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Found 25 results

  1. Is it white? Is it black? Something else? Does it even look like a regular mouse cursor?
  2. Hi Here we are again, new drawing, new point in wasting time...made with Medibang Paint pro, using both tablet and mouse, done in one go, cats (there is none)
  3. New drawing from the friendly neighborhood catpony, new OC. She is twin-sister of of my first good OC inspired by my first pony OC that was terrible (edit- both she and the first good OC are based on the terrible OC). For context, here is my original OC I got the base inspiration from....and well, I basically went into total opposite way. Nothing else to say really. Drawn wit tablet, colored with mouse, used medibang paint pro.
  4. Hi drew again, a new OC, there might be mistakes here and there, but I have been drawing this 2 days and my head hurts so I don't care. Drawing dragons is not easy.
  5. Hi, I finally drew something again, and without further ado, here's Metus Efficio,one of @Scare Effect's OCs. It was fun to draw, I forgot to add shadow on part of the mane but whatever, that happens.
  6. Hi, Yet another drawing from me, I think I should make a art dump in some point. anyways... It took forever and I started running out of time so the quality kinda lowers from left to right, but I hope I didn't accidentally leave too much mistakes in. The android form of Sunlight came out unintentionally creepy
  7. Hi new drawing of new OC again.
  8. So, I drew again, It's pretty rushed drawing but anyways... I wanted to see what my drawing style looks like on a something else than a pony or a cat and this appeared. While drawing this, I confirmed that I simply can't draw human faces, or ears. And I have now idea why I ended up drawing some kind of elemental gang member only the elemental part was planned. Keep in mind that this is my first ever digital human-drawing.
  9. Hi, I drew again, and it's new OC again. I know there's lot of text, my skills aren't enough for me to tell all that information visually in the little time I have to draw.
  10. Hi, I drew again and guess what, it's new character again. I messed up the hands and forgot to draw scales and whiskers -_- But otherwise I'm satisfied with the end result, and if it isn't clear, head = cat, Body and hands = dragon, Hooves = pony, wings = bat, and tail = lion. I did this in about 6 hours, so it was rushed drawing, mostly because I didn't want to leave it unfinished for a week. I'm not really sure if it's he or she
  11. Hi, I drew again, a new OC, the picture's quality suffered a little because I had to make it smaller to get past the size-limit. What does Ceron Thesu means? absolutely nothing. What is that two-headed cat-weasel thing? The pony is werewolf type of thing, moonlight turns him into the cat-weasel thing, and sunlight turns him back to pony. So, yeah. Sketching/linework took about 5h and coloring took 6+ hours. Used both tablet and mouse. Program used is MediBang Paint Pro
  12. Hi, so, finally after some time I got much needed inspiration and motivation to draw, and I created 3 new OCs, and here's the drawing of them. The font used in 'He' is from, but otherwise everything is my handiwork from sketch to color, internet used as reference. As one may notice, there is no shading, and reason for that is simply that I don't enjoy doing it, so instead of hours of annoyance with trying to make okay-ish shading, I just didn't shade, after all, I draw only because I enjoy doing it. And besides, considering that all of these ponies are in a way ghosts, would they even have shadows? Also, for clarification, the things between They isn't solid thing, it's more of a this type of thing, but magic or something similar. Also the plants are not part of 'They', it's just there as a illustration. And lastly, the names are He, It and They, because the idea for their creation came from my already existing OC, 'She'
  13. Hi, I made this quick digital drawing of @@Totally Lyra's New OC Thunder Gust. I made "these" in few hours time because I was little busy, so quality got to suffer again. Critique and all that.
  14. Hey, so this is something i have drawn. TC-308, pony made of living metal. Yeah, I know It's not finished, but it's likely that it will not be in long time if ever because I lost my motivation to continue it. 9h sketching(all that in one go) 5h for line art and 6h+ with the coloring. There is no shading etc. but thought to share it anyway, it has been "collecting dust" little over week now and I don't see myself finishing it. Made with GIMP using both tablet and mouse.
  15. Hi Yet again, I have made and drawn new OC. This time it's ghost-thing. Here She is. I made this pretty quick so quality isn't best . I made background in 2 minutes so it's obviously bad :-P . You know the drill, critique/feedback and all that. (I use GIMP)
  16. Got Idea to do my "Human"-character in Undertale. So there it is. Feedback?
  17. Here is a new OC/ponysona I made. He is a cat-pony or pony-cat, however you want to say it. I drew it pretty quickly so the quality of shadows and such details aren't as good as they could be. But anyway, give your opinion, critique and all that stuff.
  18. Behold, my first digital pony. (and also first anything relating this new OC) It's made with Gimp using both tablet and mouse. My motivation to draw started dropping middle of the work because GIMP started to work...less well, but I finished it, besides few missing details. I know that body shape is little off, but in the end, I'm satisfied with the outcome. So......Give critique and all that.
  19. ~ Hes just a big sweetheart when you get to know him ~ Forgive me, but I love this shipping Cx Other people call it 'Fluttercord' but Dizzyshy is much cuter. So what do you think? As all of my digital art, this was done with a mouse.
  20. Hey y'all I'm back again with more art for y'all! I decided since I haven't done any art in a while I owed it to y'all to do a little extra, I still might even do more depending on how much time I have free and how I feel. Anyways, if you haven't guessed by my title, I drew Derpy. This is the first time I think I've drawn any background ponies, so yeah I'm gonna be drawing the other background ponies at some point I'm sure to. Not sure who exactly yet, but I'm sure i'll find out. I decided to draw Derpy because hes probably one of my favorite background ponies, even if I don't really have a extremely official opinion on background ponies really, still he is great, and drawing derp eyes was alot of fun Xd. I didn't have to worry about the eyes being drawn to make sense or anything. Felt free with it . Anyways heres the drawing before I start rambling some more. Like always this is drawn with a mouse in GIMP. and I used a reference to, heres the reference. I think this was quite a difficult one in a way to draw, Its probably one of the more complex poses I've drawn really so far, I think this is the first drawing I've done thats not totally facing almost side view or total side view or frontal view, this ones more of a curved view towards the front. Different perspective then I'm use to. I think I also did the wings better then I normally do overall, so I'm happy about that. One thing that I will point out is that he looks a bit fat, some reason my bodies always look a bit fat, I dunno why . It doesn't help the perspective kinda curves the body in this weird downward angle, which I kinda failed to do in my opinion. I also thought it was a perfect time to finally use a cloud background instead of some simple grassy hill or something as a background since I finally drew a Pegasi flying. Its pretty simple nothing really special about it. Anyways I guess thats about it. Overall the new pose was a bit more difficult then what I usually do, but I think I pulled it off pretty ok for a first time. The fact I've never drawn Derpy doesn't matter a whole lot since shes pretty similar to other Pegasi I've drawn, and has a mane similar to Rainbows. So like always I'm open to any and all critique or comments, I know theres problems with it because I know I'm far from perfect, so feel free to point them out . And of course tips and tricks and anything else you wanna offer are more then welcome . Maybe you just wanna drop by and comment for the sake of it I dunno xD. I'll see y'all later!
  21. This is the happy face... A severed head placed on a pedestal with its eyes carved out. You don't want to see the sad face.
  22. I absolutely love this band! I have been listening to them for a couple of years, and haven't went a day without remembering how awesome they are! My hearing is currently indulged by the amazing tone of "Ocean Breathes Salty." Do you enjoy this band?
  23. So, my current set is kind of on the road to breaking completely. And honestly, the keyboard, I've had for a year.and came standard with my computer. My mouse is equally a year old and it has seen things. So I need replacements. For the mouse I want to have a new one similar to my current one (the Razer DeathAdder). I will probably buy this one myself, but I wonder what others think for this option. I mostly need a new keyboard. I have no sodding clue here. And honestly I need something relatively affordable and preferably Europe friendly in terms of buying. Currently I am losing functionality, a and o keys getting stuck. HALP
  24. Hello everypony!! Its Zygen back here finally after a bit of a large delay between the last time I posted any pony art. I've been working on a little project, which I've been doing some work on the side, but decided to dedicated the past like 3-4 days to working hard on finishing it, and I'm FINALLY DONE . So anyways I drew the Mane 6 altogether plus my OC, nothing special really. I just felt like after I drew each of them separate I thought it would be cool to try and draw them all together and then I can compare my original drawings to the ones in this picture. This probably took me a combination of about 20 hours at a random guess.. I'm very perfectionist, so even though my art skills aren't perfect I still have made plenty attempts to try to make it perfect . Therefore I spent a pretty large chunk of time. All I know is I've been spending most of my free time working on this the past 3 days. I think the most noticeable improvement that I have between the pictures here and my older ones is that the heads are shaped better. You may also notice that each picture is kinda of a different quality as I draw each one.(I started on the middle and went left right left right left right as it goes out. I.E I drew my OC then Twilight then Fluttershy, ect.) Anyways, I still think that my raw circle drawing skills are pretty sucky . I have to change many things about most of the circles after I actually try to make one, but i think I'm starting to get a better hold of it. Things we're much easier this second time since I had a better idea of how to try what I was drawing. Anyways I'll stop rambling and give you the picture(Then ramble some more .) As always this is drawn in GIMP using my mouse(I don't think anybody cares what mouse I use.. But its a logictech m705.) And yeah. I used references, but I'm not going to list them out here because well one I'm lazy and two I don't find it overly necessary, they're all pretty easy to find in Google images. So as always I'm open to any and all critique, critique will only improve me and give me more to work on And getting better is good... Right? ? So tell me what ya think! Which one do you think is your favorite? Or maybe which ones have which aspects done best? Feel free to leave any comments,Reactions, Tips, Opinions, Muffins or what have you! I'll be sticking around the forums maybe watching Youtube or something or posting elsewhere for a bit, although I might be hitting the hay soon, Having to concentrate on this stuff is kinda hard on my eyes . As for my next project, well I'm not really sure, I'm probably gonna draw some random art of my OC or whatever comes to mind, if you want you can leave ideas to. I do know that I plan to work on doing different poses a bit, I experimented a little with that here. I also wanna work on drawing some suitable cartoon backgrounds to go with the pictures.. And well lets just say I have alot to work on . Anyways I'll stop rambling before I spend all night typing, enjoy!(If somehow you enjoy looking at the monstrosities I create, and then having to scoop your eyeballs out with a spoon.. I don't know about you but I don't like scraping my eyes out with a spoon.. But whatever butters your bread. ) Have a wonderful week Bronies! Love y'all!
  25. Hey y'all its a bit late(Then again i normally end up posting drawings at night anyways) and I just randomly drew this drawing for no real reason other then because I felt like doing it . It wasn't like a big plan, it took me about 2 hoursish to finish the whole thing, I spent a good bit of time adding little details to the background(I even added a little something in the background that will take some time to see if you wanna look for it ) But the actual OC drawing is really just a pretty normal pose, nothing impressive, but its a good chance for me to smooth out proportions and little details I guess. I'm planning to do a bit more difficult poses and stuff instead of the regular one because well its one I've used a good bit, so I think its time to expand a bit and get some skill drawing other poses. I also didn't use really much reference but I used the same picture in my profile pic(Atleast when posting this) and even then I hardly used it since I've drawn my OC a good couple times now. So without further ado, here's my drawing As always this is done in GIMP with my mouse(m705 logictech .) and yeah. I will say that most of the lighting stuff is from GIMP, so I didn't actually draw that.(You think I would use a program and not abuse it a little? hehehe, you are sadly mistakened .) So tell me watcha think about it! Any and all critique is appreciated and accepted! ALSO if you haven't noticed I used a different cutie mark, the normal one is in my profile pic(The tied 8th notes) and the one I did this time is on my OC, I might make an actual offical thread for this or something, but I'd like to see if I can atleast get some opinions on it here if not decide here which one looks better, or maybe even critique to edit about it. So tell me which you like more. Another thing while I'm at it, Do you like the Black coloring on the hooves or not? I personally think it looks good because my OC kinda feels strange without it, Idk why . But I want a few other opinions while I'm asking questions. AND FINALLY. If you may since I haven't decided yet should I make this OC just my ponysona or into a actual OC?(I'll probably still base him off me since he is already kinda based off me anyways.) Just wondering since I kinda am unsure what I should do about that . You don't have to answer those 3 questions, but it would be appreciated. Enjoy Having your eyes fall out of socket in pain the art . Later bronies!