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Found 34 results

  1. Guest

    Ask CopperSpirit/Flynn

    Hey I'm Flynn and I'm still very new to this forum. Ask me anything!
  2. Howdy folks! So I have never seen any kind of anime ever and I'm curious as to why it's so popular. What shows would you recommend I watch as an introduction to this type of show? I'm thinking of watching a few episodes to see what all the fuss is about!
  3. When I first joined this forum website I just wanted to say hello to people in welcoming plaza. Unexpectedly lots of people greeted and welcomed me and they all really sent very sweet messages so I felt like a big herd family is incoming to my life. That is why I am so glad that people/ponies here treat others very kindly and respectfully. Finally, I found a place where I belong. Thank you for reading.
  4. I've been trying to figure it out on my own, but I'm still unsure as to how I'm able to post a blog. Could somepony please lend me a hoof? Thanks
  5. So, this episode for me could've been executed better than it was...I mean, the fact that they had demeaning nicknames as motivation, seems contradicting if you ask me. Like, who would want that, it's like people are constantly teasing and bullying you about it, that it makes you want to be the best. Also, the lesson about fitting in instead of standing out is actually a major character development point for Rainbow. In all previous episodes, we've seen Rainbow Dash take the reins and execute. However, it was the complete opposite. It taught Rainbow Dash that working in a team and fitting in to accomplish a goal is sometimes better than taking the lead and causing things to fail. It's just like a band or a cast of characters. I still think this episode was rather...meh...and Dashie having to be put on probation...ugh...that hurts. At least she's still happy about being a Wonderbolt... Thoughts?
  6. RainbowDashX12345


    My very first blog
  7. Hi there! So my little sister has recently come to adore everything MLP, which is great- I wasn't exactly encouraged to engage with it or similar kinds of franchise when I was younger, so I guess it's interesting and entertaining for me when she shows me all these songs and characters. I love seeing how happy it makes her! The thing is, she's made me a... pony-sona, or something (worth mentioning here that I'm very new to both forums and MLP, sorry in advance for the mistakes I will make!) called Glitter Hugs, with a storyline and everything (I am apparently an Element of Protection- though I gather that's frowned upon in OCs- and study under Princess Cadence, which suits me well) and I would like to return the favour. Being of an artistic persuasion, I drew her as an Equestria Girl (yes, she showed me the first two movies- I rather liked the art style, but not some of the outfits!) but now would like to give her in return a pony-sona with a backstory and history in Equestria as she has done for me. I don't feel that I know enough about the Ponyverse or their customs and culture to properly construct her a realistic and fun alter ego. I adore world building and character design, and so would like to do this properly! It seems like a great universe to create within. So, if anyone would be willing to help a big sister out and give me a bit of information on things like how ponies might pass through their society as they grow up and how their talents affect them, as well as how common unicorns/Pegasi/allicorns and Magic are. It would be so much appreciated. I've been reading threads on this forum which has been very informative, but more specific information would be wonderful. tl;dr (do you do that on here?) big sister would like to understand the world and fundamental rules of the MLPverse before embarking upon pony design. Thank you in advance, I look forward to finding out more! ^-^
  8. I just recently started drawing ponies so I thought I would make a thread to show my progression. I can only do paper and pencil, my laptop was um, unfortunately ruined by an ex. Critisim is welcome. Will be posted oldest to newest. Sorry if the pictures are too big, small, or bad quality, as I only have my iPhone. Thanks for lookin. :3
  9. Hi i'm new here! So here is one of my many mlp artworks.... Do you guy's like it? Do you have any tips? Would you like to see more? This piece is called Filly Twi reading in the dark. If you ever saw it on deviantart and think i stole it, well i didn't, it's just my deviantart. So i hope you like it! peace out!
  10. Hello to all you lovely pony folks! I'm fairly "new" to the fandom and I really want to go to Bronycon next year. Any tips and suggestions?
  11. As the title says, I need help starting off. I have the whole story planned out, It's just the beginning, It just doesn't sound right to me. Please help!
  12. Well, apparently my friend started a project of doing a fan made sim dating pony game and assigned me to do a bg music when I barely knew about music rearrangement. When I was working for a while my friend canceled the project and left me with this. I recreated from smile song and it supposed to be a loop one. I don't know if it's good or not but this is all I can do at the moment.
  13. WLK3


    Okay so I'm pretty new here and I haven't delved deeper than youtube into the fandome. I was just wondering where do you all form your characters? I have one in mind and everything but my cutie mark I've decided on. Thanks!
  14. hey everyponiee, newbie there a place where i can post my drawings or fanfiction so that i can get advice on it?? thanks.......^^
  15. Ok, here goes. I'm currently taking a course in college known as "Drawing for Design", and just as it's saying, it's basically Visual Arts for the TV Broadcast/Film (Movie) Industry (along with Game Development of course). I'm fine with drawing with reference pictures (in a mediocre manner), but this course is specifically supposed to prepare students like me to draw without using references, commonly known as drawing "Free-hand" (even without rulers). I am asking any Bronies here who are good with drawing with and/or without references to please give me some tips, tricks, exercises, etc. that helped you guys to keep up to speed with your drawing skills (assuming you actually know of them) that may help me as a newbie in the long run. It'll be very appreciated. Thanks again for your time.
  16. I'm not sure if this is a moderation or technical issue, but since I didn't get any kind of warning or message I suppose it is the latter. I'll just quote myself from my Welcoming Plaza thread here: "Anyway I'm kind of confused, I already made two posts yesterday, in fact the whole reason I signed up for this forum was because I saw a topic I just had to reply to. But when I check it now both posts are gone, as well as the post of the OP in which he replied to the first of my posts. I can only see three possible explanations for this: 1.: I broke some kind of rule and a mod deleted them. But then wouldn't I have received some kind of warning? 2.: The OP deleted them. Unlikely as he seemed to be quite smitten by the writing talent I displayed in my first post and said I deserve to be in the featured box of FimFiction. 3.: Somehow all posts of newcomers get deleted automatically after a while if they don't turn up in the Welcoming Plaza as some kind of anti-Spambot safeguard. Grasping for straws here, as why would it have deleted the OP's post to me as well? Does anyone have an idea as to what happened here? I worked long and hard on my first post and would be quite ticked off if it was gone for good. The thread in question is this one here: Between Hyper NightFlash's and Colour's posts at the top there should be a whole three posts at least, two by me and one by Hyper NightFlash between them." Yesterday I contacted Hyper NightFlash and he told me he was just as surprised as I am by the sudden vanishing of my and his posts. I don't see what possible reason he could have to lie about this or delete our posts in the first place, so this has to be either a glitch, a stealth moderator or an elaborate setup for a prank. To summarize: My first two posts in this forum suddenly disappeared along with that of another user in which he replied to the first one. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. This is my first mlp art I did not put a lot of effert into this drawing (due to much work ) but i am going to make some more stuff soon. hope you like it!
  18. Pony art has cough my interest, im really into pony art and i am still learning. So i would like to get some critisism to how and what i could do to improve my art. the paper got crumbled :okiedokielokie: I understand this is not the best, but you gotta start somewhere
  19. I'm looking to make a few OC drawings but have nooo idea what software to use. Right now, I have ms paint and it's really low quality. I'd like to get rid of the pixelization look...any advice on how to make ms paint files less blocky? Is there another program I can use to make my OC stuff? I've already tried general zoi but I want to tilt the head and body.
  20. So, I got Photoshop CS6 about a week ago, and after mucking around with it for a few days, I made my first ever, second ever and third ever signatures! I spent awhile on the first and second so I could get them done up all nice while exploring around the program a bit and trying new things, but the third one took me absolutely no time at all. Even if I've only done three, so far I've found it to be really fun c: Here they are! #1: #2: #3: Yeah! :3 They're not really that good or anything, I don't know much at all about how to use Photoshop, but I'm fairly happy with how these three turned out! Though the second one turned out a little weird Feedback and/or any advice or tips is very much appreciated - I'd love to hear what you guys think of my creations! Enjoy and have a nice day/night! All Signatures in order: All Wallpapers in order: (Won't let me have them as pictures Sorry guys)
  21. I've started to play dota 2 and I want to improve my skills at the game. any tips or help would be appreciated. You can find me on steam as BenCreeper.
  22. Something I made for a friend of mine (she liked it) and now i just wanted to share this with you guys^^ this drawing was some kind of based on Luna ( I mean head ), so don't get distracted by that^^ any criticism, by the way, is welcome!
  23. hey ppl this is Twilightapple. and im new so could i have some help with this it would be great
  24. Okay. I made Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. Are they bad?
  25. These are my OCs, Clover Heart and Midknight Courage. Sources: This is my first time doing a vector, so please be kind. I know Clover's mouth is weird. I had a lot of trouble with it. Alo, I think I didn't understand the whole left hind leg in the original image, so it may look weird. Some of the lines in Midknight's mane and tail are a bit rigid and not smooth. I think I was uncertain how to make them smoother. Maybe also just laziness and not wanting to redo the lines. That'll probably be a downfall of mine in vectoring. For the most part, I'm happy with it. Way, WAY better than anything I could draw by hand, anyway. So, yay!