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Found 39 results

  1. Thunderstrike

    NASCAR/Auto Racing Discussion

    I've seen a noted lack of discussions for NASCAR and auto racing fans on here, so i'm starting one up just in time for the Daytona 500 next Sunday. We can talk about NASCAR, bur we can also talk about other forms, like Indy, F1, or any other you'd like to talk about.
  2. So I've aways kinda wondered about this, what would NASCAR look like in Equestria? Would they have cars, like in "The Cart Before The Ponies" or would it be Pegasus ponies in flying races that are close to the ground, or would it be ponies galloping on foot ( hoof ) on like an oval track?
  3. Lucky Bolt

    Sports deleted

    deleted post deleted post
  4. Found this going through some old files, a Top Ten list we made a few years ago. Hope you enjoy! Top Ten Facts You Didn't Know About Kenny Wallace 10) Kenny Wallace can finish a race with one tire. 9) When Kenny makes a pit stop, he gets four new tires, two cans of gas, a wedge adjustment, turkey sandwich, 3 beers, and 'visits' his wife; all in 14.3 seconds. 8) Kenny Wallace can be in the race AND in the comentary booth at the same time. 7) Dale Earnhardt could see air moving past his car. Kenny Wallace can see air moving past Jimmy Spencer. 6) Kenny Wallace doesn't need an engine in his car. It moves by his willpower alone. 5) Kenny Wallace drives his race cars via remote control from the comfort of the Speed Trailer using his xBox. 4) Kenny's car would go faster, but he leaves in on cruise control so he can Facebook-message Kim from his iPhone. 3) California had the Governator, NASCAR Nation has the Herminator. 2) Kenny Wallace is so cool, he doesn't need a Sprint Cup ride. And the Number One fact you didn't know about Kenny Wallace is... 1) When Chuck Norris needs a driver, he calls Kenny Wallace.
  5. Racing is a hugely popular sport all over the world. As a result, there are tons of kinds too! We have GT Racing, V8 supercars, bike racing, Nascar, Indycar, Formula 1, even Go-Kart racing as well as many others. With such a wide variety, it makes me wonder what people tend to prefer, or perhaps certain people love a combination? Let's answer that! What are YOUR favorite types of racing? For me, it has to be GT racing and in second place, V8 Supercars. GT Racing is just soooo technical and I love seeing how the drivers handle the huge variety of courses all over the world. I also prefer GT racing in the Forza Motorsport series.
  6. nx9100

    Kyle Busch wins at Kansas

    Saturday night was full of victory and heartbreak. Victory, as Kyle Busch checks Kansas off the list of tracks he hasn't won at yet. Heartbreak, cause it coulda-woulda-shoulda been Martin Truex Jr. But as they say... that's racing. Martin started off extremely strong, and was virtually un-catchable throughout the first three quarters of the race. The #78 Toyota appeared to house a turbine under the hood, as restart after restart Martin just drove away from the entire field. He ended up leading the most laps, for a total of 172. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. After a pit stop late in the race, Martin reported a vibration and came back down pit road a second time, costing him both the lead and setting him back by two laps. He did manage to rally back, and finished 14th on the lead lap. Also of note, Matt Kenseth seemed to finally break free from the streak of bad luck that seemed to be following him week after week, finishing a strong 4th place. We'll see if he can keep that momentum going. Next stop.....Dover! Go Bowling 400 Results
  7. Oh man, I wish you all were at the track with me this past Sunday, cause wow! I've been to many races, but I've never been on the edge of my seat for the entire 500 miles! Wrecks, wrecks, and more wrecks! Rookies out-driving the veterans! Smoke and debris everywhere! It was heavy overcast clouds around Talladega, and we even got some drizzle out around Turn four as they were giving the command to start the engines. Luckily, it faded quickly, and the race got underway. But the threat of rain was ever present (at one point it was raining only a quarter mile from the track!), and every driver and crewchief had to play the 'when will it come' game. Normally, these restrictor plate races (Daytona and Talladega) tend to get boring during green-flag runs, as all the drivers fall in line to draft, and we end up with a few hours of 'follow the leader'. Not this time. Since the rain could come at any time, every driver on the track was racing like it was the last 5 laps..... for the entire race! First, it was racing to the half-way point*, and once we reached that, it was simply a game of who can get out in front when the rain comes. For the fans, this meant no follow-the-leader, more like "every man (and Danica) for themselves!" So much excitement.... got to figure out where to start.... For the first half, it seemed like the Joe Gibbs Toyota's were the ones to beat, running 1-2-3 for a while. But once that half-way point was reached (Lap 94), the field shifted. Suddenly, the Fords of Logano, Keselowski, and Trevor Bayne #6 (with the same motor as Brad's #2) became the dominant force. My hat's off to Trevor, who managed to get into the lead and hold off multiple lines behind him, sliding up and down the track to block other drivers both high and low. Even Chase Elliot, Gordon's replacement in the #24, was able to hold the lead for a short time, doing an amazing job of blocking not one, not two, but THREE lanes of cars behind him! Fellow rookie Ryan Blaney was able to keep his #21 Wood Brother's Racing Ford around the top 5-10 most of the day. But Talladega is known for 'The Big One', and boy did it show up with a vengeance! We had the #34 rolling over and over while airborne, Kenseth tossed into the wall while his car was standing up on end, and the rest of the field spinning around and around. The fact that Brad's winning Ford didn't have a mark on it was amazing in itself, since by then over half the field had been involved in one wreck or another. Danica took a hard hit against the inner wall, and Michael Waltrip (yup, surprised me too) was shoved down onto the apron, flew back up into traffic, and collected a few friends. However, the biggest victim was Amelia, Dale Jr's favorite restrictor plate car (named after Amelia Earhart). He drove her to victory last year at Talladega, and had success with her at Daytona. But two spins, the second causing a small fire under the car, sent Dale behind the wall for the day, and possibly sending Amelia to the racecar graveyard in Dale's backyard (he collects wrecked racecars). "Hell, I'm going home. I'm done," Earnhardt said. "We need to park the car for a while, too." In the end, Brad managed to get a push back to the front of the pack, and was able to hold off a charge from Kyle Busch to take the win.... even as the final wreck of the day unfolded behind him. If only a rain threat could give them that much energy every weekend.... GEICO 500 Highlights [\flash] Race Results *NASCAR Fact: Once a race hits the half-way point, it is a legal race and can be ended if a red flag is waved, the leader becoming the winner. If the red flag waves BEFORE the half-way, the race get postponed (can roll into the following day if needed)
  8. nx9100

    Edwards steals Richmond!

    First, a few things I want to address. I apologize for the multi-week delay. Life (and mild depression) has a way of derailing you at the worst times. But I don't want this blog to just die away... I want to finish out the entire season, and hopefully, you all will follow along for that journey. So thank you for all of your patience and support! Now that that's out of the way.... Edwards pulls of Richmond's FIRST EVER last lap pass for the win! Ah Richmond..... always full of short-track excitement. Yesterday saw lots of green-flag racing, with a few cautions for debris and none for any major wrecks. The new aero package proved its worth, as drivers were able to go three, and even four wide at times looping around the 3/4-mile speedway! While housework kept me from sitting down to watch the race uninterrupted, I did catch several fun monents: Stewart is back! - That's right ponies, Tony's back in the #14, recovered from his pre-season injury and ready to ride out his final season before retirement The Gibbs Show - All fivefour Gibbs Toyota's (*cough*78*cough*) once again dominated the race, and all finished in the Top Ten. Only teams Hendrick and Stewart-Haas (well, Harvick and Busch) were able to challenge them, with Jimmy finishing 3rd, Kahne 4th, and Harvick 5th. Chase Elliott Shines - Chase had a great day, running in the top 15, and popped into the top ten once in a while (finished 12th). During one restart, he jumped around Stewart on the outside, a move Stewart described as "sexy". The Bump-and-Run - Heading into the final lap, Kyle Busch leads Carl Edwards. Carl looks to pass under Kyle around Turns 1 and 2, but can't get around. They drag down the backstretch. Then, between Turns 3 and 4, Carl bumps Kyle just enough to wiggle him out of the way, and sneaks past to steal the checkered. I'll tell ya, that was fun to watch! Race Results Next Sunday: Talladega Superspeedway (and yes, I have tickets!) Special thanks to @@Sonatica for my new cover art!
  9. Oh man, what a race!!! I was totally on the edge of my seat those last few laps! Ok, so I may be a bit biased, but hey, it's all in good fun! So... recapping the race. Kurt Busch was off to a strong start, leading a good portion early on. However, on lap 32 he was tagged for speeding on pit road, which sent him to the back of the field. Kurt was still strong, and managed to rally back to a 9th place finish Jimmy Johnson and Matt Kenseth also had great cars, and both spent time up near the head of the pack. Unfortunately, Matt got collected in a late which ended his day, scoring 37th and continuing a rough start to the year. Kyle Busch was quiet most of the day, but managed to get the lead later after a round of yellow-flag pit stops. But near the end, Brad K and Joey Logano were able to run him down for a 1-2 finish! Rookie Notes: both Ryan Blaney #21 and Chase Elliot #24 were having very strong runs, managing to keep up with the other leaders and staying in the top ten most of the race. Chase was part of that late wreck and had to retire to the garage, but Blaney scored a strong 6th place finish, good start for the famous #21 Woods Brothers team! Official Race Report And just because, lol Onward to Phoenix!
  10. nx9100

    Johnson Takes Atlanta

    It was a beautiful day at AMS, 65+ degrees, light breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. One of the cleanest races I have ever seen, with wrecks only on the final few laps. Lots of green-flag running, with only two cautions (one for debris after over 200 laps, 2nd for Newman blowing a tire at the end). I love long green-flag runs, as the drivers have to gain spots by racing, not on pit road. Makes for a much interesting race, in my opinion. Yes, Jimmy Johnson won. While I personally am not to pleased (sorry Johnson fans! ), I give his crew chief, Chad Knaus, alot of respect. There is a reason these two have won six championships together. About 5 laps before the final green-flag pit stops, Chad had Jimmy come in early. This gave him fresher tires, and allowed him to gain much track position before the leaders (kevin Harvick and Martin Truex Jr) made their stops 5 laps later. What does all that mean? Well, by the time Harvick pitted and got bacl up to speed, Johnson was now in the lead by over 12 seconds! And while Harvick did his best to run that down to just over 6 seconds, he simply ran out of time. Or would have. Newman blew out a tire near the end, bringing out the day's 2nd caution. This removed Johnson's advantage, allowing Harvick to restart right next to him. But alas, Jimmy was able to pull away, even with challenges from Kyle Busch and Dale Jr (who took 2nd place). With a win under his belt, Johnson punches his ticket into this year's Chase for the Cup, and sets him up for a run to a seventh championship. I've got pictures and video from the race, and will try to get those up here in the next day or so, along with a look at the Black Flag situation with Matt Kenseth. Stay Tuned! Top Ten Finishing Order CLICK HERE for complete list
  11. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Visual Art NASCAR Paint Schemes

    This is some of my NASCAR paint schemes that I've done last year.
  12. Hey! I'm heading to Michigan International Speedway this weekend, and wondered if anypony else was going to be there. If so, shoot me a message, and maybe we can hang out outside the track Saturday and Sunday!
  13. The drought is finally over for Martin Truex Jr. After a dominating day run A Pocono, he was able to keep ahead of Kevin Harvick to score his first win of 2015. This was Truex's race to loose, as only Kevin had a car able to keep pace with him, let alone having a chance to catch him. Others tried, Jimmy Johnson, Joey Logano, Carl Edwards.... but none could match that black #78. This victory cements an already impressive season for Truex. He lead a race-high 131 laps at the two previous races (Charlotte and Dover), but fate kept him away from victory lane in both. "We finally got it," said Truex, who had registered top-10 finishes in 12 of the first 13 races this season. And this level of performance from a single-car team based in Colorado, nowhere near the NASCAR hub in Charlotte, NC. In fact, this team has only won ONCE before Sunday, back in 2011. So to say this was a long time coming is an understatement! "If you're going to lose to somebody today, that's a great person to lose to," said Kevin Harvick after the race. This win cements Truex's place in the Chase for the Cup later in the season. As for points, he stays in 2nd place, behind Harvick. Jimmy Johnson, who finished 3rd, remains 3rd in points as well (but leads with 4 wins to Harvick's 2 and Truex's 1). Pocono Race Results
  14. It's the final restart for a green-white-checkered finish. Johnson is starting 1st on the outside. Kahne is 2nd on the inside, with Truex Jr. right behind him. Truex has had a great car all day, and is really looking for his first win of the year. He's had a few chances this year, but bad luck has kept him out of victory lane. He and Denny Hamlin lead almost all of the laps today, and he's clawing for the win. All he needs is a chance.... .... and for Kasey Kahne to get a great jump on the restart! But alas, Lady Luck again abandoned the #78. Kahne fumbled his restart, which trapped Truex behind him, and allowed Johnson to jump out ahead. This also let Kevin Harvick, a threat all day, to jump out to take 2nd, but he couldn't catch the #48 in time. So, Johnson steals his fourth win of 2015. I'm really feeling for Truex this year. He's driving the #78 Furniture Row Racing Chevy. That's a single-car operation folks! And 2015 has been their best season since the teams founding, with 10 top-ten finishes in the first 11 races! This little team from Colorado has really taken off with Martin Truex Jr. piloting the way. All they need is a lucky break. Just one win to lift the team's spirits. However, all these consistent finishes HAVE allowed Truex to remain 2nd in the points standings. But a trip to victory lane wouldn't hurt.... Dover Race Results Let's hope Lady Luck rides with Martin next week as he navigates his way around the Tricky Triangle!
  15. Man, what a race! My first time at Talladega, and it was something I won't soon forget! With seats in the front row, you feel the pack of cars as they rush by at 200+ miles per hour! The level of excitement is almost overwhelming! And honestly, watching pack-racing wasn't as boring as I feared it would be. Since they use restrictor plates here, it keeps all the cars bunched up in a pack, usually of two lines of cars, a high line and a low line. Drafting is key: get knocked out of line and you loose spots fast. Several times I watch first in excitement as Brad K made it into the top 5, only to be followed by horror a few minutes later as he fell out of line and went back 10-20 spots. But the high line was the place to be, proved first by Tony Stewart, later by Earnhardt Jr. And you can always tell when Jr. gets the lead, just by the sound of the crowd. I swear, he probably can hear them in his car! When he took the lead for the final time, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was on their feet screaming! As they drove into the final lap, lead by Jr, Johnson, and rookie Ryan Blaney, a wreck coming out of Turn 1 threatened a caution flag, which would end the race under a green-white-checkered, and possibly spoiling Jr's win. But NASCAR kept the green flag flying, allowing the leaders to race full speed back to the finish. I believe everyone was, like myself, waiting for Johnson to break out of line at the last moment to try to pass, but Jr was able to keep ahead of his teammate and claim the win. I tell ya, the entire grandstand was shaking from the sounds of the crowd roaring in victory! No matter what you might think of him, Dale Jr is clearly the crowd favorite! FINAL RACE RESULTS
  16. ok, i'm back. spent the last two weeks trying to get tv service set up so I can actually WATCH races, instead of being limited to radio. finally got it up and running, just in time for some crazy short track racing at Bristol! oh man, where to begin? After hours of rain delay, they finally waved the green flag, only for Brad K to spin and take both himself and his teammate Joey Logano out around lap 21! So much for the Penske boys.... *sigh*... That lead right into yet another rain delay! When we finally got back to green, it looked like Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch were the class of the field, dominating and lapping cars left and right. Then Johnson spins out Jeb Burton, creating a wreck that collected Harvick, ending his chance at a win and finishing yet again in the top 5. In the end, Kenseth managed to hold off Johnson for the win, ending a 51-winless streak on a green-white-checker finish (which was held after another short rain delay!). FULL RESULTS HERE
  17. Hey, if anypony else plays NASCAR Fantasy, or is interested, feel free to join my league, MLP: Friendship is Racing! Just create your team, and in the League selector, search for MLP, and you'll find it. The game is free to play, and even includes live points updates during the races! Boogety boogety boogety! Let's Go Racing!
  18. First off, let me apologize for missing the last two weeks. Life in general got in the way, and I didn't get a chance to round up the events of Las Vegas or Phoenix. Also, missed the race in California yesterday, but caught the video recaps on in the evening. So, let's pick up the 2015 season here... BRAD KESELOWSKI TAKES THE WIN AT AUTO CLUB SPEEDWAY!!!!!!!!! Ok, so maybe i'm a little biased reporting this one! Taking 4 tires on his last stop, Brad make a last-lap dash from 4th to 1st to steal the win away from Kurt Busch, who had lead 65 laps of the race (the most of the day, Harvick lead 34). The last lap also happened to be the first (and only) lap of the day that the #2 Ford actually led! The win moves Brad up to 5th in the points standings, which are still being led by kevin Harvick, with two wins so far this season. (CLICK HERE for full standings). Kevin finished 2nd yesterday, a strong finish which helped maintain his points lead over Joey Logano. Kurt Busch, Paul Menard, and Ryan Newman fill out the top 5 finishers from California. Jeff Gordon managed to rebound his struggling final season to a 10th place finish. Next Sunday, were off to Martinsville Speedway, turning the boys (and gal) loose on the paper-clip-shaped half mile!
  19. It was a cold and wet day in Atlanta. Temps were low, but excitement levels were high! For a while, we didn't know if the cold mist would dry out, but luckily it faded around noon, and the jet dryers got to work, blowing off the moisture from the track and warming the pavement. A few extra pace laps to make sure the track was ready, and they were off! 500 miles around Atlanta Motor Speedway! Joey Logano started on the pole, and was off to a great start, leading the first 80 laps, without any serious challenges for the lead. around lap 81, he seamed to drop back in the field. Couldn't really tell what happened, so will have to wait for a news-byte from the team. After that, it was all Kevin Harvick, who took off on the re-start and set the pace for the rest of the field. Earnhardt Jr. tried to get a run on him, but just couldn't make it stick. Jr seemed to have trouble on the restarts after caution flags (mostly for debris). He would start on the front row, but couldn't take off with the others and would fall back several spots by Turn 1. Finally, after making changes to the car throughout the day, Jimmy Johnson beat Kevin off pit road and took the lead, managing to hold it for the rest of the race. Harvick did everything he could, but Johnson just ran away for an easy victory. Due to the earlier rain, NASCAR chose to have a Competition Yellow Flag early on, to allow teams to check tire wear. They chose Lap 24, to honor Jeff Gordon's last year of racing. All the numbers on the scoring tower were changed to 24 for a few minutes, as part of the tribute (alas, i didn't get a pic of that...). Unfortunately, Jeff's day ended in a wreck near the end of the race, making it 2 DNF's in a row in his final season.... Going to the Atlanta Speedway was a fun experience, even in the cold rain, lol. I tried to get many pics and some video clips, but do to my own clumsy fingers, dropped my work Backberry around lap 50'ish, and was forced to use the lesser-quality video on my personal flip phone. Give me a day or so to put together a clip-show! Next stop: Las Vegas! Unofficial Results Page
  20. I was just wondering if there were any nascar fans here in the atlanta area that planned on going to the race in two weeks. My (non-brony) friend and I are going that sunday, and if anypony else was, would love to hang out and make some new friends!
  21. Matt Kenseth wins the Sprint Unlimited! Wow! What a bang (or two or ten) to start off the 2015 season! 75 laps, 25 drivers, 4 cautions, and two red flags! These guys (and gal) were not holding anything back! First caution (aka wreck) came out at Lap 24, smaller one involving Larson, Logano, and Keselowski . not that big a deal. but then a red-flag for a wreck that collected up to 13 cars! 3rd yellow of the night was around Lap 63, when Stenhouse Jr got loose and spun around. I saw this one happen live from Jeff Gordon's in-car camera! Watching things happen live from inside the cars is pretty kool. a final red flag at lap 69 took out pretty much the rest of the pack. By the time the checkered flag was flying, on 12 cars managed to finish all 75 laps! Talk about attrition! If this is a preview of Daytona next weekend, then things are going to be wild! Guess NASCAR wasn't kidding when they said they were going to "turn em loose"! CLICK HERE for full race results. Oh, almost forgot: it turns out you can stream the race, but only if you already have a TV provider that offers the Fox Sports package. for the rest of us, have to rely on the free in-car cams, and MRN radio. ah well... Bring on the 500!!!!
  22. With just 12 days left until the Great American Race, the 2015 season kicks off this Weekend with NASCAR Speedweeks at Daytona! You can get the full schedule HERE, but I'm mostly excited for the Sprint Unlimited this Saturday night! With 25 drivers eligible, it should prove to be an interesting race, especially since no points are awarded, making it all about bragging rights! Another thought: supposedly, all the races will be streamed live on for FREE!! we'll see if that works out, but would deff make it easier for me to watch! lol So start getting your fantasy teams ready, grab your team hats, and dig out your driver flags! NASCAR 2015 is almost here! 2015 Sprint Unlimited Entry List
  23. So Raceponies, I know that the #3 car returned last year for rookie Austin Dillon, and there are some who cry foul about using the same number made famous by Dale Earnhardt. But has the time come to move on, respect the memory, and give somepony new a chance to make his own history? Make no mistake, I have the best respect for Dale. He was one of the best, and his legend will always be there at every track. While someponies claim that using his number again is disrespect, I like to think of it the opposite. Like a rolling tribute each week. And I think Dale would have approved of his team owner's grandson getting to drive it. Speaking of which, let's take a look at Austin Dillon: in his rookie cup year, he managed 2 Poles, 1 Top 5 finish, and 4 Top 10 finishes, with an average finish of 18th. Not to shabby for a rookie. Add that to 2 Nationwide series wins, and 4 Truck series victories. I'd say he's off to a decent start. So, to all the die-hard fans, I say this: let the boy run the #3. You all know Richard Childress (team owner) will treat it with respect (he's already said he won't run an all-black #3 car). And give Austin a chance, maybe he'll surprise us! What do the rest of you think about the Return of the #3? Share your thoughts/memories below!
  24. Hey Raceponies! Seems I was too early posting this morning, and missed another important news byte! Jeff Gordon just announced that 2015 will be his final Full-Time season driving in NASCAR! With 92 wins and 4 championships under his belt, I guess the 'Rainbow Warrior' is taking the safe bet, and walking away while he's ahead. Although he hesitated to use the word "retirement", and might possible pop up in the car for specific races. Of course, the big question is, can he add a 5th championship (or a few more wins) to his list before he steps down? Follow my Blog throughout the 2015 season to find out! STORY HERE
  25. What's up everypony? The name's Lightning Dash, star of the fanfic Legacy. I'll be bringing you the latest NASCAR news, updates, and race recaps for the 2015 season! Each week I'll feature some news, recap the previous race (once they start, of course), and finish with a Fun Fact of the Week. Stick with me, and I'll make NASCAR 20% kooler! This Week's News So, what've we got this week? Well, biggest news I've seen just came out today. If you've ever been to a NASCAR race, then you remember the line of trucks selling driver merchandise outside the track. I hope you aren't too attached to them, 'cause they're gone for this year! Just announced, NASCAR will be replacing the lines of haulers with a 65,000 square foot tent, bringing everypony under one roof to buy your drivers stuff. Personally, I think this blows! Part of the fun was the lines of awesome-looking trailers parked in their rows, adding a kool visual experience, instead of one big bland tent! Come on, NASCAR! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! STORY HERE Fun Fact of the Week: Jeff Gordon was almost #46! That's right Gordon fans, you almost didn't have the now iconic #24! according to a tweet from Ray Evernham, Gordon's original number was supposed to be 46, but it was changed for possible trademark reasons do to the movie Days of Thunder, where one of the mane character's cars was also #46. STORY HERE Stay tuned for more NASCAR Action!