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Found 18 results

  1. TBD

    Pony of Shadow fan club

    I'm surprise there's no fan page for this guy so here is one! *noted this thread is not to promote the team. I just want to post it just for fan purpose. But feel free to post anything about the pony of shadow! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GROGAR HAS DECIDED TO TAKE OVER AND MADE A MISTAKE. GROGAR CAN RUN AND HIDE BUT THERE'S NO IS ESCAPE FROM US. WE CONCEAL BEHIND THE LIGHT SWALLOWING EVERYTHING IN ITS PATH! COME AND JOIN THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON!
  2. So I just randomly wanted to start asking stupid questions. What is your favourite emoticon / the one you use the most. Is there a special reason for this particular one? Mine is this little fella: :I I have no idea why......
  3. Sweet Shimmer

    Video New Stuff New Me!

    Hello Mares and Stallions! I have made some pretty funny/Sick animations too my friends opinions:P and i was thinking about sharing with you Ponys! soo ill link my channel and some videos separate for your reactions! ill see you guys in the next one! ~SweetShimmer Videos! REMEMBER TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK;) bye!
  4. Pez

    Not The End

    I don't think the series is ending. The reason for the CMC getting their marks is because it was the anniversary. It's not every year that the anniversary falls on the day the show normally gets aired! The episode did imply taking a new direction. They got more in store for us. If the series was coming to a close they would have already announced it! Don't you worry!
  5. I started a thread, some lets see, yesterday was thursday, and that was week from... a long time ago is when I made it. In that topic I asked my fellow community members (hey, thats you) if they liked to analyze the show, or if they treated it as a sunday morning cartoon. More or less how seriously they took Friendship is Magic. I was surprised at the amount of contention between the two sides, and even more staggered by the amount of people who felt they werent extreme enough either way.So here I am, here you are. Do you think people, mainly bronies, need to start taking the show a little more seriously, or do you think that people take it too seriously already and need to tone it down? Unlike my last thread, where I was generally apathetic towards choosing a side, here I have some things to say. I think bronies need to take it more seriously. Now I am NOT saying we need to catch every plot hole (hehe) or treat it like Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire if you prefer), but I do think people are too quick to dismiss it as more than a simple cartoon. Because (yes because can be used to start a sentence) it is obviously more than just a cartoon. Gumball, Teen Titans GO, and Spongebob are cartoons. They are shows we watch if we turn on the TV and its there. Bronies actively tune in each and every Saturday morning to watch it, the same way people tune in to watch The Walking Dead, CSI, or the aforementioned Game of Thrones. If we are so quick to throw it to the wind, then who are we to say that people outside the fandom cant? Why are Anti-bronies wrong when they do it, but we are justified because "we watch the show." I dont know about you, but MLP is one of the best shows I have seen in my life. It has such good writing, excellent characters, complex world, interesting lore, genuinely funny comedy, and has created a fandom to rival Star Wars, Star Trek, D&D, and Sonic. Does that not deserve a grain of respect? But enough of my babbling, this is a thread after all. What do YOU think? Is the show taken way to seriously by some bronies, or vice versa?
  6. Right off the top of my head, I can list 3 dual types that Pokemon needs to have more of, in future generation games- those being the Water/ Fire type, the Grass/ Ground type, and the Steel/ Dragon type. 2 of these dual typings only have 1, count them- ONE Pokemon that exists, out of 700something, that shares that typing. Toruterra, and Dialga. No fire/ water typings, on the other hand, even exist yet. (Volcanion isn't released yet, so it doesn't count) What dual type Pokemon do you think there aren't enough of?
  7. Dsanders

    Who wants more friends?

    It is self-explanatory. Would you like to have more friends? Explain why you do or why you don't. Maybe this thread can help some of us find additional friends.
  8. Radiance of Triia

    Sunset Shimmer Pony

    We need more Sunset Shimmer! In Equestria Girls we have seen her grow as a character, being evil, then good, and then you just...leave her? :okiedokielokie:
  9. PathfinderCS

    Octavia's Wrath 2015

    Well, they do call this Winter Storm Octavia, so you know we have to run with it. Anywho, thought I might share some pics. Keep in mind I'm from southern West Virginia, in Boone County, so we usually don't get a lot of snow, but we're getting it today. Octavia must be having fun.
  10. Zephyr Breeze aka po

    General Questions another question

    can anypony be friends with an administrator? if they can could I be a friend?
  11. Ok i could not fit anymore words in too the title i will tell you why i added and more.If this is in the wrong forum you can move it too the right forum i you're a staff member who is alowed too move this too the right forum i guess i mean thread...) 1.Do you have a dream about you're favorite actor or actress? (I did with two of my favoruite actor's but one became a bad dream...kinda.) 2.Do you have a dream with you with you're favorite actor or actress? 3.Do you ever make a vutrail person that is you're favorite actor or actress? (Thats what the and more ment and i do tend too make sims out of my favoruite actor and one favoruite actor with there wife.) 4.Do you make a vutrail person of you with you're favorite actress or actor or with you're favorite actor's wife or with you're favorite actress's husband? (I did i made a christopher walken sim with his wife and me included but there younger but imagtion they aged in this one since christopher walken is 70 year's old and hes gonna turn 71 year's on march 31th so yeah he has a birthday in march when my dads birthday is march so my dad turned 51 year's old yesterday since it's probaly 1:00 am by now and Christopher Walken's wife is 69 year's old or 70 year's old because it does not say how old she is but her year is 1944 and Christopher Walken's year was 1943.)
  12. Ok, ok I know that I'll probably receive some hate for this but I, personally, would like to see a little more of Zecora this season. Ever since her first episode she has been my favorite pony and I wish that they would flesh out her character more. She makes such a lovely mother figure, and as much as I like Celestia, I think she fits better in that role. Celestia is so busy ruling Equestria and taking care of things that she doesn't have time to be a continuous presence. Zecora is nearby and clearly cares for Ponyville and everyone in it. I also feel like they had bigger plans for her, then sort of dropped them. Any thoughts?
  13. verycreativeusername

    Continue It!

    This is simply a game where you can continue the lyrics of a song, scene of a movie, and such. If you are not familiar with the scene or song, you can say you don't know. After you answer it, put a new scene or song lyrics to continue. Example if one knows: Example if one does not know: Alright, so continue the one I put in the above quote. Do you know what they call a quarter pound of cheese in France?
  14. Secret Person

    Pickled Eggs

    I find that I really, REALLY like pickled eggs, but it appears most people have a, erm, differing, opinion. So, what do you think of the vinegar filled chicken reproductions?
  15. AngryUnicorn

    Moar Drawing...

    Of course, I'm still focused and hard at work drawing. I think I've sort of formed a style that suits my drawing skills best: Black and White. Yeah, I know looking at a pencil sketch with shades of grey can be a little, what some would call, boring... but I like it! I'm planning on actually doing some colored art when I get the urge to go out of my way to buy myself a 50 pack of colored pencils XD I also want some more practice with drawing, so if you feel the need for an amateur black and white pony OC or whatever, leave a comment! PS: I don't want MILLIONS of replies, so that's why I'm offering this in my blog post instead of Fan Art
  16. Minkeey

    Minkeey's art

    Hi everyone This is my own art and gallery. I just started drawing, So i'm a newbie and my art kinda sucks. So here's one i drew of Princess Cadence : Please tell me what you think. I think it sucks I'm gonna update with more art soon.
  17. I need to post stuff in other parts of the forum... so much RPing. I feel like his right eye is off. By the time I noticed, I had already colored it... or did I mess it up when I colored it... Anyway this is for @Bloom De Rouge, and I hope he uses it for his avatar.
  18. WiponCat

    What ponies?

    Hi everypony! What ponies would you like to see more on the show? Personally, I think :MOAR LUNA AND CELESTIA: I think they should develop celestias personality a bit more... (she seem a bit stale, eh?) For luna, well... She's just adorable :3 but what do you guys think?