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Found 11 results

  1. Long ago, there existed four Eldercorn Gods, and The One Sectional. But the sectional gained his power by sapping it from the Eldercorn Gods. So, the Eldercorn Gods launched an attack on The One Sectional to save themselves... We, the Eldercorn Gods, have broken him, spirit, body, and mind, and have cast his bits into multiple realms... And he has reappeared before us, stronger, ready to fight. Now he serves me, Lord of the Canterlot Section, and vies for my blessings! But what will Shipmistress Lightwing do when @Bogrick Grey Mane comes for the attention that was once hers alone?! Who will better serve the Lord of Canterlot Section!? Heiress Lightwing, or Newcomer Bogrick?! READYYYYY.... Congrats to Bogrick! Welcome aboard. c:
  2. This is just stupid. You mean to tell me that just because a 1st party exclusive game doesn't come to other systems, that a MULTI-PLATFORM game doesn't come to Wii U because of that and that alone? Darn you Ed Boon and the messed up reason you have for MKX not on Wii U. I mean come on! He could've given a better reason than that BS. What do you guys think?
  3. With Mortal Kombat X coming soon, I thought it'd be appropriate to start a new topic to celebrate it! So, here's the question: Have changed you're favorite character? Have you originally stuck with one character, but after playing newer games in the series, found a new favorite? For example, when I was a kid, I loved playing as Reptile in Deadly Alliance. I loved dinosaurs and stuff, so naturally he was the perfect fit for me. Over time, though, I began to gravitate towards Scorpion. I loved his backstory, his design, his spear attack, and of course the famous phrase "Get Over Here!" Now Scorpion is my go-to character. I always pick him in MK9 and MK vs DCU, and that trend will likely continue when MKX releases.
  4. To those of you who don't know what Mortal Kombat is, Mortal Kombat is a franchise that has lasted since 1992. The series was a fighting game like Street Fighter, except the focus was mostly on the blood, gore, and especially the Fatalities. Suddenly, with no warning, I have taken a bit of a reinterest in Mortal Kombat. Especially with the 10 Mortal Kombat game coming out next year(My computer should be all set for the 10th Mortal Kombat game). And yes, there are Mortal Kombat models for GMod and SFM. Who else, like me, have taken a reinterest in Mortal Kombat? Speak up, and while you're at it, here's the best Mortal Kombat commercial, because this will make any Pony feel like a Kombatant.
  5. Reptile is my favorite. He's so badass. To bad he gets his ass kicked throughout mortal kombat 9
  6. Now I'm sure everypony who considers themselves a gamer has played a fighting game at least once. Myself, I love them. However, not for the usual reason of the intense high-tier play. I'm not good enough for that. No I love them for the wild and colorful characters they bring together and what setups are used to unite them all. Street Fighter has cloak and dagger espionage hidden under the veneer of a global fighting tournament. Bloody Roar has a conflict between a baseline human and superhuman offshoot. What about you guys? What fighting game has the best characters and scenario for them to square off? (Note: This is for stand alone fighting games. Crossover fighters like Dissidia and Smash Bros. or fighting adaptations like Injustice or Fighting is Magic don't count.)
  7. 2015 Is when Mortal Kombat comes out. And also my 18th birthday. So i will definitely be allowed to get it. But here is my wishlist. Keep in mind not every idea will make it in the game(Obviously). Eddie the head from Iron Maiden making an appearance. And he will appear in his Trooper form and his Final Frontier Form. With Sword based fatalities. V.A.T.S Targeting system. Freddy Krueger to return. And that every time Freddy and Eddie fight each other. Bring your daughter to the slaughter plays. Iron Babies Music box version of Fear of the dark plays when Eddie is finished through a Babality. This is probably the most unlikely idea. Friendship is Magic? Again? Or an Elements of Harmony Friendship Finisher. Tag team mode. Featuring Freddy and Eddie as a tag team. Now not every idea would make it. And probably not any of them will. V.A.T.S Targeting may be patented by Bethesda. But if it ever does happen. I will buy MKX.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen. Mortal Kombat X is on the way. 2015 to be exact. And I got to tell ya, I am super hyped. I love MK and its characters. Hell, how can you not like the franchise that was responsible for creating the ESRB rating. Thank you Sub-zero. Anyway, here is a link to the trailer.
  9. I'm a gamer. It's something I've been pretty proud of my whole life. I don't entirely fit in with the community of people who call themselves "gamers." I'm talking about the people who only play Call of Duty, who only buy Xbox or PlayStation because Nintendo consoles are generally underpowered these days in comparison to its competitors and they don't have the graphical capabilities of Nintendo's competitors. And I have to agree that this is true starting with the GameCube. Nintendo probably has a different target market. Anyway, the console war is a debate in itself that should be spared for a different time. Now I have to say that most games do present a challenge these days. There are some hard games out there. I just finished Borderlands 2 on True Vault Hunter Mode. And it was a challenge. I'm not sure that I want to try Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. At least, I'm not doing it solo like I did the previous two modes. And Borderlands 2 wasn't even that tough on the harder difficulty. Now I know there are some truly hard games out there like Demon Souls and Dark Souls. I haven't played them yet and I'm not sure that I want to spend money on a game I can't beat. It makes as much sense to me as buying Dickens' "Great Expectations" as a first grader. When I was six years old, I couldn't hope to be able to read that book. Hell, when I was 13, I missed most of it. Now lately, I've clocked a lot of hours on Borderlands 2. I mean, A LOT. I have it both on my PC and on the PS3 I just picked up a few days ago (I had to get a PS3 because after months of trying, I can't convince my roommate or my brother to kill their consoles and switch to PC and the PS3 is relatively cheap nowadays). Steam says I've got 104 hours on Borderlands 2. It's second only to Skyrim, which I've played 282 hours. But I've owned Skyrim for nearly 2 years now. I've only owned Borderlands 2 for a few months. And I know I've clocked at least 20 more hours this week on the PlayStation. So I decided to take a break from Borderlands today. In fact, I wanted to get retro with my gaming today. Now when I say "retro" I'm talking about a game on a platform that is so old that even though it looked good then, it looks like crap today, the console it was on is no longer relevant and 99% of the games on said console is all abandonware anyway. Like the companies know they won't make any more money from these games so they don't see the point in going after the copyrights that have been infringed upon. There's no profit to be made. That cow is out of milk. I started today with a little GameBoy Tetris. You know, the game with the famous A theme? Tetris has been around for a long time and everyone knows what it is. There have been hundreds or thousands of variations of Tetris. But I just like the classic play-til-you-fill-the-play-field style of Tetris. Now I generally play Tetris on my phone. I'm pretty good at it on there. So I thought I would do pretty well on the Game Boy Tetris. It turns out that it doesn't translate very well. My best game on my phone was 882,107 with 488 lines made. The best I could possibly do on the Game Boy Tetris was a meager 71,418 with only 91 lines. Button presses are much slower than finger drags in positioning a piece and the delay between when the piece hits the bottom and when it sets is much smaller on the Game Boy. In a nutshell, coming from Tetris on my smartphone to going back to the past, Tetris is a brutal game. Then I played some Super Metroid. This is actually an old game I've never played. But I did play Zero Mission on the GBA not long ago and I wanted to try it out. I just can't platform very well anymore. I can't get used to the way Samus jumps. And I keep running out of rockets! I'll be coming back to this game later, but for now, I'm done with it. Finally (after watching an interesting documentary on the coelacanth) I ended up playing Mortal Kombat II. I used to be awesome at the game when I was 7. But I haven't played the game in 14 years. The last time I played this game was before some of you were even born. So there. If that helps to put it in perspective of how long it's been. Now I can remember being 7 and the only person I could never beat at this game was my father. I did beat him every now and again but I think he just let me win that one time every hundred or so just because he knew I'd say something like, "Yeah Dad! I kicked your ass!!" just to gauge my mom's reaction. So yeah, I haven't played this game in a long time and I just wanted to check it out again after 14 years. It was easy when I was young and the game hasn't changed since it got its first release. And as it turns out, I suck at this game too. The furthest I made it was Round 2 of the second fight. I did find the difficulty settings. I turned them down to "Very easy" and went back. The farthest I made it was the 4th fight. And then I gave up. The game is that hard for me. So at the end of the day my day has been unproductive and less than enjoyable. It does have nostalgic going for it, though. I'm beginning to believe that I was a much better gamer when I was a kid than I am as an adult.
  10. Now I'm not saying it as a cross over where the Kombatants are ponyfied but instead a pony version. We can have the mane 6 and spike as the fighters, and Princess Luna and Celestia can be bosses. Brutal wacky fatalities which I will come up with soon via sketches, and they must fight with each other in order to pass the Discordant Kombat tournament. This needs to be a fan-made game (No ROM hacks), also maybe a cooler name as long as it's not "Pony Kombat" or anything like that. So what do you think about my idea?
  11. Mortal Kombat ponies. Fluttershy as scorpion and pinkie Pie as mileena