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Found 25 results

  1. I was thinking about how ironic it is that a pony's name typically matches up with their special ability/gift, even before their cutie marks appear. Scootaloo was named long before she was old enough to ride a scooter, for instance. In fact, I don't think there is a pony without a name at least a bit relevant to their cutie marked abilities. So, how do parents name their foals? Are ponies just amazingly good at knowing what their offspring will likely be up to when they're older? I haven't seen any instances of names being changed at any point in the series, but it just kind of blows my mind to think of how fitting their names all are. I guess it is debatable that names like Pinkie Pie and Sweetie Belle leave some room, though!
  2. Hello everypony! I'd just like to take a few moments of your time to explain the purpose of this post. I have found that I have a rather good talent of character design and development, which means I should be able to help you with anything from naming your pony, or even making one from scratch. Here I'd like to offer art, story, names, and concepts for anypony who might be struggling to figure out just what they want their pony to be. These will be finished in many variants of time, depending on what you need help with. I'll keep a current queue up here for everypony to see, so you know where you are in line. Current Queue
  3. Joe ►Steven Kyle Liam Pokemon, Zelda, and well...pretty much the majority of games today have you pick a name for your character and / or save file. So what do you guys do? Do you use your real name, an OC name, the cannon name (Like using "link" in Zelda) or a pre-set name? For me it's usually between 3, my real name (which I'm not gonna give away) my pony OC's name, or "Axe" which has become their own kind of OC after how much I ended up using it, only in pokemon games though. What about you guys?
  4. Well apparently I have this OC and She suppose to be my pony representing my artist side. Buuut... she don't have a name. I'm not even sure what her special talent is even suppose to be, yet I already have a cutie-mark designed for her. and surprisingly I also never drew her with her eyes open, and other people mistake her as a stallion instead of a mare. Any suggestions on her name and her special talent? after while, I will open a "ask my pony" ... thing ... for her HERE. *I appreciate the help -----------------edit As requested, maybe I should talk about her personality. she is supposedly zany and very upbeat. She also tends to be very shrewd and sarcastic all the while just being chill in general. She can also be spontaneous yet calm. she's kind of all over the place.
  5. As a warm up before I go some requests, I doodled this bat pony in the spirit of Nightmare night XD however Ive gotten kind of attached to her and have decided to make her an oc /just look at that ridiculous hair XD/ Im not sure about her cutie mark yet but I've decided she's going to be hella rude, hard to predict and eats questionable things. The only problem is I don't have a name for her XD SO If you have any suggestions do post in the comments.
  6. Hey everyone/everypony. I have an OC, but I don't know what to name him and I need some help. He is kind, shy at times, passionate and competitive in video games, likes winning, but enjoys having fun over winning, random and silly with friends, can be self doubt of his abilities when playing a game against someone more talented, he isn't afraid to speak his mind on certain things in a conversation or when somepony is being put down by others. His cutie mark is a video game controller that represents his love and passion for video games.
  7. Ok. SO I don't have a reference image but this pony is a light purple with a pink mane that falls only in front of her head . Her cutie mark is a black heart and her talent is seeing somethings true personality. She doesn't really like her talent but is more than willing to show it off if the opportunity arises. She is hard to get along with due to her short temper, but cares about her friends deeply. She grew up in Manehattan with her mother (her father died when she was 1, it didn't really affect her as she didn't really know him) and moved to Trottingham when she was 7. She has a sever case of dyslexia and was teased about it throughout school, this is one of the main reasons behind her temper. Any ideas? Her eyes are dark purple.
  8. i need a name for my newest OC, he's a master enchanter. and the enchantment on his arm lets him control the elements to an extent, while also boosting his magic. and heres his appearance:
  9. I know the show has had puns for places like 'Mane' Hatten, but what about countries? We've heard 'saddle' arabia, and i think i saw ger'mane'y and one point, dunno if it was fan-created or not though, and ofcourse, america would be a'mare'ica, but i'm having trouble thinking of any for countries like Japan and Italy and such, so have you got any good country-specific pony puns?
  10. Hello I'm kinda new to the brony/Pegasister community and I'm hoping that i can get some videos on my youtube channel to start reviewing and analysing MLP and I have an OC Drawn out and everything. I love her but I have no idea what to name her or where to even start with the naming process. Some Suggestions for a name would be helpful If people need a picture of her for referance i'll be more then happy to give one out. Here she is she's a Deer Yes and I like her but just so people don't hurt me I Don't Draw Animals well so yea lol ^^ So names would be appreciated GREATLY! Ty~!!!!
  11. Hey everybody, So eqtv has an official poniverse mascot :v Isn't she cute Well, she needs a name, and I can't think of anyone better to help name her than you peeps that spend your time on the site that she represents. I want you guys to be creative, make some suggestions, anything helps really. We have come up with a few names, but we are still deciding. At the moment we have; Telly Viridian Meadows Vivian The lean-green-streaming machine General themes to keep in mind are things to do with the site itself e.g. Viridian is latin for green///the site is super green Names that give meaning to 'entertainment' 'movies' or maybe even just something that points to a general enjoyment with friends would do great. You guys can also voice your opinions on the names we have already tried if you want. Lets see what you guys can come up with :grin2: EDIT: Name has been decided! We made a huge topic+poll with lots of discussions. And went with one of the first suggestions :v Viridian Meadows is now the name of our eqtv mascot! Thanks everyone for their input and discussion, green screen came pretty close, but viridian seemed to have made a place in our hearts.
  12. I'm been racking my brain on this OC i'm making for a while incapable of coming up with a name for him. He is a young pegasus colt who was born into a family that has a lineage of raising wonderbolts. My OC's father is a retired Wonderbolt while his sister is a current wonderbolt. While most of the family ends up being involved in the wonderbolts my OC during his training at a young age fell from the sky due to exhaustion. luckily he was saved but is now afraid of heights. His true calling is going to be alchemy which he will eventually discover. So i've been trying to come up with a two part name that suggests to his wonderbolt lineage and to his future talent. So if anybody can come up with a nice name i'd appreciate the assistance. Father: Defiant Flash Mother: Dazzling Flash [sorry I'm terrible with color names] Fur color: kind of pale blue Mane color: (two tone) pale green and a yellowish green Cutie mark: two flasks with one pouring into another (currently blank flank)
  13. I am horrible at making up names for ponies, so I need suggestions on what to call this new OC of mine OC/Cutie Mark image: A few extra details about her: If you couldn't tell by the CM, she's an author. She's kinda the quiet pony who likes to keep to herself most of the time. She would rather stay at home and read then go out and socialize, but I think you could figure that out pretty easily. I hope that's enough to go off of for naming.
  14. *EDIT* Modified poll! These are my top three favorites! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, back at the end of March of this year, I joined MLP Forums. I created a simple concept of my online pony persona using the Pony Creator on deviantArt. (1st edition) Since that day, I have not had an actual name for my pony-self. I've stuck to going by PE Brony this whole time for by myself and my avatar. Throughout the summer he's had a couple new looks, based on Soarin's build and mane. (2nd edition) During the 2014 MLPF World Cup, I gave him two new outfits to fit the occasion as an official commentator for the Cup. (3rd and 4th editions -current) However, in all this time, he has never had a true name for himself. I've come up with a couple myself as of today, but was wondering if anypony had some suggestions or thoughts on the matter. If you could, vote for one you think fits, OR post a different name you think might fit him better. Bio: He's a PE teacher/coach. Major focuses are on soccer and volleyball. He loves encouraging everypony to participate, regardless of skill level, and loves teaching others the finer points of each sport. He's not an advocate for professional athletes/teams, but loves sports for the sports themselves and helping others come to love participating in them Tell me what you think, even if you think my names are stupid! I can take critique just fine! No need to be mean about it though! haha Thanks for the input!
  15. Hey, ponies, I need some help with my OC. The main problem is the naming, but I'd like you to rate her as well. My OC and other creative elements will be added into a story I will be working on. Because of this, I need some help, and help with personalizing the character, period! Reply to help! Also, hope you enjoy some history! Name: Unknown, since I can’t think of one that would work. Please reply with good name generators and/or names. I will refer to her as Flutterflight (see past for reason.) A name I have been tossing around is Star Aurora. I need a different one because she changes her name. Age: Filly Type: Female Alicorn Cutiemark: Unknown, since she has yet to find out what she wants to do. It would be with magic though. But since King Razor made Flutter feel self-conscious about magic, that will be hard for her to earn. That, and I don’t know a good one yet. I will find one! Just…not yet. Background: See attachment. And brace for secret history, more alicorns, and a new race of ponies. And the knowledge of where the idiot Blublood came from. Weaknesses/fears: Like most character makers, I don't want a mary sue to represent me. So please read the "Flutterflight Fears and Weaknesses" attachment. If there is anything that point out makes a marysue out of my character, please draw them to my attention. I added a family photo to show the family she was adopted into. Flutterflight Fears and Weaknesses.docx Flutterflights past part 2.docx Flutterflights past.docx
  16. So i was watching the finale again. When the part of when Lord Tirek is first introduced he sucks the magic from that one pony. I thought "hey this guy is new" and in good tradition I was thinking of a name for the mare. He had what looked like three green minecraft diamonds on his flank. So i was wondering if anypony could come up with a name for him? Or any other background pony you found interesting in the finale/season.
  17. My net was out yesterday, so I sketched this in my sketchbook. And since I had plenty of time, I vectored it on Adobe Illustrator. Is it good? It's a gender bend of My Ponysona. I need to name her, any Ideas?
  18. Hey there! I am creating this post because I am stumped for names for my OC. I have only come up with a few ideas but I really don't think these names are all that good(Ruby Blaze, Desert Orchard, Ruby Blitz), none of which really work either. Any ideas? I have posted photos and a backstory so you can get a better feel for who she is but the cutie mark is a bit hard to see so I will make a vector of it and post it later. Well there you have it! All suggestions appreciated
  19. My most recent oc needs a name, but I'm absolutely awful at coming up with them. Any ideas? His talent is simply being a super sweet and kind pony. He's incredibly friendly, and will help anyone he can in any way he can. However, he rarely thinks about himself and doesn't know how to say no, no matter how dangerous the task may be. Oh, and he's a little on the tubby side. I used LoE's pony creator to make him.
  20. Okay, I just made this OC, and I need help coming up with a name for her. All I can offer you is her design, and that she has a talent in songwriting. Picture: EDIT: I have decided to use the name, Crystal Clear, which was suggested by
  21. My name for my OC is obviously Princess Harmony Star,however, I'm not sure with that name. I want my OCs name to represent my bubbly, kind and generous personality while also showing my down-to-earth nature-loving, I'm open to any suggestions.
  22. I have been drawing MLP designs for my own pony and I just need one more thing... a name. Will anypony please help me with this? My pony is a light blue pegasus, have not decided whether colt or mare, has a mane that starts fiery red but changes to orange then to light blue then to a dark blue. Tail is also like this. Its cutie mark is half fire half water droplet. My pony i shy around new ponies, but loves to hang out with ponies it knows well. Loves to fly around through the air when he/she is not in the water. Loves to watch things burn as long as no pony is in danger if so he/she will go in and save them. Thank you in advance to anypony willing to help.
  23. Hey there! I've been really interested in developing my pony OC a bit more, and I realized today that I still haven't named him! I'm absolutely terrible at names, and apparently pony names are no exception. I need a name for this guy; He's in his late teens and just recently got a job at a restaurant in Ponyville as a cook. He got his cutie mark fairly late, and after all his waiting he doesn't agree with it. He believes it has something to do with drawing, but he only occasionally draws. He also rides skateboards a lot and really loves eating sugar. Apparently I'm not that great at bios either, but I hope it's good enough for some ideas?? Thanks everyone!
  24. Okay, I've had this character for quite some time and I have no idea what to name her. She is athletic but doesn't use her wings very often as she was raised on land. She is really good with repairing electronics and gadgets and in her spare time she likes to listen and make music. Her cutie mark: Thank you for all suggestions! :3
  25. We're needing help to name this clan of ponies for our RPG The easiest way to explain them, is that they are anti-ponies. Although that's a pretty clumsy name for them, we're needing something smooth. They come from an alternate dimension their corruption spreads across Equestria as they take over (don't worry I'm not spoiling the story). They look like this: Their corruption spread is like that of the Majin saga in Dragon Ball Z, where they would become enslaved by them and much stronger and leave a visible mark, i.e. they'd be darker or something. There are 8 of these guys in total. They are also very evil if you haven't noticed. So the name should be something which we can not only attribute to the actual anti ponies, but even suffix them to their corrupted minions. The prize you ask? For the best idea -We'll feature either an OC of your choice in the game for a real nice part -Or we'll have your name attributed to a character if you don't have an OC :l Winner: The Pirate Prince For good ideas -We'll feature you OC in the game (Yay ) Winners: -Lightning Bristle -<insert more winners here> We'll include you in the Thank You list as well (best prize ever) Here's our earlier discussion on it: Chaotic Ponies is too similar to Discord, we can't do that, even though it's a great name, we still want some originality. Please help and don't be shy to have a go Any questions as well? Also minding the 100 character minimum limit, you could add a bit about your OC so we fit him/her in really nicely EDIT (read this) These main enemies have been named the Eldriquines. So the top prize has been given to The Pirate Prince. We still need evil and sinister names for other enemies so if you manage to think of a sinister name for an enemy we could use, write it here, and if it gets chosen we'll feature your OC in the game! Our enemies are from Equestria and beyond, so let your imagination flow Even if you have random sketches of pretty sinister creatures we'd appreciate it! Mini Advertisment: anything to ask about this just PM me (we're still open for artists and storywriters, Yay~)