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Found 5 results

  1. So, recently I noticed that almost everyone at my age are starting to get their driver's licenses, which made me think... What kind of driver would I be? Well, I thought a bit and I guess I'm a natural born... bad driver. When I start thinking about how hard it must be to drive a car, especially in high-traffic roads, I shake my head and stop thinking about it, because it scares the hell out of me. I mean, I cannot imagine myself driving a car. It's really hard to remember all of the rules. Plus if you mess up you are pretty much screwed up, both financially and/or physically (and, what would people think of you???). I think I inherited this trait from my mother -- she gets anxious when she's driving in a car... and I don't want to start talking how she reacts when she's supposed to drive. I think I will not be getting my driver's license any time soon (if ever). Anyhow, my question is: are you a natural born good driver, or a natural born bad driver?
  2. If there are some pink-haired people who are actually born with pink hair (also proven with medical tests), how are they normally treated in society? How will you treat one of them? Oh dear, I guess I was inspired by EqG Pinkie Pie when I came up with the idea ...
  3. I think it's natural...I see no problem with it. :3 So what about you, where do you stand? Opinions?
  4. What's up, everypony. I'm currently working on my first real pony fanfic (well, first fanfic period, too), and I need a little feedback in how it's progressing, because I think I might've picked something a wee bit complex for a first fanfic, but I really like the plot. It's a HiE-in-dream, but the twist is that the "mane" character is a non-brony. He knows, initially, absolutely nothing about Equestria, but as time goes on he slowly losses himself more and more in these dreams (it's more complicated than that, but I'll run with that explanation for now). The issue is that I'm a little worried about how natural it sounds so far. It's a dream-sequence, so his level of wonder should be moderate-high, more than a brony's, yet less than what his wonder would be if he actually went to Equestria. At the same time he needs to slowly "learn the lingo" of Equestria, such as proper names, how society works, concepts like the cutie mark, etc. I need to find the right timing for him to learn the ways of Equestria. Too drawn-out, and it gets boring. Too quick, and it seems forced. How's the pace? BTW here's part of the latest chapter that I haven't uplaoded to FIMFiction yet. It should end with him meeting the rest of the Mane 6. --------------------------------------------- November 23, 1914 - After the relatively abrupt ending to my last dream and the fact that Equestria had not returned to me again until last night, I had begun to fear that my time in that dreamland might have come to an end. Needless to say I was overjoyed when the first feeling of lucidity was a cupcake on my lips. Just as before, my equine friends were none the wiser of the discontinuity. After finishing the cupcake, Pinkie decided she would follow along as Fluttershy led me around Ponyville. That is, rather, if Ponyville had not decided to come to us. When I pushed the door of Sugarcube Corner, I was met outside by a large, curious crowd. Word of my presence had spread fast, and enough ponies were curious that they formed a collective courage strong enough to approach me. Now it was just a matter of somebody (or as they say, “somepony”) saying the first word. The silence was finally broken when three small ponies, children...fillies, I presume, ecstatically trotted up to me. One was an earth pony, with yellow fur, a billowy red mane and tail, amber eyes, and a large pink bow - as big as the head it was attached to. One was a pegasus, with orange fur, a raggedy, purple mane and tail, and purple eyes. And one was a unicorn, with white fur, a curly pink and purple mane and tail, and emerald eyes. They were visibly filled with excitement at the site the alien creature in front of them. Each of the fillies tried to speak at the same time, each of their mouths moving a mile a minute. A single word of what they said I did not catch. However, the cacophony of sounds quickly came to an end when three more ponies stepped up from the crowd. [WIP] --------------------------------------------- So yeah. Basically my question is: What's the best way to handle pacing when it comes to HiE stories where the main character knows nothing about MLP:FiM, Bronies, or Equestria? Or if they come from a completely different time, for that matter?
  5. Bleach blond is not my natural hair color D: duh duh duhhh ~ My natural hair colour is red-blond, or strawberry blond: Anyway my fiancee says he want me to dye my hair back to my natural colour, he's bored with bleach blond and wants to see what my natural hair colour looks like on me. So I'm going to let America the forums decide. Should I dye my hair to strawberry blond, or keep it bleach blond. I like to have my hair bleach blond; because blond is sexy and fun, and it makes my very pale skin appear less white. I can also throw in temporary colours very easily, if I want some pink or blue in my hair for a week. ~