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Found 1 result

  1. So, we all know and love Fallout Equestria. It's one of the most famous stories in the entire fandom, right up there with things like Cupcakes, My Little Dashie, and Past Sins. Just about everyone who's a pony fan reads it sooner or later. It spawned numerous side stories; an entire fandom all of its own for just Fallout Equestria, including the incredible twice-the-length FOE: Project Horizons. But the thing is... Fallout Equestria is significantly and substantially out of date. It was written back during the hiatus between season one and season two, for goodness's sake. While it very briefly near the end touched on the idea of Discord (and indeed Project Horizons would go on to include substantial amounts of season two canon) the simple fact is that the show's world has changed. Season one was the definition of small scale. Nightmare Moon aside, we hardly ever saw the world around Ponyville or outside the view of the Mane Six. We had scarce details; whole swathes of the world were so open to interpretation that Kkat, the author of FOE, was free to paint the canvas with her views. Zebras were chosen as the enemy because they were one of only five creatures even known to exist(the other three, of course, being the ponies, griffons, dragons, and buffalo.) It was easy to make catchy slogans like "Better Wiped than Striped" because she had nothing in her way. They were the most convenient. But the world of FIM post season seven and post The Movie is an entirely different landscape. We have a map that spans an entire continent and a partial view of two others. We have scads of nations out there, some seen, some not. We've seen all kinds of new creatures, from yaks to hippogriffs to Abyssinian cats to Saddle Arabian horses and so many more. Creatures which one seemed like mostly feral entities, such as the dragons, have proven to have substantial societies. The culture of Equestria has been repeatedly expanded upon with holidays such as Hearth's Warming and Nightmare Night. New alicorns exist, such as Cadance and her daughter Flurry, and of course let's not forget the absolute game changer that is Princess Twilight. The Elements of Harmony have their origins revealed; the pillars of Equestria, Starswirl the Bearded (who wasn't even known to exist until Luna Eclipsed, and his true effects not known till much later) lives in the present alongside his fellow pillars. Even Equestria's technology has been repeatedly shown to vary in such ways that seem to preclude the development towards Fallout-style technologies. There's also the connection to Canterlot High and the human world there. This canvas is far harder to paint on. So many things about Fallout Equestria have been rendered impossible by canon, from simple things such as the layout of cities (up until the map was first released the show had implied in Applejack's cutie mark story that Manehattan was on the WEST coast, not the east coast) to the whole program of alicorn development (Twilight being an alicorn changes everything. Everything!) Indeed Zebras couldn't possibly be the enemy, now that we know their nation doesn't even exist on the same continent as Equestria. The Mane Six have such a strong friendship bond, far stronger than anything they had in season one, making it excruciatingly difficult to tear them apart as FOE did. The existence of Discord and Starlight Glimmer as forces for good, the physical Hell of Tartarus... the list of game changes goes on and on. So thus, we're left with a question: how could we remake Fallout Equestria in this landscape? What can we do to cause the current canon to twist in the direction of balefire bombs and global Armageddon? What sort of world might Littlepip or Blackjack see upon leaving their Stables two hundred years afterwards? Can we even do this in a way that works, in a way that incorporates every last game changer ever to come out? I've been wracking my brain trying to figure this out, and so far I haven't had much success. Thus I turn to you, my fellow pony fans, for assistance. What say you?