings as inidividual characters). The specific concept has many ways in which it could be played out; the Mane Six are stranded in an isolated area with a group or family of Changelings; the Mane Six find themselves trapped in the Changeling Kingdom and disguise themselves and thus get an understanding of what their lives are like, or the familiar scenario of them finding a Changeling baby and have to return it to its family (The twist? It's Chrysalis baby!) What do you think? Would this make a good episode on empathy? Do you have your own ideas for such a moral?