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Found 33 results

  1. Hi there! Ben here and im asking here because I need a female VA for my OC because im making mutable projects like a animation, a game, and other things.for her and I need one. This is her. Her name is Lilly Bell and she is the first ever Trainpony invented by me of course. xP Me and my friend are making meany projects with her and she needs a VA. She has a voice of a young adult with a ascent mix of babs seed and AJ. Think Boston ascent with some country. Here are some lines that you can say. *happy tone* "Oh my Celestia! This coal is DELICIOUS!" "It must be because I'm part loco now is why it tastes so good!" *in sarcastic tone* "Well you know I weigh about a ton now. You should of removed those carpets." *in sad tone* "All *sniff* I wanted....was to be helpful. But I see all you see me as now is a FREAK!" There you go. send links to your guy's recordings if you did one here or to my email Thanks and i hope to see at least a few people wanting to try this. ^^
  2. Well would ya look at that... we made it to Season 7! (Sorry for not posting this 2 weeks ago when the first two episodes came out, been super busy with school :/ ) That means it's time for another round of MLP Forums Reacts! If you're unfamiliar with MLPF Reacts, it's basically just like Bronies React by ACRacebest, except it's starring forums members just like you! If you're interested in joining in, send me a PM and I'll fill you in on the rules and regulations. Also, consider joining the MLP Forums Reacts Discord server, where we discuss ideas for any future videos, post memes, and just have an overall good time! Join here --> If you want to see some of the previous MLPF Reacts videos, here's a link to the entire playlist compiled by one of our own, Gamer_KM! Once again, if you're interested in participating send me a PM and I'll get back to you ASAP. Let's get a big group together this time around! (Don't forget to join the Discord ) -ff
  3. Yo, guys! OwO As the topic name states, I am currently in the process of creating a super duper awesome musical collaborative duo with Scribblegroove! Only, one problem... WE NEED A NAME! If you have any catchy potential band names, please help us out! If you need a basis to make a suggestion, Scribblegroove and I are hoping to make an Electronic music duo, with heavy Jazz influence. Thanks for the help! Otty~
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for someone who has a good impersonation as Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer to do the voices for my MLP Wolf3D Mod, Twilight: Escape from Stalliongrad. A game that takes place in an alternate version of the Season 5 episodes: The Cutie Map part 1 and 2. Where Twilight was taken to an underground dungeon, and to escape its horrors and to take down Starlight Glimmer! Voices Needed for: Twilight Sparkle: None selected yet Starlight Glimmer: None selected yet Voice script: Twilight: - "Alright!" (Excited manner) - "Yeah!" - (Death Scream) - (Relaxed exhale) Starlight Glimmer: (Overhead Background sounds) - "Attention all troops, Twilight escaped, I repeat, twilight escaped!" - "You will never get away with this, idiotic princess! - "Twilight, you're dead to me!" - (Evil Laughter) (Boss Character Speeches) - "Die, Twilight Sparkle!" - "Damnit!!!" - "Thi- This is not the last time you will see me!" (Game Trailer speech) - "Welcome to my land Twilight Sparkle, I shall turn your life into a living hell, as I soon shall conquer Equestria. Everyone shall be equal, there will be no goddamn princesses in this land, only I... Shall be everyone's god!" - "You can't run, and you can't hide. Let death... Awaits you!" ----------------------------------------------- Please leave a comment below if you wish to participate, thanks
  5. Hey guys! Some of you may know me as Trixie and Luna from Princess Trixie Sparkle. Sadly, my channel is serious lacking some stuff~ So I'm working on some comic dubs to get my channel out there and known! But I need various characters that aren't in my vocal capability nor in the range of my friends that are also helping me. Plus I want to include some others that maybe also are as well known in my posts Here's a link to the casting call I have on BTVA! Characters needed (as of the comic I currently have picked out): Celestia (possibly, if I can't completely get her down.) Scootaloo Spike Sunset Shimmer (She's too close to my Trixie for me to do her in the same comic as Trixie) Zecora Lyra Colgate Random Background Ponies (Male and Female)
  6. Greetings to whoever happens to stumble by into this topic. I'm Mr. Storyteller, but on FIMFiction, I'm known as the JimDavis23. First off, if you're reading this, then I'd like to thank you for your time. Second, what is this about you may ask? Well, I'm currently working on an audio book of a fanfic I found on FIMFiction about a year ago called 'The Youth in the Garden'. You can find the link below this paragraph. Link: Now, I've been planning to do a reading of this story ever since September of 2014. During that time, I was in contact with the author of the story in order to learn about some history from the story and get him to write a blog to ask for VAs. So far, I have no luck on getting any voice actors to send in their auditions yet. Perhaps it is because I have not set a deadline for the auditions yet. Still, his blog did help me get a few people who want to be involved in the voice acting. The only problem is that I haven't found someone who can do a Fluttershy impression. I've asked a few VAs on Youtube if they can help me out, but it seems they aren't able to. So, I came up with an idea to do a sort of teaser trailer of the reading to try and hopefully get more voice actors into joining up and set up a deadline for auditions. If you happen to have a good Fluttershy impression, along with a good mic, would you be so kind in helping me provide just a few voices for the teaser trailer I'm working on? Here is the link to the teaser (Fluttershy's lines are highlighted). Link: If you're also interested in auditioning for Fluttershy in the actual reading, feel free to page me either here or on my FIMFiction. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post.
  7. This is probably going to attract no traffic but I felt like talking about it. Cursive. I'm pretty sure we've all seen it. You know. You squiggly lines that people wrote in years ago. But do we still need it? I think yes. Back in um... second? yeah, second grade writing was a class where we were taught how to write cursive. Now my teacher was ancient (60 or something. Not that old but it felt like it then) and had the mentality that it had to be perfect. Every E had to be the perfect size and capital G had to have the exact loop. I wrote in cursive for years after this and that was my go-to writing style. Then after a few years we moved (That's the army for you). My next school didn't care for cursive nor did they teach it. I was directly asked by teachers to write in print rather than cursive. Bad for me cause I had almost forgotten how to write print and had to make the sudden swap. Now my hand writing is pretty bad and traces of cursive can be found when I do write (I mostly type now becasue of my handwriting) such as many times I never lift up and write full words with no break in the letters. I can still read and write cursive so I think I'm good. Now to get off my life story and to the point here. We need cursive. One argument is signatures. "It ain't a signature if it ain't in cursive" Says my 87 year old Southern grandmother. And that's right. If seen many times were someone writes print where it should be a signature. Public Schools don't teach it yet is a needed skill. If it's in print it can be forged easily. I'm not going to put the whole "Cursive is an art form" thing out there cause that's just stupid. Old documents written in cursive that hold historic value can't be read by many public school students and private school students from there lack of learning. I'm not saying everything should be in cursive rather that people need to know it when they see it and be able to write in it if needed. I ended on a weak note here but that's all I've got. I leave with this. Can you read it?
  8. If anyone want's to write a story or fan fiction with me ask me. This would be fun,I make sure to credit you if you write in a fan fiction and story with me also the fan fiction or story that you write with me includes a chat like this: User: Welcome to my story/fan fiction were inviting people and writers to chat with us. Feel free to ask me to add you into the chat and I can add the story or fan fiction part's that you help write with me.
  9. Hi, uh I'm going to take part in a talent competition and thought I'd sing, I want to sing something different though, soooo I'm going to sing The Racing Rats - Editors, I need an instumental though, even if I don't need one for the actual competition, I need one to practice, I can't find one on youtube, also preferably free Thanks
  10. I am in need of an artist who can illustrate a comic, PM me if you can help out!
  11. I can animate ponies pretty well but i cant upload anything becuse im running into the constant problem of not being able to draw a background. It doesnt matter if its 2D or 3D but i just need someone i can be in contact with for future projects. in anything posted you will recieve full credit for anything used plus a link to your deviantart or youtube or something like that my skype name is: smallboatproductions if you are interested please leave a link to where you upload your art
  12. Hi all! I am trying to create a videogame based on the poular fanfiction Fallout Equestria, but the problem is, while I have programming down, I can't draw, at all, nor can I wright or compose music. So I am trying to make a team of some awesome bronies and pegasisters alike. Here is everything I need How it will be played: The game will be played in a top down turn-based style RPG closer to Final Fantasy than the traditional Fallout games, it is being programmed in RPG Maker with Ruby. Programming is about 30% done, but everything else is zero percent. As soon as I get some people on board I will launch a web a site. What I need: -Sprite Artist: If you're any good at pixel art and want to help out then we need someone to create the overworld sprites for the game. -Battler Artist: If you're an good at digital art, that is not pixels, then you are needed to, to create portraits and in battle sprites of the characters - GUI Artist: Anyone who can help to create the Pip-Buck, this games version of the Pip-Boy, and also the inventory, map and quests screens. GUI artists can also help design the GUI for S.A.T.S (Stable-tech Arcane Targeting System). -Icon Artists: Anyone to make icons for the Items, Buffs and Debuffs as they are shown in GUI. -Tileset Artists: Anyone who wants to help make the tilesets for various towns, rooms and areas in the wasteland -Font Artists, We actually need a few different fonts, If we have any good Calligraphers out there who can design ones that look handwritten, and ones that look like they are from an old DOS machine, you are wanted. -Music Composer: This one's self explanitory, we need musc preferably 40s-50s style music with some elements of electronica thrown in. -Mapper: Probably the hardest job (in my opinion) someone (anyone) who can help design post-apoctalyptic Equestria, as in the layout of towns, the wasteland etc. you are desperately needed. (I can help with this). -Someone who is skilled in Flash/SFM to make cutscenes -If Anyone wants to make a signiture that would be nice. Thanks Also if you want to help but don't have any of those particular talents, I could always use extra OC's for NPC's of you want to give me permission to use them, as well as a link to there character page that would be nice. Story: Equestria is no longer a place of kindness and friendship, these words lost meaning when the bombs started dropping, ponies became selfish and greedy, caring only for them self's, and as time passed this new greed eventually led to war, and worse yet nuclear war, the princess tried to interfere but she was powerless against these weapons that the earth ponies had created, and the deadly spells by the unicorns. After the war surviving ponies were forced to hide away in underground bunkers known as stables, only to leave when it was certain that the world was safe for re population, You leave your home in Stable 10 and must survive in the now war-torn Equestria, though you can try to change the future, war, war never changes. Disclaimer: Do to the fact that My Little Pony is Copywright by as Hasbro, Fallout is owned by Zenimax and the story we're basing it off of isn't even ours I can't pay you (I really don't want to get sued by Hasbro, Zenimax, or the original author of the story so this game is gunna be completely free. Meaning I cannot pay you sadly, I would if I could I promise you that. But one thing I can assure you of, is that you will be credited for every contribution you make tho the project, and you will be credited as whatever name you wan't, whether it be your username, your real name or anything else. Please, help me MLP community, you're my only hope. Encoureging words are also nice!
  13. I am now accepting applications for help in the film coming this summer to fall: Doctor Who: Rise Of 13. I need a few things before I can get fully underway, and that's why I'm here now. I made a very primitive trailer for it, but I will update it as I get more and more actual movie footage clips. For this project I will need the following: Actors- If you live around my area of the world, I may need your help, as I have a few slots open in the movie. Voice Actors- I need a few voice actors for various characters, as the actual actors didn't want their voice in it, or they had a speaking problem. Musicians- This is the biggest part. I need a few original songs for this. Most should be instrumental. I will be doing most lyrical songs. However, I am willing to do one duet song and a few lyrical songs from any of y'all. Special Effects- this is very important. A few key scenes in the movie requires special effects skills I do not posses. Therefore, I'll need your help. Artists- I need art for the credits at the very end. Thanks for anyone willing to help! Post here and I'll check to see if you can be in or not!
  14. Okay, what's up guys. I am looking for a special kind of art, and if you can supply me with this, please don't comment, Email me at Now, lets get started on the art I need. Backgrounds Okay, my youtube channel (trentonjedi) is doing something BIG. We are making an mlp animated series. I have animators, voice actors, and we have already made the trailer, BUT, we have one major problem, we need backgrounds! Most of them would be inside a typical pony house. A living room, a few bedrooms, and the occasional outside scene would be all I need. So, know that you have seen this, I will link my email again Thanks for reading this and I can't wait to see the art. /)
  15. Name: Lack Luster Gender: Female Race: Pegasus (Broken-looking horn caused by genetic disorder) Age: Teenage Backstory: Lack Luster was born as a mostly normal (But blind) Pegasus to her father, mother, and two older sisters. However, as she grew older it was discovered that she has a rare disorder. The disorder has several effects on her, for example, she grew a partial (Non-functioning) horn, was born blind, and did not develop a cutie mark. Doctors estimated the disorder would kill her very early on, however, so far she has survived, against all odds. She is dependent on other ponies due to her inability to see, and cannot and will not develop a cutie mark. She currently lives with her family in a small house, where she is taken care of. She has gained a slight ability to know about her surroundings, and for this reason is able to navigate around with only minor difficulty. She has no idea what her true purpose is, and spends many nights simply wishing she could look up at the stars and see the beauty therein. She spends many nights trying to get her horn to function, even though the doctors told her that any attempts to do so would be completely futile. She often vents about her frustration to her family, but there's not really any way they know or feel they can help her. Personality: Lack Luster remains optimistic and hopeful, as those are the only two things that are impossible to be taken away from her. She tries to make other ponies smile, even if she is unsure what a smile actually looks like. She remains extroverted, or at least tries to, as most other ponies avoid her. Her circle of friends is rather small but she feels that it's enough. She does not like to meet new ponies as most ponies she meets shun her. If she does find a stranger that doesn't run away or poke fun at her, she is very open to becoming friends with them. She is very philosophical and often ponders about the meaning behind things that happen in life, such as why she is in such a predicament. She values beauty on the inside, as internal beauty is the only beauty she has ever known. For this reason, she does not judge other ponies based on anything other than their deeds and personality, as those are the only things she can really be certain about. She has confidence in herself, even if she really doesn't have (Or at least know if she has) any talents, she feels that the fact she has survived this long is a miraculous event in it's own right.
  16. I've been trying to finally put some of my music out there. My friend and I decided to start making some lyrics (and using some we've already written) and try and record them. We've already got a few ready to go, and have started recording the vocals, but we ran into a problem. Neither of us can play an instrument very well. I was wondering if anyone was willing to help us out with that. We haven't worked out the pieces yet, (what you'd have to play) so you'd have to be willing to collaborate on that. So, if anyone can play guitar, maybe someone who can play piano, I think that we'd be set for now. If you would like to help out and maybe don't play the requested instruments, go ahead and let us know what instrument you do play, and we might ask for some help later on. Does that sound okay?
  17. ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT Lets get down to the actual thing I want to talk about. I need some more voices for The Colgate Show.. I do.... So now that I got my point across, I can use a smaller font. There's a list of voices below, But before that I need to discuss something really important... IN A SPOILER Anyway, Here's a list of stuff I need, Vinyl Scratch: Woah, killer DJ pad! And you said this was all your sisters? OR You didn't bring Glow Sticks? TO A RAVE? BLASPHEMY! Berry Punch: Throw me another Cider will ya? I'm losing my buzz.. Derpy: Yep! Right away Colgate! I'll deliver that package lickety Spl- *CRASH* ouch! *Evil Sweetie Belle: YES! I REQUIRE MORE ALCOHOL BASED SUBSISTENCE! Princess Molestia: Heh.. vulnerability is such a beauty, I-I MEAN, I like turtles! *Whistle* Well, Happy Hunting...
  18. A friend and I are looking to put together an animation team for a Flash-animated adaptation of the MLP:FiM fanfic "Post Nuptials" by Darth Link 22. Here's the premise: It's the end of "A Canterlot Wedding: Part 2". The Changelings have been defeated, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's wedding has gone off without a hitch, and most importantly, Twilight has forgiven her friends since they didn't believe her about the Changeling Queen. But there's the problem: they may have forgiven each other, but they still have to forgive themselves. We already have a first draft of the script, courtesy of Darth Link 22 himself; the aim is to distill the original, multi-chapter story into a single, 30-minute segment, and remove it from the fanfic's original continuity to better adhere with the official canon. We are also currently negotiating with animators for our project. But writing and animating is only part of the job! The following positions are still open: Storyboard artists Sound effects and music Camera tracking Rough animator effects Voice casting will commence once we have enough people on board. If you'd like to help, please contact the head of our project, Greg Cassella, or visit our Facebook page. And be sure to check out the original "Post Nuptials" story!
  19. Alright, not that I really expect much of a turnout for this, but I'm wondering if a VA here would like to help me. I need somepony to do a rarity voice. You need to sound pretty close to her. It's just a small script that you need to read for a Happy B-day video (which has yet to be written) in her voice. Please tell me if you're interested. It would really mean a lot to me and I'd find someway to repay the favor. You can PM me if you want to do it or if you have questions.... or you could post it here. Either way works. Thank you so much in advance, whoever you are (PS, Isobel, I asked you first on youtube, but you didn't reply ) Ok, slight change in plans. Instead of just rarity, i'm going to have several parts open. Pony(what the voice needs to sound like) Rarity* (You know... Rarity. Sophistcated) Minuette* (She can sound anyway you want her to) Octavia (Classy. Think Frasier style) Pinkie Pie (You know what she sounds like) Fluttershy (Quiet and shy) Twilight (Sure and... Twilighty Scarlet Scribes (Aloof) AppleJack (American Southern accent) - Emerald <3 Rook (that's me...) *really needed The Happy Birthday is going to be a voice skit between the characters. You can try out as many of them as you like, and'll probably get multiple of them. You can also suggest other characters if you'd like My friend's birthday is April 28. We need to try our best to get this done before then. If you need help uploading them, use this website or email them to me if that doesn't work ( Script: Coming soon! I'm going to try my best on this. Right now, just audition with whatever lines you feel like
  20. I am writing a story and would like some cover art for it. It can be traditionally drawn or vectored. Here is a link to the story for a guide: I will credit you for your work if I decide to use it. Thanks. /)
  21. Cleaning up old post from this old account.
  22. Hello! I am a animator, and REALLY need help with drawing certain things for animations. Most importantly, I need help drawing the hair and tails for ponies I am animating for a PMV I am working on. You don't need any knowledge on animating, I just need someone who can draw decently. It would be most helpful if the drawings were vectors, but I don't need them as vectors. Anyways, I really hope someone can help me. Message me if your interested
  23. Hi everypony! So, my little niece who is turning 4 in a couple of weeks absolutely love MLP:FiM. My idea is to make a very short animation for her with the Mane 6 personally wishing her a Happy Birthday. However, I am absolutely lost when it comes to animation and sound effects and such. I was hoping some of you guys could help me make this happen! The animation would honestly only be like a couple minutes. I just think she would be so happy with a gift like this So, I originally get the idea that it would start with Twilight talking to a camera. Making it easy for the animator since the the viewpoint would stay in that fixed point. One by one eventually all the Mane 6 manage to get a little snippet in there. I know animating in MLP style is a lot of work, but I figured 2 weeks or so was alright for only a 3-5 minute animation. Please just let me know if any of you want to help!
  24. First thing is that I'm not sure if this goes here or in Fan Art. So, if it does go in Fan Art, please move. Anyways, I'm drawing a new background for my profile because my current one is meh. However, I have no idea what to do for the background, and not sure if I should have any other characters. So, here's the thing so far: The pink dot is the lighting perspective, and the dark green is the bits that are not under the actual page, the light green is under the profile itself. Any suggestions/criticism is welcome. Thanks!
  25. ~The Almighty Feldicorn Editors would also be required for this, in addition to all those people seeking to do reaction footage. I've contacted two forum members partially known for their video editing, Tick and Flare03, but they're not an absolute definite. So, if you're good at video editing, signing up to be someone who waits on standby for footage to be passed to you once it's all done, so that you can pick, crop and place the best reaction clips into a 5 to ten minute video, then by all means, do that Please specify in your post if you'd like to be a footage person or a potential editor person. Footage List: -Crispy/'Not Crispy' -The Pyro -Urdnot Shephard -Shankveld -Twiliscael/Harbringer -Blackcat -Artemis -Sephiroth -GameRectangle -Prof. Yana -Steamgamer27 -Charming Knight -SongBrony -NRL Information Minister -Tormented Dusty Soul -ItStartsAtDusk -SorteKanin - - - - - Editor List: - - - - - (^ There is no fixated minimum or maximum for either of these sections, I'm simply typing out in advance for space) Source: MLP Forums Season Three React Video 'Signups'