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Found 34 results

  1. I'm only posting this as a new topic because Jan of Jan Animations posted a new video that's basically a send off for Button Mash. I'm not too keen on the song itself but I am a big fan of the original Button's Adventures. I know the legal aspects have been debated ad infinitude but the new video got me feeling nostalgic and wishing that Jan would have been able to finish the actual Button's Adventures sequel. To a certain extent I understand that Hasbro didn't want people confusing fan animations for actual show footage or fans showing up the animation team but considering there are plenty of fan channels that blatantly feature the Mane Six, it just seems a travesty. I hope Jan is successful with whatever new stuff he has planned and also Button's Mom will always hold a special place in my heart. But that's a story for another time.
  2. one thing I find interesting about sunset's home is how it looks like a tiny apartment (I guess she lives alone after all and is 18?) and her house looks kind of jury rigged and kind of junky; she uses christmas lights for light and her clock is duct taped together and cracked.
  3. So, looks like we've got a new music video. This one stars Applejack, and it's a little... odd? Like some kind of mix of electronic and country. I have to say I like her skills though. And it's really interesting to me to see that Applejack works at the mall in a juice shop. Makes me wonder if the rest of the Humane Seven have similar jobs. If nothing else I'm really surprised Applejack isn't just working on the farm, but given that Granny Smith works at the school it seems very much like Sweet Apple Acres in the human world just isn't at all the same as the pony version. Whatcha tink ya'll?
  4. So one of the admins contacted me on here about my link to advertise my youtube channel in my last thread and said i should update it to show when new videos come out. Well i dont know how to edit it so. Instead i have the next best thing. Here is a link that will send you to a playlist of all the pmv shorts i did so it takes you straight to the videos. I have a whole bunch. Inculdeing pmvs to dead mouse songs and more. Here is the link The link will go straight to my first pmv short but if you click the button with 3 lines at the top of the video on here you can see all my videos. Please enjoy. :3
  5. Hello everypony i am new here, but i like to introduce you to my youtube channel called amys-pmvs. Go to this link at And see a bunch of pmvs i made.
  6. What is the weirdest music video you've seen so far? I'm sure weirder ones exist, but I was surprised by how wacky the music video is for Give It Away by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  7. Hi! I've been trying out some new plugins and effects, and I thought I would share this with you. It's not the best of the best, but I think it turned out decent, even though I really have to work on my skills. Feedback is very much appreciated! Thanks
  8. My sister actually made the lyrics for the original minecraft song, "Don't Mine At Night!"
  9. Hi! I've been working on my new PMV for longer than expected, and I'm satisfied with the outcome, so I would love to share it with you guys for tips and feedback., because I'm still a beginner with video editing. Thanks!
  10. Hi! I've now decided to try to improve my skills in making PMVs, and I think it's a major improvement since my last PMV. I used way more effects and *tried out* some motion graphics. I'd appreciate some criticism and helpful tips, since it's only my 2nd PMV and definitely not close to being perfect. The PMV is mainly about rainbow dash. I hope you enjoy!
  11. Hi! I'd like to share this PMV I've been working on since quite some time. I'm very new to video editing, thus it will not look as professional, or as good as most others. I would still love some criticism and tips in terms of editing, because making PMVs is actually very fun. I hope you enjoy!
  12. Version A of Project: Mandelpony, Even though this is just a PMV of the track "Mandelgroove," I can't title this "Ponygroove" since it's the title of one of the MLP Memes out there. Hope you enjoy it! Version A: Mostly to test out a video containing multiple clips in one in the Rhythm of Mandelgroove. Clips from: Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks Song: Mandelgroove by Blue Man Group
  13. Down for copyright not here never will be
  14. Okay, I KNOW I'm old & I have a love for Classic Rock... but I'm curious: How many of you whipper-snappers out there like Classic Rock, and what tunes / bands are among your favorites? Here's a sample from me: AND ... so, your turn. What's yer fave?
  15. In case you haven't heard, they just released a live-action music video for Friendship Games entitled "Unleash the Magic". I'm not sure how accurate this is to the movie, but in one scene it shows the mane six and Crystal Prep six all hugging and getting along, so I guess at the end they could all be friends (how cliche). Any thoughts on it?
  16. Sail, by AWOLNATION. I love this song.
  17. Hey guys, I checked my brony music playlist today and saw that i had added over 2000 videos. I decided to to share the playlist. Its sorted after popularity. If you want to find new music, you have to look at the end of the list. The playlist may contains wrong enties, just report them!
  18. hopkey123

    Bad Harmony

    I'm not sure if it'll pull it up here, but if not, you can click on the link. It's a My Little Pony version of "Bad Apple!!" by Touhou Project. I take no credit whatsoever, just trying to get the song around.
  19. So hi there intrepid forum adventurer how goes your day? Well bellow is a music video my team made for an assessment at college, check it out let me know what you think.
  20. For me, I've been replaying this one quite a few times recently (more than I should... ): What was the last fan-made music video you've seen (aside from what you found in this thread, I mean...)?
  21. So, the band Fit For A King has just released their new single - "A Greater Sense of Self" and it sounds HEAVENLY!
  22. This was a small music video put together in celebration of going to BronyCon 2014 (this last weekend). Hope you all enjoy.
  23. Pretty sure this is the right place for these, please correct me if I'm wrong. I recently made a couple of FiM MVs and figured I'd share them with the community. I only have windows movie maker to work with so they're nothing special, but I enjoyed putting them together. The first one is very short but after hearing this song in the car one day I knew it had to be done. "Dark Horse" (Twilight vs Tirek): The second one is a full song and tribute to my two favorite characters, Fluttershy and Discord. Not meant to be a shipping video, I just love the friendship but no judgement. View it however you want. "Trouble is a Friend": I might make more MVs in the future, it's a fun distraction from the usual chaos that is my life. PS: I keep most of my videos unlisted because YouTube is evil and I'm paranoid.
  24. latest video i did - so far most people seem to enjoy it!