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Found 40 results

  1. Because we all know we like specific songs but let's talk about the voices themselves! Here's mine: Rarity>Twilight=Pinkie>Rainbow=Applejack>Fluttershy I think Celestia sings somewhere but I don't recall where so I'm just leaving her out. Now, just because Fluttershy is last doesn't mean I don't like it. Keep that in mind.
  2. There’s no shortage of musically talented people in the Brony fandom. There’s not many movie musicals whose soundtracks had us squealing with such delight. And this year, a group of gifted Bronies and Pegasisters, will bring an abridged version of the biggest smash since Hamilton, to the Mane Stage. Featuring the songs from the movie, sung by famous personalities from our great fandom, you’ll laugh and cry and cheer as you witness fabulous singing and dancing and... what’s that? The hotel probably won’t let us set up a trapeze act? Darn it Well aside from that obviously missing factor (maybe Zac Effron and Zendaya 2.0 can just make flighty motions like Pegasi), it’s sure to be the most wonderful spectacle Everfree has ever put on. Or, here’s a thought for a set of potential lyrics for a song to go with the opening skit THE GREATEST CON: Intro Verse 1: Fillies and colts this is the con that you’ve waited for (Thump - thump thump) Been trotting through the dark All year you’ve been feeling bored (Thump - thump thump) And buried in your heart are the elements you can’t ignore (thump) laughter and loyalty (thump) honesty generosity (thump) kindness and magic Yes there all here you gotta see Don’t fight the fun it’s coming for ya Starting right now It’s only 3 days Don’t care what comes after Your pony dreams Can’t ya see Getting closer Just surrender cause ya feel the friendship taking over It’s rainbows and sunshine and lots of laughing It’s the panels and the singing Don’t forget the dancing Let go of your ridged ways and blind composure All that ya know Chorus: Tell me do ya wanna go Where it’s covered in stunning rainbow lights Where the Ponies Are run of the night Where we party until dawn And we have loads of fun (Oh, this is the greatest con) We light it up We won’t come down And the rain won’t stop us now Your friends are all here Filled with a bunch of cheer (Oh, this is the greatest con) Verse 2: Voice acting and writing and costumes if that’s your thing And there’s even some panels where we might explore anime Don’t fight the fun it’s coming for ya Starting right now It’s only 3 days Don’t care what comes after You’re high as Pinkie Pie on unfiltered caffeine WHOAH! (Awkward pause) Chorus: (Same except in place of Where we party until dawn And we have loads of fun It would say Where we forge bonds for lifetime And have an awesome time) Bridge: It’s all the ponies you could want And all the friendship you can dream And it’s here right in front of you This is where you wanna be Repeat (This is where you wanna be——) Person playing Hugh Jackman’s part walks off stage as the chorus is sung as in the movie. Ashleigh and Andrea run out: Andrea in an excited Pinkie squeal: “THIS IS THE GREATEST CON!” Ashleigh finishes the song, playing Zac Effron’s part For finale, instead of This is the greatest con Andrea: “NOW LET’S HAVE SOME FUN FUN FUN!” Confetti cannons go off and shower the audience with rainbows and sparkles and tons of glittery crap and it’s wonderful I have no idea how to ponify the other songs. If a full performance of the songs from Greatest Showman is a possibility, I’d suggest simply doing them in their natural state. If doing a song to close out the opening ceremonies sounds better, I’d suggest doing a pony parody (feel free to use or adapt this if you wish). Either way, I nominate Dr. Wolf to play Hugh Jackman (he might have a little trouble on the higher notes, but I can see him putting his own wondrous spin on it).
  3. I dunno about you, but I have the feeling when we get to the episode that Spike discovers where he comes from, I got the feeling it might be a musical! Cause it's a very important part of Spike's life being accomplished, like Twilight being a princess, and the CMCs getting their cutie marks! Maybe Newbie Dash would've been better if the "mimicking her friends" thing was a song! I mean, every eventful episode that shows a character accomplishing they've always wanted has a song in it. Newbie Dash was the first for that to happen! So my point is, I really think the episode Spike discovers his origin would be a musical episode for him, since quite a few main characters had musical episodes already! I know some of you don't like Spike's singing, but think about it: would all that singing be worth it if you got to hear EMBER sing? Ember's VA is a singer, so if she was asked to sing, she would! Maybe the other dragons would sing too in a viking chorus-like style! So what do ya think? Spike's origins episode being a musical? Wanna hear Ember sing? If we're going to expect an episode like this, it's not gonna be this season, that's for sure! Maybe season 8 or 9!
  4. HEEEEY-- So I'm currently getting started on my animatics for Hamilton and here are my character reference sheets. They are rough but this is how the frames are going to be drawn in the videos as well. Keep an eye out for it being released on YouTube as soon as I can manage. Previews and shorts will be coming and all that. What do you think of my cast, fellow Hamilton fans?? Alexander Hamilton: Twilight Sparkle Angelica Schuyler: Maud Pie Eliza Schuyler: Pinkie Pie Aaron Burr: Applejack Maria Reynolds: Rarity I know these characters aren't all of them, but these are the ones I'm mainly going to be doing the animatics about. Your opinions?
  5. Hamilton is a musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda about Alexander Hamilton (a.k.a the greatest person that ever lived, dammit!) I'm creating this topic so others who have an obsession with it can discuss it/just gush about it if you'd like. Have fun! (If you haven't listened to Hamilton, first of all, what the heck have you been doing? Second, a full playlist is available on SoundCloud and YouTube, it's pretty easy to find) I haven't seen the show but I've listened to it all, and it's damn amazing.
  6. Y'think we'll ever get some 80s style music in the show at all? Like maybe during a chase sequence or something, or even a musical number with an 80s style beat to it, like 80s classic rock or new wave? Like a Kenny Logans style musical number, or Madonna! That would be awesome!
  7. What is your favorite musical on Broadway, if you've seen one??? My faves are: - Grease - Hairspray - Legally Blonde: The Musical - Singin' in the Rain - Thoroughly Modern Millie What can I say? I'm a patron of the arts!
  8. Hello, I share with you all my last song. It was hard to make because my computer has crashed 2 times and I have lost all of my datas. Fortunatly, I had two hardrives and I have restored a big part of my datas and ended the song... I hope you'll enjoy it. Here is the link : I work my English in the same time XD. Wiwind.
  9. I am in a sort Les Miserables mood lately, so this is probably nice video to post. 17 Valjeans, from their respective 17 international productions of Les Miserables, sing do you hear the people sing? in their own languages, with all of them singing the closing of One day more. Les Mis is one of my favorite Musicals and i saw the german stage show 2 times and own the movie version from 2012 on Blu-Ray. Countries in order of appearance: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Sweden, Poland, Holland, Canada, Austria, Australia, Norway, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, United States of America
  10. This is one of my most ambitious projects yet; I've spent 3 weeks just on the artwork for it. I know having a link to click on might be too much of a hassle, so I've embedded the clip here ^w^ BLAST IT WORKED JUST FINE A MINUTE AGO! Hold on... Guh... here ya go... A nice little link... I hope you enjoy it I certainly enjoyed creating it [media][/media] Have a Scappy Nightmare Night!
  11. So ever since season 3 we've gotten 1 musical episode each season, those being Magical mystery cure, Pinkie pride and crusaders of the lost mark. So, what do you guys think, is this gonna be a thing for however many seasons we have left? Or is it just coincidence? After all, Im counting season 5 in this, but it isnt even finished yet so it might have more than 1. Also, how do you feel about musical episodes? As long they're done right I like them. As much as I like the songs in magical mystery cure, the episode was...meh. But hey, this isnt an episode review. So yeah, I like the musical eps, but dont think they should be finales, and as for the 1 per season? Uh, I could see it happening. Thoughts?
  12. So Have a Theory,thou the evidence is weak so the theory is Unicorn can use magic to levitate stuff, maybe they use the magic to play instrument but what about the other races like earth pony [like octavia] play instruments? i want you brony/pegasister to share your theories taanks
  13. Kinda random question, but I'm in need of a Disney song to sing for a small concert in November. I have a surprisingly large range, so most songs sung in a Disney movie, show, cartoon, or heck, even games could work. I'd really like it to be a villain song (I WOULD sing Oogie Boogie's song, but I just really don't have the voice for the jazz style of the song), although it doesn't necessarily have to be (I've been honestly considering the DuckTales theme, but I refuse to in defense of whatever dignity I have left). So, in short, I'm looking for any Disney song, preferably a villain song [that sounds aggressive], and it can be from television series, movies, or even songs from games (Epic Mickey has some as an example for games). Honestly I've done so much digging I'm not sure how much this'll help, but there's probably some Disney enthusiasts on here, right? EDIT: Forgot to mention that I'm avoiding Frozen like the plague, I don't really like that movie (I really shouldn't have said that on the internet, should I?) EDIT EDIT: Also forgot to say that I'm unusually picky with this kinda stuff. I really want to sing songs I like, but I don't want to go and make a fool of myself singing something silly, or that I sound silly singing (hence my reluctance to actually just sing the DuckTale's theme) Also, should mention that I sang Jack's Lament last time we did this kind of concert thing, so that's out.
  14. Since this is Teen Movie Day, i thought it would be fitting to open a thread to the most successful and maybe most well known teen movie, Grease. Grease was a movie that pretty much came along a time, where alot of people in the 70s felt nostalgic about the 50s. Everything in this movie reeks of the 50s. The style, the hair and even the musical numbers are mostly very 50's rock n Roll style. The Plot goes like this. During a visit to America, Australian Sandy meets Danny Zuko at the beach and falls in love. She is heartbroken when Summer ends and she has to return home and their last kiss on the beach is a very emotional one. But fate lends a hand - her parents decide to stay in America and she finds herself attending the same school as Danny. But Danny at school is different from Danny at the beach. He is the leader of the T-Birds, a leather clad gang, and has a reputation to keep up. He can't be seen to fall in love with just one chick! Sandy is upset and seeks solace with some new friends she has made - a female gang called The Pink Ladies. But her prim and proper virginal ways do not fit in and she soon finds herself almost alone. A change must be made. Does she attempt to get her man by turning him into a jock? Or must she get rid of her "Sandra Dee" image? The movie was a huge hit at the time, pretty much the 3rd most successful movie of the time (behind Star Wars and Jaws.) Pretty much everyone and their dog know the lyrics to "You're the one that i want" and watching the movie, while it's still flawed, is a real joy to watch. What do yout think of it?
  15. From the Press Release: "many more make her the perfect fit for this animated, MUSICAL adventure." From the Synopsis: "The MY LITTLE PONY film will feature all new music with the Mane Six" So, with these parts taken from the PR and Synopsis, it seems like the movie may be a musical. How would you feel about that? I don't know myself, I liked MMC, but I don't want any gimmicks to the big movie that's being made. Perhaps I'm reading to deeply into it and it won't be as bad as I thought, but we'll see. But what do you all think?
  16. Just something that I really need to let the world know about but...An Equestria Girls MUSICAL. It's possible! But how would it look like to you guys? Would it be fit for Broadway? A musical to recommend for high schools? How would the concept play out in your mind?
  17. Logo made by Shadowlux100: [uPDATE - August 17, 2014] My Little Pony - The Musical! has released a brand new original song! Though the song didn't make the actual musical, the team thought we should upload it anyways! Check it out, and keep following this forum and the Youtube Channel for more songs, artwork, and many other things! Hello everypony! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is James Stryska, a music and theater student since the fourth grade. I've been studying music theory as well as theater my entire life. I play the saxophone as well as sing and act in local community musicals. I'm sure you have many questions by just seeing the banner on top, but please read the entire forum, your question might be answered already. Q. What is My Little Pony - The Musical? A. My Little Pony - The Musical is a non-profit project currently being worked on. Our goal for this project is to have a full length musical based off Hasbro's hit cartoon, "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." Q. What do you mean by musical? Will there be songs? How long will it be? A. Yes, the plan is to have 20 brand new original songs featured in the musical. We plan to have this musical to be at least 2 hours long, just like an actual full length musical that you would find on Broadway (or Bridleway for that manner). Q. What happens when you finish writing the musical? A. Then we start recording and begin animating! Q. Okay, I'm interested. But what is the musical about? A. Ever wondered how far true love can take someone? Love can make people do crazy things, but how far is too far? Follow the mane six as they try and rescue their friend from making the biggest mistake of their life. Q. How can I help? A. I am now on the search for visual artists and graphic designers to help attract more people. Also, I am in need of a community manager or two. Q. What's the difference between a visual artist and a graphic designer? A. To put it simple, a visual artist will be the ones providing the original artwork, while a graphic designer will design and create anything that doesn't involve with actual drawing/painting. For example, a visual artist supplies us with something like this: While a graphic designer supplies us with something like this: Q. What about vector artists? A. I will be needing those too! It'd be a great help if you could also graphic design, but if not then that's okay! Q. If I provide the art, am I allowed to upload it to my own personal blog/channel? A. It all depends on what the picture is and what it will be used for. For most, probably not. I would like for a lot of the art to be strictly for this project. But credit will be given where it's due. Q. Will I be getting paid for any of this? A. Since this is a non-profit project, none of us will be making any money. This is simply a fun project that we had wanted to do. I'm sorry! Q. How many artists/graphic designers do you need? A. The more the merrier! Q. What's the job of the community manager? A. The community manager is like public relations, but does a little more. The community managers will help me keep everything inline as far as community wise. They will keep everyone updated on the musical, as well as advertise and answer any questions when I don't have the time too. Q. Can anyone apply? Or do I need to be a certain age... etc.? What are the requirements? A. There is no age requirement but you need to be as dedicated to this project as I am. I've put over a year into this project so far and I'm not backing down anytime soon. I'm not saying give up your life toward this musical, but we need to know you're serious about this project as we are. Q. Sign me up! Where do I apply? A. I have no application, but you will have to go through an interview with me. All I ask is that you link me to some of your past works. I also need a way to contact you (Skype works best for me.). Q. I'm no artist, but I can sing! Where can I audition? A. I'm currently not holding auditions for the musical. Subscribe to the Youtube channel so you know when I will be! Q. Can I help out in anyway besides art or graphic designing? A. Sure thing! Send me a Skype request and we'll talk! Q. I don't want to be apart of this, but I do want to stay up to date with the progress, how can I? A. The best way to stay updated is to subscribe to the official Youtube channel. There, I will be posting update videos as well as leaks of songs, scenes, concept art, and even more! Youtube: This project has gone a long way from just an idea to now this! Ever since I was a little boy my dream was to help write and be apart of a musical, and now because of this my dream might come true! I've gone through a lot of hiccups in the road, but it's okay, cause I know in the end I'll still be smiling as I watch the musical I helped come up with. So help me fulfill that dream, and help be apart of one of the first ever fan made musicals! Thank you, and have a great day! - TMM My Little Pony - The Musical! Website: (Under construction) My Little Pony - The Musical! Youtube: My Skype: themusicman1105 My Email: -- My Little Pony - The Musical! by James Stryska is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Characters and titles from “My Little Pony” franchise © Hasbro, Inc. 1982-2014 are all properly and legally owned by Hasbro Studios and DHX Media. This project is strictly non-profit and has no connection toward Hasbro Studios or DHX Media in any way.
  18. So, I made a blog post on this, and I thought it'd be a cool idea. Once a year, I would like to find around 22-24 other people here interested in creating a completely original musical from scratch. The twist: We never actually meet face-to-face. Yes, we never meet, but we create a musical that we all, in the group, love, and can be acted out on a stage. And yes, I can arrange to have this put in with actors, as I know an acting group that sometimes does original musicals. This will involve: Creating a production company Creating music Creating characters Creating a story Creating a plot Want to get involved? If so, you should: Be good with others Be willing to have fun! If you decide to join, please write a small paragraph explaining why you'd like to join. I do not have any people involved yet, so I wanted to make a post here to see if anyone would like to join this little idea. If it works, I will try and do this each Summer. People involved: super2379
  19. I'm not talking about the YouTube Video by AVByte. I was wondering if anyone saw Bronies the Musical in LA, the one that won awards from Hollywood Fringe? I want to see it SOOO Badly, but I don't think I'll be able to get down there... If anyone has seen it, was it as good as they say?
  20. In short, with all the PMVs that have gone out, I'm surprised there aren't more for musical number! I can definitely see PMVs for the following musical numbers, and here's my idea that will go along with it! 1. MAKE 'EM LAUGH (From Singin' in the Rain) Just imagine Cheese Sandwich trying to make people laugh with his party antics all over Equestria. Imagine him singing this to Pinkie Pie as they both concoct a plan to throw the best part Equestria's ever seen. Just imagine Cheese Sandwich doing this as he sings! 2. MATCHMAKER (From Fiddler on the Roof) Just imagine the CMCs singing about finding their cutie mark instead of a future stallion... Although... I COULD imagine them singing about it when they're older... I can see them prancing about like this when they sing though... 3. I GOT RHYTHM (From Girl Crazy and Crazy for You) Let's say in the future that Applejack finds a stallion to love... Let's say the Apple Family all came over to celebrate... this is what would happen at the end of the number, after all the dancing : 4. WILLKOMMEN (From Cabaret) Just imagine the changelings at a night club in the midst of a Queen Chrysalis dictatorship... They're preparing an invasion of Equestria, but the changelings themselves are feeling disappointed at their situation... (Well the changelings wouldn't be raving like this, but you can imagine a 1930s bar in Nazi Germany right?) 5. CONSIDER YOURSELF (From Oliver) I can definitely see Pipsqueak being the Artful Dodger and Truffle Shuffle being Oliver in this PMV! And then there will be a whole crowd of foals and ponies coming out to sing together about being welcome in Manehattan! xD BONUS: CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO (From Sun Valley Serenade) I know this isn't a musical number, but that's why I made this one a bonues! Just imagine the Friendship Express chugging along to this tune! Let's have the Ponyville residents sing about their travels across Equestria while we're at it!
  21. This song was performed at Russian Brony Convention in Moscow on 3 May 2014. We invited cosplay actors to accompany the song. What do you think?
  22. So I had this idea for a musical- hear me out- this is a great Idea Setup: Why don't we have a mlp themed musical just with not so many pony references? We could have it like the Lion King with masks and paint. or for instance each character being only in a bodysuit of a certain shade of color. Like Celestia would be white and Luna would be black with some features. NM could have alternate face paint to make her look evil. Plot: We could have it begin telling the story of NM (The one told in S1 E1) and then start from nightmare moon's point of view with this song maybe? A scene could play with a argument between them. Celestia would banish NM to the moon, following this song maybe it could just be based upon NM and Celestia? Thats all I got. Does it sound like a good idea to you guys? If you have any ideas, post em!
  23. Like musicals, I like musicals.
  24. So, SDCC revealed that the upcoming episode Pinkie Pride is going to be a musical. How do you feel about this? Do you want another musical like Magical Mystery Cure? Do you think Weird Al is gonna sing? Would you like to hear some more Pinkie songs? I know I would. I'm pretty excited myself. The songs so far this season are really good IMO, so even more? Fantabulous!