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Found 13 results

  1. So, I don't necessarily stay up all night, in fact, I rarely do. However, I do wake up early. A lot of times, the time I wake up will be anywhere from about 12:22 AM to 4:00 AM. (for those who don't use 12 hour clocks, 0:22 to 4:00). Which makes me sort of like Pixel from LazyTown. (Yes, I like LazyTown. I apologize. I apologize even more for not following some of the habits that show teaches. The show is made to teach eating healthy, exercising, and getting to sleep on time. I get less than 8 hours of sleep, rarely exercise, and eat junk food. I do sorta feel bad about it, though. Also, since we're talking about LazyTown. I'll link you to a LazyTown wallpaper. Also, because Pixel's computer runs on Linux (specifically a distro based on Debian) I like to emulate the linux terminal using Gow, Ubuntu on the Windows store (requires a 64 bit processor and Windows subsystem for Linux ), Cygwin (I quit using Cygwin because it takes up too much space) and CMDer. I also use Syn Virtual Assistant to talk to my computer (I ask it if I want to do things and try to get it to answer for me. LOL. Not so clever of me, huh? And even more unclever of me. I actually use a website to look at hidden cameras. Because I feel like Pixel is a spy because he has antennae cameras that reach all of LazyTown that he keeps on. Many LT fans believe that Pixel is more of a spy than Robbie is with his periscope. Anyway. Here's the LazyTown episode Sleepless in LazyTown (and no the plot is nothing like Sleepless in Ponyville) And here's a picture of Pixel. And by the way, I'm not gonna link you to the hidden camera page. Instead, I'll link you to a Google search page that includes the link. Mahahahahahahahahahaha. See, if Robbie Rotten can record all of LazyTown, he's more of a villain than Robbie is. Oh, and I'm getting off topic. I am very very sorry. Please don't get me in trouble. Anyway, what's the least amount of sleep you've gotten? Oh, and the video doesn't show up unless you put the link on the bottom, so here it is.
  2. I really want to put my cards on the table guys, because i want to be honest with you and being honest is what a real friend should do. I've been here for 9 months now and sometimes, people look at me like i am the perfect guy, who has the perfect life and who dosen't do any sort of mistakes. That's simply not true. I am doing the same mistakes and i have the same problems like everyone else has. I have been unemployed for awhile now and during the week, i spend my time at home, playing video games, watching movies and browsing with you guys, because most of my friends IRL have an actual Job. They don't judge me for it though. The reason why i can buy myself something like a wii u, is because i donate Plasma every week, for which i get 25 bucks for and also the feeling that i did good for this world. I am cursing without end. Some of it gets into my normal vocabulary and even though i try to do it less frequently (especially in the forums and around my niece and nephew) i still have a potty mouth. I can be a bit agressive sometimes and i have a tendency to get into petty arguments, especially when i had a bad day. Again, i try to better myself and it got better. But i feel like this is something that will never quite go away from me. I didn't made this blog, so you would distance yourself from me. I did this so you would look at me in a more normal light and not like in a way, where you would believe that i am better then you. I was always a guy of honesty and granted my honesty sometimes goes a bit far, but i would never lie to anybody here. I love this Forum and there is nothing that will ever change that.
  3. Hello everypony it's me SimplyRarity! Today I'll be posting a topic for you guys & gals to ask questions! The questions can be about myself if you'd like to get to know me better, about the fandom, the show itself, silly questions, anything you feel to ask me you shall. If I get enough questions I'll make a Q/A video for my channel for your viewing pleasure! I'll also make sure to mention you of course before answering your questions! Let's keep the questions PG-13 and don't worry I'll answer each and every one of them! So let's get this topic going and see what happens next! ( )
  4. Flare Shocker,AquaDrop and I try joining the wonder doesn't go to well I do a loop Knocking out Sorain Flare stepped on SpitFire's Wing An Aqua Gets sick while in the air ...its wasn't pretty We Blew it :okiedokielokie: We wont be showing our faces around cloudsdale for awhile
  5. The forums OFFICIAL SHIPPER!!!!!!! I am the one does the pairing up with anything so prepare for shipping!
  6. I've been needing to make a little money drawing Cutie Marks but I don't know how to price myself. I have Photoshop, Illustrator and willing to use GIMP if need be. I could probably get it done in 30 minutes depending on complexity.
  7. Hyperhooves

    Ask Hyper

  8. So usually I am not a very artistic person, but today I felt inspired to draw a pony that represented myself. so without further ado here it is. (Criticism is welcome, but keep in mind this is my first attempt ever at drawing a pony, and I'm not even that great at drawing to begin with)
  9. I am currently 13, and I will be 14 in September. I have watched all of the episodes and the movie. I have also changed some of my icons to pony related things. The main reason I ask this question is because of my age, in most mlp brony videos I have watched everyone has said that a brony is atleast 14 and up.
  10. I originally uploaded this picture from my laptop to my facebook. Now that my laptop is elsewhere, I had to download it off facebook onto my desktop. Which kind of crappied the quality. I usually don't try draw everything to a T compared to canon. It's imperfect, like me hope you like it!
  11. I dont consider myself as someone very social. Sure I know how to adapt myself to the people arround if needed ( which mean for work), but I allways prefer being kinda crazy, even if it means I'm not loved by everyone. I respect peoples way to be and I try to avoid bothering them with my personality. In return I expect the same, even if I find it way more funny when peoples try to find any logic in my ways. Conclusion: I'm a socially ackward guy, not the one everyone avoid, but not the one everyone want to hang out with. I only say that to highlight how important this forum was, and is, for me. You see I'm also associal on the net, I hate facebook, dont see the point of twitter, and I usualy post on forum for mmo guilds and never stay too long with them. MLP forum was the exception. I think I allready told about it in one post and I hate repeating myself so to make it short I consider this forum as the finestof the brony comunity, which is allready the finest on the internet. So why did I spend so much time without posting or even conecting ? Well. Because I first I needed to be "dead" for a while, like why I stoped watching mlp after the royal weeding ( it was soo awesome, I couldn't watch one more pony without riscking a heart explosive attack), then I was busy with work, and I came to the peroid when I was like "I'll come back tomorrow...and tomorrow... and tomorrow". The only thing I needed was some free time, free of work, drawing, and video games. And right now, after being accidentaly stabbed in the hand by my bff while kitchening (by the way I'm tiping this with only one hand, you're welcome) I'v got plenty of time. So here I am, I dont think I'll be super active, now I have the time but not really the hands for that, and when my hand will be back I'll be busy again. To be fair I'v never been super active and I think pretty much noone knows me, but I'm back and I want to post about it ^^
  12. I came upon I funny and strange website, where you could draw with ducks! Weird, huh? Well, shows how much YOU know, me. What's up with the angry cat? Why didn't you draw a duck, instead? No they aren't! Draw a duck, dang it! Oh yeah, show me. Oh. I like those little jokes up there. "They should have Ducktors instead of vets" It wasn't that funny... Yeah, it's awesome. Like this \/ Who's best pony, me? Good, you got something right, for once. Whatever. I bet it is. Here's the link:
  13. As the title states, I cut my finger open with safety scissors today. Yes, you just read that correctly. I cut my finger open with safety scissors. I will get to how this occurred in a moment. First, I must explain how my first day of Junior year in highschool went. First, I woke up at 6am (after going to bed at 3am), and jumped into the shower. There was absolutely no hot water, so I had to wash my hair quickly. I went into my room and put on fresh clothes, then went to dry my hair. Doing this took me 30 minutes, so it was about 7:00 when I was done. I did not have any time to shave, so I went to school with my summer beard. I walked to my friends house so we could go to school together. I knocked on his door, and to my surprise, his mom came out as well. She had her iPhone out, and started taking pictures of him. Eventually, she told me to take pictures with him as well. After this, we walked to school. Inside, we found our friends and hanged out in the cafeteria until my first period started, which was Art I. In this class, it was as quiet as could be. Everyone sat apart, and I tried to break the ice a few times by talking. Nothing worked, which just led to me laughing. After a while, we played a "Get to know you" game. When I put down that I have two different colored eyes, the only person who cared was a freshman boy, who got into my face. It was extremely odd, but hey, I'm not judging him. Afterwords, I went into my History class, and found one of my good friends. We sat down, and looked up at the teacher. He was a mean looking man, with a large mole on his face. He was also very loud. He gave us a sheet that asked us to name our 50 states. I could only name about 30 ;-; Afterwords, our new principle came onto the speakers and yelled at us that we were to do our best, and that we were all champions. He was so serious, we couldn't help but laugh. Then, as the class went on, we found out our history teacher was actually a hilarious guy. Moving to my next class, I walked into Algebra. I was with my friend once more, and this is where my story gets sort of weird, so I will bold it for the TL'DR's. As we were inside of this class, out teacher was going over the rules on dress code. She then told us (Shortened due to memory) : "Girls, you may of discovered something you developed over the summer and want to show them off, but we don't want to see it. Especially if there is guy teachers walking around. Ew! Also, those short skirts may fit dress code, but when you sit down, they will straighten out, and those guy teachers will be able to see it! Ew!" This was.. weird, but then she moved on to tell us that girls will want to pierce more body parts in the future, and it is a very bad thing to pierce a "vital" organ, and told us to just think about it. Then said that she always says things straight, and even told her 9 year old son what all the body parts are actually called. She said this got her in trouble when her son was with younger girls and said something about a body part the girls did not understand. She told him that it was only ok to say that in her house. My friend and I looked at each other and whispered, "What is going on in her house...?" Next class was Graphic Design. Nothing special here. Next was lunch. I found the girl who stalked me during freshman camp (as I was her counsler), and she is still stalking me. Next was English. Not much important happened here, except in the beginning of class. This shall be bolded as well. Our teacher told us that she will call us anything that we go by, as long as it isn't sexual. Well, my friend is a brony, so when she called his name, I said he went by Applejack. She just laughed, and my friend laughed his ass off. Next class... was the class I cut my finger in. I shall classify this for the TL;DR's as well. What happened here was, we were supposed to be building a sturdy structure with spaghetti noodles, string, a marshmallow and tape. Well, we had to use Scissors, and I was the one to get it for our group. Well, the scissors wouldn't cut through the string, so I pushed it hard. It went through the string and split open my finger. I started bleeding profusely, and blood went everywhere. Everyone in the class began to ask me how I cut my finger open with safety scissors. The truth? I have no fucking clue. My last class was Theater Pro, and we were just getting to know people. Well, that is my story on how I cut my finger with safety scissors. Hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to brohoof, comment and click this button :3 Click the follow button :3 Put in the comments: How your first day of school went!