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Found 4 results

  1. The FCC's final vote to dismantle net neutrality laws is a tragedy and big loss for consumer rights. There's no denying that these are dark days. But this is absolutely not the time to give up the fight. This is the time to ramp up the fight. There are still ways that we can win. Congress can still block the FCC's decision. There will be legal battles in court as well. There are also plans cropping up for new bills/legislation that will restore at least some of the most crucial protections that were afforded by the Title II utility classification for the internet. One or more of these things could go through, meaning that there is still hope for this to turn out okay. We need to write and call our members of congress right now. That's how we can make a difference. The time for writing the FCC is over. Their part of the story is done. Now we need to contact congress and put as much pressure on them as possible. It's of the utmost importance that we convince the republican congressmen that net neutrality is a non-partisan issue, and that losing it hurts everyone equally. Go here to help: I'm sure most of you have already heard the doomsday scenarios of what the internet could look like without net neutrality. I sincerely hope that this worst-case-scenario is nothing but fear mongering and exaggeration, but the point is that is could happen. There will be nothing stopping the ISPs from blocking and throttling, and controlling what we do and see online. Perhaps they will play nicely, but I don't want to take that chance. I would rather have protections against unfair practices in place. I've heard from some that "the internet is not free", and that "someone will have to pay for it". Such people argue that if net neutrality stays, we will end up paying for it as a government tax, but if net neutrality goes, we will pay the ISPs instead. They argue that the latter is preferable, because it will allow the ISPs to use the profits to provide more and better service. This sounds alright at first, but I believe this argument to be flawed. Firstly, of course the internet isn't free! It never was. We pay a monthly bill for internet access. When we say we want the internet to remain "free", we don't mean free in the sense that we don't pay for it. Of course we pay for it. We mean free in the sense that we can freely access any site we want at the same speed. What we want is to make sure that the speed we pay for works equally on all sites. We don't want the ISPs to have the power to block and slow sites that they don't want us to use. Secondly, ISPs are not like struggling mom & pop stores that need our support. They are giant, disgustingly wealthy and powerful corporations with monopolies, and they care little about consumer rights. I highly doubt they would take extra profits and turn it around and give it back to us in the form of better service. I fear that they will simply abuse us for their own personal gain. I would rather have protections in place to make sure they can't engage in unfair practices. How about you? Do you want to continue to be able to use these forums, download games on Steam, and stream video from any site, all with the full speed you pay for? Then you need to fight for your right to do so. Write and call congress. Do it everyday. Share this link everywhere you can. Spread the word. Do not allow yourself to become lax about this. Do not give up. Keep fighting everyday. If we put enough pressure on congress, we can still win.
  2. Many exclaim that the attempts to repeal Net Neutrality are just attempts for ISP corporations to monopolize the internet. Big business controlling the lives of consumers. But if anything is the result of corporate greed, it's the net neutrality bill. All it does is force the logistical burden of companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google onto the customers. The ISPs are offering an express lane for the astronomical amount of content those web companies provide, but that has to be maintained. Think of it like a toll road. A semi-truck has to pay more to use the road than a car does since the truck takes up more space and damages the road more often. So they'll need to pay more to maintain the road. NN pretty much says the trucks can pay as much as the cars and everyone driving a car now has to be the ones paying for the trucks. It's the government interfering in the free market, telling companies what to price or construction barriers for entry, instead of letting the market, consumer demand and competition sort things out. It's similar to the state laws on big box retailers. Laws in the 1930s were established to keep a company like wallmart from low balling their competition, forcing them out of business, then jacking up the prices in a monopoly. All the big stores have to mark up their prices 6% over what they payed, so they can't lower prices and take losses. Sounds like a good idea at first, until you realize that now a barrier for entry has been made for newcomers. Say that does happen. Walmart takes out the competition and jacks their prices back up. What that does is offer an opritunity for a competitor to march on in, offer lower prices for their goods and sway the customers to their side, forcing walmart to make concessions. But since there's now a 6% mark up, only the big retailers can remain and competition is stifled. That's what's happening. NN is stifling competition. The government is telling the consumer what to want. It's socializing the internet. And in socialism only the big companies profit. You're afraid of big business taking control when NN is gone? Big business already is in control with Net Neutrality established. Amazon, Facebook, Google and others now get to maintain their iron grip and stifle their competitors, while tossing the burdens of their services onto the customer. The internet is not supposed to be free. The internet is not supposed to be fair. there are going to be winners and losers. But get rid of NN, and we, the consumer, will have a choice and our money will go towards a better internet, instead of maintaining a substandard one. Equality of status cannot be forced. Just like in Soviet Russia, everpony equal. Equally poor. So let the market settle itself out and let the consumer decide how the internet plays out. Don't forget, Net Neutrality has only been in effect for 3 years. Were ISPs throttling content and hiking prices before that? Net Neutrality stays, the very future you fear will probably look like this: Thing is, you can still fight for Net Neutrality, while being against the bill of the same name. In the end though, we can't be 100% sure what will happen. It can work out. It can be disastrous. But let's wait until something actually happens before we all over react and take up arms. this will be tied up in court for years, will be changed by the next administration, then changed again by the one after. I doubt little, if anything will change for the internet user from how things were in 2014.
  3. So apparently, the FCC want's to de-regulate the fair use rules that allow for net neutrality. That all customers get data at the same rate, at the same time. Supposedly the plan is to have companies intervene by granting faster access to their customers. But many are worried that this will be an excuse for companies to hike up prices for faster service, deliberately slowing down internet speeds for those who aren't paying enough, and restricting access to certain sites. The vote begins tomorrow. Should we be worried? Is it as bad as people are saying?
  4. Net neutrality is once again in danger. Trump and his ragtag band of cohorts seek to destroy all we hold dear. This cannot be allowed. We all need to stand together to stop this. Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Protect net neutrality. Do not let the forces of darkness turn our internet into a totalitarian nightmare. A free and open internet is our right. We will never let them take it away. We need your help. Every one of you. Do you like these forums? They'll likely fall if net neutrality is abolished. Stand with me and fight. I don't care if you're atheist, Christian, Muslim, black, white, brown, orange, green, male, female, both, neither, other, Martian, Vulcan, Klingon, or a shuffling Cronenberg. I don't care if you loved or hated Slice of Life. Hell, I don't care if you think Flurry Heart is cute as the dickens. We're brothers and sisters in arms. All of us. Make your voice heard right now. Tell them to protect net neutrality and uphold Title II. Perhaps this is better suited for a blog post. Apologies, but this is too important. This is our fight for our freedom.