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Found 5 results

  1. Hello ponies! some fan of spyro around here? hope so! as fans of the saga we know that they will make a remake of the first trilogy in playstation 1, knowing this ... what levels do you expect to see with new graphics? personally I'm dying to see levels like ''magic crafters'', ''Tree Tops'' , ''dark passage'', ''autumn plains'', ''Fracture Hills'', ''Spike's Arena'' and ''Midnight Mountain'' -image so that the post looks flashy- (?
  2. Hey everyone, we've all(most) heard all about destiny hitting the shelves yesterday (Poor shelves) anyway I think its a brilliant game and one if the most successful MMOs to ever land on console gaming but enough about my opinion I wanna know what everyone thinks about it. Thanks if you contribute Note to self, don't spam the button if it didn't work the first time :S
  3. Attention all Silent Hill Fans! A new game is coming out. It currently is only a teaser but it is in the hands of Hideo Kojima, the creator of the famous Metal Gear Solid series. The fact that the teaser ends with them playing the original Silent Hill theme says allot. It is either he will revamp the original game or he will make a new game with the first three games formula, but with maybe new mechanics. Who knows, but this is not a bullshit trailer nor a CGI movie. So what do you think? Will you look forward to the new addition to the Silent Hill series?
  4. WELL. Seeing as how I never look at my tumblr, it makes sense that I'm extremly late in finding this: omg. just. omg. Bout flipping time, Insomniac! Kind of left us without any closure at the end of ACiT >8C and then you threw two mini adventures at us. That's like, throwing salt in wounds D8 NOW IT'S TIME FOR ME TO FANGIRL. OMG ASLKDJALSKDJFASDF THEY'RE BACK THEY'RE BACK OH MY GOD THEY'RE BACK. AND THERE'S ANTI-GRACITY 8O AND HOLD UP, IS THAT... ANOTHER LOMBAX? DEAR SWEET BABY JESUS, FALL CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH (never thought I'd ever say that >.>) Ahum. *gathers self* I rushed over here to see if there were any kindred spirits here that play the game and are burrowed as far into the fandom as I am xD So... you fellow fans excited? I sure as hell am!
  5. This is a freeware indie game that is being made by the developer mane6. They say that even though it will be freeware they are doing anything and everything possible to make it a great game and not half-ass it. From the info given they really seem to be trying to make a fantastic game. Anyone else gonna check it out? It seems it'll have both local and online matches.