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Found 16 results

  1. This is it. The last day of the year. Looking back, what have you accomplished? It can be something small or big, just share it with us! For me, I started exploring out of town on my own, I made friends of enemies, I had my first crush, I joined a basketball team (AND got the winning shot in a game! Woo!), I worked hard for some new muscles, and I won a small art contest. It was a pretty eventful year for me! Hopefully 2016 will be just as fun!
  2. Hey guys! Here's my new entry for my self-imposed challenge to draw, complete, and post at least one drawing a month for the year of 2020. But no updates on new stuff this time. I actually wanted to share the art I did for the months of January and February, since I only started the blog THIS month. So let's start with January.... Arctic Zotl For this month, I actually decided to go easy on myself and just count a commission I was working on as my monthly art piece. The commissioner had an ahuizotl OC they wanted my to draw, and they actually let me redesign them from the ground up. I don't know her name, but I know she lives a very cold, arctic climate, so I worked on revamping the zotl look from jungle dweller to that. She's got a slightly shorter head and shorter ears, so she doesn't lose as much body heat. She also has a neck ruff/mane and the teeth of a smilodon, to add an "ice age" flair. I quite like her, and so did her owner. On to the next month! Toucan and Hummingbird Rito Designs For February I committed to finally coloring some Rito OC designs I'd whipped up quite a long time ago. Rito are a race from the Legend of Zelda series, and I particularly like the more avian ones that were introduced in LoZ: Breath of the Wild. However, with the exception of one character who's based on a parrot, all the BotW Rito are based on more raptorial birds like falcons and hawks, as well as one owl. But there's so many cool and beautiful birds that could be turned into Rito! So I went designing a Rito based on both a toucan and a hummingbird, specifically a keel-billed toucan and a white-booted racket-tail hummingbird. Their feather colors are taken directly from photos of their real world counterparts, and I examined screenshots of the Rito NPCs to make sure I gave them unique but fitting armor. Which is your favorite? I hope you guys enjoy these art pieces as well as the ones I post in the future! Let me know what you think, and if by chance you have questions, let me know too. Love you guys. It's going to be a good 2020.
  3. Early, yes. It's still not a bad idea to start thinking, or just start it 3 months early. So if you guys do New Years Resolutions, or at least try, tell me what yours are for 2016. Mine, which I'm starting now, is to not drink soda for a whole year and to start an outside hobby, to obviously help me lose some weight. If yours are similar or the same, say that also. I don't know if I'd put it on here, as probably noone would care, but I'm monthly going to record progress in my journal to see what the final result will be by December 2016. You should update your monthly progress on here if you don't mind sharing!
  4. Every year make resolutions/goals to improve things in their lives. What are some of yours? This year my goal is to get in shape..not burn pounds or running but to get my body into peak condition..goodbye love handles, hello six pack.
  5. Happy holidays everyone! Christmas is tomorrow and we're all pretty excited I am sure, but New Years Eve is coming up as well. And that got me thinking... What was my favorite memory from 2013? I don't know my answer just yet so I'll post it later... A year is a long time to reminisce about! I'll probably post a few stories to be honest. I am such an indecisive person. But while I ponder my favorite memories, you guys should tell me yours
  6. Hey everybody! long time no post. I wanted to show off this collab with PegasYs (with vocals by Heather Feathersong)! Get rid of the January Blues below:
  7. (inspired by a post by @WiiGuy2014 and another post by @Naturelicious Tune, I decided to do it in blog form because I have lots to say, and on Christmas day in my country because it felt like it would make more sense) Hello, everyone! My Christmas wishes are: To see my lady one last time before the New Year This month kinda has a lot of significance in my relationship with this girl, as we met on New Year Eve last year. In light of recent events that happened in her country, the Philippines, I am admittedly very worried for her right now, and I really do hope that she is safe and that we meet again, and sort everything out before this year ends. I know, it is hard to tell how I feel through plain text, but, I love her so much, and I feel like much of my life has changed because of her, and I really want to know that her, and her family are doing alright... It would make my day if she had come back to me! To try to become more social Even though I've made some progress, I still feel like I haven't done a lot to really show to my friends, family and even my girlfriend that I really do care for them, and that's something that I feel like I should really change. For some reason, I almost never talk about any issues I have with them (likely out of fear of getting into arguments over disagreements), and I'm still mostly huddled up in my room, on my computer for most of the day... To have one last year with my cat at the very least Since my cat is already really old and weak, I would really like to have one last year with her, as my cat has pretty much always been there for me when I've needed it, and even when she wasn't, she was at least a great companion to have, and after she inevitably dies, I don't think we'll be able to get another pet cat until I move out... Begin work on my hobbies relating to animation and film making Even while I have started working on my hobbies this year, due to being hit with some serious depression throughout parts of the year, and a lot of other distractions, I just haven't felt nearly as much passion to do really anything like this. It is a bit discouraging with the way YouTube currently is as well, but, it is the best I've got. Explore music further Thanks to meeting the girl I love, I have started listening to more music more often now, and I do happen to really enjoy it, and because of this, I do want to try to expand my tastes a little more and try to listen to more music outside of the genres I usually listen to (pop, electronic and some rock if you were wondering). If you have any recommendations, feel free to comment, I'll pretty much listen to anything! See the world (or at least, some of it since that's more realistic with my family's budget currently) I'm really not sure what the chances are of this, but, there are a lot of countries I'd love to visit, including the Philippines (for obvious reasons), and I do really want to see Australia and the rest of the world, beyond my own room. I think it will be a great way to spend time with my family and I'm sure I'll enjoy lots of it... Season 8 of MLP (it's a bit obvious, but y'know) I have become a bit more of a casual fan since the movie (I expect a load of comments going Normie? REEEEEEEEEEEE), but, I still really enjoy this show and its community a lot, and the ponies have never ceased to entertain me and sometimes surprise me. It is also great that MLP has managed to go on for 7 seasons now, and still somehow been such a good show, and based on what little I know of season 8, it should be a lot of fun! I don't think I'll have the time to watch any Gen 5, so I really want these last few years of MLP G4 to be good ones! I was going to do 12, but, I couldn't think of any more than what is posted here. Besides, I just said a lot about each wish, I think that makes up for it XD.
  8. Fun little cover of Auld Lang Syne. Happy New Year Everypony!
  9. My personal resolutions are to give more money to charity, eat better, and spend more time with my family. What about you all?
  10. wow, my second post here and it's already time for new years. i should post more often. well, my resolutions are. 1: get hot. 2: get popular. 3: get famous. 4: get money. 5: get a ps4. 6: get out of the brony closet. 7: get tall. 8: get nice hair (switch current hair with david tennant?) 9: get a new word to start your resolutions with. 10: get the ability to draw well. 11: get better at sports. 12: get better at life in genral. 13: get a magic conch shell 14: get over with this list already. 15: get out of here. 471: get a shorter list 472: post more. 473: cross off number 9. that's all i have now. I'll try to start posting some more storys of how bad at everything i am for you to all laugh at.
  11. so i was wondering what have you done this year? January: i started the year just getting my laptop, getting into the internet with the likes of youtube and memes March: ponies came into my life April-June: ponies July-August: internet, minecraft September: school November: revising for tests December: aced tests, Chrismas
  12. I'm personaly going to party and fire off fireworks with friends. So are you going to party hard or just drink till you drop ethire way HAPPY NEW YEARS ALL and a great 2013 to all.
  13. I'm pretty sure that we all have our own plans for next year. Resolutions can be one of them, but I don't know many people that actually even come close to fulfilling them, me included. But, as always, a new year holds new challenges and experiences, and we're going to make the most that we can out of them. But, what exactly do you have planned for next year? It can be for the forums, outside of them, whatever your heart desires. I, myself, will make it a goal for the forums to get at least 1000 brohoofs. Of course, that's just a personal goal. I also plan on developing a stronger relationship with everyone here. We're all one big community when you think about it, so we should all be familiar with each other.
  14. [note: takes place in human world] Twilight Sparkle squinted her eyes shut. The sun gleamed thru the window right past her eyelids. Normally she wouldn't be bothered to just wake up, it was already 8 o'clock, but Twilight felt like a bad oc; she wished somepony would just put her out of her misery. She opened her eyes a little bit to see Spike had fallen asleep reading one of his comic books on the floor again. Whys he have a bed anyways if he just keeps falling asleep on the ground? She got up and threw a blanket over him. Was it just her or was it really cold all the sudden? She took the blanket back; what? He didn't seem to need it. With the star pattern blanket wrapped around her, Twilight Sparkle walked downstairs to get some coffee, or ice water, whatever wakes her up. There was a mug underneath the Keurig, filled with the fresh coffee, it was set to make 30 minutes before. She took the cup, and poured in a little extra sugar (you know, the strong stuff) before taking a sip. The coffee was strong, so Twilight was surprised it didn't get her up. She still wanted to cuddle up in some blankets with hot chocolate and watch some Disney movie. Oh no, this could mean only one thing, she's sick. Twilight Sparkle went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. Just as she expected; her hair was frizzled, her noes and cheeks where red, and her eyes had dark circles around them. Twilight started to panic. Oh no, is New Year's Eve, Pinkie Pie is going to throw a party, and invite me, and if I say no, who knows what will happen; no one ever turned down Pinkie's invitations. That girl is insane in the membrane! Just as she was about ready to give up, and stay in a hotel where nobody can find her, she saw something in the corner of her eye. "Oh yes! Cold medicine!" She said in a rough voice. Twilight took the bottle into the other room where she read the directions. She skimmed the label until she found the proper amount to take. Twilight poured the medicine onto a spoon and healed it up to her nose. The stuff smelled like sour milk, but she knew she had to take it. She shoved into her mouth, before she could be tempted to dump it down the sink any longer. It tasted worse than. She thought; her lips puckered and her taste buds felt like they where committing suicide, one by one. "Eck!" Twilight Sparkle took the sweetest drink she could find and didn't hesitate to drink it from the carton. Now that that was over, it was time to relax and let the medicine do its thing. The purple haired girl grabbed a book out of her many shelves in the library, "Daring Do and the Amulet of Power" it said on the label. The cover showed a picture of Daring Do being chased by a horde of birds, with an amulet in her hooves. Twilight snuggled into her blankets with the book comfortably placed onto her lap. "Knock, knock! Singing Telegram for Twilight!" Twilight woke up on the floor, with her favorite blanket around her, and Daring Do book on her lap. She wrapped the blanket, and got up. She walked to the front door with her blanket dragged behind her (man talk about over use of the word blanket). She opened the door and saw her friend, Pinkie Pie standing outside. "Happy Happy, Happy New Year! Happy Happy, Happy New Year! Please Please, Please Celebrate With Me! Please Please, Please Come To My Party!" She danced around singing, her hair bouncing like streamers. When she finished singing, she held out a basket of pink colored invitations, one with her name on it above the rest. "Thank you-" she paused realizing her throat still hurt, and the Tylenol didn't "-but, I don't know if I can make it." She said quietly hoping Pinkie Pie wouldn't freak out. "I mean, it isn't like I don't WANT to! I just have a bad cold." "WHAT?" Pinkie Pie gasped, she ran inside pulling a Twilight in behind her by the arm. "Mama always told me laughter was the best medicine! She called it the Pie Theory, and now we need it, if your gonna be fine by tonight!" "I don't think that'll work." "Don't be silly, of coarse it will, I ALWAYS laugh, and I have never gotten a cold! We just have to make you feel better!" Pinkie Pie smiled. She sprang up, and raced around the library. When she came back she had a book labeled "The Best Joke Book By Ponyacci". Pinkie Pie started flipping through the pages rapidly, looking for the best joke. "Knock knock jokes, no; Everyone's herd that; that's more of an inside joke; oh gosh, that's a little bit racist; PERFECT! Why did the chicken cross the road?" Twilight didn't respond. "To get hit by a car, captured by a mad scientist, and turned into a cyborg killing machine!" She said. Twilight didn't get it. "I don't think this is helping, Pinkie." She said. "Oh, so joke books aren't your thing, I see." Pinkie Pie put the book down and took three plastic balls out of her plastic. She tossed them into the air and begain juggling them. She looked at Twilight, who seemed to be enjoying it, but when she looked away,she ended up losing her juggling balls. "Okay I got it, do you have any flower I can barrow?" Pinkie Pie asked. Twilight put her hand hon her face and shook her head. "I don't think this will work out, just go ahead and put on your party without me." She said. Pinkie Pie's smiled turned upside down into a frown. "Okay." She sighed, sadly and turned around to leave. Twilight went back to her room, where Spike was on the floor reading his Power Ponies comic books. Tears built up in Twilight's eyes, and she sat in bed. "Are you okay." Spike asked. "No, Spike. I don't think I am, my friends are all going to a party I ca-" Before she could finish there was a large thump from downstairs. Spike cowered behind Twilight, who went down into the pitch black library. "Hello?" She asked. Moments later the room's lights flicked on. "Surprise!" In the middle of the room all of her friends stood. There was Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie (oh my). "Since you couldn't make the party, we bought it to you!" Pinkie Pie cheered. Twilight was so happy, she couldn't bear to hold it in. She begain to cry tears of joy. "Thank you so much everybody." The six, *cough*imeanseven*cough*, talked and laughed all night, they even stood up to 12 o'clock when they all shouted "Happy New Year" and shared there resolutions and goals with eachother. It was fun, in fact by the end of the night Twilight felt better.
  15. For the last couple of years, I've looked up to the sky on the stroke of 12 of the New Year and I've noticed that there is a "hovering flame" in the night sky. This has happened at least 2 times and multiple people at the party noticed it too. The first location I observed this was in Cd. Victoria, Mexico, and the other time I recall it was in Houston, Texas (so this isn't unique to one location). Anyone else have stories to tell? EDIT: I the only one o.O? Here's a picture I found online: Actually this is probably what I've been seeing...but it still baffles me why I'd see one in Mexico (where fewer people would do this):
  16. Since this is the first time I've actually bothered advertising on the MLP Forums, let me introduce the group I work for: So Cal Bronies. I run the So Cal Brony Bulletin Board, the news feeds dedicated to meets, art and other activity in the Southern California area, along with other interesting bits. You'll find our Facebook, Google + and Twitter feeds in the links below, along with the So Cal Bronies page. The Twitter's been a bit inactive, so give it time.!/SoCalBronyBB Now then, we've got two events coming up next month. The first happens on Monday, January 2nd, which is a bit of an extended New Year's Day this year. Combined with the fact school-going bronies are on Winter Break right now, it seemed the perfect time for a meet. It's happening at a member's house, containing a big backyard for all kinds of outside activities as well as inside ones. Facebook: http://www.facebook....11619005538841/ The second happens on Saturday the 7th at Howie's Game Shack in Buena Park. Starting at 11 AM, play with fellow bronies on the roughly 75 PC and 75 Xboxes containing a plethora of titles of varying genres. Fighting games, shooters, RTS, Portal, whatever's your bag. $14 gets you a day pass, letting you play until 2 AM. FacebooK: http://www.facebook....92779924091338/ Food will be available at both events, but the former requires some contribution from the attendees. Our host has agreed to provide chips, soda, veggie trays, burgers and hot dogs (w/ buns for both) and condiments. If you can think of any other food to bring, fun stuff, need a ride or would be willing to offer a ride, please put that info in the spreadsheet doc: For future meetups, you can find out about them here, on our page or on any of our 3 So Cal Brony Bulletin Board pages. Look forward to seeing whoever can make it!