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Found 57 results

  1. I don't know how I never knew about these songs before but I think they are awesome. And I would love to have the original versions of these songs if they even exist (without the dialogues and scene noises). I don't know if they were released or not, but if they were, and you know, I'd thank you a lot if you at least told me if they even exist. Here are some examples
  2. This is a song I am currently creating; the lyrics have not been created yet; just instruments. The song is inspired of Stefan Petrusic's rendition of i Hav Kozak Za Dunai. The lyrics are going to be about an unlucky pony who yearns back into Starlight's "Utopia", and her journey to create a similar one. They have not been fully written, and only the bass has been recorded, everything else is MIDI for reference. Please critique the mix, and the compisition. Thanks!
  3. I want to make a remix of a MLP song, but I have no idea what program to use to make it, can anyone help?
  4. I play the bass and violin. if you need any help with music i can help.
  5. I am a bit of beginner when it comes to making music so I would love to know if I am asking a lot from my French horn/mello player and please Note that this is meant for Intermediate to advanced players so her is the link to an excerpt of my upcoming project A True True Friend for mixed Septet. I will also take any and all Ideas Instrumentation Twilight: Clarinet Fluttershy: Piccolo Rainbow: Trumpet Rarity: French Horn Applejack: Baritone Pinkie: Tube/Trombone
  6. I do covers on YouTube I really want to try acapella but I kinda fail every time and I was wondering if there were some ways that could help me do an acapella. If anyone knows a way they could help it'd be much appreciated.
  7. I tried to upload a song after adding the appropriate data tags to the song (like my name as the artist name) but it messed up and it acted like none of the tags were there, it even said that the artist was "mp3" for some reason. Could I get a little help please?
  8. Does anyone know where i can find high quality samples of the voices in the show? i'd like to use some samples from the show but where i looked till now they where all low quality.
  9. Not sure where to put this but if it gets moved, that is perfectly fine. Here is samples of my work; I'm pretty new to production and trying to learn more on different genre on producing. Such as Dubstep, Deep House and Hardstyle. I use Ableton Live Standard at the moment as my DAW. And for DJ'ing I use Serato. I'm looking for help on producing some music and stuff to better myself in my productions. If anypony has any advice or any type of help or willing to teach a little, that be awesome!! Right now I am still trying to find the style I work with best. So feel free to let me know how my music is right now and what I can improve on. I know a few right now I am working on is the mixing/mastering skills. And Melodies and such. xD So yeah. :3
  10. Hey guys, I'm Making a Shadowbolts version of Hell March 1 using the Alarmstufe Rot version (below) and I would like to have a Voice Actress who could do a perfect Principal Cinch Voice saying the line from : 1:31) for the beginning part of my song. If you are willing to help, just record your line with the highest quality recording device that you have available and send it to me by 4Shared, MediaFire or Google Drive. Thanks
  11. ----- "Welp, there we go, I have two songs all written down. Now all I need is the music!" Tech said triumphantly. He looked around for instruments, then realized he doesn't play any. "Oh yeah. Well I'm sure music making isn't THAT hard. I'll just make it online." Tech proceeded to use royalty free loops to make his song. 5 minutes later he realized it wasn't working, it sounded bad, and he has no idea what he's doing. "I'm gonna need help." Tech fled to the MLPForums and began to write a post, in search for a musician that could assist him. ----- So yep, that's my situation As mentioned, I do have two songs that I've written. The only thing I lack is that knowledge and talent needed to make music happen. So that's why I need YOU! I know the tune that the lyrics go to, all you need to do is form a musical track to match. One song I'd like to be in a similar style to the music in the MLP "B.B.B.F.F. Song", the other is more like Pop/Rock. I'm not looking for just some simple audio loop. I do want something that will end up sounding like a real song. And you will be credited for providing the music. So if you'd like to help out, then PM me. I'll share the lyrics with you and send you a rough draft of how the song is sung. I hope to hear from you soon!
  12. So, I wrote these three songs a long while back, and I still wasn't able to make them work out. I know how I want these songs to go, but I don't know how to play the instruments needed. Can anyone help me? P.S. Instruments needed. Drums, 1 bass guitar, 1 1st guitar, 1 2nd guitar. P.P.S. Links to the songs:
  13. This is my first music track, what do you think of it?
  14. I need Help with a music project I am working on. I cant tell you what it is because it would ruin it. All you need to do is leave a comment of some of your favorite fan made MLP songs. rules > .can not be a direct song from from the show but can be a remake .hast to have something to do with MLP .best if it is well known like (Pinkie's Brew or Discord) .more to come
  15. I am making a MLP: Stallions of Equestria makeup videos and I cant find any good music that fits each character for the videos. I have tried pony fm, but there is no seach bar so I cant find anything I'm looking for so I gave up on that. I need to find something for the following Big Macintosh Soarin Thunderlane Braeburn Double Diamond Dr. Hooves Cloud chaser Flash Sentry Fancy Pants Prince Blueblood Shining Armor please leave a link in comments below, All song will be credited to the creator and will need a conformation e-mail from creator for using the song. Please and thank you.
  16. I found this song a few years back that I am pretty sure (about 90% or so) is pony related. At almost nine minutes in length, featuring extensive orchestral and rock elements, this song is one of my favorites. Problem is, I didn't get who wrote/made/uploaded this song, and the only thing I have to go on it are its apparent name, which are the letters "FLBE." I have no idea what it stands for, or anything. I've tried asking close friends and other musicians I know, to no avail. Anyone want to take a guess at what this song's source may be? Or point me to a way to finding out more about it? It's attached below. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! FLBE.MP3
  17. So as many know, I'm the Executive Producer for the Manehattan Project, currently in production of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm ( Of course, part of this story-driven experience is a pure MLP/FOE themed radios station. So my question is this... How do the various Pony radio stations online (PonyvilleFM, Canterlot Radio, Fillydelphia Radio, Best Pony Radio) get permission to use various artists' music? Thanks for your time!
  18. I want to hear your opinions and feedback to help improve my remixes. This isn't my best one but I want to know what you think about it. Link to youtube music video:
  19. Currently working on this right now... Feedback is appreciated!
  20. So, I've written down the lyrics for these songs and I'm ready to produce them. Except there's this one problem, I can't rap and I can't make horrorstep. Would anypony be willing to help me.
  21. We'll as said in a post I made earlier I get really nervous about asking others for help. But I need help with this song I made a while back. It's called the everfree forest. But I seriously have no idea how to make horrorstep/rap songs. Can anypony help me?
  22. Hello everyone! My names Locrois and I'm new to this site well so new I just started today infact but when I found this section I wanted to share something I've made it's kinds terrible and very rough but I feel if anyone could help me its you guys my fellow fans! now then I'm very nervous about posting what I have because I just feel like it might be awful but at the same time feel like if I can get the help I need it could be a great song that I just want everyone to enjoy so before I post my awful work who's interested?
  23. My school band is playing some swing music for pep-band and i have been hooked on it for the past couple of weeks but the problem is i don't really know any bands. got any suggestions? p.s. it could be swing of electric swing
  24. I've been taking piano lessons for about a year now, and something's been irking me... How do people improvise?! It baffles me to know end that people can just sit down in front of their instrument and just... Play. I mean, I can sit down at my piano, look at my sheet music, and start playing. But how do you guys manage do just make up stuff on the fly like that? Do you just play a chord, and start pressing keys that kinda fit? Are you all secretly super computers that can make up these melodies whenever? Do you shove peanut butter up your nose and magically receive the gift of music?!?! ...Yeah... Please reply. :/
  25. Hey there every pony, Recently I've been getting into writing songs on guitar, creating and/or adding them into my electronic music as another element. I've also been looking into making some metal/rock tracks as that's a genre I grew up with. My question to all of you is, do you guys have any tips or tricks or anything you all can pass down? Anything along these lines will be of great help; -Recording and Timing -Writing Riffs -Transitions -Mixing (If you have something other please post it anyways! I'd love to hear it, there's were just the few things to come off the top of my head!) If you're needing and example of how I'm sounding so far, here's something I've been working on for a while now. Keep in mind that it's just an intro to get an idea of how the track overall is going to sound. Thanks for your time! Note Wise