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Found 5 results

  1. Okay, for this forum game, you will need a music library of some kind (e.g. iPod, MP3 Player, iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) that has a shuffle option. You will be using the first song that plays in shuffle's title for the answer of the question above you, and then come up with a question (e.g. What will you name your first-born, What is your favorite color, How would you describe your love life, etc.) for the next member. Example: User 1 - What will you name your first-born? User 2 - Bad What were your first words? User 3 - This is War ...And so on. Okay, I shall start with this question: What makes you laugh?
  2. Here is a piano transcription of My Past is Not Today! It's been done before but people wanted it a lot so I decided to do it anyway. I'm still working on those audio visuals so it might take a while before audio visuals start appearing in my videos... Anyway, enjoy!
  3. I can't be the only one who was bothered by the OST version of "Welcome to the Show" lacking the musical battle part. So I cut the missing audio from the TV release and added it to the song, you can download or listen to it here:
  4. Just going to do this before I go to bed... here: Here are my results: 1. Genocide - Ikd-sj 2. Want It, Need It - Several Brony Artists - 3. Stand My Ground - Within Temptation - 4. Burn It Down - Linkin Park - 5. Life In Equestra - MLP - 6. Plastic Beauty - Sim Gretina - 7. Starvation - Two Steps From Hell - 8. Still Alive - from Portal - 9. Powerless - Linkin Park - 10. Numb - Linkin Park - Your turn.
  5. What mp3 file downloader do you use, if any? I'm asking because lately I found a song I like a ton, and I can't find anywhere online to download it. The youtube to mp3 sites don't work either, as it says it's not supported on my phone. I need a direct download link. I've tried mp3skull, beemp3, 4shared, and a few other sites I don't remember the name of But yeah, which ones do you guys normally use? Saturday Night at the Apollo - This Way And if you can find that song with a direct download link, I'll love you forever