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Found 4 results

  1. Just watched this video, really important to all you YouTube viewers and YouTubers. Please watch it!! It's very important, and concerns the core of what brought about this fandom, believe it or not. We bronies have helped each other by posting YouTube videos (Joey-O, MagpiePony, and others). Now YouTube needs us. Short Version: Full Version:
  2. So I was browsing the forums and saw there is a positivity thread. I thought: Why not make a negativity thread? If you need to vent something off your chest, want to talk about your bad day, complain about a jerk and other stuff that people would consider negative, do it here. Feel free to relate to each other.
  3. Is how big of hypocrites some of them can be. For example, they will say that bronies are butthurt, and then they will get even more butthurt if someone even brings up mlp, or has a pony avatar. They will say they hate mlp because it's for little girls, and then go worship other forms of media meant for children (mario, Pokemon, classic cartoons, Transformers, Disney, etc.) They will say they hate it when bronies force the show down the throats, and then they will go to a pony video, and type something like "This sucks!" or, "This is for little girls, stop watching it!" They will say bronies can't accept opinions when they aren't respecting bronies opinions of mlp That's all I have to say!
  4. Today, I have seen more negativity than I have EVER seen on the forum...I'm so tired of seeing it. Really I am. Seeing how people mistreat themselves for sympathy or attention, or whatever reason. I don't mean that in a harsh way...well, kinda sounds like it. People wishing for death breaks my heart more than anything, in fact, it makes me sick honestly. Why must you guys hurt yourselves like this? Why have the forums come to this? Long story short, I have been on this site going on a year...I joined for many reasons...mostly for the reason of meeting new friends and an atmosphere full of positivity....where did that all go? Now I see members getting in trouble, controversy, negativity, elitists.... I know I can't do anything to change this overall heavy atmosphere of the forum...nor am I sure if I have a say about it anymore than anyone else. For once, I wish others can at least try to be happy for others...what happened to the FRIENDSHIP, the KINDNESS, the...well the everything, hm? I don't know. Sometimes, I think about finding another pony forum just to sneak away from what's been going on here lately around this place. I can't find myself to do that though, because i've been around here long enough to get attached to it, and I would miss my other forum friends. For now all I can say is, as sad as it is true, i'm surprised i'm still here. I want to stay, I yearn to make more friends, and stick with the awesome people I came and knew. I know this blog post won't mean a thing...just another sad vent, right? I never post stuff like this, so I know something is up with the vibe in this's just not the same.