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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, everyone! Long time member, Roleplay World Sectional, and first time poster in Octavia's Hall! I keep telling myself and others that I really, really need to get back into drawing, no matter the means. I've finally done so, and I've now decided to subject you all to display my various creations! First up are three "concept" pictures I drew at work, using the most amazing art program - MSPaint. Sometimes, you just gotta focus on something other than your job, and other times, you can only use what you've got. These are the result of both! ----------- First up is an unfinished lineart of a rather poorly proportioned male in a tuxedo. No reference used, but I need to work on guys more! ----------- Second is of my character Colette Irving, crossdressing. She knows what she looks like, so why not? (That, and I watched a video on women trying to be drag kings the night before!) Used my imagination for reference. Managed to finish this one! ----------- Third is another unfinished lineart of one of Colette's friends named Madison, or Maddie. Undecided on who the guy is, though. Imagination at work again, as well as attempted different facial shapes. Need to work on that. That's all for now! Hopefully, I'll have a Photoshop (Elements) picture for you all next time!
  2. i made it in ms paint and it turned out not like crap and so i am happy pony of awsm.bmp
  3. RWBY art made by me using only Microsoft Paint. (MechaG11 is my DeviantArt and RWBYforums username) I've been a huge fan of RWBY since the debut of the Red trailer and it has ruled my life for about the past 2 years. After drawing with black pen so long I wanted to do something with color for a change. I managed to make it look how I want despite using MS paint. I feel good about it and will probably do more in the future. Lemme know what you guys think!
  4. So these are the first two i have done. i used two base found on deviant art. if anyone who sees this i would like to know your opinion and i do request though they will take awhile. ps: sorry if this isnt completely amazing.. my first blog...
  5. Yes comrades, the Pink is in! Let her cuteness wash over your soul! :okiedokielokie: Bow to your god! Critiques are appreciated!
  6. Hey guys! SO I thought I should start my own art thread, since I love drawing and such. I'll be posting ponies, OCs, and other things! Let's start! Some of em i used bases since they're pretty old XP So this is my Mane Six, including the Spike of the group XP It consists of Scribbler, ToXic, Snow Feather, Alana, Sugar Berry, Star Shimmer, and Flicker! :3 This one's of ToXic and Snow Feather (They're the RD and Fluttershy of the group) And Snow Feather is blind, so she's treating wrong by other's, so she goes to ToXic for comfort :> ToXic again! I really dislike the shading here -__- I made this picture of Twilight one night while procrastinating XD A Rainbow Dash I drew for the Rainbow Dash fan Club :3 Another RD, eating corn XD Now, I'll also post my requested OC pictures here! REQUESTED BY TONE SHIFT: REQUESTED BY SONY-PLAYSTATION REQUESTED BY ADORKABLE REQUESTED BY CYAN BLUE REQUESTED BY THEGENGLISHBRONY REQUESTED BY THE_DOCTOR REQUESTED BY DOUBLERAINBOW_DASH REQUESTED BY PASTEL SILVER REQUESTED BY DEFENDER OF TOMORROW REQUESTED BY RISING SHINE REQUESTED BY SAPPHIREDRAGOON REQUESTED BY CASSAFRASS REQUESTED BY PINKIEPARTYPIE REQUESTED BY SAPPHIREDRAGOON REQUESTED BY LZRD WZRD So that's it for all, bye! :3
  7. Just a lil tribute to the best pony ever
  8. Allrighty! So again, I drew my ponysona. Last time, I asked you guys to name her and I went with Chordata (bio people with get it ). This time, I come to you because something is wrong and I can't quite tell what it is. I think it's the front legs...or maybe the head... I'm not sure. Can anybody place their finger on it? Before After referencing a bit and taking what you said into consideration Edit: Fixed it up a bit. Anything else?