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Found 9 results

  1. 'Sup MLP Forums, how are you all doing? For those of you who may already know me, you may already be aware that my site username also happens to be the name of my Ponysona OC (and the name of my Music Channel on YouTube). However, I have started to notice that: 1. It may not make that much sense to use as a male pony name (despite some pony names literally having names that human beings also use, such as Cadence, Octavia, etc.). 2. I honestly feel a little cringy having my Ponysona OC using my real life nickname (and what I also use for personal real life branding), Jonny. It just doesn't sound right and feels out of place. 3. I did not know how to better name my Ponysona OC back then when he "became alive" back in 2014 when I asked someone to create an OC for me. And so because of this, I have been thinking to change my Ponysona OC's name to something else, such as these potential new names I came up with: - Shining Pipe (this might be a good name for my Ponysona OC) [Note, this name was inspired from Shining Armor and the sound producing part of a "pipe" organ] - Silver Pipe (sounds pretty generic to me personally) - Charming Stallion (according to the "Rum & Monkey" Pony name generator, lol) - Wild Pipe (not sure if my Ponysona is "wild" enough for that kind of name, lol) - Tin Pipe (as in the material organ pipes tend to consist of) - Steel Pipe (same as above) - Silver Whistle (Decided officially as the new name) (The last 4 were found/inspired from the My Little Pony name generator from the Fantasy Name Generators) UPDATE! (new names!): - Lucky Pipe - Lucky Whistle (The reason for "lucky" is due to the association the colour green (my OC's coat colour) has with luck)) If you have any name suggestions or if you happen to disagree with my thought of changing the name in any way, please feel free to share your thoughts, I'll be looking forward to them. Also for reference, you'll see an updated image of my OC attached. UPDATE: As of Jan. 19, 2019, my Ponysona OC's name is now "Silver Whistle".
  2. We have passed $1750 in our MCM V event. We have now unwrapped a new present. CHANGE A STAFF OR DONOR NAME for the rest of December. After some volunteer staff members or MCM donors offer themselves as tribute down below, we will have yet another poll (I'm going crazy keeping track of these things btw), to see who will be chosen. You may also suggest in the thread silly and goofy and embarrassing names for them to be changed to. Please follow the rules, so I don't have to send you an annoying PM that you've probably gotten from me already. SO Nomination Poll: Friday De. 9th at 9:30AM EST to Monday Dec. 12th at 9:30AM EST Name Poll: Monday Dec. 12th 9:30AM EST to Wednesday Dec. 14th at 9:30 EST Vote on the staff or donor who will be victim to the name change. Then another vote for the goofy name you've suggested in the posts below. The "winner" will then change their display name to whatever has been chosen by our wonderful MLP Forum users. You can then change it back next year, which is when our donation drive ends. So go forth and may the odds be ever in your favor!
  3. I'm looking to change my forum and YouTube name, but I'm terrible at coming up with ideas! I'd like to keep it horse/pony related. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon!
  4. twiia


    Why... do people keep changing their freaking display name??? Its confusing and annoying. I mean, when they COMPLETELY CHANGE THEIR NAME. Seriously though. What the buck [no offense anypony, but really.]
  5. I've mentioned this a couple of times before. But after seeing "Brotherhooves Social" I've been thinking about this for sometime and I think that they should change the name from the "Sisterhooves Social" to the "Siblinghooves" Social. That way Stallions and Colts can participate in the event and they won't have to dress in drag to participate. I can also imagine having ways to adjust the event so it can accommodate for Larger Stallions such as Big Macintosh such as test of strength or something like that. They can also accommodate for ponies with 2 or more siblings such as the Apples and Pies Also that way ALL the Mane 6 can participate: -Twilight Sparkle teaming up with Shining Armor -Fluttershy teaming up with Zephyr Breeze -Pinkie Pie teaming up with Maud, Limestone, and Marble -Applejack teaming up with Apple Bloom and Big Macintosh (not "Orchard Blossom" but as himself) -Rainbow Dash teaming up with Scootaloo -Rarity teaming up with Sweetie Belle -For laughs they can probably have Derpy teaming up with Dr. Hooves. Each of the ponies would still be competing in teams of 2 however those with more than 2 siblings can "Tag out" before certain events so that all the siblings can have equal participation. It would also make for personal interaction between 2 specific siblings such as Applejack and Apple Bloom, Applejack and Big Mac, Big Mac and Apple Bloom, Pinkie and Limestone, Pinkie and Marble, Maud and Marble, Maud and Limestone, or Limestone and Marble. However, ALL siblings will partake in the hurdle race towards the end. Hopefully for the event, Big Mac will train to actually jump hurdles. As for who wins it's fair game. Do you think they should change the name of the "Sisterhooves" to "Siblinghooves?
  6. Ever get the feeling that you want to change something but you can't, then say hello to psn, where you can't change your name if you've made a mistake or had that name for a long period of time, the only way you can change your name is by making a new account ¬_¬
  7. So this is how it works! Look for the first initial of your first name, then look for the first initial for your last name. You will find out your new awesome name! With the power of the Name-O-Changer: Twilight Sparkle: Black Texas Pinkie Pie: Miley McYumi Rainbow Dash: Darth Doorknob (lol I never knew doornobs were in star wars) Derpy Hooves: Tinsel Face Lauren Faust: Lyoko Taocbell (Taco Bell in a virtual world? Cool! code lyoko, iykwim)
  8. In NASCAR, the checkered flag is waved when the leading driver completes the final lap of the race, signifying the conclusion of the event. It's time to wave the checkered flag in my life as a NASCAR fan. --- As a lot of you probably knew before I changed my name, the sport has had a glorious effect on my life for a long time - but I personally think it's time to put that enthusiasm to rest, because lately I have not really been living up to my old name. While I may still enjoy things related to NASCAR, I don't follow it at all anymore, well, very little (I don't watch the races live anymore though), it's just not as 'there' as it used to be. Let me just tell the tale of how it came to be. I was born on June 21st, 1996 in Fairfax, Virginia. From then there have been many complex controversies involving which family member owned me among other things. I was finally chosen to live with my grandpa in a my Vienna home on September 1, 2000, and it's where I currently live now. Some time around then, I had returned from visiting one of my relatives in Florida, and during my time there, I had experienced some sort of traumatic event of which I do not remember. It made me fall into a psychologically erratic state that shocked my guardians. I wouldn't recognize my stuffed animals things from my room and around the house, I wouldn't play with any of my toys. I apparently spent most of my time cowering under the covers. I was mentally scarred, really. To help calm me, my grandpa let me play games on his Windows 98 computer. One game that he already then had was an NHL (American professional ice hockey league) game from 1999. I played it rather often, and to this day, is rather heavenly nostalgic to me when I play it. The same can be said for another game a NASCAR game from the same company and year. Since I then had a particular interest in cars, he had bought me that one in addition. Over time, I played them very often and I was eventually brought back to a normal mental state. If it weren't for those games, I probably wouldn't have felt better that soon, and it helped, especially considering that was my first year of school. I owe a lot of my enjoyment in life to those two games. I particularly liked the aethsthetics of those games, I have an emotional connection to the teams, players, logos, cars, music, etc. from those old games, and I came to experience those two sports even more for years to come. Back to NASCAR. Ever since I played that game, I was really interested. But, now I look back and realize I haven't given it the attention it deserved from me. I did go on to buy tons of NASCAR-related merchandise, including more games, over the years. A lot of the old NASCAR games, especially the ones from the early-mid 2000's are really nostalgic to me, and I recognize all the specific cars that were in them, the tracks, the graphics, the controls; everything. But, I never actually saw a race. For whatever reason, growing up I never saw any NASCAR race, not in person nor on TV. I don't know why I never did; I guess I never thought about it. I never actually followed the actual sport until 2009. I did go to the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte, NC, in 2010 (the year it launched) and 2011, but even then I hadn't gone there since; and now I even realize I've enjoyed certain things more than that. In summer of 2009, I went to Pittsburgh, PA, to see a race that consisted of old 1930's race cars. For whatever reason, they brought one of the NASCAR race cars to the park to put on display; I wasn't expecting it and was really shocked. It was the first actual race car from the sport I saw in person, and it was just amazing. And soon after that, I actually started watching the races every week, including the small stuff they had during the week. This continued into early this year. Out of the blue, NASCAR had for some reason started to become a less important factor in my life. I started watching the races a lot less, more interests started taking over my free time, like internet, ponies and hockey (which had sparked in my interests late last year). I have no explanation for this but I have to move on. Identities...they're the best way to instantly recognize a person. My old name, NASCARFAN160. A huge portion of internet aliases are based on what one likes to partake in. Some time in the summer of last year, I listened to a podcast interview with someone, and a discussion had been brought up about screen names. I hadn't until then realized a very importan moral: original uninspired names have superiority over names based on occupations. For example, if you had a name, say, MLPFan160, it would most likely imply that said individual enjoys My Little Pony; depending one one's definition for the acronym MLP. Now, say, since then, their interest had been deteriorating from visting multiple pony sites daily and watching multiple episodes monthly, to doing each once per three months, it would not really be worthy to be considered a 'fan' in most terms, and thus the name MLPFan160 would be misleading. To have an original name initially is to avoid this circumstance in the first place. Starting off with the same alias makes everything easier from then on out. And I prefer it to be that way from now on. From my perspective, 2013 was a big year of change, in both other people, corporations and organizations, three mediums where change is most significant. It's one of the things that urged me to change my name. And I feel like I, too, have changed. This fandom has done incredible indescribable things to me, mostly good things. It almost felt like starting a brand new life. I feel different, new, refreshedl I want to break away from the negatives of the past and experience new beginnings. It's an amazing sensational feeling, comparable to love and nostalgia. I like to live for said feelings, I just want to do good and feel good. And I think that this is the best step to a new life, a new identity. My other interests and hobbies include internet browsing, ponies and ice hockey; all of which had sparked in the past three years. Sometime I depsier the way I balance my schedule, and even with that having issues lately, I can not refer myself as a person who dedicates the time one devotes to NASCAR that I don't. So I decided an adjustment had to be made, and you now know why. The sport has done so much to my life, and I think it just has all died down too much. But enough of that. Change is good. On to better times! (As for this particular blog, I probably will just scrap it and start a new one, with not promising activity or anything like that.)
  9. I do not know much about armies, so I shall type this: Hello, this is the Pinkie Army. If you put Pinkie or Pinkie Pie in your username, you will be part of the Pinkie army! It's going to end when I turn 9 (which is a long way off) so feel free to join! You can drop out at any time. Plus, if you join the Pinkie Army, you will be PM'd every Monday for a Pinkie-a-thon! A Pinkie-a-thon is a day where you watch every episode where Pinkie Pie is the star. The first official army Pinkie-a-thon is in 3 days. Please join! (All opposers will be attacked by the Pinkie Army the day before I turn 9, so do not oppose unless you want PM's saying:SPAMSPAMSPAM Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie.)