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Found 8 results

  1. MLP & MtG! My Little Gathering: Magic is Magic! Something I've noticed often browsing DeviantArt for pony art is that these two fandoms will clash often, there's quite alot of cards based off the main characters & princess as creatures or Planeswalkers. So my question to you is: How would YOUR OC look as a card? Now a few rules first: It really helps if you already have a bit of a history with Magic: The Gathering. Now mind you, you don't have to be a Planeswalker or a legendary card as the former is really just asking more work out of you as those cards tend to have three abilities then the usual one & the latter pretty much only means the "only one of these can be on the field at a time" rule. Feel free to ask for help or critique on your card, such as balancing planeswalker loyalty, mana costs & so on, I for one look forward to discussing card mechanic minutia! Gives us something else to do in addition other then just a new way to post our OCs! Things You Need for Your OC Card, when applicable: Collective mana cost ( W=white,B=black,G=green,R=red,U=blue,then just a number for amount of colorless mana & other applicable symbols. So RU1= one mountain, one island, one of any other mana. BBBB= four swamp as opposed to B3 which would be one swamp & three of any other mana.) Card or creature type, attack/defense, loyalty counters for planeswalker cards & so on as applicable! Flavor text! But only if you feel like it! But before we get to yours, let's get to mine! Widdershins, the Spirit of Confusion Mana Cost: 4UB Card Type & Stats: Planeswalker, starts at 3 loyalty counters Card Text: +2 Each player untaps a land, discards a card, then draws a card. -3 Each player searches for, then plays a card from their deck without paying any of its costs. Then shuffle. -10 You get an emblem that reads: Whenever a permanent is sent to the graveyard its controller gets X 0/1 pancake creature tokens that have "Sacrifice this creature: deal 1 damage" ; where X is that permanent's mana cost. "And I Helped!!!" -Widdershins Notes: Figured he kind of had to be a planeswalker because he's all interdimension-y. That, and Draconequus=Elder Dragons. The main Idea I've got behind Widdy here, is for him to be as much as a boon to your opponent as you. The longer he's up, the more confusion will hit the field! His first is there chiefly as a madness-enabler. His second, while understandably unbalanced gets alot of hefty stuff on the battlefield to make a good pancake standoff for his third go for a rather rousing good foodfight! That, and you could always just stock your deck full of counters & lure out all your opponents big stuff time after time & just sit there and counter constantly like an absolute monkey. Which is exactly why I said "card" and not "permanent" for that case. Ambie Valence Mana Cost: 6 colorless Card Type & Stats: 3/4 Pony Changeling Card Text: Ambie Valence shares the same colors and keywords as other cards you control. Notes: Somehow, I just feel all Changelings ought be colorless. By "keywords" I mean anything from deathtouch, flying, haunt, dredge, regenerate & so on, basically anything that would require reminder text. Though while haunt would still attach him to a creature on death, he wouldn't be able to do anything while in that state & would be mostly useless. Same case with the other two which tend to require a cost of some sort, but as Ambie is only copying the keyword & not the cost he can have the keyword but he can't use it. Basically, he can't do first or double strike unless he's got somebody standing next to him showing him how to do it. Will add more of my own later on down the thread's life span!
  2. Magic the Gathering, being the unbelievably popular card game that it is, has had tons of video game incarnations. With so many releases, there's bound to be varying opinions on which one's are the best of the best. I have been thinking a lot about MTG lately and I simply cannot afford the physical game, so I go for the video games. With the recent announcement of the demise of Magic Duels Origins (Screw you Stainless Games), I have been thinking of the other games for this franchise. Do any of you have any particular favorites? Have you ever played any? I do recommend it if you have any interest in MTG but are new to it all, the games are a great tutorial. I think my favorites are Duels of the Planeswalker 2014 and the Xbox One version of 2015. I loved the layout and design of 2014 and it has the great draft feature. The music is also really good in it. Then there is 2015, which had a terrible launch originally, it was made better on the Xbox One version when that released. It doesn't have the Two Headed Giant mode, but it does have a great supply of cards, with a lot of options for custom deck building, the first game in the series to offer that feature straight up.
  3. Anyone here have player Magic the gathering, more especific EDH, and thinked that akroma should have a Celestia art work? I have a project to put on MTG card smith. 30 legendary pony commander cards given or taken, for bronies to have a casual play of sorts. here is a exemple: What Y'all think about? BANT Name: Alicorn Celestia Cost: 3WUG Text Flying. When Alicorn Celestia enter the battlefield, All other creatures you control gain +2/+2 and vigilance until the end of turn. Power/Thougness: 4/4
  4. Not sure if i should grab a fatpack of innistrad or another commander precon to mess with. I'm leaning towards the fatpack. Also, for the same price I could get the last 4-5 cards for my niv-mizzet EDH. Anyway, I know at least some of you play mtg as well. Can we get a general discussion thread going?
  5. Just wanted to know if anypony played MTG? Discuss and/or duel. I have a website to duel on.
  6. I started a clan on MtGO so if you want to join message blakice54 on MtGO.
  7. So I picked these Fluttershy card sleeves for my mono black deck up off of eBay last week and they finally came in the mail! I was so stoked! My roommate, on the other hand, doesn't think they're as awesome. But he's not a brony haha Anyway, I was just kinda curious. Does anyone else on here play Magic?
  8. So, this is Team Tragic the Garnering. We make Fallout trading cards, Tragic the Garnering cards to be exact. We'll post some here, eh? Tell us what you think. This is the Ghoulish Apocalypse deck, one of our latest works. It ranges from grim and scary occult scenes, to how the Warner Brothers interpret Point Lookout. More cards posted if anyone actually responds with an opinion. By the way, here is our tumblr! You know, it's what we do, where the cards are at.