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Found 5 results

  1. You know how in a lot of World War 2 sci-fi works, Nazi Germany has zombies, jetpacks, giant robots, and things like that? Imagine what World War 2 would have been like if they had that kind of stuff in the real world.
  2. better than history books hu? Source:
  3. Allow me to begin with a little nugget of information on this movie. It's only listed quote on IMDB is Abraham Lincoln saying "Emancipate that ass." That should give you some kind of idea on what manner of movie we're talking about here. This is most definitely the kind of movie that should come with a disclaimer that reads "WARNING: Smoke a joint before viewing". This movie was simultaneously one of the stupidest and most brilliant films I have ever seen. The Netflix description reads "After contracting polio from a werewolf bite, FDR and a team of historic figures seek victory in World War II by defeating an army of Nazi werewolves," and honestly, I can't think of any better summation. That sentence alone is entertaining, much less an entire movie on the subject. I was absolutely rolling through the entirety of it. The film was purposefully made to appear incredibly low budget. Crappy digital effects, silly creature makeup (the werewolves looked like low budget Wookies), and "low-budget" props (I'm fairly certain those "rocket launchers" were made of PVC pipe) all added into a movie that was filmed nearly entirely on an indoor set make for a very silly feel to the whole durned thing. That was the key right there, that they did it in a way that was silly, not stupid like "Nazis at the Center of the Earth". The film's sense of humor was abrasive and offensive,, which is why I liked it so much. Casual racism, casual sexism, nonchalant adultery, presidents smoking joints... All of this done in a way that no one could possibly take offense to. This movie is fucking magical. To be truthful with you, this is the kind of movie that cannot be adequately verbally reviewed. It's a must watch. It has firmly lodged itself into my "favorite movies" list, and it seems to be in no fear of going anywhere.
  4. Yamato

    Iron Sky

    This one right here was an absolute gem. I was very pleasantly surprised at it. I was honestly expecting something of the quality of "Nazis at the Center of the Earth", but I got something infinitely better and far more humorous. The basic idea behind this movie is that the Nazis fled to the moon in 1945 after realizing defeat was imminent. Now (actually in 2018) they've decided that they kinda want the Earth back and as a result stage a full scale invasion complete with flying saucers, zeppelin shaped spaceships, and, of course, a brilliantly over-designed superweapon. This movie far exceeded my expectations in a number of categories. The acting was actually surprisingly good, far better than I've seen in any comparable movies, at least. The special effects, while maybe not quite top notch, were done excellently. Props and makeup at least seemed to know what they were doing, no Nerf guns or mustard makeup in this movie. All in all, very good quality. Another plus for this movie is that at no point does it even begin to take itself seriously. From the black man turned white and swastika shaped moonbase to the flower-power getaway van and "Black to the Moon" posters, nothing even hinted at sensibility. I loved it! However, I think the thing that made me like this movie as much as I did had to be its cynicism towards the world in general. It pulled no punches. The US president is highly 'Murrikan (and female, that's something), the highly illegal, treaty-breaking ("C'mon, it's what we do!") armed United States spaceship is named the USS George W. Bush (and is ludicrously overarmed), the treaty-breaking armed Russian spaceship blares the Soviet national anthem as it passes, the UN is depicted as a group of bumbling brawl-happy idiots... It's just great. Nothing is sacred. In short, this is definitely the kind of movie I would expect myself to make. OVERALL VERDICT: 9/10 Absolutely brilliant, wonderfully executed, and fucking hilarious. I would definitely watch it again.
  5. So my first strike was when I disputed a video about the movie Avengers I made with the song from Soundgarden, using MLP footage to commemorate the cute ponies non being heroes throughout the seasons, even named it The Equestrians. Cute. That damn song is everywhere on YouTube however, and still is. So I am wondering how come YouTube had a fit and then set a "strike" against my channel, then forced me to take a stupid little survey telling me is a no no to upload clips they don't want to upload because they cannot get any money from them, or something like that, you know, they use the word COPYRIGHT as much as President Bush used 9/11 to excuse his stupidity. Fine. I let it go and kept my channel, hoping that when they say I cannot upload anything, then I just delete it and upload anything I hope they let me show to people that enjoy my classic clips from shows and movies everyone loved ages ago. That is what my channel is mostly, a collection of visual memorabilia that many can enjoy watching. But no, YouTube has to suck on Google's e-penis so F-you right? Right. Now as it turns out, a clip I uploaded from Metalocalypse has been deleted with another "strike", making it clear that if "I" do it one more time my channel will be deleted. Hold the mayonnaise. Just hold the F on here. When I uploaded that clip a WEEK ago, YouTube itself stated yes, it is Copyright BLAH BLAH Adult Swim, BUT it also said it was available to watch except in some places where it was blocked and ads BLAH BLAH so on, like any other time YouTube decided to slap me for uploading something people might enjoy watching. I even Acknowledge that crap so they would leave alone so why did they changed their mind afterwards, including with the threat my channel will be gone if THEY do this again? THEY, not me, they decided to turn around and bite my behind instead of telling me from the very beginning, when I just uploaded said clip, that I could not have it in my channel. This to my understanding is not something that deems YouTube "friendly" towards anything. Seems YouTube has become a blood sucking corporation and a merciless tyrant which can do as it pleases while laughing at you. I have already chosen an alternative to this place, so I am not concerned if my channel dissapears. It will just be a shame that after 70+ subscribers and over 70K views these people just go on and be assholes for no reason in the least.