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Found 37 results

  1. I searched through a number of pages of topics and found nothing for NFS. Which is a shame since NFS is the pinnacle of all gaming (in my opinion). I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where people can talk about likes and dislikes about Need for Speed games and the franchise itself. This thread will also serve as a great place to exchange PSN names and whatnot. So I guess to start off, I got Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. Not the newest of the series, but still a darn lot of fun. Surprisingly, the world and the flow of the roads are superior to Rivals, the newer version of Hot Pursuit. Aside from Slightly delayed controls and the online pass fee, I can't really think of many reasons why one should buy Rivals over it. Truly a brilliant game. Edit: The race called Vanishing Point is being stupidly hard to get gold... I might have just started the game, but when it comes to Need for Speed, gold is the only satisfying acheivement. Edit: Finally stuck gold on that challenge. Apparently I was only 0.36 seconds off from gold in the first place, cuz 1:22.00 is gold, wheras 1:22.36 is not.
  2. So I'm trying to write an analysis of Equestria's current political situation. Nothing big, nothing fancy. I'll be lucky to get something more than a page long, but I'll try anyway. I have a small number of notes so far and I need to find sources of information for anything relating to my topic. If anyone has any sort of (analytical) reports or links to them, I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction. I would happily accept anything from population analyses to speculation of lands other than Equestria (and no, FO:E dosen't count.) and will surely give credit to those who provide me with sources and those who created them. Anyone know where I can start?
  3. Hi, everypony- pardon my sort of flooding this forum with these posts. Right now I'm looking around for some good drummers, electric guitarists and trumpet players who would be interested in participating in the Equestria Big Band, but we are also open players of other various instruments as well. We are currently passing out parts and practicing right now, gearing up for our first recording, my arrangement of "Winter Wrap Up". If you're interested, please feel free to shoot me a private message and I can give you far more details there. Thanks for taking a look! You will have a LOT of fun and the band will benefit from having you along!
  4. Right off the top of my head, I can list 3 dual types that Pokemon needs to have more of, in future generation games- those being the Water/ Fire type, the Grass/ Ground type, and the Steel/ Dragon type. 2 of these dual typings only have 1, count them- ONE Pokemon that exists, out of 700something, that shares that typing. Toruterra, and Dialga. No fire/ water typings, on the other hand, even exist yet. (Volcanion isn't released yet, so it doesn't count) What dual type Pokemon do you think there aren't enough of?
  5. Hey everypony ! I'm searching for a 3D artist who can make 3D pony stuff, like furniture, buildings, props and stuff and also these textures. There is more 3 weeks i'm searching but no way to find someone so if you know of any one that can help please let me know. I really need this artist for my SlendyPony2 game which you gonna know more later (if i can find an artist..) Thanks you ! Cheers ! /)
  6. Does any of you remember J.G. Wentworth commercials. Preferably the "it's my money and I need it now" ones. I remember seeing them and thought they were funny and I think that they referenced the movie Network with the people sticking their heads out of the window and shouting. I also can't help but think that commercial and the quote can be used for future references. What do you think? Here's the commercial in case you haven't seen it or can't remember it:
  7. So I'm writing a software called Autoshipper, basically it automatically ships two random characters, I don't know if I should have it be exclusively mlp, or not, and if not if I should include every mlp background character or what. Please give me advice.
  8. Hi there everypony (and faithful fanfic readers). I apologize for the delay in updating my fanfic, but I'm either cursed with writer's block, or I'm suddenly stuck for ideas. Seeing as I'm basing this thread on the latter, I came here to ask for ideas. What I need is a name for the sixth and next chapter of my fanfic, plus an opening to said chapter. Here is the story so far. (Don't worry, it's quite brief) Canterlot has fallen to Chrysalis and her Changeling Army. Despite a firm, steadfast defense, Shining Armor and his Royal Guards have failed to defend the castle and are now being led away to the throne room, which will soon contain the entire populace of Canterlot. At present, Princess Celestia and Luna have been imprisoned in the wedding hall, trapped in two cocoons, which are slowly but surely feeding on their love, and turning them into Changelings. Having just witnessed her sister experience a bout of regret from a flashback of what she said to Twilight at the rehearsal, Luna has become suspicious, and also a little bitter towards Celestia, which will lead to a demand for answers. Meanwhile, the Mane 5 and Spike are infiltrating the city and are making their way to the castle, intent on stopping Chrysalis once and for all. And lastly, Twilight will soon receive a visual from Princess Celestia showing Canterlot under attack, which will prompt her to take action. Having read all of that, I'd very much like if you guys could give me ideas. Once I have received a good number of valid titles, I will put it to a vote, which you guys can decide on. So please, ladies and gents, I need some bones to chew on.
  9. Okay everyone, I'm having a bit of a problem. I'm a musician (I make dubstep/trance/dance music and rock n' roll, and I'd like to be able to share my music somehow. I have used my friend's laptop to transfer my .wav files to my "Downloads" app, and they can also be transferred to iFile at my will through the app. The thing is, the closest thing to "sharing" I can do is email the file to someone, I don't have a laptop available but I do in some (rare) cases. Just in case, I'll give whoever has advice some app-information. Downloads - The app icon looks like a white arrow pointing downward on a green background, I have the full version. iFile - I have the full version and it is connected with Downloads IMPORTANT - I do not jailbreak for anything, and I will not even if to share my music. If you have any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Why I need the General Lee's dixie horn These two videos should do the trick So it's obvious, it's simply because it's awesome.
  11. Well guys... the road to graduate studies has passed one hurdle. I've been given a conditional acceptance to University of Toronto's Graduate Pharmacology Program. I just received it in the mail today after months of stress of where I'll go after undergraduate studies and moments of worthlessness after being rejected from medical school. It'll put me one step closer to living my dream of being involved with the pharmaceutical industry when I complete my education. Now you may wonder what a conditional acceptance is. This is where the next hurdle comes along. I need to find a supervisor to work with on their research on drugs. It's huge because there's a whole new world to find when it comes to drug research. There's so many unsolved and new problems we face when it comes to removing drugs safely from our bodies and ensuring their effectiveness while minimizing their side effects. I'm sure many of you have experienced someone who underwent chemotherapy with drastic consequences. I want to be among the researchers to help alleviate the side effects of such therapies by better understanding how they operate in our bodies. Finding a supervisor will not only fund my education through grants, but also provide experience through which I can operate drug research at the industrial level. If I don't find a supervisor though, the admission is nullified... The most amazing thing about my acceptance is that the University of Toronto is among the best reputed and established universities in the world, and I'm just delighted at the fact I got accepted at such a competitive program in pharmacology. Now begins the search for a supervisor who fits well with my research interests in improving drug efficiency while also being open to potential areas in cancer and/or neuroscience research... I passed a big hurdle getting accepted, but now I have another one to pass... plus, I have other supervisors to talk with from other universities, so if I can't find one in U of T, I can always look back to the other universities . At the end of the day though... wish me luck .
  12. So, as the thread title suggests, I am looking for a few partners for a project I am currently undergoing. I have taken it upon myself to contact a publisher of various works, who said he might publish my works if I get all the resources. That is where y'all come in. For said project, I need the following: Artist Writer Editor Reviser Musician Now, you may ask, what is this? This is going to be audiobook and book publishings. Here is what each job is responsible for if you sign up, and what the requirements are: Writer- must be flexible (metaphorically), have good grammar, and be imaginative.- you will be drafting stories with me for the works. Editor- must be patient, and have a good eye for spelling- you will help edit any errors in spelling in the original drafts. Revisers- must be patient, and have a good eye for grammatical errors- you will help revise any errors in grammar in the original drafts. Artist- must be at least somewhat good at drawing, and be flexible (metaphorically)- you will make cover art for these stories, which may get used as an actual book cover. Musician- must be at least somewhat good at making music, and must be able to meet musical requirements, and know musical terms- you will be making background music for the audiobooks. What's in it for you: you may get to be published, and get full credit for being in it. I hope you'll consider joining! Sign up soon!
  13. Hello and welcome all to Pinkie's Party Thread! This thread will help all you bronys out there pull out your inner Pinkie Pie! If you were Pinkie and given the task to plan the best party in all of Equestria (other than the Grand Galloping Gala of course) what would you do? What would the theme be? What would the decorations look like? Who would attend? What about the music? Old or new styles, or perhaps both? What should people wear? I'm interested to hear all your thoughts on the best party idea! Of course pony themes are welcome, but let's try to be creative and think of all sorts of things, even without being pony-related. "WE PONIES WANT TO PAAARTAAAYYY"
  14. I'm Sepiormon and I am part of a group that started on September 1st. We are still trying to get off the ground, and one of the things we are lacking is reliable video editors. We need active editors that can handle videos consisting of multiple PoVs (Point of Views), or small Solo videos. If you are free often and are experianced in video editing, we will see to it that you can join the group . (Although right now since we are getting "off our feet" you may not have to edit often, or at least not currently.) Our youtube: Please contact me Via posting here or adding me on skype. (Sepiormon)
  15. Hello I have a new OC, but I have no idea for a name, OR cutiemark for her. She is my new main OC instead of Shining snow, to. So, here is a pic. I am currently working on a background for her, but for now, let me explain what I got for now. She is 18 years old, she is a pegasus, she lives in Clouds dale, she has only one friend, but she can be very mean, she is bullied, and she is sweet, calm, unpaitcent, and at moments, can be very annoying, and rude. Her favorite foods are daffidel sandwiches, and she usually trusts ponies, but then again, its hard for her to trust. So.. ya, think anyone can help Thanks!
  16. Hello! I drew another pony, well, a head of a pony, and I need critique. I try to get batter at drawing, so, here you go! What do you think? I was doing something a little different with the ears. Anyways.... enjoy!
  17. I need advice and help I am learning to draw ponies, and I am trying to get better Here is a picture I just drew: Its my friends OC, Tangerine Mare. So far, I just need help with head drawings Also, she is all white, that is why it looks like the white part around her eye is gone. Thanks ~CadenceDerp
  18. Hey y'all! I have finished my new OC recently, well i mean for the most part, there is still some bits of work to be done, but shes mostly done. However, one big thing still remains, finding a name for her... First heres the reference picture from pony creator of her. Now, first of all, i want a 1 word name, and i also kinda want a more humanish name, I think it'll mostlikely end up a human name, unless it goes really well with her and works with my ponysonas name. The reason i want the names to go together well is because my ponysona and my new mare are going to be lovers basically, So yeah, i'm shipping my ponysona with another OC of mine, because i don't feel like shipping it with any cannon ponies, plus it means i can make or have others make adorable art of them together(well i need practice before i can make anything look adorable.. but yeah ) Also I can have another Mare OC which I can make art of or have art made of that wouldn't work on my stallion(Like her in dresses, or stuff like that, or just looking adorable .) Or just idk doing whatever I want, its fun to make a new OC, and maybe i can do other things with her i can't with my ponysona. Plus i felt like my Ponysona needed a lover so yeah.. The new Mare who has yet to be named, was born! Anyways, I need a name for her, so since i'm kinda sucky at thinking of names, i turn to you the forums for help! please note that first of all again, i want 1 word names, and probaly humanish names(Unless you have a really good name you think i'll like enough and goes well enough with my ponysonas). I also want you to see if you think the names sound good together, of course i won't totally based it off this, but it helps. (Btw my ponysona is the same as my username "Zygen" if it isn't obvious.) I want a kinda feminine name, i'm really not sure i'm gonna like any duo gender names for her, just because i want it to be fairly obvious shes a mare. (Plus idk i just want a girly name ok xD?) I want the name to be a serious name, i'm not looking for a punny name exactly, i want a nice regular sounding name. I like puns and stuff, but i want a regular sounding name. And uh, i guess if the name sorta makes sense for being her name then well uh.. yeah. Guess thats the point of this thread though.. Far as i know right now the only thing about her is that she has a musical related talent, like my ponysona. otherwise personality and stuff, i'm not totally decided on frankly. Oh and also, i'm pretty picky with names(Almost as picky as i am on fixing the exact colors for my color schemes on my ocs that i like.) so if i don't end up picking your name or whatever, please don't take it personal or anything, i don't wanna hurt anyones feelings, i'm just picky, sorry :/. I really have no idea what i want besides that stuff, so just start listing if you can i guess. Maybe one will just hit me like (Thats the one!) Anyways, thanks for anyone who suggests names in advance, hopefully i can get a name for this mare, because calling her "The mare yet to be named" is getting a bit tedious . Thanks again! Later! Oh and Ps. if you have any suggestions you want to suggest for my OC, put them in this topic.
  19. I'm trying to make a series about an elite group of ponies that work for Celestia. At first I wanted to make it fully animated, since i cannot animate and noone wants to animate for me i have decided to do it in a style similar to doctor Whooves and assistant. They don't do full animations but they have a frame every so often to show whats going on. due to this decision i need artists. I will accept almost anyone i can get, if you believe you could help me with this project then send a reply showing me some of your past art (pencil drawings will work) Edits : Please send me your Skype username, if you do not have a Skype we can figure out another way to stay in contact I will give credit to you in bolth the video and the description. Your art dose not have to be show accurate.
  20. Some of you are familiar with my OC: Blue Moon. Here is a picture below: Anyway, I decided to give him a wife and daughter so he would have a family. Here are the pictures. EDIT: I have gotten a name for this one already. Clear Sky. Wife: EDIT: I have chosen the name, Spearmint, for her. My only problem is that I need names for them. The daughter is kind of shy, but has a love for the stars, like her dad. The wife is a very bubbly kind of pony and always has a smile. But she sometimes is a bit stubborn. She loves to run and play outdoors. She has the special talent in track. As for the cutie marks, the daughter doesn't have one yet and I'll make one for the wife after I get a name for her.
  21. I am need of a certain manestyle / hairstyle for a very special Original Charater of mine. It's really difficult for me to describe what I want, unless I see a picture of it. I know somepony around here has a character in there signature with the kind of style that I would want to use, but I am not sure who that is. Here is my Character with her original manestyle : And this is the more recent change to her appearence : Neither of those mane styles are exactly what I am looking for... I really wish that I could describe the style I'm looking for, but it is really difficult for me. Could somepony possibly post pictures of styles you have used before? I might be able to reference one, if you will allow me to.
  22. To all people who can lend their voices and music-making abilities: I am currently in the process of creating the lyrics to create a parody of Owl City's "Fireflies", and I am in much need of other people to aid me in this project. Upon completion of everything being made, it will be uploaded on youtube. There are two different apps you can fill out, for either singing or for creating the music. Those who would like to sing will participate in an audition via Skype. Those who would like to compose the music must give at least twenty seconds long, or you can insert a previous work that is longer. You must prove that you created the work, though, and you'd have to be pretty dumb to input someone else's work when you know we'll expect you to create a new musical track. Apps For singers, we are looking for someone who can do a Twilight voice, as the song is supposed to be sung by her. Singer App *Name: Age: *Skype ID: *Gender: *Have you worked on any previous songs? If so, put a link, please!: Composer App *Name: Age: *Skype ID: *Example music (it is preferred to be posted on youtube): I will be extremely busy for a while with school and other activities, so I will stop taking applications on the twenty-sixth of January, as it is the best, most available time to be able to hold auditions. Thanks for submitting your apps! ~Freeze Oh, while we would like female singers, we could work it out to where there are male singers as well. I really hope people sign up for this, as I am quite good at writing lyrics, and, if everything goes well, already have an animation team set up.
  23. I need a cutie mark for my OC, he has the same name as my username and dosn't really have any one talent. He's kind of a jack of all trades and is fairly decent at everything he tries but can't be bothered to put in the time to become exceptional. And well I'm stumped. Any Ideas would be helpful. Thx
  24. Hallo mein Freund. My name is Air Psyren. Some may know me as a fanfiction writer. Other know me as a troll. Most of you do not know me at all. I love this fandoms music, especcially the stuff created by 24railwaycuttings, which are My Little Pony parodies involving the cast of Team Fortress 2. Wanting to contribute more to the fandom than just a bunch of craptastic fanfics, I decided to try and create some parodies of my own. I showed them to afew of my brony friends and they said they liked them. However, my singing skills are equivelent to the of Batman trying to do an opera so... yeah. That is why I am asking for some help. I currently have three Parodies created: 1. Being Popular (The Type of Gamer Every Gamer Should Know) 2. Slender Man (Bab's Seed Parody) 3. Art of the Guard (Art of the Dress Parody) As I had wrote them all in a journal, I'll be posting them on here as they get typed up. For now, here is Being Popular: I'll be the talk of the web, the player on the go I'll be the type of gamer every gamer, every gamer should know I'll be the one to watch, the best in the flow I'll be the type of gamer every gamer, every gamer should know Becoming as popular as popular can be Making my mark, making my mark in ranked society I'm the number one on the board, the star of battle's flow, yeah I''ll be the type of gamer every gamer, every gamer should know See how they hang on every word that I speak My arrival on their team is what they all seek I'm the crème of the crop, not just another John Doe I'll be the type of gamer every gamer should know At home, at the cafe, on a fancy yaht Connect to wi-fi to be the talk of all of Canterlot I'm the crème of the crop, not just another John Doe, yeah I'll be the type of gamer every gamer, every gamer should know Because I'm the type of gamer Yes, I'm the type of gamer Yes, I'm the type of gamer every gamer should know If anyone who has the nessasary equipment to record themselves singing it feel free to do so, just give me a link to the video and credit me as the lyricist.
  25. I need some Voice Actors & OCS for a talk show featuring my NEW OC as the host and your OCS As a guest. Now the choice is voice your OC or Have someone else voice your OC Unimare (Host) I am animating myself with General Zoi's Pony Creator & MS Paint, what dont believe me here look: Need more Detail? This is going to be a comedy/ fandom Sometimes we'll discuss stuff about them or about subjects such as The Derpy Dilemia or What they think about "that" side of the fandom. Q/How'd you made those cool sprites for your OC, I want one!! Well see if you have your OC'S generalzoi's code then I can make one and then they can be put on the show Q/Does it have to be in generalzoi's Pony Creator? Yes Q/Who can I voice act Unimare (OPEN) Derpy (OPEN) Quick Question (OPEN) Q/What if I dont have a ponycode? I'll try to re-create your pony to my best extent