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Found 5 results

  1. We all like food, we need food and such and some of us have our "comfort" food that we want when stressed or sad or in any reasons for times! So just wondering is your guys and gals? Mines crackers and hummus or frosted flakes and milk!
  2. Of course the show needs to end someday, there's no doubt about that! Nothing lasts forever! But one thing I'm afraid of is the show ending prematurely, and there are still quite alot of questions that still need answering before the show ends for each character. Now I don't think ALL our questions will be answered before it ends, but I'm hoping some of the most important ones at least get answered! Some are more needed than others! The ones with the star on them are the most important questions that need answering! After this, feel free to comment below on the things you feel like that needs to be done before the series ends! Twilight Sparkle * Needs an episode with AJ. * Needs an episode with Rarity. (Most of Twilight's arcs are completed, and there's always gonna be new stuff with her!) Pinkie Pie * Needs an episode with Fluttershy. * Needs an episode with Spike. * Needs an episode with the CMCs. * How does Pinkie's family feel about her leaving the farm? * An episode with the Cake twins as toddlers. Applejack * Needs an episode with Twilight. * Could use an episode with Starlight. * AJ's parents' fate. (Probably not gonna happen) (There's not really much of AJ that is needed after her parents, and also she seems to have everything she needs in life!) Rainbow Dash * An episode answering Lightning Dust's fate and how she feels about it.* * An episode featuring the return of Wind Rider. (I wouldn't mind not seeing that though, but LD is important) * Needs an episode with Spike. * Could use an episode with Starlight. Rarity * An episode about her business having a rival. * An episode featuring the return of Suri Polomare. * Needs an episode with Twilight. * Could use an episode with Starlight. * A final decision on what to do with Sparity. Are they gonna end up together, or is he gonna not crush on her anymore? Probably the latter, but we need a conclusion to this.* Fluttershy * Needs an episode with Pinkie. * Needs an episode with Spike. * Needs an episode that explains more about her fear of dragons, and fascination for baby ones. * Could use an episode with Starlight. Spike * An explanation to how Spike ended up at Princess Celestia's school.* * His family.* * A final decision on what to do with Sparity. Are they gonna end up together, or is he gonna not crush on her anymore? Probably the latter, but we need a conclusion to this.* * A destiny. What is his true purpose in Equestria?* * Needs an episode with Pinkie. * Needs an episode with Rainbow. * Needs an episode with Flutters. * Needs an episode with the CMCs. * Needs an episode with Starlight.* * An explanation about his relationship with the Sparkle family.* Cutie Mark Crusaders * Still need to meet the Manehattan CMCs and proper conclusion to the Babs arc.* * Needs more development with reformed Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. * Needs an episode with Pinkie. * Needs an episode with Spike. * Needs an episode with Starlight. Scootaloo * Her family.* * An explanation to her lack of flight, and/or meeting somepony else with another physical disorder so she can relate to them (other than Gabby not having a cutie mark).* Starlight Glimmer * A destiny. What is her true purpose in Equestria?* * Needs an episode with Spike.* * Needs an episode with the CMCs. * Could use an episode with AJ, Rainbow, Rarity, and Flutters. * Her family. Discord * Meeting another draconequues. * His origin.* (Though this could be saved for the comics if needed, but should be answered either way) Princesses * An exploration through the alicorn species and history.* Other * Zecora's homeland. Where did she come from? Also why did she leave?* * Snips could use a chance to shine, much like Snails did in Buckball Season. Villains * Queen Chrysalis: A final revenge plan and fate. Will she be reformed, will she end up in Tartarus, or will she escape and promise to never return?* * Lord Tirek: An explanation to the fate of Scorpan and how he feels about leaving Tirek behind. Probably a whole arc is needed here.* Now it's your turn! I want to see what you feel like you need to see on the show before it ends!
  3. Are you sick of snow? I always hated snow, it makes me depressed.
  4. Applejack is underrated. Big deal, I've been saying that, another person has been saying that, everyone's been saying that. Applejack has zero character development. Again, everyone says that. In any topic about AJ, there's always someone saying that kind of thing. Applejack is background pony. Here is the common insult that AJ haters love to say, to troll us. Yes, there are insults for other characters, as well, such as neat freak or arrogant jerk. But this comment here is special. Not in a good way, of course. It's unique for Applejack. Unique of her to be part of the mane six, yet also a background pony. Now here's the thought. Why do people say these kinds of comments so often when talking about Applejack? Let's see what she has. - Bucking ability. - Lasso ability. - Athletic. - Farmer working at Sweet Apple Acres. - Honest friend with a great personality. I'm going to analyze each of those traits. Bucking Ability - She's extremely skilled at it because she's been doing this ever since she was a little filly. Applejack can buck apples much better than her relatives in Appleloosa and probably anywhere else. In other words, she's pro at it. She's better at applebucking than everypony else...except for Big Macintosh, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and possibly even Rarity. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash can fly into the trees as seen in Cider Squeezy. Seeing as even Fluttershy can make all the apples fall off, it's more than likely Rainbow Dash can, too. Twilight harvested an entire quarter of the Acres with her magic. Rarity may be less magical than Twi, but she can levitate things perfectly well, and thus I believe she could harvest at least two at a time. Big Mac can harvest an entire tree with one leg, while AJ needs two. Lasso Ability - Vital in catching Discorded Rainbow Dash in the Return of Harmony; she's a great shot, even catching RD at high speed. This ability is also shown in Boast Busters and Fall Weather Friends. However, if this was to be AJ's primary ability, it should be shown more often. It has not, and therefore is not her unique ability. Athleticism - This trait is shared with Rainbow Dash. She appears to be much stronger than RD in her hind legs, but extremely weak in her front legs. Which raises a question. How did RD get her forelegs stronger than AJ's? AJ bucks with her hind legs. She stands on her forelegs. Which means that they should be plenty strong too, and not just Bucky McGillycuddy and Kicks McGee. Rainbow Dash is almost as strong as AJ, and yet AJ is nowhere as fast as RD. I compare them, because those two are the most athletic. Farming - The whole Apple family does that. Honest friend- Perhaps the only thing that makes Applejack stand out as a character is that she's the best supporting friend there is. She always tries to comfort her friends and hates disappointing them, as shown in the Last Roundup. Is that the type of thing that's going to earn her popularity? No. Some people - only some - don't appreciate what a good friend does nowadays. That's the end of my analyzation. No bias. Which part of those traits - ANY of them - make her stand out? None, right? Exactly! (I'm answering my own questions, wow. ) So that's what I think. I think that (bias included) Hasbro should make her friggin' undeveloped character go developed and stop trying to dump her. I can tell you exactly when her hat disappears because they forgot to include it. Yes, Hasbro, in my opinion, pretty much forgets about Applejack. Search up the Crystal Fair Song, go to the end, and try to find Applejack. You can't. So what does she need to stand out? To prove that she isn't just a background pony, a filler of space? Does she need a special talent? Twilight - Powerful magic Rainbow Dash - Fast speed Pinkie Pie - Pinkie sense Fluttershy - the Stare Rarity - Gem findings, best fasion designer And Applejack has...applebucking. Yay. Woohoo. Does she need more character flaws? Twilight - OCD, know-it-all Rainbow Dash - Arrogant Pinkie - Nagging, sometimes Fluttershy - Shyness and helplessness Rarity - Drama queen and also somewhat arrogant Applejack is stubborn. I can also say she's uncouth, bad-tempered, and argumentative, but when have those traits ever been even mentioned or shown in an obvious way? Does she need a song? Twilight - Well, every one of her songs stand out. Pinkie - Smile song Rainbow Dash - Find a Pet was actually featured, and she has the best part in the Gala song. Fluttershy - Again, Find a Pet. Rarity - Becoming Popular Applejack has no song or a part of a song that stands out. Does she need a good, quality episode, or something that would make her seem more interesting? Twilight - Lesson Zero Pinkie - All Rainbow Dash - Sonic Rainboom Fluttershy - Hurricane Fluttershy Rarity - Sisterhooves Social and A Dog and Pony Show Applejack has Applebuck Season, which is as plain as socks, and the Last Roundup, which was stolen by Derpy. Please tell me what you all think, and analyze her character, and think of ways to improve it.
  5. I'm working on a school project for one of my courses, and I decided one of my projects would be forum signatures. I've created 14 different signatures and now this is where you guys come in. I need you all to vote on your seven favourite (there are two questions so don't select 7 in one question and 7 in another), and if you'd like tell me some general comments on them. Good, bad, I don't care - this is worth a lot of marks so sincere opinions are worth more than gold to me at this point. So, tell me what you think? What's your favourite, and which ones don't you like? I advise you click on the pic to get a bigger view of them. If you need an individual sig to look at, please do tell me.