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Found 8 results

  1. Prolog Captins report from captain Typhon on the voyige of the Dawn serpent. Exerpt from his diary “It was the 5th at sea as we sailed closer to the smokey sky, we were given orders to investigate an over growing smoke screen seeming to form by the waters of the crystal empire. Reports from the wonder bolts say the smoke is too heavy for anything that could fly over safely. No pony knew if it was land based or on the water so the ship had a ready to deploy force of medics and security. The smoke started small but soon could be seen in canterlot making it dangerous to fly. While the lad was being brought to the lower deck a cannon ball shot past my head thankfully missing me. I turn around seeing……it The black sail with Sombra’s dark crystal. “Helms man we are leaving get us out of here!” I bellowed After drying off the lad and waking him up I sat down with the doctor to see how our new gust aboard the ship was doing. “Carful cap, lads been through a lot” Doc said I nod approaching the colt, he looked tired and had the look of a ruff night’s sleep. Looking up at me the green coated unicorn had sleep bags under his eyes. “Where’s home for you lad” I asked “The..The empire” he said shaken like, “is, mom or dad around” he asked scared I exchange looks with the ships doctor he moths steady, with how young he looked saying he was the only one found. “We are looking for them” I said He didn’t break down but sniffled “well, can you find them soon…I’m scared” “Don’t worry lad they will turn up, I’m captain typhoon what’s your name” I asked The young colt backed up a bit “are you with…with..Him?” the lad asks his small horn glowing I look at our doc who mouths ‘sombra’ I shake my head “Sombra has no presence here lad, your safe” He still looked nervous, he seemed to have heard that before. To calm him I unclipped the Royal navy pin part my of uniform showing the equestrian navy crest. His eyes go big and relaxes at the sight of it “so lad what’s your name” I asked The colt sniffled but breathed out holding back tears. “Red leaf” he finally says.
  2. So as I've said in some of my posts the job hunting is not hard just more stressful then I thought but then again I've been in worse spots before, now enough drama to the ponys!. Any thoughts on the last few episodes, it was nice seeing a cmc episode and it seems like this season is the season of the answers. good spike episode: check not so cringe worthy dash episode: nailed hopefully the trend continues for the show :3 now to the OC I have change crescent's colors somewhat I'm working with a talented artist for his full redo but for now this could work well for him. Cresent: red and white mane? -something I'm thinking of doing to mine, red and white go well together Cresent: but your hair is more like pinky's afro...or is it pompadour? anyway its not straight -hey now I guy could dream Cresent: and can get a iron, hair spray, and writing lessons -why do you sound like you have a list? Cresent: what gave you that idea (hides paper behind him) by the way string shot is feeling left out of the blog you probably should post about him soon. -not a bad idea, that will be next post
  3. Source: Help designing a cutie mark for new OC? Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone could help me with making a cutie mark for my latest OC? I'll provide credit always.
  4. i need a name for my newest OC, he's a master enchanter. and the enchantment on his arm lets him control the elements to an extent, while also boosting his magic. and heres his appearance:
  5. I want to finally introduce y'all my new OC (which was a secondary pony in one RP I am in, and then decided to convert her into a full OC). Her name is Rosebelle and she is a trained assassin with the duty of ending Princess Celestia's life. She is part of a gang/mafia and won't think twice if she has to kill a target. But she does has a soft side, her OC page link is below if you wanna know more this is just a skectch showing one of her multiple abilities, I need to color it :v props to @Starshine who helped me thoroughly the creation of her backstory, brohoof! this is her page (her oficial art is better too! ) or in my siggy as well
  6. I introduce to y'all Hunter Incendiare, daughter of Parso Incendiare and Lotus Blossom. this is what her cutie mark is... by the way, if she could have a proper artwork of her done, that'd be great. if you have some free time, that is
  7. I said that I didn't need any more OC's and that I was content with Motion Spark, but I dunno, he already has a backstory and a personality, and I just want to explore more parts of me that Motion Spark can't satisfy, not to mention that he is involved in too many projects, he would feel exhausted demand me to pay him extra hours . the idea of participating in a new RP, was the catalist for me to come up with a new OC, so there you have his original design (and I always wanted an earth pony), I want feedback on his appearance and looks, his mane and tail, the color palette as well. His mane is based on Rarity's mane. basically he's the inner Rarity in me, while Motion Spark express art through his paintings, he does through his body. He represents my admiration for fighting stunts and tricks, music, gymnastics, break dance, dancing (in general), and fashion sense, note that I said fashion sense and not fashion, because I like to dress nice, but I don't care in the slightliest on what is trending or what is "hot" this season in fashion. in this case he could be like 35% to 45% ponysona, the rest is added. don't let the above description to blind you, he's a very hard worker, and he's not afraid of getting dirty (unlike Rarity) so he's very athletic, muscular and taller for a normal pony, here it is how he looks compared to motion spark's size. Beat Spark, is a random name, but based on these descriptions, if you guys can help me choose a better name for him, it would be highly appreciated ...also I don't know what his cutie mark would be, help me on that too random skecthes of him PD: him and Motion Spark are not related at all, he just one of my own "sparks"
  8. Earlier this morning, I was trying to draw ponies, and lost hope for my drawing abilities. Until I managed to draw this beauty. It's a new style for me, and I hope that I can master it, cause I absolutely adore it. Her name is Vanilla. Generic name, I know, but it reflects her color scheme, which will be added later on.