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Found 22 results

  1. What would you say is one most important thing in life? Is it Love? Is it Family? Is it Wealth? Is it Friendship? Tale me what you think it is.
  2. (Posted in General Discussion because I hope most characters posted here aren't ponies) What is the most original character you think you have ever made? Basically, what character that you have thought of is based off of the least things possible? For me, it would be a character I named Deotasli Va Gerphole, or less formally known as "Gaseous" It is an alteration of an alien species I called Muteox. The Muteox themselves are worshiped by the Onesismeaga, another alien creature, because they are the only things on their entire planet that can produce the planet's atmosphere. Deotasli Va Gerphole is a kind of Muteox who combined two gaseous chemicals in its planet's atmosphere at birth in a way that nothing ever has before. The chemicals (sentousuw and opasdeun) came together to create a chemical which it called "apexquiluw." When one inhales apexquiluw, the apexquiluw melts down all the organs inside of the thing that inhaled it, and replaces them with a much more powerful and advanced organ that enhances the inhaler's performance in almost every way. When Deotasli Va Gerphole produced it, it melted down all of its innards, and detached most of its skin, leaving behind mostly just its skeleton. It wanted to be killed by the Onesismeaga, since it was disrupting the balance of the atmosphere. Since the apexquiluw made it so it was immortal, it was then taken as a major threat by the Onesismeaga. It became enraged when it was constantly being killed by them, so it went off into the nearest city built by them, and produced a poisonous and very flammable gas (which you can see in the picture above) that spread throughout the city. The poisonous aspect of the gas didn't kill much, but, even though it didn't know that it could do so, it called upon a Pterotaum, a naga-like creature with a flaming scalp, to ignite the gas and send it into a raging inferno. Once it returned to its place of birth, it noticed that some of the apexquiluw it produced leaked into the other Muteox, causing them to become slightly more sentient, and it drove them to shun it. Deotasli Va Gerphole then left the planet in search of another species it could bring back to its planet to convince its species to let him return home. After a few thousand years, It went to Earth, found a certain human to do so, and returned to the planet, only to find it in ruins due to the solar system's star's supernova. From the rubble that was once its planet came the spirit of a Pterotaum. The Pterotaum then followed Deotasli Va Gerphole around the universe with the human and his friends. And that is it. Do you have any really, really original characters? I would love to see them!
  3. Tell us, what was the moment that you think you had the MOST luck in life? I think my most luck moment was when I crossed the street, and the traffic light turned red, and then I ran across. I almost got hit by a car
  4. I was just wondering, what's the largest amount of time you've spent on a single video game? Or do you at least have an estimate? The most I know of is a few hours over 100 hours for skyrim and tf2 although I have left each of those games running by themselves to get stuff but you know.What about you?
  5. Am Changing the ley shaft bearings in a honda gearbox, Can't say am enjoying it but it is interesting at least.
  6. Who do you think is the most naive pony of the mane? For me, It's a tie between Pinkie and Fluttershy, leaning more towards Flutters. As for the least naive, Applejack, she just doesn't seem like that type of character.
  7. Explain why you think that if your one of the bronies that think Christians hate mlp. I am a christian and I don't hate mlp! My mom doesn't even care if I am a fan of the show. To be honest most of the Christians I know don't even care about the fandom at all. So tell me why you think that.
  8. So for me, it's the scene where Twilight ordered 12 cupcakes, but instead gets 13 from Mrs. Cake. Instead of just, you know, eating it herself or something, she gets paranoid that if she gives someone an extra cupcake that they'll think she's playing favourites. So instead of doing the logical thing and eating it, she messes up 13 perfectly good cupcakes by removing almost all of the frosting!!! I was like noooooooo xD BUT then of course afterwards there is (some) redemption because we see that the frosting hasn't gone to waste and Spike pulls a tazmanian devil and noms it all up...which spawns one of my favourite Twiquotes "Very efficient!....and a little bit gross" lol What if anything bothered you guys? PS now thinking back, I also don't like the episode where Fluttershy sings with the ponytones and Pinkipie goes way out of character, constantly making fun of her, I thought that was super weird.
  9. As the title says, What MLP character are YOU most like? Personally, I don't think I'm not like any pony. But my favorite MLP character is Rainbow Dash.
  10. We have several promising cartoons coming down the pipeline for 2015 and beyond, What's your most anticipated among these poll choices? I'm definitely looking foward to Star Vs. the Forces of Evil. It's kind of like Adventure Time with a girl, only set in High School. It's got amazing animation and some pretty creative designs. Lets hope its good enough for longevity.
  11. One particular thing that sometimes concerns me is what people seem to identify as familiar sights and sounds of going online. As I’m certain many of you will recall, back when many of us were first going online in the mid 90’s (which might I add was also when many online services began offering access to the Internet), what people identified as familiar sights and sounds included the unforgettable “You’ve Got Mail!”, “AOL Movie-Phone” or “AOL Keyword Nick”. Aside from that, what constituted of the “general” things you would online seemed a lot wider and not as much focused toward a single demographic; much of the stuff we’d do or explore online was playing games on, seeing what candy you could order off, hanging out at places such as or (I still remember the commercial), clicking onto while at school, and heading onto to see Phred (from the Phred On Your Head Show) and do lots of other cool things, all while you asked your parents to call your cable or satellite company to try and convince them to put Noggin on their channel lineup (this was before “Feetface” and “Moose A. Moose”). Now don’t get me wrong; I’m certain even back than the Internet did have some adult/icky places and sights and sounds that weren’t for everyone (I remember when I tried to search for images for my school projects while at school, and the filter system kept blocking the image search engines with “Pornography” as the listed reason; that’s actually how I first learned that word); but at least as far as I’m concerned, those things wouldn’t generally come to the average user’s mind immediately when thinking about using the Internet. But then, after Bush was sworn in and the Twin Towers fell, everything began to change. Eventually, the sights and sounds that people would identify as going online would become more centered on more adult/icky places and activities; and with that eventually came familiar yet icky and/or ridiculous “Internet Memes” that even today people still identify as familiar sights and sounds of going online. I won’t go too much deeper into this; not just because I don’t want this getting too complex, but also because I have difficulty describing my thoughts and feelings (particularly if I have a unique view or sense on something). On a side note, more recently though, while a significant number of these “Internet Memes” and other sights and sounds that people identify as part of going online appear to still holding up (and even giving inspiration for things such as Cartoon Network and the stereotypical “The 90’s are All That”), the ways people are generally using the Internet are changing once more. Take for example The Occupy Movement, and sites like, (though this site has existed for years),, etc. Today, a familiar trait of using the Internet among the general public is using it to embrace collective wellbeing, push for change for the better we can all share and work together make the world a better place. And speaking of collective wellbeing, another familiar trait that going online holds today is of course MLP:FiM and the proliferation its important messages of friendship and collective wellbeing though interconnection, art and music (like “Snowdrop” and “Children of the Night”), all while having fun everyone (not just the “adult” demographic, at least most of the time) can relate to and be nurtured by in appositive way. Anyway, now for this thread’s subject: Of all the “Internet Meme’s” you’ve seen that these days are also considered a familiar sight and sound of going online, what would you consider the most icky and/or most ridiculous (even if you do happen to enjoy them, which I do have all respect for)? Among these 5 listed “Internet Memes”, feel free to vote on which you feel is the most icky and/or most ridiculous: -Rage Comics: Personally, whenever I see an image of a familiar character like SpongeBob or a Pony whose face was replaced that of what they call the “Troll Face”, I don’t laugh, I instead get a bad feeling inside me which sort of gives you the urge to make like this ( If I were a child, I’d be scared of these faces and would want to avoid seeing them. -Rickrolling: There’s nothing really icky about this. The joke generally seems harmless, and the whole music video itself is very interesting; but why do people use the same video instead of something different? -Nyan Cat: Nothing icky about this one either (at least, the original GIF and video). Just can’t see what makes Gen Y and others go crazy over this. Even though it’s not icky, because it is an “Internet Meme”, it doesn’t feel like something “school appropriate”; it’s hard to explain. -The Duck Song (video): What made people go crazy over the well known video adaption of the song in the first place (so much that a children’s book was made from it)? The song is ok, but the illustrations are a teeny-weeny bit icky (but not repulsive). There are other, much better video adaptions of this song; and Songdrops has a lot of other songs that everyone can enjoy. -Taking images and writing something sensitive in that familiar font such as this ( It’s bad enough that people are encouraged to take innocent images and write icky interpretations on them (something I think Fred Rogers would be concerned about); but why do they use the same font?
  12. Well, that's a long title, basically you have to think of something ridiculous to say to post above that is related with what the persons saying. I'll start. Pickles are a tasty treat with peanut butter.
  13. I'm not really a fan of Christmas because I'm always depressed when I see how happy other people are during this time of year and realize that there is something wrong with me for not being able to enjoy it. Maybe it's because there's something wrong with me, my depression always gets worse around the holidays (probably because they take place in the winter). I realize that I'm probably in the minority here, though.
  14. I tried to look up if there's a topic about this, but couldn't find one. There was only one for death, and I see that there are so many types of different touching scenes so... So what scenes have really touched you? Did you feel touched when your favorite show had it's last scene in the whole series, because you just felt that it just was so perfect? Maybe there was a certain type of good bye that really moved you? Or maybe how someone told the other one they loved him/her? For me, for example, one of the most touching moments ever was when I watched Scrubs, the ending episode. I don't know why, but it was just so perfect, with the scenes of what the future holds and how they will keep in contact and stay friends. The way how they did it without words, with only music in the background, just touched me so much. It was just so beautiful. And often, in romantic comedies or some teen movies, I get easily touched and let out an "Awww" when someone tells that he/she likes him/her, when the other one clearly has feelings during the whole movie too. Even though it has been clear throughout the movie that that certain scene would come. So generally, if you know internet memes, I'm searching for "them feels" -moments so to say. Scenes that moved you and you seriously felt so much while you watched something!
  15. For me it was about 6 median pizzas. I was starving What about you guys?
  16. I just saw something that shocked me. Ok, so me and my dad were driving home, but we saw something running almost in front of us, but it dropped something, and ran back off. Me and my dad drove back, and guess what we saw? Half of a dead bunny. Litterly, a clean cut of a bottom half of a bunny. What was carrying it? I do not know, either a fox or cyote. What was the craziest thing you saw recently?
  17. Hello there, I am here to ask, what is the most funniest anime vid or parody you saw? This right here is pure gold a I can't stop watching So, comment away!
  18. So what's the piece of software that you use most and is there a certain one you'd like to learn? Can we exclude web browsers and game clients. Otherwise i think every second response would be Google Chrome or Steam haha For me i use Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Only because i want to be a Visual Effects Artist and it's, arguably, the best thing for the job. Something i want to learn is Zbrush. It's a modelling package and pretty much the best in it's class. Chances are a lot of the CGI characters you have see in movies are made with it. Learning FL Studio would be pretty handy as well.
  19. Guest

    Gaming Most Wanted

    Surely this has been done before, but I can't find a thread for it at the moment. (Mods, do your thing!) However, if this is NOT the case, then welcome to the greatest wish-fest in the history of five minutes ago! Basically, what game would you most like to see? It can be an original, a remake, a sequel, etc... Personally, I'd love to see a new installment in the Advance Wars series. I've heard rumors that Intelligent Systems, the team behind the games, is going to be making another for the 3DS... I hope to see the day! (And yes, I know, Intelligent Systems also makes Fire Emblem.) What game are you most excited for? Anytime in the future I'm looking forward to the next Super Smash bros. CAN'T WAIT!!!! All of these should make you... Have fun!
  20. Hey just wanted to post one of my newer drawing. Let me know what you think or visit my DA to see more of my stuff. Thanks!
  21. what were the top moments of the show where it was just so epic? i got goosebumps for a ton of things, but my favorite were: 3. twilight explaining the elements of harmony to nightmare moon in episode 1 2. This Day Aria (basically the whole song, but in particular, the fake Cadence's (Chrysalis') 2nd part) 1. most of you expect this, but RD's Sonic Rainboom in E16.
  22. So, who in your opinion is the most improved character of season 2? Ie which character grew on you the most? I didn't include the one shot, newly introduced, or Luna (still not enough airtime imo) and Celestia (she is already perfect in every aspect) I think Fluttershy improved the most, because she became more assertive and also more self-confident, which were two of her biggest flaws. So what is your opinion? I'd love to hear it, and as long as you agree with my position no penal action will be taken.