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Found 13 results

  1. The subject pretty much says it all - has this Pinkie clone earned the right to exist in Equestria and not get sent back to the Mirror Pool, or murdered by Twilight, or whatever you may believe happened to all of them at the end of "Too Many Pinkie Pies." She's managed to stay undetected, either because she lives in so much fear of getting zapped by now Princess Twilight Sparkle (I'm sure she was overjoyed when she heard about her ascension) or because she managed to gain enough of a personality beyond shouting "Fun, fun, fun" all the time and can actually fit in with society as a whole? Or should the notion of a clone be considered an abomination and anything that is created with dark magic (I'm not sure if the Mirror Pool really is dark magic or not, but for the sake of argument let's say it is) is undeserving of existing no matter how good its intentions may be at this time? Would it be fair to the real Pinkie if there was still a clone of her running around, potentially causing problems for her reputation? I read back over the "Too Many Pinkie Pies" episode comments, and even when it was just the shallow one-note Pinkie clones getting zapped it made some viewers uncomfortable with what Twilight was doing. I suppose if this Pinkie clone was responsible for some heinous crimes or something, the decision would be easy. But if she is simply existing, is that enough of an affront on nature to make her deserve to no longer exist? BTW, that was the funniest moment in the episode for me - and most surprising. At least it was on the surface until I started to think about the ramifications of what to do with her should Twilight suddenly walk into the diner. If there is a season 7, I hope they come back and revisit this nifty little Pandora's box they opened. From episode 9 of season 6; "The Saddle-Row Review."
  3. Kill the ant game This is a game I found in a forum and decided to share it with you all its an easy game that any one can play. Here are the rules of the game. So one person says a reason the ant didn't die and then tries to kill the ant themselves. Poster one : The ant was stepped on and dies. Poster two : A veterinarian was there to bring the ant back to life then was toss away into the ocean. poster three : A life guard bought the ant back to shore and does cpr on the ant then the ant catches on fire for no apparent reason. So that's pretty much it about the rules of the game. I shall start the post . The ant eater eats the ant ..
  4. I kinda wondered this, considering most of us are afraid of these eight legged creatures. We could put them outside....but coming from somebody who attempted to harm a spider not too long ago. >.< I mean, it could've been poisonous for all I know. I feel bad about killing it, I always tell a spider "I'm sorry" before squashing it. u-u Yes, I feel remorse for a freaky spider... Is killing a spider basically murder, since we are taking it's life? Or is it necessary to ease our discomfort and possible safety?
  5. (there are so many reaction pics of Pinkie to the fanfic; why not a work in which she reacts to the very author itself?) THIS IS SERGEANTSPRINKLES: The author of "Cupcakes" was walking down the street. Suddenly, Pinkie appears in front of him, and she KNEW that the man she is facing is the very author of the murderous fanfic. What happens next?
  6. So apparently a 16 year girl in Connecticut was murdered for supposedly rejecting the killer to prom. I don't even think I need to say anything besides this. And this
  7. Release Dates: PC/Mac (Worldwide): Tuesday, April 8th. Playstation 3 (North America): Tuesday, April 8th. Xbox 360 (Worldwide): Wednesday, April 9th. Playstation 3 (Europe): Wednesday, April 9th. iOS: Coming next week. Who else is excited?
  8. (Fun fact: one of my friends uses this as a caller-specific ringtone for myself. This pleases me far more than it should.) I've seen too many references here to Dangan Ronpa to resist starting this. Apparently it has more popularity than I was aware of. I checked to see if there was already a topic for this, and came up with nothing. There's always the possibility that I missed it though... Anyways, this is a thread to discuss all things despair Dangan Ronpa related, whether it be the games, the anime, or anything else. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT ANY SPOILERS IN SPOILER TAGS! because I haven't gotten around to the Let's Play for the sequel yet. To anyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, Dangan Ronpa is a murder-mystery game from Japan featuring a cast of high school students and a talking teddy bear. In a way, it's somewhat similar to the Ace Attorney games, though with a much darker tone. If you're interested, you can probably find a Let's Play of it (I read it through Somethingawful forums, though you have to be a paid member to read it now), watch a sub of the anime, or wait for the game to be released in English for the PS Vita in early 2014. I'm not sure how to conclude, so instead I'll just leave you with this:
  9. Hey. I'm Pinkamena. And me and Fluttershed started this.... Cause we're bored. Heyheyhey, I'm Fluttershed. For future reference, I don't sound like bucking Yogi Bear. I sound like a more disturbed version of Fluttershy. We're gonna answer your questions. But don't ask us to murder anything. We've done that. STAY OUT OF MY SHED!
  10. Most of the Canadian bronies will know about what transpired on the week of May 7th-May 14th 2013. A young husband from my town of residence named Tim Bosma was kidnapped on May 6th. He was to sell a hemi to two men and go out for a test drive with them. That was when he was last seen. Police from all over Ontario searched endlessly for him after Sharlene Bosma, his wife, made an emergency call, and after a massive social media campaign began to find Tim. However, on May 14th 2013, Bosma's body was found, burned beyond recognition. What used to be a kidnapping became a homicide. This murder has touched the lives of almost everyone in our region, including me. The shock that such a murder can happen even in the most peaceful of towns rushed through me. All my Facebook friends were in pain and suffering as an innocent man's life was taken in such a cruel manner. Even our local Walmart Supercentre put their flags at half-mast as soon as Tim Bosma's murder was announced. To make matters worse, I saw and shook hands with the man at our local church. From my impressions, he was an amiable person, an average man, and a loving husband. Even his closest friends and family said that he was a jokester, an outgoing person, and also caring. The two men with Tim were found and arrested for first degree murder: Dellen Millard on May 11th, and Mark Smich yesterday. A third man is also being pursued for the case. Like many people in this town, all we care for is justice to be served and that God may guide Sharlene and her 2 year old daughter through this mess. I also hope that the murder will serve as a reminder to all that these terrible events can happen to anyone. Rest in Peace Tim.
  11. I loved the crystal Ponies episode and wanted to write a grimdark for it so I hope you enjoy. This is my first fanfic so please keep that in mind! Thanks! And enjoy the story! Each Chapter is broken into 3 posts per chapter! Warning!: Contains Grimdark! If you don't know what that is, It's best you stay away. Contains pony murder and torture! You have been warned, I am not responsible for you stabbing your eyeballs! Crystal Lust When Rarity herd about the crystal ponies, she had to follow twilight on the trip to the Crystal Palace! Even tho Celestia told them all elements of harmony had to go, she would have gone anyways. The fact that she was standing in the throne room; the wall covered in every gem imaginable! She almost lost her mind just staring a the throne, covered in red sapphires, the seat made of clear glass. "This is the most amazing palace! I wonder how many gems it took to build this place!" she said, her eyes exploring the room. She trotted over to a old bookshelf that surrounded the room. She looked at the jewels that allied the the bookshelf; diamonds. Her favorite. She examined them carefully trying to find out what carrot. As she was, a book fell off the shelf. "Hmm... What's this?" she said as she turned her head to look at the opened page. The book was on crystal pony biology and the chapter was on how the ponies got their shine. The page went into detail on how the ponies heart contains a rare diamond that takes red blood cells and crystallizes them; giving the ponies their shiny body. Rarity was stunned! To know that the crystal ponies were the same as her, but the only difference being a diamond in their heart! "Hey Rarity!" Rarity jumped in fear to find her friend Pinkie pie watching her "What cha' doing?" "Um.. Nothing!" said the startled mare trying to hide the book from her friend "Well, twilight needs us in the main room. Said we could save the crystal ponies with a book she found!" "Sound delightful." said Rarity following Pinkie Pie, who began bouncing up and down to the next room. Rarity took one last glance over her solder at the book. What she would do to be as beautiful as the crystal ponies. The better question was, what wouldn't she do? End of chapter 1 Part 1 Written by: Jimmy Wade Side note: Please don't steal this story, I am working really hard on it.
  12. http-~~-// This video, could quite possibly be the most horrendious/funny video i've ever seen from TF2. They're trying to keep Pyro's gender a secret too.... Pyro seems like a Phsycotic Brony with a visor lens and a weapon of utter destruction. I'd say if you watched nothing but F.i.M since you were born up to your 40's, there's a possibility of slight insanity, or over-dose of Ponies. I think he just has a diaper fetish though What do you guys think of this? :CONTAINS VIOLENCE, WATCH AT OWN RISK:
  13. http://www.thestar.c...l-s-wanted-list Summary: Luka Rocco Magnotta (not real name) apparently tortured and killed someone with an ice pick, dismembered the corpse, and did weird shit with the body parts like mailing them to political offices. As a result, police is swarming this guy, and he just got added to Interpol's most wanted today. Eeyup. I'm very intrigued by this story, and I thought I'd post it for the world to see... Edit: This forum is anti-francophone...