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Found 96 results

  1. I'm just wondering if you get annoyed I do for some reason if you don't do you know someone who dose? sorry if I spell something wrong
  2. I've seen plenty of fanfics where Luna calls Celestia "Tia" for short. Does she ever actually do this in canon?
  3. I'm starting on a new fic, involving a male changeling, when I realized I have no idea how changeling naming works. The only name we know is Chrysalis, so should I go with an insect based naming theme?
  4. 'Sup everyone! So, here's a question for ya'll: Do you like your given, legal birth name? (No nicknames allowed! For example, I'm Will, but my legal name is William) And, if you don't like your legally given name, (Or even if you do like it, but like something better) would you change it? If so, what would your new name be? I personally like my legal name, although it is quite generic and dull. I do prefer Will to William, however, and if I could rename myself, I quite like the names Todd and Jason. However, in all likelihood, I would just wind up naming any sons I have by those names, instead of renaming myself. So, what about you guys? ((EDIT: Just to clarify, I wouldn't recommend giving out your full name on the forum. Just saiyan. I mean, I only gave my first name for a reason. If you want to post your name, feel free, but don't feel you need to. That is all))
  5. Since it's typically women who take men's last names, I was wondering how it makes you women on the forms feel about that. Are you okay with taking your husband's name? Men, what would you think of taking your wife's name rather than she taking yours? LGBT+, do you just play rock-paper-scissors or...? (I'm joking here, if it isn't obvious)
  6. If you were having children, what would you name them? Why? I like these names for males: Endymion - It sounds nice and it can shorten to "Ender" as in "Ender's Game" Sherlock - My last name is Holmes and Sherlock Holmes is amazing Lestat - It sounds cool and Lestat's a pretty cool vampire I like these names for females: Maudlyn - I really like it and it can shorten to "Maud" (which is ironic cause "maudlin") Octavia - I like music and Octavia's a cool pony Marinette - It's a nice name and I like Miraculous Ladybug
  7. So, I thought I'd make a thread about everyone's names, and the neat little facts that go with them. Basically just tell us something about your real life name(s). Assuming of course you're comfortable giving out your name publicly -information redacted-
  8. What would be good names for a race of monsters?
  9. I finally decided to make this post. If any of ponies need name or cutie mark suggestions for your OCs, feel free to ask me and I will try my best to help you out.
  10. Can we talk about how some ponies are named, like how did Trouble Shoes get his name at birth? Or Spoiled Milk? How did they get such terrible names when they were just born? And it's not just for those 2, there are many others as well. To their parents, my only question is why? Why name them that?
  11. What would be good names for a barbarian warrior?
  12. So I have been thinking this over some. Ponies and their naming policy. By far they seem arbitrary in the generation but since logic can be inserted into them I have done just that. First inspection to pony names seems rather shallow and whimsical, but then after dissecting the names and some open speculation I've gathered a few pony name rules. Let's start fro the first ball of yarn: Apple family. What we have here,is a family that has been introduced to us in a relatively thorough manner and from our given knowledge Apple is the family name and any conjuncture to Apple is the actual name of the individual. This however presents us few problems, sure names like Bloom and Pie and Caramel are easy to understand as female names, but with names like Jack, from Applejack is not too feminine and AJ therefore was named with a masculine name or her name is actually shortened from something like Jacqueline or other Jackish name. And the fact that Caramel Apple as well as Apple Fritter are both names that are not combined up to a single name like Applejack means that Applejack likely is not Applejacks proper name but a nickname. Also the placement of pony last name seems generally random in the case of apple family and names are then paired in a manner that sounds good vocally rather than by order of first name -> last name or the reverse. Also then there are cases like Big Macintosh and Granny Smith who both are of course breeds of apple but are not named with a family name indicating several possibilities. In case of Big Mac we have obviously a case of name where family name is omitted for convenience, his real name likely is Apple Macintosh and he just got named "Big" due his most outstanding feature of size. Then the case of Granny Smith. Another case of masculine name or last name that differs from family name. With her we have the generation excuse at play. It could be that Granny smith marries to family of Smiths and her daughter then married to family of Apple, Making Granny AJ's maternal grandparent. And her maiden-name was likely something else. Her cutiemark suggests that she might be even related to Pie family. Then let's move on to the Family of Pie since we have a little bridge here to cross. Pie family Pie family, Granny Pie as well as Pinkamina Diane Pie share a last name, and Mrs Cake likely was named Pie before marrying Mr. Cake, making her Pinkies possible aunt. Bellamina Marie Pie, Pinkies dark grayish lavender sister also can be assumed to share Pinkies style of name. Her parents names we do not know but what we do know is that Pinkie Pie does share a similar strict naming we can assign to Twilight Sparkle. Sparkle Family Sparkles are unicorns, and likely then follow a more strict name policy in general. Sparkle family seems small and it can be that Unicorns due extremely long lifespan are allowed to have a limited number of offspring to prevent population growth, making generally unicorn family names a little less commonplace. Rarity's last name we don't know but I assume it to be same as Sweetie Belle's: Belle But since this is all speculation I will leave it at that. But Rarity Belle has a nice ring to it. Dash Rainbow Dash's family name likely is Dash, Until there's more Dash Background I dare not venture there either. And then the more complex cases like Fluttershy and Scootaloo pose questions whether these are combination names like Applejack or their last names just are not revealed.
  13. What would be good names for a cyberpunk hero? edit: Sorry. I meant to say names.
  14. What would be good names for a cyberpunk villain?
  15. What would be good names for tribes in a post-apocalyptic setting? Let's say the world has been hit by an abnormal series of natural disasters, causing civilization to collapse, and the survivors have formed tribes.
  16. I recently hatched a shiny female Jangmo-o, and I can’t think of a good name. I thought of Ember, but I don’t think it would work here, and my friend suggested Sindragosa, and that’s it. Not a large market for female dragon royalty, apparently. Any ideas?
  17. Okay, I'm a bit confused about how names work. We have normal names like Maud, Lyra, and Cadence, mixed in with not regular names like Twilight, Applejack, and Fluttershy. The ponies' names seem to be related to their destinies sometimes like with Celestia and Luna. (Celestia raises the sun and Luna raises the moon). Sometimes the "family name" comes first like Applejack and Apple Bloom and sometimes last like Pinkie and Maud Pie. And sometimes, like with Rarity, there is no family name. And also there are inconsistencies like Fluttershy's parents have "shy" as their family name, but her brother has "Breeze". Also, there's the please-call-me-Twilight thing, which is the name I gave to the thing where Rainbow Dash, for instance, is either Rainbow Dash or Dashie, whereas Princess Twilight Sparkle is nearly always just "Twilight". How does all this work?
  18. Two questions I have about the new changeling forms: 1) What do you call the new forms? Personally I like ColorChangelings or neo-changelings as new names, but I was wondering if anyone had a name for them. 2) Are the forms intended for a new toyline, Rainbow Power-style? They seem too garishly colored to be purely a stylistic choice.
  19. I would like to create three new pony OCs, all earth ponies. However, I need help thinking of color schemes, cutie marks, names, and other design aspects for them. If anyone would be willing to provide some ideas, I would really apprciate it! Pony OC #1 I would like this OC to be female and her special talent having something to do with chilli peppers. I was thinking of making her some greens, reds, oranges, or perhaps some brown? Pony OC #2 I would like this OC to be male and his special talent having to do with cheating in poker. As for colors, I have no idea! All I know is that I want him wearin sunglasses and giving off a real cool, yet jerk vibe. Pony OC #3 I would like this OC to be male or female (Either could work). His or her special talent will have to do with oceans; perhaps being an excellent swimmer. I would like him or her to have colors of white, blue, and black. Other than that, i'm lost!
  20. Change random words into pony names! To do this, you take a word or name, which can be anything, and turn it into a pony name by changing one letter per post (it doesn't have to make a word.) You can add, remove, combine words, or change a letter into another each time. Spaces are not included, just add the next letter in a word. (Starlight --> Starlight G). You can also combine the words using a turn or remove the last letter. (Starlight Glimmer --> Starlightglimmer). When you successfully turn a word into a pony, the user picks another word and pony name to change it into. Again, any word is valid, and you can even make it harder for other users to make the word. Example: Start: Tree to Fluttershy!
  21. So I finally decided on a name for my new OC. I decided to name her Astral Voltage. However, her name is quite long and I can't seem to think of any good nicknames, as both Astral and Voltage don't sound like very good nicknames to me. Volty is a no-go (sounds too much like Voldy, as in a nickname for Voldemort). I wouldn't mind other name suggestions and a Critique on the current name as well. Here she is.
  22. What are some of your favorite names? Or alternatively, what names would you give your future children assuming you will be allowed to make that decision (which most likely won't be us, fellas) boy: Michael or Patrick Michael is an all-around solid name. It's my godfather's name and I have a couple friends named Mike. I like Patrick too. James would be distant third choice for me. girl: Alexandra or Elizabeth I like Alexandra a lot because I think Lexi is a very adorable nickname. Elizabeth is also a cute name and is very versatile when it comes to nicknames. inb4TompicksTrixieorsomederivationofTrixieforgirlname
  23. Hi, my name is Joshua and for some time I been using AKAlphawolf for my Oc but I have decided that I need something unique that shows his personality and skills. My Oc will be based around music and gaming as I have a Soundcloud account/youtube on the subject. Its the same Land Stallion I used for my Profile pic, green Mane grey coat. I will consider all names given as long as they are not already being used. If your interested in my channel to grab idea's here is the link -