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Found 20 results

  1. So 2016 is around the corner, have you got anything you'd hope to do or even expect to happen on that new year? Let us know ! *waiting foryou guys to post so I can tell what I want to do in that year and can blend in xD*
  2. 2020 is upon us! So, how was your 2019? For me, this past year was definitely one to remember, and so life-changing. I got a truck, graduated high school, got two jobs, and started college. I basically have become a grown up just within the past year.
  3. Happy holidays everyone! Christmas is tomorrow and we're all pretty excited I am sure, but New Years Eve is coming up as well. And that got me thinking... What was my favorite memory from 2013? I don't know my answer just yet so I'll post it later... A year is a long time to reminisce about! I'll probably post a few stories to be honest. I am such an indecisive person. But while I ponder my favorite memories, you guys should tell me yours
  4. Hellooooo Again my fellow Bronies!! We're trying this again because it didn't really work out the first time. Hello. My name is May. I'm that average American teenager trying to survive high school, avoid the bullies, avoid getting noticed at all really. That's never really been hard for me. Lay low. Stay invisible. That's me. I'm a ghost. I'm totally and completely average. I love to read, I'm obsessed with romance novels. I get average grades, I look average, I have an extremely average life. Every skill I have is just average. I wish I could be funny. Maybe then this would work out better. Sometimes I feel like I'm completely alone. Like nobody out there will understand how I'm feeling inside. Not even I can understand my own brain sometimes. Now listening to King for a Day by Pierce the Veil I wish I was so many things that I'm not.. and honestly, that's okay. That's kind of why I'm writing this blog write now. I'm feeling a bit alone and I forgot how much this helped me. (Yes this is basically where I come to rant and share my problems). I don't want people to feel sorry for me. You shouldn't. Other people are going through worse. But don't do what I did. I'm trying to be happy, spend more time outside, just generally be healthier. I'M NOT GOING TO LIE- its hard. But we're getting there. Anyways, I should be writing my 50 essays for school. Have a good night y'all.
  5. I am really looking forward to next year, especially the summertime. We are gonna be doing lots of stuff I've never done before, so EXCITED!!!! Plus I'm turning 16 in February, so I've got a little something special planned for my birthday this year... I'm gonna list all the things I'm looking forward to this year: 1. Hopefully going to the NASCAR races in Feruary, REALLY hoping I can go to the Daytona 500!!! 2. Spending most of the summer at the Daytona Lagoon water park 3. Maybe getting my drivers license 4. Looking forward to Season 7 of MLP 5. Looking forward to the big MLP Movie 6. Looking forward to Cars 3 7. Just looking forward to the new year in general
  6. 2014 was not a good year at all for me. Horrible winter resulted in horrible road damage here which trashed my winter car's suspension. My aunt broke her ankle in the horrible winter. One of my little cousins had some kind of serious kidney thing that could have gotten really bad- luckily that turned out OK. Another cousin almost got killed by a broken garage door at his work. My brother has anger and other issues and was evicted from our house. My health insurance thru parents ended of course right when "Obamafun" starts up. (The letter showing what it would cost for me to continue the plan as it was was the most hilarious piece of mail I've ever received.) I got a ticket An important manager suddenly quit at my work- which meant even more "fun" for me :okiedokielokie: My grandpa died unexpectedly just over a week ago at 89. -_- Surprisingly, I've never lost anyone close in my 26 years before. Wow, I didn't realize just HOW SHITTY this year actually was until I thought about this for a thread. It's honestly been the worst year of my life. On the positive... Finding out about MLP (by accident) kind of changed my thinking for the better, which probably played a good part in helping me stay sane. Thank goodness I found out about it in January. I built my first new desktop for myself- and because of advice from @Daring, and @Lunatic Envy, saved myself from being very disappointed over like $75. This year, the only debt I have is on my newer car. I could get rid of it at any time if needed and still be ahead on it a couple grand. (I have another older car too) My ticket didn't have any points (car insurance didn't go up.) Hopefully 2015 is better. So what about you guys? Hopefully you had a better year.
  7. How will you all celebrate New year? I am already celebrating it by drinking together with friends And I haven't blown up my finger's either
  8. I'm curious to see what you guys have in mind relations with others? fitness goals? trying something for the first time? could be the most simple of things like i for one will be trying to get over my fear of adding friends on the forums by spontaneously adding everyone i wanted to but have been to scared to ^^
  9. I tried to find a topic on this already, but I couldn't find any. Don't want to create any duplicate threads, now. Anyway, what are y'all's new year's resolutions? In short, mine would be to finish up on a few anime series I've fallen very far behind on, and learn Android app development.
  10. Hey everypony! Here are some sketches I made, I know they are not the best but I'm still learning and I think they turned out quiet good The first one is rarity in het new year gala dress and the second is rarity wishing all of you a fabulous new year These drawings go especialy to ooBrony for being such a fantastic friend
  11. Happy New Year everypony! 2015 was an amazing year, but I look forward to 2016 greatly. I hope we all have amazing years. Thank you everypony for a wonderful time on the forums so far, and I hope I'll be posting a blog entry similar to this just as 2017 rolls in too.
  12. I was at home at the time, just browsing these forums and waiting for 2014 to end How about for you ponies?
  13. So.. as the title says, What was your best moment of 2014? Personally, I don't have a best moment of 2014.. But I have had good moments and good stuff happen to me in 2014.
  14. 2014 is almost over, and, to be honest, I think it was a pretty shitty year. But now's the time to put all that behind us and think about what we're excited for in 2015. So what are some things you look forward to doing/happening? The things I'm looking forward to are: Turning 18 Graduating from high school My phone being due for an upgrade Getting my unrestricted driver's license EDIT: Oh yeah, season 5! The 2015 games I've got my eye on are: Star Wars: Battlefront Dying Light Hatred Hellraid Mortal Kombat X Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
  15. Well, this year had been.... interesting. Met some wonderful people, including @Hyperhooves ( ) and alas some not so wonderful people, of which I shall not mention any (not many there, at least). I've had some brilliant times, and some rather... sad times, but I hope I have grown as an individual. I look forward to what 2015 will bring, but alas it appears as if there are times coming I will dread... but I will get through them, I will survive. And really, I love you all. Except you. You know who you are. (jk)
  16. Image Source For those of you still in 2013 and looking for a place to bring in the new year, look no further! We're kicking off 2014 with a live stream of the New York City ball drop, and then, if anyone wants to stick around afterwards, we'll be showing pony videos by request. So grab some snacks, pull up a chair, and join in the celebration with your fellow bronies! Equestria.TV
  17. Hey everyone! I hope your having an awesome new years eve or day, but if youre bored of have the time, pease join our paaartay at mixify to ring in the new years! I'm there too! Links below -DailyDashereeee
  18. Happy New Year, everyone! May bounteous gaiety surround you as we bid farewell to 2012, and welcome a brand new year, hopefully full of love and tolerance the world over! First, a bit of reflection: 2012 was the first full year for which MLPForums has existed. According to my incredibly detailed research, exactly [pony] new members have joined, and activity has sped up by a factor of [pony]. As the title suggests, this is the obligatory thread simply asking what you want to accomplish in 2013. Do you want to undergo a personal change for the better? Do you want to finally finish that project you've been procrastinating? Do you want to come up with more questions to ask people in New Year's resolution threads? Share your answers below!
  19. If you do comment, then please leave your new years resolution below, if not then stop by and say a very happy new year to the MLP Forums We survived 2012 , now lets make 2013 a awesomely, fantastic, epic year for our Pony folks everywhere!!!Like I said before, Happy New Year Everypony!!!
  20. Happy new year! As we head into 2013, I would like to give a gift to the Forum. It is an original piece of artwork by me. It is none other than Rarity! Yeah, it's not perfect, but it's my first try. It is slightly GIMPed. The only thing GIMPed is my signature and some of the background for the whiteness to be white. Other than that, it is "Purist". What do you think? Happy New Year, Everypony!