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Found 20 results

  1. Check my phone, mute my bedroom TV (live with my parents lol), use the bathroom, find breakfast, take my pills and get on my laptop. Keep mind, I don't do my routine in that actual order! Anyway, as the title says... what are some of the first things you do in the morning? :3
  2. Hey there! So I'm sitting here drinking my cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts with French Vanilla, Cream, and Extra Extra Sugar. I normally only get coffee on the rare occasion that I need to be pulling an all nighter and tonight was one of those nights! How do you prefer your Coffee or Tea? Is it homebrewed? or do you go to a Starbucks,Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Etc.. to get it? How often do you drink coffee?
  3. Mine would be "Oh noooo, just five more minutes," or "I'm old before my time, I should sleep in," or "Hm, maybe I should've gone to sleep earlier last night, because boy do I feel like I got hit by a truck."
  4. What's your usual breakfast for nearly or always everyday? I eat 4 scrambled eggs w/ ham, half of a whole cucumber, a slice of toasted Ezekiel bread, and a cup of cooked instant oats. Mmm delicious.
  5. My parents and I have been having his argument for years. When is breakfast? Is it: A. The meal you eat only in the mornings? You wake up at noon, you're having lunch. You wake up in the evening, you're having dinner. You wake up at midnight and you're having 4th meal. B.Or is it the first meal you eat, no matter what time you wake up at? You wake up at noon, but you're having breakfast since it's your first meal since waking up. So on & so forth. Inquiry: You wake up at 3pm in the afternoon. Why? Why not? You eat your first meal of the day. Is it lunch because it's after the morning. Or is it breakfast because it's the first meal you're eating sicne waking up? The fate of that burning question is up for you to decide!
  6. I wake up around 5 - 6 AM and at that time I'm always tired and low of energy, so this is my routine to wake up and kickass. 1. Coffee, I drink coffee for a boost of energy in the morning. 2. Cardio, my apartment complex has a gym so I go on the treadmill for about 20-25 minutes. 3. Cold shower, I love cold showers they help you wake up and feel great.
  7. Like the title says.... How long does it take you to get up and get going in the morning time? Does it take you a long time to finally pull yourself out of bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, get ready for work, etc, whatever your morning routine is. Or, are you a morning person like me who practically hops out of bed as soon as your eyes open? (Okay...that's a bit of a stretch. Even I need at least 5 minutes to lay in bed and pull my thoughts together after waking up. )
  8. I just had to post this as a blog. It's amazing how a giant python can become so tame. <3
  9. I searched and didn't see anything like this. Apologies if there's another thread somewhere I should have posted in. Just, completely random idea. So, I think it would be awesome if Applejack and Rainbow did a morning show together in the style of Good Mythical Morning. Now, you could look at this two ways. It could actually exist in FIM itself, which of course wouldn't make sense since they don't have TV or internet in Equestria. But then again they apparently do have film reels (see Hurricane Fluttershy.) Random technology seems to exist in Equestria when the plot calls for it. But I think a better way to do it would be a spin-off show completely separate from FIM entirely. There's various threads discussing the idea of a Roger Rabbit type deal where Equestria is a real place, like Toon Town, and the ponies are real actresses. Working off this idea, just imagine if AJ and RD were real and just decided to do a morning show together. I just chose those two because I just think they would have the best chemistry together. Ironic, I guess, since they are voiced by the same actress. Pinkie seems like an obvious choice for something like this, but I think she would be to over-the-top. She could just have her own show called Pinkie's Super Happy Fun Smile Time Variety Hour. Anyway, they should make Good Morning Ponyville With AJ & RD. I'd watch it everyday. That would be amazing.
  10. Hey there everyone! About 3 days ago, I finished a drawing of Derpy and I though you may be interested I wanted to make something in the same style as my previous drawing, which was called ''Good morning Fluttershy'' For reference purposes, here it is: I developed the concept as I worked on it, and I felt like playing with warm colors for the occasion. And like I said in the description on Devianart, I feel like the journey of a brony artist has to contain a drawing of a pony in socks at some point. And this concept came to mind! I'm not much of a fan when it comes to socks, but I can definitively see why they're popular, it was pretty fun to draw ^^ Anyway, here it is! Source: Some people said that her little beanie look like pancakes, and I have to agree Like always, if you guys think that something doesn't work or anything, feel free to shoot! Helps me to get better ^.^ On that, thank for checking!
  11. Just a doodle. Haha she is not ready to get up..
  12. That moment when the day rests in your panicky hooves. It's times like these that separate the stallions from the colts.
  13. I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG HERE BE THE LYRICS SO YOU CAN SING ALONG: My mind's a kaleidoscope, it thinks too fast Blurs all the colors 'til I can't see past The last mistake, the choice I made Staring in the mirror with myself to blame Sometimes I'm afraid of the thoughts inside Nowhere to hide inside my mind I'm scared that you'll compare and I'll look a lifetime past repair I second guess myself to death, I re-solicit every step What if my words are meaningless? What if my heart's misleading this? I try to capture every moment as it comes to me Bottle up the memories and let them keep me company When the hope of morning starts to fade in me I don't dare let darkness have its way with me And the hope of morning makes me worth the fight I will not be giving in tonight When I'm old and grey, or thirty, or whatever happens first, I'll need you to reassure me I didn't waste a verse Or worse, what if my life's work is reduced to just myself Like never let you get a word in, while I dissect my mental health Or lack thereof, whatever, there's too many things to track I really can't remember if I'm insane or insomniac Now days, all the kids want crazy, wanna diagnose themselves Trade up made up epidemics, pass around prescription pills But my disorder can't be cured by a bottle, blade, or dose Self-disgust and selfishness tend to hold me awfully close But I don't wanna let you see that, I don't want my friends to know Self-disgust and selfishness take me everywhere I go When the hope of morning starts to fade in me I don't dare let darkness have its way with me And the hope of morning makes me worth the fight I will not be giving in tonight Try as I might to keep it together Why is recovery taking forever? Fool the whole world, just until I get better I'm terrified I'll be faking forever (faking forever) On and on I wonder what went wrong inside my head I don't have to have the answers, but tonight I wish I did All the pain I can't explain away won't fade All the the secrets silenced by the shame Don't make me say it Don't make me say it Don't make me say it Don't make me say it (Oh-oh-oh-oh) Don't make me say it Don't make me say it Don't make me say it When the hope of morning starts to fade in me I don't dare let darkness have its way with me And the hope of morning makes me worth the fight I will not be giving in tonight
  14. ..............its hard for me to talk about this subject on the stupidity of it but oh well we all have stupid stuff to share so why not? I work at a Dunkin Donuts where I live, from friday to sunday I'll work in the morning from around say 3AM or 4AM to 8AM. Short hours yes but I got school and I need my days to study and do homework. My main duty of what I do is taking the donuts, mainly the shells and donut rings, and I both fill and frost them. For the filling of the shells, we use a machine that looks like this (simple machine, gets the job done. Only thing that gets irritating is when some people don't refill the damn thing...I'll refill it, others don't because laziness) Our filler was basically starting to kick the bucket. The machine itself would reset everytime the button is pressed to fill donuts with, it wouldn't fill at all. So, I was told that it was given a temporary fix, how so? Apparently the parts inside were glued to make sure they stay together. So we have this machine being held together with glue inside basically It baffles the crap out of me, not only that but it actually worked for a while. For about a month if I'm right but honestly I was glad the stupid plan worked. Obviously though it won't last forever and it broke down, and still to this day we're constantly having to borrow these fillers from other Dunkin Donuts, having some of us go early in the morning to pick it up and then deliver it back. This...may not be such a bad thing though, considering we're given overtime to get the machine that we're borrowing. Why not just buy new parts? Because they're cheap and are lazy, that's all I'm guessing. Screw it I'll just have more Krispy Kream donuts from now on (The krispy kreme chicken donut, wut) ......w-wha...I...that's chicken?, screw it I'm never eating donuts again. This is why now most of the time I'll just have a hot pocket in the morning, or a bagel and some orange juice. Sugary donuts and coffee don't do it for me
  15. I spent last night drinking with friends and ended up getting a bit too hammered for my own good. This morning I woke up with cramps all over and a feeling of dread in both of my arms. It would be wise to never do it again, but I'm a slow learner.
  16. I love Saturday Morning cartoons! (Who doesn't?) It's funny, because doesn't MLP come on at Saturday in the morning? Well, anyways, some of my favorites have not come on DVD at all yet, and I usually discover new shows either through YouTube or video rental stores. Some of them actually appeared as reruns on television, or even Netflix. They always seem to spark my interest. What is kind of surprising is that some never or have not yet made it to DVD/Blu Ray format yet! Here is a list of cartoons or shows in general that need to be shown to everybody: 1. Alvin and the Chipmunks (Not the black and white Alvin show!) I have mostly been interested in the last season, which was Chipmunks Go To The Movies. I mean, who doesn't love cartoon remakes of famous movies? Even though there are DVD releases of this show, there hasn't been a complete series DVD series yet. Probably the reason for it, is that all the cover songs in each episode seems to have copyright barriers. My favorite, would either have to be Batmunk or Back to Alvin's Future. There are very little possibilities for this to come on DVD, since there is copyrighted music written all over it. (But look what happened with the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, they were able to get by with replaced background music!) Anyways, let's hope for this great cult classic show to reach all audiences! 2. Rupert (1991) Anybody remember Rupert the Bear? Not a lot of people do, to be honest... This was a great animated series by Nelvana! A bear by the name of Rupert (The show is named after him after all...) goes on mystical adventures that seem either similar to famous fairy tales, or are original stories all their own! It used to air on Canada's YTV from 1991 to 1997, which was when I was actually around, so I got to experience it! Anyways, I couldn't see any DVD releases on any websites, so I am assuming it was never released on DVD! This is another series that people need to see, so let's keep hoping for those who know what the show even is... 3. Bucky O'Hare A green rabbit in space, what else can I say? This is probably my favorite of all time, the space battles, laser guns, the action, what else could you ask for? (STAR WARS much?) Unfortunately, I never saw it on broadcast television, only VHS tapes, which I still have! Either way, I thought the show was awesome, especially the cast of characters! The only DVD I have seen of the complete series is all the way in Region 2, so why not North America? This series DEFINITELY needs to be seen by EVERYBODY, it is THAT awesome! 4. Cybersix This is like anime, only more American-like! I heard the comic book was WAY more darker than this, but I haven't read it yet. (Good luck finding it BTW) This is the cartoon that I really, REALLY want to see a DVD for! I would even say, it beats Bucky O'Hare by a long shot! The only thing about it, is that it ended on a cliffhanger, just like ReBoot and Sonic SatAM... Either way, it needs DVD treatment, heck, for a show this awesome, even BLURAY! I guess that is all off the top of my head that I can think of at the moment. Anyways, people need to have a chance to experience what I did back in the day, so I am going to be hoping that someday we can finally watch our favorite cartoons legit! -Good bye
  17. This isn't the most exciting entry I have made but since I didn't get much sleep the other night and am a bit bored I am not at my best today. Since I am a second dairy clerk I sometimes have to be at work at 7AM on the first dairy clerks days off or if he goes on vacation and it is a lot easier for me to get good sleep if I keep a consistent sleep schedule but I have a few other reasons. 1. I don't really do much at night anyway: I hate crowds and loud noises so bars and other places active at night just don't really appeal to me. And since I take the bus and bus schedules are a tad limited where I live I couldn't do much even if I wanted to. I am more likely to stay up late going to a midnight release at Gamestop which has been on my bucket list for a while rather than stay up late at some bar drinking myself into barely even remembering my own name. 2. To quote Pinkie Pie in this one fanfic I read "more sun means more fun." And it also means more time to take care of any errands or other responsibilities. This became really apparent to me when I used to work 4am shifts, it took some getting used to but once I did I loved all the extra time I had during the day. 3. I am at my most creative and productive during that time: whether it is working on a youtube video, writing a fanfic or writing this book I am hoping to get published my brain seems to like the morning and early afternoon hours for some reason. and 4. I sleep better and overeat less: when I stay up late I get a bit bored sometimes and when that happens I sometimes go for the snacks.
  18. *Edit: Changed the title as some people didn't seem to get the point... I got home early (~12:30 this morning) from a good friend's house, and the fog had completely enveloped our part of the world - leaving particles of water to diffuse the moonlight hanging above us. The early morning hours did the same thing, but with the sunlight instead. We were covered in a silvery glow that I had always pictured Canterlot in. Unfortunately, our best camera isn't too good when it comes to long exposure shots, so I couldn't get any great photos of the midnight "glow" the world had. Below are three shots I took this morning, plus one I took at night (it might be hard to see). Here's the view from the corner of our back deck, with the sunlight shining off of the fog: A wide-ish shot of the tree on our back hill. The hill drops down below, and the fog makes it look like the world just sort of "disappears" out of sight. If one was here in person, you could make out the faintest grey silhouettes of a second tree line, on a ridge in the far distance. (This is looking off to the left of our back deck.): A zoomed shot through the trees and to the wall of white in the distance: This is an evening shot, with relatively long exposure. (All you'll see is an slightly orange glow, and the silhouettes of trees around it.) There's just no substitute for seeing it in person... All in all, a very cool way to start the new year. (More random photos below.)
  19. Hi after hours of hard work i finally got my printer to work and finally was able to finsh it but i need help on the cutie mark i dont now what it should be and heres it after i colored it in photoshop
  20. what's this? another psytrance mix? blasphemy! blablabla you should already know the deal about these already. if not look at my other threads. link & preview: http://www42.zippysh...74788/file.html tracklist: 1 - Exelization - Intoxicant 2 - FaceHead - Facelift 3 - Electrypnose - Ornic (Faradize Remix) 4 - aXid vs. XSlash - Rave Tribute 5 - CrowNick - Acoustical Veins 6 - BlackStarrFinale - Bonetti Defense 7 - SETI project - Space Invaders (2010 Remix) 8 - Cybernetika - Cryostasis 9 - Ekoplex - Inner Focus enjoy yet once again!