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Found 6 results

  1. So I was thinking to myself at work today, when princess luna was banished how were the bat ponys effected? I mean for some of us with batponys OC I havnt found much lore on there history so this might be me just not looking in the right spot but from what we've seen of her and that one time we first saw batponys I think the fandom (us watching the show) made the relationship with batponys and luna. So it brings the question did they all migrate to a safe hold of some sort? started there own nation in the bad lands and somewhere else? or is it our little spot to figer out? anypony want to bite in?
  2. For me as an mlp fan I have seen some pretty interesting species so far. Griffons, Minotaurs, Diamond Dogs, Dragons, and then the Yaks. Yet I can't help but feel we are severely lacking in the department of carnivore species in this world aside from Diamond Dogs and Griffons. Something like a species of Gators or Komodo Dragons. What are your thoughts on this matter? Post below.
  3. If you remember that blog I made about playing through Pokemon Emerald, then I have news for all of you. It isn't good news...I ran into too many technical problems with that whole recording fiasco, and unfortunately had to close that project down. I am very, truly sorry. I know there were a few people who wanted to see that. To those people, I can only apologize for my failure. Don't lose hope yet though. Since I had to close it down, I will do something to make it up to all of you. As for what that is, I leave that for you to decide. Yes, I am putting myself at the forums mercy, oh boy...this won't end well. Unfortunately, it can't involve recording videos since that is where my problems lie, but I can attempt to do something else. Just name it. ANYTHING...ALMOST ANYTHING! All I ask is that you go easy on poor, silly me.
  4. Well I'm pretty new, but I think would be a cool idea a forum or subforum for LGBT community. I have seen many pages with one, many guys and girls could exchange ideas and meet other friends like them (: A little place for LGBT MLP fanbase it's a good idea in a big forum like this. I hope this suggestion be supported! Greetings!
  5. The equistra games. I know that's so left field, it doesn't make sense. 1 It will have a HUGE audience (see where I'm going) Discord loves him self an audience. 2 The E. games are a neat and orderly affair, with years of tradition. 3 There will be tons of ponies there acting all serious, and well kept...... I mean the more I think about it how does he not crash it? It's literally the best damn target in season 4.
  6. Welp, seeing as my last fanfic was kinda a flop because it was a My Little Dashie type of story, I guess I've left it behind to start new things. This is one of those things. I at least have the descriptive paragraph written up. After knowing each other for years and becoming closer with one another, Tristan loses Fluttershy in an accident. But he cannot get past losing her. He needs his mare beside him. So, he does the unimagineable... He brings her back. How will their friends and families deal with this? Will the town come to accept the 'new' Fluttershy? How will the two of them deal with Shy's new lifestyle? And, most importantly... How will Fluttershy be affected by the entire ordeal? Based on the movie Frankenweenie by Tim Burton, and a son from the Frankenweenie Unleashed soundtrack, "My Mechanical Friend," by Grace Potter with The Flaming Lips. Tell me, is this a good idea? Or, if you think some things need to be changed, give me some suggestions.