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Found 12 results

  1. If it where me I would move to some small town in British Columbia for the amazing mountain ranges and lakes. I live in Canada already but not in a mountainous area
  2. It is shown that Princess Celestia raises the sun and Luna raises the moon, but they really only shown it where they raise it once, when day/night start. However, the sun is shown to move throughout the day, and I assume the same for the moon, which only makes sense. Do they move it throughout the day/night, or does it move on its own? Pretty much do they only move it once, or continually throughout their time of day?
  3. So, you know how you're just playing a fighting game and you use a special move that has a name that makes you lol? Well, though my list is short, here are some weird/funny names of special moves in fighting games with character, special move name and the game it's from Strong Jersey - Capitain Ginyu - DBZ Budokai 3 Saturday Crush - Raditz - DBZ Budokai 2 and 3 Space Opera Symphony - Rufus - Super Street Fighter 4 What are some funny/weird names of special moves in fighting games that you have come across?
  4. So last weekend I finally moved out. It's been crazy, but i moved to a different town. Took me a while to un-box everything and arrange things the way i like them (in fact, i'm not quite finished yet, but i have got the most important things right now into working order). My cats have been terrified of moving, but that is understandable. One of them got acclimated rather quickly, the other one still occasionally hisses and spits, but she's getting better. So yeah. This is an old part of town, mostly populated by old people or old couples. I don't really mind though. It's quite clean and quite, and it takes me very close to my current workplace. --- What about you? Any plans on moving out soon or in the future? Or have you moved out recently? Care to share your experiences?
  5. There are the really annoying moves in pokemon like Fake Out, King's Shield, Protect, status, attract, Confuse Ray, Encore, flinch haxes like Togekiss Airslash... Then there are the really fun moves to use like Play Rough, Brave Bird, Foul Play (against Aegislash is so satisfying)... Then there the REALLY fun situational moves to use. Here's my favorite pokemon moves: Pursuit - Double damage when pokemon is switching Skill Swap - Switch abilities with target, I use it for my Truant Slaking in Doubles and it becomes god Destiny Bond - faints the opponent if self dies Boomburst - 140 base power with no drawbacks. Exploud and Chatot with STAB become beasts. Explosion - Self-explanatory. Too bad for the nerf on Gen V that made this less prominent competitively. Gravity - Brings all pokemon to the ground so they can get hit by EQ. Also increases accuracy of moves (Focus Blast will hit every time now) Snatch - Steals the opponents stat or healing boosts. Oh man I've used this and it destroys setup sweepers like DDance Dragonite. Retaliate - Takes double damage if pokemon recently fainted before. Also, amazing animation in X, Y. Powder - Vivillion's troll move against fire types. Negates fire move and returns with 25% damage. Not useful competitively, but results are hilarious. What's your favorite moves?
  6. All right so what if you got to move in or be roommates with your favorite pony? Me personally I would find it SUPER AWESOME FUN FUN to live with Pinkie Pie, the true super duper party pony. She would cheer me up, always wanna hang out, and we'd PARTY IT UP! So discuss away!
  7. I need my request shop moved into the request guilds section and out of the fan art section. It is in the wrong section and I would appreciate it if you could move it there
  8. MLP Forums will undergo scheduled maintenance tonight at 1:00 AM Pacific Time (GMT-8). That's 4:00 AM EST and 9:00 AM UTC. The maintenance entails migrating the site to a new server, which is running a much newer operating system than our current one. With this upgrade, we will also be moving to the latest major release of PHP, so you may see improvements in the site's performance (I know MLP Forums is already the fastest pony forum on the planet, but the only thing a little extra speed could hurt is Rainbow Dash's ego ). The move is expected to take one hour, during which the site will be unavailable. Our Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 servers, as well as the newly launched, will be unaffected, and thus available, during this time. If you would like to continue interacting with the MLP Forums community during the move, you are encouraged to visit these channels. If any issues arise that prolong the maintenance period, status updates will be posted on our Twitter account.
  9. After you moved and went to another area (if you did), what's the Biggest thing you first noticed when you got there? It doesn't have to be instant, but atleast within the first month or so. The biggest thing I noticed when I moved was how warm and humid the air was, the air here is just over all different than it is in England, where the air's more "crispy" and colder. Breathing was.... it was pretty weird for the first few months, even after I got in school. I got used to it though after 3-4 months, but for some reason it feels like you're breathing car fumes with no smell. Not that I would breathe in car fumes on purpose, it's weird, but it's cool I guess.
  10. Something cool I found.
  11. Hi I used windows live movie maker to make this and I hope I can get a better program in the future but here it is! Tell me what you think! thanks