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Found 29 results

  1. so, the actors for the movie have been announced: Uzo aduba, Emily blunt, Kristine chenoweth, Taye diggs, Michael pena, Liev schriedner and Sia To be honest, kind of unimpressed, none of these VAs/actors are really that exciting to me on the same level as ones like John De lancie was hell, the 80s MLP movie had dannie devito
  2. it’s been 2 whole years since the MLP movie hit theaters. With the ending arriving so soon it feels fitting to reflect back on this milestone and what we accomplished as a community together. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I myself really loved the new characters, exploring the world outside of Equestria. The wonderful songs and animation style and the heartfelt Mane 6 reunion at the end. It feels great to have this be the first new thread I made.
  3. IF you recall at the end of School Daze, Twilight Sparkle would defy the E.E.A.'s rules and make her School of Friendship independent, even going as far as to shatter the lock that kept her school closed. This infuriated Chancellor Neighsay, and not helping was Princess Celestia's decision to side with her former pupil on the school. But in my mind, by doing this, both Twilight and Celestia are risking their Princess title just to expand the magic of Friendship. Not long ago, Canterlot was invaded by the armies of the STorm King, who is considered a Non-Pony creature by Equestria's standards. This winds up justifying Neighsay's stance against other creatures like Griffins, Dragons, Changelings, Yaks and Hippogryphs. But imagine if there was another invasion by another Non-Pony creature(Or maybe the return of Tirek). That would give Neighsay's argument enough power to demand not only Twilight losing her status as the Princess of Friendship, but also Celestia losing her status as the Prime Princess of the Sun. How would you all feel if both Twilight and Celestia were no longer considered Princesses by the Equestrian Parliament because of their decision to cater to non-Pony races?
  4. Has anyone checked out this website? This stuff is seriously amazing, especially the print quality. Stumbled upon it about a month ago and submitted it to Equestria Daily. Thought I'd share it here. Mr. GuGu and Miss Go - My Little Pony Here are some quick previews - hit up the link to see more!
  5. So, I couldn't help it, post your MLP movie Parodies here, or any Parody of MLP. If of course, there's not already a thread for this. Remember, this is just for fun, nothing here is super serious or intended to harm or insult, it's all for fun. Here is my first submission:
  6. Hey all, It's been a while since I've been on this site and honestly I don't come here often (if ever!) because I'm so busy with other stuff in life (no not gonna tell you the details of that). So I'm writing this fanfic where the Mane 6, Tempest (aka Fizzlepop) and Princess Skystar end up on Earth and get taken in by an older teen - Xavier - and his mom - Joyce - in their tiny basement. He develops an affinity for Tempest as a GF and Skystar starts to look to him as a supportive brother. Later in the story after getting motivated by his new pony friends, he decides to try get back on his skateboard, having quit years ago after losing a sponsorship due to getting in trouble as a young teen and getting into car mechanics as a job. (fun fact: I got the idea for this element/part of the story from "Time to be Awesome") SPOILERS AHEAD... I have a fun chapter in mind where Xavier decides to take them all to the park. I knew Pinkie would love skateboarding (Rappin' History of the wonderbolts anyone?) and Tempest would likely enjoy parkour, volleyball, and maybe rollerskating. For Skystar though, what could she do? I thought back to her long, slender hippogriff frame and very strong skeletal structure (doubt me? see this movie screencap as an example) and her hand-like front feet. Suddenly BMX came to mind. Hooves can pedal no problem and talons can grip handlebars. For added benefit, wings can add stability during tricks. Might have to make the seat a little high though. What do you think? Link to my fanfic
  7. A while ago this month, I posted my idea of an MLP Movie about Celestia and Luna going to war against the Timeless Empire with a number of allies(Some from the first movie). But I have changed things for my idea. First off, Starlight does not get hit by a poison orb of some sort. Instead, she serves two things 1) As Twilight is still not with Celestia, Starlight serves to help comfort her mentor's mentor through these hard times, even going as far as to heal Celestia when she suffers a wing injury. 2) She ends up showing the Empress why its wrong to hold onto the past, at Celestia's request. In fact, Starlight uses her own past as a dictator to showcase the wrongdoings on this. 3) She takes a blow for the Empress, only for the latter to revitalize the former with the waters of eternity, showcasing her own fear of seeing life be taken away. In fact, the Empress Eternia is unwilling to want to let others die. To her, Death is something she fears. She kept her subjects alive and healthy, wanting them to live as long as time itself. However, one thousand years of this ideology has had a terrible toll on her psyche. She believes that all life needs to be preserved, no matter the consequences. ANd yes, I'm keeping the idea of the Empress being Celestia and Luna's birth mother. At the climax, the Empress teams up with Celestia and Luna to fight her own vizier, who has become powerful enough to wipe out all life from Equestria. This forces the three alicorns to abandon their "All life is sacred" principle and attempt to destroy the vizier(Formerly the adviser). But the vizier is too powerful for everyone. As her last action, the Empress sacrifices herself to destroy the Vizier. She succeeds, but at the cost of her life. As she's dying, she apologizes to her daughters, and realizes that all life must come to an end, even those who have lived a long time. After the funeral of the Empress, Princess Luna realizes that the Timeless Empire has no leader. Knowing fully well this means being apart from her elder sister Celestia Prime, Princess Luna surrenders her title of Princess of Equestria and becomes the new Empress of the Timeless Empire, hoping to build a new future and create new generations of Timeless citizens. Empress Luna says goodbye to Celestia Prime as she takes her place as the new Empress. Her first act: Seal off the waters of Eternity. The reason why I chose to change it is to have a more tearful ending instead of the more happily ever after ending. A more harsh lesson that one day, we must all depart this world, and it's not that easy to let go. What do you all think? Better change to my ideal MLP Movie sequel?
  8. So I finally saw the My Little Pony movie. I actually enjoyed it. Most likely a 4.5/5. Not perfect, but still awesome. But you ask: What if you were in charge of the sequel? What would you want in it? The ideal plot is similar to the first. Except this time, the new foe is a concerned Alicorn Empress named Eternia. Her goal is to conquer all lands so that her lands would be protected. When Celestia, Luna, CAdence, and the Mane 6 went on the counter attack with the Royal Guards(As well as the former servants of the Storm King), they were completely curb-stomped, and CAnterlot is laid in ruins. As a result, The Mane 6 and Princess Cadence are taken captive by the Empress(Save for one: Pinkie Pie) while Celestia, Luna, Starlight Glimmer, DIscord, Pinkie Pie, Capper, Tempest Shadow, Captain Celaneo and Princess Skystar made their escape to Mt Ares. As Queen Novo gives shelter to the misplaced Ponies, Starlight was hit by a Plague Orb. Novo placed Starlight in a healing ward to prevent the plague from getting to her, as Celestia and Luna lament the loss of Equestria to this new foe. Starlight gets a nightmare about losing Twilight Sparkle, and even Tempest Shadow became concerned, with Pinkie Pie playing the morale chief. Things take a turn for the worse when Mt Ares and Seaquestria are invaded, forcing everyone to evacuate. Even Discord is no match for the Empress as her power is even greater than any creature. It didn't take long for reinforcements to arrive in the form of Dragons, Yaks and Changelings. They form an alliance with the Republic of Equestria(Lead by Celestia and Luna) and the Hippogryphs(Lead by Queen Novo and Princess Skystar). The leaders of all the groups have named Princess Celestia the leader of the Equestrian Alliance Army, declaring her "Celestia Prime." War would now begin against the Timeless Empire from the far west. During the war... -We see love bloom between Captain Celaneo and Capper -As Starlight's condition worsens, she thinks long and hard about Twilight Sparkle and Sunburst. She chose to fight alongside her fellow ponies than to die alone with all available cures destroyed. -Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity have escaped the clutches of the Empress, with a small resistance group. They join in on the war -Twilight Sparkle, still in captivity along with Cadence and Flurry Heart, learns that Empress Eternia is the mother of Celestia and Luna. Which means they were originally from the Timeless Empire, and she's over 2000 years old. -Even more so, it seems the Empress had her reasons to invade Equestria, besides recover her children. She fears that the world would tear itself apart, and that it would creep into the Timeless Empire. The irony is that they have united, and war is now within the Empire. -Tempest Shadow is honored to fight alongside Equestria, after all she's been through serving the Storm King -It is said that the Plague Bombs are like the Obsidian Orbs, except that it infected the user with a plague. Even more so, the plague cannot be transferred through Air or Water. It only affects those who were caught in the cloud. At the Climax of the film, both sides are at a stalemate, even the EMpress is starting to weaken from endless combat. Everyone is tired to continue fighting. As the war began to die down, a weakened Starlight approached Eternia, asking her why is she doing this? When the Empress responded, Starlight points out what she's been through, and that she nearly let her own selfishness destroy Equestria. The Empress is even shocked that a plague bomb would hit Starlight, and that it came from one of her own. Starlight then dies in the Empress's arms, succumbing to the Plague that was eating her. As the Empress realized what she had done, she was hit with an even more powerful Plague Bomb. Betrayed by her own Advisor. She apologizes to her children before also dying. Celestia and Luna confronts the Advisor, who uses Twilight as a hostage to force everyone to give up their magic. Reluctant, Celestia and everyone else agreed, making the advisor more powerful than anything in Equestria. The Advisor uses the magic to bring terror and fear across the entire planet. Even the Windigos were no match for this monster. The Advisor's dream: Leave the planet in ruins, and become a god/goddess. Luckily for Celestia, she had a backup plan in case that happened. The Elements of Harmony. She gives them to Twilight and her friends, and they use them to defeat the Advisor, reducing the monster to a former shell. But what about the recently deceased Starlight Glimmer and Empress Eternia? Twilight was told of a cure: A Bath underneath the palace with the same waters as Seaquestria. Celestia places her mother and Starlight in the waters. At first, it didn't seem to work, but the waters took effect and brought Starlight and Eternia back to life. Celestia and Luna embraced their own mother, while Twilight and Tempest gave a big hug to Starlight. In the end, grateful for being given a second chance, Eternia has formed a treaty between the Timeless Empire and Equestria, creating a new alliance. Celestia was to retire from the name of Prime, but the other rulers insisted on keeping it, to serve as the Prime leader of the Equestrian Alliance. And to top it all off Two weddings: Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst, and Capper and Celaneo. The title would be: My Little Pony: War of the Timeless Empire. And the voice for Empress Eternia? Gal Gadot.
  9. As you all know, Spike will take on the form of a Pufferfish in the upcoming My Little Pony movie. I'm just disappointed that he doesn't become a Merdragon. Spike, on the other hand, is less enthusiastic. BTW, be careful with that last line, Spike. Hasbro might consider turning you into one should My Little Pony get its own Transformers Spin-off series.
  10. So, Its kind of interesting that dragons have crystal hearts that you can mine from them; think this might have be how the crystal heart came about?
  11. So, looks like we got the budget and score info for the movie. (at least according to 4chan, but given the number of spoilers being released tonight for the movie I'm inclined to believe the info so far) Some spoilers to be picked from this I'm betting if it turns out to be legit. Budget: $65 million Film run time: 1:44:48 Songs: 1. The Friendship Festival 2. Friendship Duet 3. Magician (by Sia) 4. Avenge the Day 5. Swim Higher 6. Time To Be Awesome 7. Ballad of a Princess 8. Off to See The World (by Lukas Graham) Score: 1. The Two Sisters 2. Morning in Ponyville 3. Parade Runner 4. Invaders! 5. A-pony-lypse 6. Celestia's Prophecy 7. Leaving Equestria 8. The King's Oath 9. Storm Chaser 10. Oh Captain My Captain 11. Capperlet 12. Throwing Away The Shot 13. Steampunk Junction 14. Escaping Tempest 15. The Land Down Under 16. The Rebels 17. Flight of the Hippogriff 18. Pastime Piratise 19. Storm the Docks 20. A Twist of Fate 21. Puzzles 22. Let's Start Anew 23. Fight for Friendship 24. The Light Rises 25. Sonic Rainboom 26. Credits Medley
  12. So, do you think the finale for this season will air before the movie comes out, or do you think it'll end up being pushed back past the movie's air date?
  13. So, here's a question: In the prequel comic, we are introduced to strife: a villain who is disgusted by the storm kings jovial personality and lack of "true" malice, who is shown to be very cunning and outright betrays and humiliates the storm king. He is NOWHERE to be seen in the movie trailer, or any promo material. Do you think Strife is a comic only thing, or do you think he's being hidden as a villain in the movie like plot twists might be hidden in promo stuff for other movies? (Like how they outright lied bout talia al ghul being in the dark knight rises)
  14. So in the original draft for the movie meghan had 3 macguffins: ignis aquos and aeris. Now, looking at the movie, we have shadow tempest with a glowing green orb (the misfortune malachite as stated in the comics) and Novos has a glowing red orb of her own that she uses for her magic. I wonder, maybe the Plot actually isn't SO different and maybe the three macguffins are still the point of the movie, with storm king having one and Novos having another? (With a third one up for grabs)
  15. So, think there'll be any form of the EOH in the movie, even in a spiritual successor kind of way? (Like how rainbow power was just EOH in another form) Sia's got six multi-colored hearts as her cutie mark to allude to the mane six and princess Novos has a necklace of seashells of that same color on in one scene, so they at least seem to be keeping a theme of using chromatic symbolism of the mane six. (Though, that being said, the colors don't actually match up to the mane six's coats, since the colors are Red, blue, orange, green, purple, blue-- There's no green EOH or green coat colored main six)
  16. Anyways, at the end of the last EQG special, mirror magic, Starlight glimmer is told by twilight to spend some extra time in the EQG universe as a sort of vacation to learn more about friendship there: Do you think that this will be the canon explanation in universe for why she won't be in the Movie? (In that Storm king will just so happen to attack while starlight is in another dimension to explain why she won't appear in the movie) Twilight only tells her to stay a couple of days, but it still seems like its going to be the handwave for her absence from this movie.
  17. So, what's your prediction for how the upcoming Comic arc featuring Shadowlock will tie into the future of MLP? Do you think that Shadowlock is going to be the villain of season 7? Working for the villain of season 7? Or do you think this is instead meant to tease the movie in some way?
  18. Surprising no one, its rarity, twilight and pinkie pie leading the pack for first movie toys out. Also not surprising, they're toys of them transformed into Seaponies, like the russian conference leaked. but at least its confirmed official here.
  19. Hello who is excited for my little pony the movie my little pony eqg the tv series and my little pony frienship is magic season 7 i know i am lets hear it ponies i wanna hear you smile and get hype for 2017
  20. Anyways, do you want the movie to focus on explaining pre-existing unexplained lore in the show's universe (like alicorns, the tree of harmony or starswirl the bearded, discord's backstory, or something else) or would you rather the plot focus on completely new never before mentioned elements? Like how the sirens in RR were never mentioned before in show would be an example of having a movie focus on new lore, while the tree of harmony in Princess twilight sparkle would be an example of exploring pre-existing canon. Which would you prefer for the movie?
  21. when do you think the first trailer for this will be? the movie's due to be out in a little over a year, so we should be getting a teaser trailer pretty soon IMO.
  22. So, out of curiosity, which movie do you think will end up doing better at the box office, the upcoming Trolls movie, or MLP? I know this sounds unrelated, but just curious since they're both 80s Toy brands that will be getting a movie, and both are primarily girls toys brands, so it'll be interesting to see which one sells better. Trolls is being made by dreamworks whole cloth, and they have HEAVY respectability to the point that their name alone will probably kill alot of the stigma around it being a girls movie; on the other hand, MLP has an already established male fanbase, but still has a heavy stigma around it and is being made of a pre-existing show. So, just out of curiosity: which do you think will do better?
  23. So, here's a question: Do you think the EOH will play a prominent role in the movie or make a return, or do you think the movie will completely eschew it and do its own thing instead without any reference to the past involvement of the elements of harmony?