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Found 165 results

  1. I got this idea when I saw this who wants to be a millionaire question.
  2. I've seen plenty of fanfics where Luna calls Celestia "Tia" for short. Does she ever actually do this in canon?
  3. I'm starting on a new fic, involving a male changeling, when I realized I have no idea how changeling naming works. The only name we know is Chrysalis, so should I go with an insect based naming theme?
  4. Like, on a regular basis. I don't like doing it because it feels sort of alienating, but sometimes i get roped in to it without even realizing. This one time i met the father of some guy who i only called to by his last name. I was like "Oh, you're [LAST NAME]'s dad?" I immediately felt stupid.
  5. Well, if you've had a pet and gave it a name, have you ever given your pets strange or unusual names? When we had our first cat, we named her "Cuca". The name didn't have any meaning, we thought it just fit her. Much later, when she had her second litter of cubs, one of them resembled a blue Russian cat (her mate was a purebred one) and my aunt named him "Bear" because she thought he looked like a tiny little bear with all that fur. Yeah, Mexico is a country where people often give their pets interesting names. Bonifacio, Capulin, Chamuco, are some of the most unique I've heard.
  6. 'Sup everyone! So, here's a question for ya'll: Do you like your given, legal birth name? (No nicknames allowed! For example, I'm Will, but my legal name is William) And, if you don't like your legally given name, (Or even if you do like it, but like something better) would you change it? If so, what would your new name be? I personally like my legal name, although it is quite generic and dull. I do prefer Will to William, however, and if I could rename myself, I quite like the names Todd and Jason. However, in all likelihood, I would just wind up naming any sons I have by those names, instead of renaming myself. So, what about you guys? ((EDIT: Just to clarify, I wouldn't recommend giving out your full name on the forum. Just saiyan. I mean, I only gave my first name for a reason. If you want to post your name, feel free, but don't feel you need to. That is all))
  7. This has likely been done before but what the hay, if this is taken down it's taken down. Anyhoof, if you were given one legal name change for your real one what would it be? It can be AAAANYTHING you like, a name you prefer, an item, your OC name, anything. I would change my name from Keenan Green to Leon Green, reason? Because my original birth name was Leon but it was changed when I was about 5 months old.
  8. Heres the deal… As a fun way to say thank you to this awesome community.I have come up with something I think will be kinda fun to do! So as you all may know, I have a saltwater reef tank..thats never been named and is about to get a huge facelift, in-fact phase 1 starts this Friday.. Anyway, heres where you all come in, I want you guys to come up with a name for it, as it will now be the community tank! Heres how this works… you guys come up with names, submit them in the comments and i’ll add them to the list, then after I get enough, I'll let you all vote. Now the fun part! The winning name will be engraved on a glass plaque and added to the tank which will be in all the upcoming videos I've been asked to make for it. Now the one who comes up with the winning name will get a commission of there OC done by @Trix or Treat?, paid for by me, and ill also be making a donation to the Gallery of Goodwill. Just a small way I wanted to say thank you to you all. Official name is Aquastria!!
  9. Thought this was a lot of fun to see what your name would be if you were born today based on popularity. Obviously you don't have to share your real name if you don't want to Here's mine :comeatus:
  10. I kinda hate my name. My name is Jimmy. What I dislike about it is that it's supposed to be a nickname for James but, my name is NOT James. So I get asked "Is your name James?" a lot and it's pissing me off. Why couldn't I have a had a more "normal" name? So anyone else have any similar issues with their name?
  11. 'Sup MLP Forums, how are you all doing? For those of you who may already know me, you may already be aware that my site username also happens to be the name of my Ponysona OC (and the name of my Music Channel on YouTube). However, I have started to notice that: 1. It may not make that much sense to use as a male pony name (despite some pony names literally having names that human beings also use, such as Cadence, Octavia, etc.). 2. I honestly feel a little cringy having my Ponysona OC using my real life nickname (and what I also use for personal real life branding), Jonny. It just doesn't sound right and feels out of place. 3. I did not know how to better name my Ponysona OC back then when he "became alive" back in 2014 when I asked someone to create an OC for me. And so because of this, I have been thinking to change my Ponysona OC's name to something else, such as these potential new names I came up with: - Shining Pipe (this might be a good name for my Ponysona OC) [Note, this name was inspired from Shining Armor and the sound producing part of a "pipe" organ] - Silver Pipe (sounds pretty generic to me personally) - Charming Stallion (according to the "Rum & Monkey" Pony name generator, lol) - Wild Pipe (not sure if my Ponysona is "wild" enough for that kind of name, lol) - Tin Pipe (as in the material organ pipes tend to consist of) - Steel Pipe (same as above) - Silver Whistle (Decided officially as the new name) (The last 4 were found/inspired from the My Little Pony name generator from the Fantasy Name Generators) UPDATE! (new names!): - Lucky Pipe - Lucky Whistle (The reason for "lucky" is due to the association the colour green (my OC's coat colour) has with luck)) If you have any name suggestions or if you happen to disagree with my thought of changing the name in any way, please feel free to share your thoughts, I'll be looking forward to them. Also for reference, you'll see an updated image of my OC attached. UPDATE: As of Jan. 19, 2019, my Ponysona OC's name is now "Silver Whistle".
  12. This is pretty self explanatory. Just give your thoughts on the above user's display name! For example: Random Guy: "Recherche? I suppose you're a pretty big Rarity fan, huh?" Next User: "How do you not know who you are?" Water Reserve: "Is Recherche so lazy that he couldn't think of a name for the second poster?" Considering I'm the first poster, I'll let you do the work from here! Just try to keep things friendly!
  13. Welp, no one did X yet, I don't think... so here's the X one ^.^
  14. Hey all, Lunar Glow here... First sentence in and you have my dilemma. Dont get me wrong, I love the name Lunar Glow, but ut just doesn’t fit my OC’s personality or looks: She is a very musical pony and her special talent is, in fact, music. Her cutie mark: Any suggestions?
  15. Ok if any of the ponies were memes,which memes do you think would suit any of the ponies? this includes the bad guys(Discord,Nightmare Moon,etc),the changlings,background ponies. have fun! Le rulez no perverted comments no raging no arguing trolling is allowed Ill start,i think that Rarity is the “Like a Sir” Meme
  16. So last I was creating a the train pony of mane six So I created the leader of mane six leader But I have trouble naming her since she is the counter part of twilight sparkle what her name should be Her train based on
  17. A while ago I was designing an OC as a pet or representation of my deviantart account, the result was this ... a pastel yellow unicorn with a bi-colored mane. her cutie mark is a feather in two colors releasing a flash in those colors, represents '' the creation '' or the imagination ... Why did I choose a feather with a flash? very simple, when you create something or have an idea (write a song, a book, some drawing, the scale model of a house, a mechanical piece, a recipe, the pattern of a dress, a plan, another) you usually make a Initial sketch of what you have in mind with which you will make your idea come true. You make this sketch with a pencil ... in the case of ponies, a feather! I would not know how to describe it ... or if it counts as a special talent ... but it seemed like a nice concept! What help do I want? I chose the name '' berry bliss sundae '' because of the colors with which I composed the character or simply because I thought they combined with it, but I do not know English ... so I would like to know what they think with the name ... it sounds weird ? Do you think I should have a better name? another thing ... I have not yet decided on his eye color, any suggestion?
  18. Hi! Any ideas for a cutie mark and/or name? Here's a basic overview of my pony: She has an interior designer job, her hobby is singing, and is kind, but gets easily angered when some thing doesn't go her way.
  19. Well.. You know that leaked preview from hascon, about Chrysalis Posing as a photographer..... Any possible names?
  20. so what's your name? I'm Marko.
  21. Name a big name brand then comment if you have heard of the one above you. (you should avoid repeats) I will start: Apple
  22. Okay, here's the topic: A human protagonist with alien nanites in his bloodstream that grant him superpowers like telekinesis, telepathy, shape-shifting, super speed, and super strength. What would be good names for him?
  23. I really need some advice. My OC(profile pic)'s special talent is being really creative, just like me irl. Art/music/math/thinking/theorizing/solving, all that stuff is what I do best and what my friends and family know me for. So naturally my cutie mark would be a rainbow representing creativity, "thinking outside the box", and just being a little different from most people. But my problem is coming up with a name that doesn't sound mary-sue. I want it to go with my cutie mark. I thought of just naming my OC 'Creativity', but one of my friends thought that was "extremely lame"(they aren't a big MLP fan and are bad at coming up with names, so I don't know if they are a reliable source of feedback anyways). The name Creativity is similar to the name Rarity, so it could have a chance of being a pony name and it's not that mary-sure, but I don't know what else to name my OC. Would the name 'Creativity' be ironic because it's not creative...? For any name recommendations, it has to sound masculine or neutral. Thanks.
  24. Hey guys! I have a lot of free time so I figured I would help some people with naming their ocs! If you need help with an oc, just put a short description of them and I will see what I can do.
  25. I see a LOT of "help! My OC needs a name!" So… seeing as how I do enjoy helping, I thought I'd start a naming thread. If you have an OC, or are just writing an MLP fanfic that needs background ponies, names can be a right challenge. Especially since the MLPverse has a bit of a naming format. But just call me Bastian Balthazar Bux! Because giving names is a favourite past time of mine. (Okay, that reference may be a little dated, but Never Ending Story is still a classic!) Just post with a little description of your OC, include as much as you can: Cutie Mark, Colours, occupation, relations if possible… maybe a few personality traits (like lazy, hyper, talkative, friendly, emo, stuff like that)… I'll reply with name suggestions. And (hooves crossed) others can put their suggestions in, too.