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Found 8 results

  1. Ok, everypony more childhood cartoon movie turning live is JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS next year ? How excited are you ?
  2. I've seen this in other forums, but not here, until now. The objective is simple, you just have to guess who will post after you. Preferrably someone who's active and posts in the Forum Games section often. If you are correct, free ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala! If not, you are banished to the moon! Okay, let's start! Rainbow Hash???
  3. Ok so pretty simple game. Below is a list of countries. Every country starts with 50 points and it is the job of you to decide who wins the next world war. So here's how it works. READ THESE RULES BEFORE YOU PLAY! ---------------------------------COPY FROM HERE--------------------------------- 1) Copy the list and these rules from the person that posted before you. 2) Protect ONE country. (Place an asterisk * next to a country. A country with an asterisk cannot be harmed by yourself or the next person.) 3) Attack ONE country. (Remove one point from a country of your choice that hasn't been protected.) 4) Heal ONE country. (Add one point to a country of your choice.) 5) Remove the asterisk * from the country that was saved by the last person. 6) If a country has 0 points, it has been defeated. Remove the country from the list. 7) The country that wins is the last country standing OR the first country to reach 100 points. So here's the list: [ ] Australia - 50 [ ] Bosnia - 50 [ ] China - 50 [ ] Denmark - 50 [*] Equestria: 50 [ ] France - 50 [ ] Great Britain - 50 [ ] Germany - 50 [ ] Holland - 50 [ ] Iran - 50 [ ] Japan - 50 [ ] Mexico - 50 [ ] North Korea - 50 [ ] Poland - 50 [ ] Russia - 50 [ ] Spain - 50 [ ] Sweden - 50 [ ] USA - 50 ---------------------------------COPY TO HERE--------------------------------- I have saved Equesria! Enjoy!
  4. So, I thought it would be kind of nice if I left it up to you fine people what I would be doing next, so I made a poll. Just because I figured that letting you guys decide what you wanted me to do next would be a bit more interesting than me just picking something off the top of my head. Basically it works like this, whatever has the most votes by the first of September wins, and is what I'll start working on.
  5. This thought has been making me think really hard for the past few days and I think I should get your guys ideas on it. Now back in the 70's and 80's Pen and Paper Role-players were the most ridiculed Fandom. Now I think it's safe to say that our Fandom is on par with that, simple MLP avatars and names are enough to set off flame-war. Now of-course this wont last forever and it will die down in the coming years, but what's next? What kind of Fandom do you guys pictured being the main one to be ridiculed in the future? I'm thinking the next ridiculed Fandom will be sort-of founded off what Bronies started to pave which sort of was the idea of, "Girly doesn't always mean bad." But in some completely different show, maybe not even one intended for younger audiences. Thoughts?
  6. According to Kotaku two new sources have added credence to the rumors, with one stating that the console will only allow players three minutes offline before it quits the game. Also, courtesy from NeoGAF: Make that what you will but the Bane .gif below pretty much made my day!
  7. Where do you guys think the ponies should go next? Introduce a new place? Follow specific characters? State any of your ideas here!
  8. Rarity appears next to you...WHAT DO YOU DO?! I would...FREAKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!