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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys i need help, i was posting this image called "Anti Air missile" but i changed to pony as a part of my storyline, it was on 2015 when couples of oc's sabotage ships lost a lot of crews so i build these missiles and gave it a test and it was a success... But 2016 and onwards was silent... No attacks so far, 2019 retest the missile again and some random OC's just eated the missile without a feel, the modern missile in my storyline has already equipped with Electric shock, Poison and High Explosive.... So is there a way to defeat them?
  2. How do you simply add a Vote Bar to your topic? I made a topic called Flutterbat or Fluttershy? and I have to make a vote bar but I don't know how to. Can any pony help? Thank you. -MPR
  3. Hey guys, I hope all of you're fine. So, this is an art for story trade. You make a picture for me, and in return I'll try my best to provide you with a 1000 words story of your request. I can sometimes write poems as well, so I will do that too. I am going to work on a PMV project, that will be something entirely new for me, and I am hoping to get some help from you artist bronies and pegasisters out there. I need at least 30 art pieces for this project. No need to be done by a single artist. I won't mind them if they're different. You can pick any image you like to do, and in return I'll make a 1000 word story for you. Though I'll prefer if images in sequence are done by same artist. I'll give credits to respective artists, so no worries about that. This PMV is about my three+1 OCs. The details is as follows. 1) Earth Pony/Pegasus/ Unicorn mare (she's able to switch between any of three races), white coat, green mane&tail, deep blue eyes, name: Eden 2)a thestral (bat pony) mare, fangs, white coat, red mane&tail, light green (cat-like) eyes, and black bat wings, name: Rose 3) a human, with almost fair skin, black hairs, nearly trimmered facial hairs, a green hoody and a blue jeans/a gray sweater and black jeans/a blue t-shirt with gray trousers, name: Johnny (you can show him in whatever clothes you like, but when in bedroom he'll be wearing his t-shirt and trousers) 4) a thestral filly, cute small fangs, gray coat with a few occasional silvery stripes on her back, dark slivery gray mane, voilet eyes, name: Dream (daughter of Rose) So here are the images I needed. 1- Eden (as an Earth Pony), and Rose are standing in front of John while both of them are smiling and John is looking towards them and is confused, background: a room without much details 2- Rose's looking sad, and shedding tears while John has kept her in a hug, while Eden (as an Earth Pony) looks at them and pass them a sad expression, background: a room without much details. 3- John's sitting on the couch while both of them (sitting on their haunches) are hugging him from either side and also wrapping their wings around him, while nuzzling his cheeks, (Eden's in her pegasus form.) background: same 4- John's lying on the bed, giving a confused smile, while Rose is about to bite his neck with her fangs, background: slightly darkened room. 5- John's entering the house while Dream grab him in a hug, and other two mares watches with greeting expression, background: room without much details. Next four pictures are in a sequence. 6- Rose with sad expression while sitting on the couch with a thought cloud in which glowing red eyes could be seen in darkness. 7- Dream came towards her with a gleeful expression, with a thought cloud be seen in which "Daddy loves you" is written. 8- the thought cloud on Rose's head from before puffed and disappeares. 9- Rose hugging Dream. Next three pictures are also in sequence 10- Edlen looking into the mirror and instead of herself she sees a digital grid in her shape. 11- then she imagine the John standing beside hler. 12- then she saw her true self in the mirror once more. 13- Dream hugging a gameboy like device (only this device looks far far futuristic), with a speech bubble which is saying thanks. 14- Eden reading a story to Dream from a tablet-like device. 15- Rose lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask on but still smiling, while Eden, John, and Dream are standing beside bed smiling at her with a get well soon card on the other side of the bed. That'll be all for now. I'll update this time to time to add details for remaining 15 pictures. Thanks in advance, and I will be waiting for your response. Please don't leave me hanging, I have a lots of expectations for this project.
  4. My head is really big, like 26 inches (660mm if you prefer) in circumference. Is there a tutorial for wig making? Preferably from scratch (it doesn't have to be) and not the yarn type.
  5. Need help for a brony yt channel name any suggestions are helpfull. Im also new to this site and dot go hard on me if somwting isnt right
  6. As you all know, I'm a huge fan of PPg and I'm cautiously excited for the reboot but I have been very skeptical about it since I was planning to do a reboot that would help me become a recognised animator and I wanted to continue the story of the original series. I'm of course taking about Sugar, Spice, Nice. It's about the Powerpuff Girls as teenagers. Now before you show your pitchforks and torches let me explain. This is a comic series is a follow-up of the Powerpuff Girls series. It is about the Powerpuff Girls now 16 years old and have reunited after splitting up due to their anxieties of the future. Now they continue to fight crime together and protect the city of Townsville, whilst also having the typical teenage problems in life. I know this concept is original as shit, but please understand that I just wanted the Girls to evolve as character and have it as a coming of age story. I always wanted to explore more of Townsville, Chemical X, what the Girls want to do with their lives and how they fear that no one will appreciate them becuase they're not little girls anymore. And there's plenty of dark and dramatic episodes such as the one I wrote called Don't Shoot the Sender When Blossom underestimates a monster's power and it ends up destroying half of the town, she feels incredibly guilty and the whole town, including her family, hate her for letting the monster destroy part of the town. A week passes and Blossom decides to make amends and starts by texting to her family and friends. But HIM takes advantage of this, and manipulates Blossom's cellphone to alter any text given from any sender, making her family and friend's forgiving replies appear threatening and cold to only Blossom. As HIM consumes Blossom's growing fear and sadness, he possesses TV reports, social media, newspaper to make things worse. And SSn isnt just all dark and gritty, there's a lot of comedy such as the episode called Mall-iCloud Due to a promise they made to Bubbles, the Powerpuff Girls go on the most typical girl's hobby ever, shopping. And only Bubbles is excited about it. However Blossom and Buttercup quickly find all the stuff they always wanted from video games to books and they go on a shopping binge. However, a bunch of robbers spoil their day and the Girls have to stop them. Or the episode USA Puff Yeah, where The Powerpuff Girls get invited to the U.S.A. (United Superheroes Association) where all the superheroes join together for a monthly meeting in Washington. So the Girls arrive and excitedly meet all their favourite superheroes, including Batman and Teen Titans. However, when they are placed in the teen superheroes section, they are angry that no one takes them seriously and consider them just another teenage superhero group because they are older. Heck, I'm doing a episode where the PPG celebrate their 16th birthday, and they do typical birthday activities such as fighting zombie birthday cakes, having a contest on who can overact the most in a Phantom of the Opera, dance battle each other like Scott Pilgrim, playing game shows parodies, reenacting the DC/Marvel Civil War, go in a limo only to find a family of badgers, do surreal, crazy stuff. You see I wanted to do this series so people can appreciate and like my work as an animator and artist but now that the reboot is out, Cartoon Netowrk has beaten me to it and now I'll just be another stupid fan with her retarded fanfiction. I want to liek this reboot as a fan of the PPG, but I can't like it becuase the show I have been Working on for nearly two years is all for nothing. People say I should be doing anyway and don't matter what people think, but seeing how the reboot is going to be good (which I'm glad for) what's the point?
  7. I have been anxiously anticipating the PPg reboot and while I'm so glad the reboot isn't as bad as I thought it was, I still feel aweful that my idea for a reboot is competent shattered, because of this series. ever since I saw the original again on Netflix a year ago, I always wondered won't it be cool If I continue the story of the original PPG? Won't it be cool to see the Girls grow up and learn more about themselves and their powers? How their roles as superheroes affect them? I just wanted to explore it. Explore more of their character, more about what is everything nice, what is Chemical X. So now the reboot has come out and the opportunity of a lifetime failed. This reboot I planned all year and a half writing, scripting, planning was to help me boost my career as an artist and I was planning to make animations of them so I can boost my animation portfolio and get a reputation. But no, the network unknowingly fucks up everything and becomes praised by all while my story is regarded as stupid fanfiction. Seriously whenever some own LOOKs at my artwork and my Epistories (mixture of episode and story) for PPG, they just say cool and that's it. They never question or analysis anything else. I posted my series and my artwork TWICE on this forums as advertising so people can at least give a shit to listen and maybe in the incredibly off chance they'll like it All my life I wanted people to take me seriously. I just want to show the world my ideas and the original content I have made myself as well as remakes on classic shows I love. The reason why I've been so on and off about the PPg reboot is I want to like it, but I can't help but feel horrible that all the time, hard work is all for Nothing. People say do it! Who cares what they think? Well I care becuase all my life I never knew if people cared about me or not. So why bother you know, this reboot is great, but something inside of me is jealous. Jealous that the reboot Is going to be more popular than me. I know it's stupid but I just wanted to continue the story and seeing how the reboot is supposed doing that, seeing how it's showed they are preteens. I just want people to treat me seriously ;( No one does and i want to work for Cartoon Network some day as a creator and animator But until the I'm just a stupid fangirl with her hard work which people think are mediocre. Can you guys help me? Do you guys think I'm good if i show you my work?
  8. Let me get straight to the point. For the past few months the pony that I use to represent myself on places like deviantart has had a cutie mark that’s vague and not really relevant to who I am or what I’m good at. The one I currently have is a pencil breaking on a shield. But my primary talent isn’t debate or defending and I don’t even think its writing. So I did a bit of “soul searching” for a cutie mark that I’d be permanently satisfied with. I don’t want to change my mind on it down the road and I don’t want it to be inappropriate to what kind of person I am. I had a few ideas on what exactly my talent was. I want to say that it’s thinking, not just thinking to myself but insight and critique. Some people say that I’m good at talking or having ideas but I really don’t think those are actually “talents”. Anyone can talk up a storm and anyone can have ideas (even people that don’t consider themselves creative will have a few good ones here and there), they aren’t skills that play an important part in the working world. Insight seems to be a bit more useful. Now, I know that I could just set my cutie mark to something simple like art or game design (the career path I’m interested in) or even creativity. However, I feel as if there are just way too many art cutie marks out there. I’d just be another art cutie make in a wave of ponies with cutie marks that are brushes or painting supplies. Besides I’m not sure it’s not my primary talent, it’s something that I like to do and even if I’m passionate about it I’m more passionate about making something. That’s why I like doing art related things I like to take something and turn it into something great that I made and I set the rules for. So I have a few ideas but I can’t decide on one or even know if there are better ideas out there. 1. A thought bubble 2. An interrobang 3. A light bulb (might be too generic though) 4. (something that indicates making stories or creativity but I can’t think of one) So what do you good people think? Should I use one of the ideas I listed or are they not very fitting. Or do you argue that I have a totally different talent. I’m open to anything, so please share your thoughts and criticisms.
  9. So I've got access to a 3d printer and I want to get started printing some ponies!!! If anybody can walk me through how they build ponies on either blender, tinkercad, or some other free software, i will gladly send you a small print of your oc!
  10. So Hello,My first Blog entry On here So i wanted to blog about my fansite if your a fan of rares' than you might say:"Really Rainbow is at least 20% cooler than rarity" But if your a fan of rare you might say:"This thing is freakin' awesome"! So here are the features: The site is here: The ablility to upload Art/Photos/Gifs Read Fanfiction Submit Qutoes Do Polls Chat Read The rarity blog and site news blog Follow Bejeweled Rarity On social Media: And More Please Don't Say nothing rude to me i Worked my umm my my, butt off just to create it, it took alot of hard work. Social Media Links: Note:Macy Has the Twitter and Facebook, I have the google+ Page and Youtube,you can find her deviantart here:
  11. So... i for the first time have considered making fanfic for MLP so i need help, you know the basic tips and help with all of this because i am new to this so i have two ideas.... Redspace- This is a story about a regular pony being tied up in something big and it is up to him, it is like a slice of life comedy stlye of work but what is with the main lead is that it is also a story for self discovery, and it is called 'Redspace' because that is the name of the antagonist in this series, i need help with the basics etc that is all and i have never made a fanfic before, ever. City of Ashes- This is like lost treasure of griffstone only Twilight is the main lead and she goes to the edge of equestria sort of out 'problem' in 'Hellsalem Lot' aka The City Of Ashes a forgotten land in Equestria... it is only slightly darker toned but it keeps it grounded a such, i came up with these ideas while walking home from school (dont ask) so i need help with the basics of writing fanfiction a such and well... as i said "i have never made a fanfic before, ever" so i need you guys help. Thanks for reading if you have made it that far... also these will only slightly darker than the show but only by a small margin it will be darker, so dont expect death or heavy subjects to be in these fanfics. So as such how would i begin?? What would i do? and how would i start?
  12. Skype > mario.909.luigi.909 We Need! [singer] [Music Maker] [sing Director] Already signed! [Music Director] Mario909luigi Where Thinking What The Song Is About....
  13. So I'm dating a girl who's really into anime, and I mean into it. XD I've seen fair share of it myself (A little of Kill La Kill and such) I'm trying to get into Sword Art Online right now, but are there any other shows you anime experts feel like are worth my time?
  14. I was watching a YouTube video. A girl was showing her MLP collection and there was a blue pony named Dewy Dizzle. I loved her colors and looks. I searched for the pony on MLP Wikis and Google. But couldn't find anything. Does this pony even exist? Please provide any pictures of the toy or the pony in the show. Also, provide links to the pages.
  15. Ok for my OC (im gonna be using Paint.NET) but I came across a problem Color wheel wont work (His pelt is black.) So what color should I use for mane/tail I was thinking of keeping it darker colors so but if thats not the case please tell me how it works
  16. So im on DA and I see this: And I get to thinking, "I could do something like that! And I could do it in my own style!!! Problem #1: i cant draw... Problem #2: im know nothing about flash... (which isnt a necessity) All I can do is write... So then I get to thinking, "mlp forums is a great place to get artists!" Soooo heres what I need: 1)an artist with a morbid style 2)whos cool with no getting paid unless this project makes money 3)id also like someone who can make this into a flash thing like the link above 4)if you can add music thatd be awesome, ill make the music The story is gonna usually be around the subject of the deep problems with society and will usually be really depressing and will usually center around a dark metaphor. things will include talking about domestic violence, stories of murder, suicide, serial killers, i had one in mind about a bus driver who hits a kid and tries to hide it, etc. I have another one in mind, that's more specific, about a pure white, blonde haired pony who's super happy and nice who has a run in with Satan and the whole thing will be a metaphor of something traumatic happening to good people like rape and it'll end with the pony laying in a padded room while a couple of nurses complain about not being able to go home because of something stupid and how their life sucks while the shot just stays on the blonde ponies blank face representing how no one cares no matter how bad things get... lots of shock value, lots of weird and freaky situations. I know this is a lot darker than the usual requests, but its what I know best. If you're interested message me or leave a comment with a link to your artwork or, if youre looking to help make it more interactive, a link to your other flash projects. All frames will be done by the artist, I just need someone to put it all together. I look forward to working with some of you! Also, this will be as ongoing as possible, I have ideas for a number of series, so I need committed helpers, I do want to find a way to from this, but that may take some time... I have a few ideas on how to make money which ill discuss when the time is right. also, please note that i did this on my phone sitting in a pizza place watching my friend work XD so sorry about typos
  17. So, I'm designing an OC Unicorn mare with a special talent relating to enchantment magic. Unfortunately, I'm not the greatest at designing cutie marks, and have no idea what kind of cutie mark I should give this pony. Any and all ideas are appreciated.
  18. Hi! I'm making a song because pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff i dont know. I gotta singer and all that, and besides her singing, i got everything done! here's a link to what i have so far. i need an artpiece that looks like this essentially: but i need it to say something like "Anchor Catalyst" (catalyst being my new persona) with each word being in a seperate ribbon and "Feat. ElectronicBloo" being in one of the bottom corners in big enough text that my signer won't feel unappreciated. I'll make it kind of a competition thing and i may be able to pay the winner something like $10 for the picture seeing as how its pretty simple. NOTE: if youre going to add any color, teal would be a really nice accent. <- like that I'm really leaving the creativity to those who are creative! post pics by PMing me them or posting them below, and your picture will end up being the picture that goes along with the video for the song and I'll give a shotout in the description! Thanks to anyone who submits! Also laziness so grammer is blah and i apoligize. EDIT: I lost my singer... please don't make or post any art to this thread until i figure out who my new singer is.... sorry for the inconvience, more info is in my reply (#7 in the top right corner) in the comments below
  19. I downloaded the Tribute Edition for Fighting is Magic today, and I'm trying to play it with my Eightarc Fusion arcade stick. It's PC compatible, and in the test runs in the Control Panel of my PC it checks out perfectly fine, but when I try it in game, the joystick doesn't work. The buttons respond just fine, so if I go into a match I can attack, but since the joystick doesn't respond, I can't move, jump, duck, block, etc. Is anyone else having or has had this problem? Also, does anyone know how I could fix it? Thanks in advance for your guys' time.
  20. Hey everypony. My name’s Julia, and you’ve probably seen me post something like this a couple of times before. Well, this time I’m serious about my project plans. This time I actually finished a 19-page script featuring my pony OC Padlock Keys and my good friend’s OC Private Eye (she’s known on the forums as Private Eye, on DA she’s known as Frail-Ice). First things first, I don’t have all the money in the world to go out to this project. Though some money can be spared in order to pay for some situations – not all the times. I can discuss that privately with some people. Though please don’t bombard me with prices right away! I am looking to do this all for free and all volunteer work would be highly appreciated. Again, I can offer SOME pay depending on YOUR SITUATION (always willing to help bronies out!) but don’t bombard me. Anyway getting that off my chest, I need animators, storyboard artists, composers, puppet-riggers, the whole enchilada. There are already two people who are voicing the main characters, and that is Keikoandgilly (voice of Doctor Whooves) as Padlock Keys and Jalokim VA - Voice of Private Eye. I’ll go over the list of whom I need for VA’s in a bit. And also, don’t think this is a worthless project for everypony else, because I hope that eventually I can let everypony else contribute. Meaning, if you have an OC – you might end up as a background character in the episode. There are a few OCs already made-up whom I don’t want changed, but as far as background characters who don’t have roles go, I might let you in so yes, it won’t be worthless depending on what you can contribute. BUT WAIT, don’t be submitting your OC to me just yet, wait for me to explain what’s going to happen okay? I need voice actors and actresses. TAKEN – PADLOCK KEYS. PRIVATE EYE. OPEN – BLUE BONNET (OC). ICY FROST (OC). HEROIC MIND (OC). VIOLET ROSE (OC). CHA-CHANG (OC). GLOW STICK (OC). WIND-CHIME (OC). Before I get voice actors/actresses I need sketches of these OC’s and color references, please and thank you. I need sketches and concept art for myself and I need color references for the possible animators who are going to be working on this and the puppet-riggers. I DO NOT want voices for any other character that I do NOT have artwork for, the OCS listed under OPEN are all ones that I do NOT have artwork for. I need artwork for the listed following – BLUE BONNET. ICY FROST. HEROIC MIND. VIOLET ROSE. CHA-CHANG. GLOW STICK. WIND-CHIME. Here are descriptions of the OCS. Icy Frost first appears in the episode as a wandering stranger, for comic relief at best. Much like how Cheese Sandwich does, he wears a sombrero and a Mexican-styled outfit. Just, he has a mustachioed-face and he’s kinda scruffy. He’s an Earth pony and he’s all white with a yellow/blond mane. His cutie mark are two green maracas. Blue Bonnet is a white and blue (more like a baby blue, not a dark blue) Pegasus pony who has a ruby-red mane and her mane is sort of curly, her cutie mark is of two lacy-ballet-shoes. (her cutie mark is pink). Glow Stick has a green body (not too green but subtle) and a yellow mane, his cutie mark is a big yellow star. Wind-Chime’s cutie mark is never shown, but he’s a white unicorn much like Blue Blood but with a black hair and a mustache like Icy Frost, but he’s more scruffy and old looking. Cha-Chang is a large grey and white stallion and his cutie mark are dollar signs, he’s a unicorn and he’s often wearing a tuxedo-like-outfit. The pictures don’t have to be perfect, but try to make more than one sketch on a single sheet so that way it doesn’t waste anything/paper/space. etc.! He and I script by TheBigAnimation.docx He and I script by TheBigAnimation.pdf
  21. Hi, my name is Ryan, and I have recently came up with an idea. The Brony community is very large, and are always looking for something to fuel their fandom. After being bored and going through the internet, I got an idea... "Why not make a My Little Pony game, that's like Final Fantasy?" After awhile of thinking it through and buying a couple of lottery tickets, I decided "Why not? I'll give it a try." So, I need people who know how to these things. Coding: At least 2 or 3 people. 8-bit/16-bit Graphics animator: At least 2 or 3 people. Level Design: At least 2 or 3 people. Character Design: At least 3 or 4 people. Storyline: At least 1 more person. (Postion filled) Music: Just 1 person. (This position is filled.) If there is any job you think I may be missing, just tell me and how many people I need. The people that I accept for helping, will receive an email for the story plot, characters, etc. and what they will need to work with. I would recommend that you at least watch a few episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, or you are a brony. After the game is done and released, I will pay everyone who helps (We'll discuss our pricing later). Thank you, and best regards! -Ryan. *Please share this around any brony or Video Game Design sites! Spreading the world will help! Give them the link to this page, and tell them the project is called: Project Final Equestria.
  22. Ok, I need some help. For the most part, I seem to be doing well in writing fanfics. I just have a major problem...Showing vs. Telling. Granted, its not my only problem, but its my biggest. Anyway, no matter what I think I'm doing right, I always get someone telling me I need more Showing vs. Telling. My teacher can't explain it to me, maybe you guys can. So please...HELP!
  23. Yeah, this is nothing I can put aside now, I REALLY need new headphones, as well as getting contacts to fix the only functional ones left, one which I use now. Thing is, I don't know WHAT kind of headphones, so I'm looking for suggestions. Any kind of them will do, but since I'm mostly using them outside and such, I think that some decent silicone earbuds would be the best bet. I don't know what type to get, though. What should I get?