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Found 18 results

  1. ★ FAVORITE ★ Naruto Shippuden Opening #6 Song: Sign Artist: FLOW
  2. ★ FAVORITE ★ Naruto Shippuden Ending #12 Song: For You Artist: AZU
  3. ★ FAVORITE ★ Naruto Shippuden Opening #20 Song: Empty Heart Artist: Anly
  4. Naruto Shippuden Opening #13 Song: \Won't Lose To The Rain Shower Artist: NICO
  5. Naruto Shippuden Opening #18 Song: Line Artist: Sukima Switch
  6. Naruto Shippuden Ending #15 Song: U can do it! Artist: Domino
  7. Naruto Shippuden Opening #16 Song: Silhouette Artist: KANA-BOON
  8. Naruto Shippuden Opening #1 Song: Hero's Come Back Artist: Nobodyknows
  9. Naruto Shippuden Ending #1 Song: Shooting Star Artist: Home Made Kazoku
  10. Naruto Shippuden Ending #10 Song: My Answer Artist: Seamo
  11. Naruto Shippuden Opening #4 Song: Closer Artist: Inour Joe
  12. Naruto Shippuden Opening #9 Song: Lovers Artist: 7!!
  13. Hello and welcome to the discussion thread of all things Naruto! I, myself, am I huge fan of the series and I would love to hear your thoughts on it as well. Feel free to discuss everything about it!
  14. You and Shisui had been good friends for a good number of years and you felt like he was almost a brother to you. When he wasn't training or when you weren't working, you were hanging out with each other. You felt that you could tell him anything and you also felt that you could just open up to him without feeling judged. He listened to you and it truly made you feel special. You worked at the local tea shop in the Leaf Village and Shisui would occasionally stop by to come and say hello to you while you were working. Recently, however, you noticed that you had been seeing less and less of him. Whenever you asked Itachi or Sasuke where he was, they always told you that he was training. You had no reason not to believe them, so you just thought that Shisui was training harder than usual latley. One Friday morning, you arrived at the tea shop to start your shift. Customers were literally coming and going all throughout morning and you were having trouble getting to everyone's orders. Thankfully, the rush eventually settled. You were standing behind the counter counting the tins of tea leaves when you heard the shop's front door bell, signaling that someone had entered. As soon as you heard that chime, you hoped that Shisui would be the one entering. However, It was Itachi. Still, Itachi was someone you had come to grow fond of. He was intelligent, wise, and amazingly strong. He would sometimes spend some time with you and Shisui. He walked up to the counter and greeted you. "Things seem rather slow now" "Yeah, it's usually really busy here in the mornings. Especially weekend mornings because everyone is probably headed to work" you replied while resting your elbow on the counter and then placing your chin on your hand. "So, what can I get you?" you added. "Nothing for me. Thank you, though" "Really? Well, alright. Are you waiting for someone?" "I am supposed to meet Shisui here. He informed me that he wanted to discuss something with me" At that name, you froze. Why would Shisui be making plans with someone and then turn around and avoid you? Is he mad at you? Are you thinking too much into this? Hundreds of possibilities ran wild through your mind and you began to worry a bit. ...But now that you had the opportunity, you'd ask him about his recent behavior. Shisui finally came inside of the shop and shot you a smile as he proceeded to walk up to you. "Hi, (Y/N)" "...Hi, Shisui" you hesitated; almost awaiting an explanation from him. "Can I just have some plain green tea? Thanks" "Yeah, sure" you replied while beginning to brew the drink. An awkward silence flooded the air around you both and your eyes trailed off to the side. "So, Shisui... I hear you've been training really hard lately. How is it all going?" "Hm? Oh, training. Yeah, it's going well. Itachi has been teaching me quite a lot" "That's good. Here's your tea. Careful, it's very hot" you sighed while handing Shisui his drink. Sp The Uchiha gave you another smile, took his tea, and walked to the table where Itachi was sitting at. ~Shisui's P.O.V: "What the hell, Itachi! You didn't tell me that (Y/N) was working today!" he whispered Itachi just looked at the ninja sitting in front of him with no words following. ... "What? Why are you giving me that look?" "You can't hide your feelings for her, Shisui. She knows that you've been ignoring her and it's beginning to make her feel unsure about things. You cannot keep making excuses. Nobody "trains" that much; not even the Hokage". "Still... I wanted to discuss this without worrying about her hearing..." "Look, Sasuke would recommend the same. Just be upfront. Anyway, I have to go" Itachi stated as he rose from his seat to leave. "Wait! Damnit..." But it was too late. Itachi had already left. ~Reader's P.O.V: Now, it was just you and Shisui in the shop. Utter silence again filled the room for a good while until Shisui suddenly stood up and slowly walked toward you once more. He was now standing face to face with you; glaring at you with nervous eyes. You raised an eyebrow at him. "What?" He was now blushing and had one arm crossed behind his head. "(Y/N)... Will you go out with me sometime?" Did he just ask you out? Where did this come from? Is he being serious? You were shocked that he asked you such a thing, but you also couldn't deny that you had feelings for him. You never thought that a relationship was possible between you two, so you never let your feelings show or said a word regarding them. At the same time, however, you wanted to shout at him and confront him about giving you the cold shoulder. But before you could release your frustrations, an idea popped into your head. Maybe you could use this date as a time to ask Shisui about things. You wanted to let him know how angry you were, but you also didn't want to ruin your chances with him. "Sure! I'd love to! How does later this evening sound?" "Really? That's great! Let's meet by the training field around 7:30pm, okay?" "Sounds good!" you exclaimed, giving a fake smile. ~Time Skip~ You had gotten off of work, gone home, and prettied yourself up for your time with Shisui. Even though you were frustrated with him, you were also rather excited about this. You exited your home and made your way to the place where you said you'd meet. ~Time Skip~ Now sitting on a large rock, you noticed that the sky was growing dark and that the sun was setting. You were wondering if Shisui was even going to come. Was he really going to show you up? If so, you'd have a hell of a lot more to say to him than you do now. Just then, you heard the grass rustling. A figure was making its way toward you but you couldn't make out who it was. You cautiously reached for one of your kunai in your pouch and braced yourself for a fight. "Hey, no need to be afraid" said Shisui as he raised his arms. "Oh, it's you. I honestly couldn't tell it was you, so I kinda panicked. Sorry about that" you explained with a small laugh following. "It's alright" Shisui then climbed up the rock you were sitting on and sat himself next to you. You were both looking up at the now star-filled sky. You desperately wanted to wait until later about asking about Shisui's actions as of late, but you just couldn't. You needed to know why he was acting this way and you were going to figure out why right now. You slammed your fist into the stone underneath you and Shisui jumped slightly. "Why have you been ignoring me?" you asked, tears almost flooding your eyes. "What?" "Why have you been avoiding me, Shisui? We used to be so close and you've been purposely avoiding me for weeks now! Why? How do you have the nerve to do such a thing and then ask me out like its no big deal? Who the hell do you think you are?" All of your suppressed anger was now leaving you. You didn't want to unleash it all like this, but it was too late. "I mean, really! Where the hell do you get off being so close with someone for so long and then acting like a complete jerk!? What's your problem!?" you shouted, scorning at Shisui with your tear-filled eyes. You then swiftly turned your face away, not wanting him to see you cry. You tried to stop crying when you felt a hand touch your shoulder. "(Y/N), there's a reason I haven't been around. Please, just listen to me for a second..." he explained. You sat quietly awaiting for him to speak. "You and I have been friends for so long and I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't falling in love with you. I have been concealing these feelings from you and I wasn't sure how to deal with them. I wanted to tell you, I truly did, but I was scared. Until I could think of a way to talk to you about it, I figured I'd give myself some time to think it over by telling you that I was so frequently busy with things. I've been beating myself up over this for what feels like forever and I finally had the courage to ask you out. I was going to admit my feelings to you" Shisui's words left you speechless. Was he really putting himself through all of that just because he had feelings for you? You turned your head to Shisui and playfully shoved him. "This whole time, I assumed that you were done with me. Have you seriously been going out of your way to think of ways to handle this?" "I have-" Just then, your hand slipped and you fell backwards off of the rock. Your hand reached out to Shisui and dragged him down with you; resulting in him landing on top of you. Your faces were inches away from each other. You both blushed as you got caught staring into each other's eyes. You, again, turned your face away. "How can I be sure that you aren't lying to me?" you pouted Shisui placed his hand on your check and and moved your face back to face his. "Does this prove that I'm telling the truth?" Just then, Shisui's lips slowly moved into yours... You closed your eyes and melted at the kiss and almost felt completely weightless as stars spun around you. Shisui then sat you upright as he wrapped his arms around you; enclosing you in a loving embrace. You had never felt so secure and so loved in your life... You both pulled away from each other and rested your forehead onto his, smiling sweetly. "So, does that prove it? Hm?" Shisui chuckled. "Yes, it does" ~Itachi and Sasuke's P.O.V: "It looks like your advice wasn't so terrible after all" Sasuke said sarcastically to his brother as they both watched from afar in a tree. Itachi just smiled at Sasuke and they both leaped away.
  15. Ask my OC from the Naruto and Naruto Shippuden series (the one in the love triangle!)
  16. Naruto Shippuden Opening #3 Song: Blue Bird Artist: Ikimono-Gakari
  17. Kakashi Hatake, from Naruto, finally had his face revealed at a Naruto exhibit that took place last year in Japan. I realize that this is a bit late, but i'd love to hear your thoughts. Source: Kakashi's face:
  18. Here is a short Naruto AMV I created not terribly long ago. I felt that this song could really relate to Shikamaru. (Assuming you are fimiliar with the anime) NOTE: I am not looking for a critique; just thought i'd share!