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Found 53 results

  1. I'm curious to see how well my main OC holds up, after all these years, as well see if there is anything to be improved. --------------------------------------------------------- Name: Mythos Gray Sex: Male Species: Unicorn Age: Adult Coat/Body Colour: A soft gray color. Mane and Tail Colour and Style: Pure white. Eye Colour: Purple Physique: Fit yet lean, because of his travels and generally keeping an active lifestyle. Cutie Mark: An open book with a fire breathing dragon's head coming out from within, symbolizing Mythos' special talent for taking stories he finds and retells to 'come to life' as it were with his magic. Unique Traits: Illusion magic or magical illustrations as he sometimes calls it. Which he uses to “bring to life a story” or otherwise make some appear real when it is not. Creating visuals and even auditory effects, even to a certain extent the sensation of touch, yet with no solidarity or physicality to such illusions. Even create an illusionary disguise for himself or others. Residence: Canterlot, Equestria Occupation: An entertainer, musician, and storyteller publicly, yet secretly also a freelancer who offers his skills as something of an information gatherer and infiltrator. Personality: Mythos likes to enjoy himself, even if there is risk involved. Being friendly and charismatic, the unicorn has a gift for getting ponies to like him using his good manners and respectful speech, as well compliments. In some ways he can be manipulative, and is not above playing with the emotions of other ponies. Yet he is a stallion of his word, always keeping at least the letter of a promise, and will try to defend a mare or foal if able. He also has a great dislike for any that show rudeness towards or insults a mare, and will not allow a mare to be hit in his presence. Motivation: Always out for finding a good story and to have fun as well as to meet new ponies, as well an adventurous spirit who wants to explore every corner of Equestria and beyond. More then this though, he wishes to seek out the truth behind different Equestrian myths and legend, as well to learn that which history does not tell... Like for example the origins and past of Equestria beloved rulers, the Princesses Celestia and Luna. Where so little is known. Likes: Those with a pretty face. As well a love of reading, in good stories and books, meeting others, as well discovering and exploring old ruins or forgotten places. Dislikes: Those that are too serious, violence against fillies and mares or especially foals. As well those that show rudeness or disrespect, especially to fillies and mares, and those that speak without thought or sense. Any filly or mare shows disrespect to themselves or puts themselves down to harshly, especially when undeserved. With finally senseless cruelty and those willing to abuse others for their own pleasure, caring not for the harm they cause. Full Biography Mythos was born in a well to do Canterlot family who always seemed to be busy being involved in some social function or event. His father Brightstrings being an extremely skilled violinist and his mother Autumnheart a well respected private teacher of the history of Equestria. As a foal Mythos had plenty of time to himself, where he learned how to read as well as play music on the piano and violin. Yet while reading came easy to him, the musical arts were much harder. Yet Mythos was even at this young age a determinant lad and he actually did become fairly good at these instruments. As time went on Mythos expand his studies to not only the basics he needed to know but more, learning all he could on Equestrian history, myths, legends, and even tails from other lands. While leaving piano playing mostly behind he did continue practicing his violin, wanting his father to be proud of how well he could play. Yet he still hadn't discovered his Talent, which frustrated him and pushed him to try new things. Now like all self respecting unicorn he learned to use magic, and from youth he studied what he could on it. Yet that to seemed slowing going, but eventually he found he seemed to have an affinity to illusionist based magic and spells more then any other type. Surprisingly for some he started to become quite skilled at illusions or as he called it illustrations. When Mythos gained his cutie mark was interesting, as it was during a family party that his parents had prepared him for so that he would act the way he should. While looking around young Mythos noticed a young filly that seemed to not be enjoying herself and took it upon himself to cheer her up. Walking of to the filly Mythos smiles and introduced himself as he had been told to do by his father and asked what was wrong. Founding out she was his cousin as well as that her name Sundipple and explain that she hadn't wanted to go to the party in the first place. Calling her Sunny Mythos asked if she would like to hear a story he had read. Interested the filly nodded as Mythos started, concentrating his magic so that he could created the illustrations he had been practicing though they were like rough drawings. Smiling he told his story with all the emotion he could and started to catch the attention of others. By the end of the story there were ponies laughing and nodding at Mythos before he was hugged by Sunny as she thanked him. It was at this time that Sunny noticed Mythos cutie mark, which was an open book and a dragon that seemed to fly out of the pages and breath fire at the reader. With all the commotion Mythos parents walked over to see what was going on and grew excited when they saw his cutie mark. The rest of the party seemed to end even better then expected, and Mythos got to talk with a few of the adults because of what had happened as well as spend more time with Sundipple. As time went on Mythos grew into a young colt, and requested that he could go traveling around Equestria, wanting to see all the cities and town in Equestria. His parents were unsure, but agreed after a bit of discussion. Allowing Mythos to go off on his own as long as he promise to write weekly and tell his parents about his travels. Once he grew tire on traveling, though her greatly enjoyed doing so, he returned home to tell his parents what he had found and discovered as well as others that would listen. After about a week from when Mythos returned to Canterlot, deciding it was time to put his travel on pause and decided to step into the Canterlot elite as an entertainer and storyteller, showing himself gifted as such and finding use for all the skills he had learned when young and during his travels. Using his magic and his knowledge he weaved impressive stories as well as even played his violin at times. Yet it was during this time that he took up other work as well, finding himself with offers to find information or to learn about this pony or another. It didn't take long for him to realize he could earn more as a freelancer then for entertaining. It was around this time Mythos met a certain dark blue pegasus, who quickly caught his interest because of how pretty and nervous she was. It didn't take long for him to find out her name was Stardream and that she was with an assistant to an astrologer. After this meeting came many more and Mythos became quite close to to Stardream, fond even though he wouldn't admit to being in love with her. After dating for a time Mythos even consider being with just Star Dream, to actually have a relationship but it would seem that wasn't to be. Now Mythos had not gone out of his way to hide his activities from Star Dream but neither did he ever go into details on them. Partly because even he knew he was at times working for ponies who were not of good character. Who wanted him to give them the means to cause trouble for others and bring themselves up. He was not proud of this but at the same time he did not see a reason to stop. It was his policy to be available to any that have need of him as long as they paid his price of bit as well as good stories... and as long as he wasn't the cause of harm a filly, mare, or foal. Star Dream found out about this and was not pleased, trying to get Mythos to stop what he was doing as she was upset he would help ponies that would hurt others. Mythos tried to make it seem it was no big deal, that he wasn't the one actually doing anything wrong. Star Dream was not happy about this and eventually left Mythos in tears, later he found out she had left to another city and he was without a means to contact her. He was left in Canterlot, understanding he had made a grave mistake but with no way to fix it. All Art Commissioned Work - I can provide artist credit.
  2. So I follow this channel that uploads lost brony music qutie often. And I noticed one of the uploads was about this artist, sleepy toaster. Certainly, I had never heard of such person in all of my years, so I was wondering, do any of you know who that person is? Perhaps, although it nuked all its songs, it uploaded a last whole album in a single video on youtube. Anyone knows that person?
  3. So I've been doing MLP analysis on YouTube for a long time and am looking to branch out onto the music scene, as I'm an electronic musician and keyboardist for a band outside of the fandom. I'm just wondering if anyone here can advise me on how to get started in this part of the community, like where are good places to go to listen to other musicians, possibly network and promote my work etc. To be honest just recommendations of more good artists to listen to in any genre would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Where i can see favorite musician list?
  5. Hi Everypony, I was wondering what everypony's favourite musician/band is? My personal favourite is The Prodigy/Twenty One Pilots Please attach a video if you can!! THANK YOU
  6. Hey everyone, I'm back again to hawk my virtual instruments! Seriously though, as someone who really found his passion for writing music through the Brony community, I want to give back. I have a number of free virtual instruments on my site that run through Plogue's free SFZ plugin. My newest instrument is a grand piano, that I recorded in a church, and next up is a synth that will be based on a Casiotone keyboard. I make these virtual instruments for myself, since I can't afford the big name libraries, so I hope my fellow budget musicians/composers find them useful as well!
  7. Soooo........ keeping it nice and simple, I make musics which hopefully suits this section just fine to share. As tempted as I am to throw a whole array of tracks on here, have a couple of examples for the time being.
  8. A little song I decided to put together. Enjoy!
  9. I play the bass and violin. if you need any help with music i can help.
  10. Hey guys, so a lot of people out there have whole collections of music they have made on soundcloud, and, since I did a search and couldn't find a thread specifically for this, I thought I'd make one! So have you got a soundcloud page? Do you make tunes? Got a new tune on said page you'd like to share for everyone to listen to? Maybe a whole playlist? Post it here! I'll get this ball rolling.. Soundcloud page: Soundcloud Playlists: Newest Song: now your turn!
  11. I was watching some less-than tasteful videos on my friend's Twitch. I eventually got so disgusted I had to leave the stream. So Die Antwood has to now be my least favorite artist, which says a lot when I hate Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and One Direction. What is your least favorite artist? Maybe one that makes your skin crawl?
  12. I am a bit of beginner when it comes to making music so I would love to know if I am asking a lot from my French horn/mello player and please Note that this is meant for Intermediate to advanced players so her is the link to an excerpt of my upcoming project A True True Friend for mixed Septet. I will also take any and all Ideas Instrumentation Twilight: Clarinet Fluttershy: Piccolo Rainbow: Trumpet Rarity: French Horn Applejack: Baritone Pinkie: Tube/Trombone
  13. Does anyone know where i can find high quality samples of the voices in the show? i'd like to use some samples from the show but where i looked till now they where all low quality.
  14. Is anyone aware of other musicians (brony or not,) that have a similar sound to The Living Tombstone? I find his sound very unique, so I want to know how unique it actually is, because I don't listen to much non-brony EDM. The things that stand out in his tracks are a very heavy kick and snare, simple drum patterns, and goofy-sounding synths and patterns for lack of a better term. His remix of the Smile Song is a perfect example of this.
  15. Hello! We need a wide range of Creative Bronies for a project. The project is called 'Fear and Loathing in Equestria'. It will be a full length pony SFM film. We are currently looking for a large range of volunteers. This includes Voice Actors, Script Writers, Audio Editors, 2D animators, Editors, and Musicians. We need quite a few Voice Actors for Extras and Background Ponies. We also need musicians who can play and arrange film scores and rock. If you are interested send me a message or leave a reply stating how you would like to contribute. We're thankful for any and all help in creating this project! Please ask any questions you have. -Sincerely, The Management
  16. I have been producing and making music since 2003 - I have over 300 songs made, and am slowly migrating them over to soundcloud - I have an album for sale, and all of my music is free to listen to, just not all free to d/l my facebook music page: enjoy! -shawn- (a small sample of my work)
  17. Relative newcomer to both the forums and music production, here, and I have a question that may be trivial to some of you. I guess all I have to ask is in the title; does anybody here know how to work a compressor/limiter with respect to what it means in digital music production? Compression has always been something that's confused me terribly. I'm not talking about the parameters/technical details: threshold, ratio, gain, knee, attack, release . . . I already know how all those work (mechanically speaking). But I don't know why one would use a compressor (other than the fight the loudness wars) nor how. Sure, I know that a compressor can be used to smooth abrupt changes in amplitude and is generally used to make things louder, but beyond that, I don't know much. All my usual attempts to use a compressor are generally met with failure, and in the end, I just end up nixing them mostly because the music sounds better without them. At the same time, I know most people make significant use of compressors and—gasp—multiband compressors. I must learn the dark art of the compressor, if only to understand why and when I should/shouldn't use one.
  18. ----- "Welp, there we go, I have two songs all written down. Now all I need is the music!" Tech said triumphantly. He looked around for instruments, then realized he doesn't play any. "Oh yeah. Well I'm sure music making isn't THAT hard. I'll just make it online." Tech proceeded to use royalty free loops to make his song. 5 minutes later he realized it wasn't working, it sounded bad, and he has no idea what he's doing. "I'm gonna need help." Tech fled to the MLPForums and began to write a post, in search for a musician that could assist him. ----- So yep, that's my situation As mentioned, I do have two songs that I've written. The only thing I lack is that knowledge and talent needed to make music happen. So that's why I need YOU! I know the tune that the lyrics go to, all you need to do is form a musical track to match. One song I'd like to be in a similar style to the music in the MLP "B.B.B.F.F. Song", the other is more like Pop/Rock. I'm not looking for just some simple audio loop. I do want something that will end up sounding like a real song. And you will be credited for providing the music. So if you'd like to help out, then PM me. I'll share the lyrics with you and send you a rough draft of how the song is sung. I hope to hear from you soon!
  19. Who's your favorite musical group or artist that hails from your home town/current residence? And if none exist there, than who's your favorite from the closest town/city over? For me, it's gotta be Milwaukee's finest metal act
  20. I dont think i ever posted about this song but its one of my most popular songs with the brony community. Featuring the sweet guitar solos of my friend SlightlyAmiss (now known as SrightryAmiss) this dance tune was inspired by the Season Two premiere
  21. Okay so i know i havent posted any new tunes lately but fear not for i have just been settling into college. I am busy with classes but i am still recording. I have Apple Logic now, and new stereo headphones. so my music will come out sounding even better than ever, and since im majoring in audio engineering itll get even better than that!!! This is one song im currently working on (no vocals yet) and i also have a cover of Bab Seed that i am about to record!
  22. After multiple failed thumbnails, typos, balancing issues, and having to change up the ending a bit, I finally managed to finish my piano arrangement for Life is a Runway. Surprisingly, out of all the three music videos that have been released the past few months, this is the song that people have least done covers for (which is the reason I chose to do this one). Click here if you want to see my channel I may have left some stuff out (whether intentionally or accidentally), but I tried my best and it sounds decent. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Rarity fans will probably like this. (In case you wondering, sheet music and mp3 downloads are in the description of the video. The sheet music was written for two pianos but you can play it how you want on one piano.)
  23. Hi, everypony- pardon my sort of flooding this forum with these posts. Right now I'm looking around for some good drummers, electric guitarists and trumpet players who would be interested in participating in the Equestria Big Band, but we are also open players of other various instruments as well. We are currently passing out parts and practicing right now, gearing up for our first recording, my arrangement of "Winter Wrap Up". If you're interested, please feel free to shoot me a private message and I can give you far more details there. Thanks for taking a look! You will have a LOT of fun and the band will benefit from having you along!
  24. Totally forgot about this forum. As a brony singer/songwriter i cant believe i havnt posted on here. So just heads up im a pony of many genres, mostly punk (mostly post core punk), accoustic, and electronic. One is Crystalize (an accoustic love song sung as if its sunge by Armor to Cadence) which will be on Pony.FM in a sec, but you can check it out on my Soundcloud Just wanting some feedback. Secondly I am currently starting a techno metal track with my friend SlightlyAmiss. this is a post core punk track that mixes synthesizers with heavy drop c guitar riffs and double pedal drums.
  25. I wanted to post another topic about HUMOR RUMOR Again because it will features a MLP Songs in 2019, the HUMOR RUMOR Website will be published twice, in 2015 and 2019, also Dlizer's Ivasion Website, that's the new animated series i will start at an unknown time, i should complete the other HUMOR RUMOR playlists before we go to 2019, just ask me about the band itself, and i will answer. I need someone ask me about why did i founded this band.