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Found 39 results

  1. Which two teams do you think will play in the 2019 Super Bowl?
  2. Well, the football season has officially begun. I've been a Carolina Panthers fan for a long time, and we were so close to getting into the playoffs last year. That motivated me to finish up a project I had laying Carolina Panthers Theme Song. So...I present to you: Keep Pounding (We Will Return): The Official 2018 Carolina Panthers Theme Song!
  3. One of America's last surviving multipurpose arenas from the cookie cutter era is nearing the end of a long, remarkable run. Making its debut in 1961, DC Stadium was home to the NFL's Washington Redskins and Major League Baseball's Washington Senators. It was renamed in honor of Robert F. Kennedy in 1969 after he was assassinated while running for president. In 1972 the Senators moved to Arlington, TX and became the Rangers. But it was Washington's NFL team that had the longest and most successful tenure at RFK. Between 1982 and 1991, they won three Super Bowls. Then in 1996, the Redskins moved to the brand new FedEx Field in nearby Landover, MD. For almost a decade, only minor league teams would call RFK home. That changed in 2005 when Major League Baseball returned to Washington. However, RFK was only to be a temporary home through 2007. Their long term ballpark opened in 2008. I made my only visit to RFK Stadium in 2007 to watch the Phillies take on the Nationals. It was as big and impressive, if aged, as I was expecting. Moreover, it was strange to be in a cookie cutter stadium that outlived the one in my hometown. Philadelphia's Veterans Stadium had a much shorter lifespan from 1971 until it was imploded in 2005. Since the Nationals left, RFK's primary occupant has been Major League Soccer's DC United. The venerable structure has worked well enough for a time but advanced deterioration is now taking its toll. Furthermore, almost every other MLS team plays in a soccer specific stadium. After a number of false starts, the United will finally get a new stadium of their own in the 2018 season. Here's a brief overview of RFK's history. And here is a news report from 2014 that shows just how RFK is falling apart. To follow up on my previous blog, the Schuylkill Mall closed its doors at the end of business on August 31. The attached movie theater will continue to operate until the end of the year.
  4. This week of football was a good one, and I'll tell you highlights of my favorite game of the week, and highlights and scores of my favorite teams. I always accept game highlight requests. Another thing I'm gonna do, is post the top 25 college football rankings each week, in a separate entry. So, I'll start doing the highlights of my favorite game of the week Oklahoma Sooners 2-0 (2) @ Ohio State 1-1(8): 31 : 16 Oklahoma This brought the Buckeyes back to earth, as they got destroyed at home. Oklahoma is looking good so far, and they jump to the number 2 spot in the polls. Baker Mayfield was a MONSTER on the field, and made JT Barret look like my old middle schools Quarterback compared to him, i may be a clemson fan, but i tip my hat to oklahoma. I really wanted Ohio state to lose, since all the fans always think they always gonna win. i've heard that the ohio state fanbase is fighting now because of this win now. Baker mayfield had over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns that game. this guy gots what it takes to win the heisman. Oklahoma deserved to stab that horseshoe O with the flag. I only got two things to say about ohio state, URBAN MEYER ACTUALLY COACH FOR ONCE PLEASE, AND HELP YOUR FUCKING 5 YEAR QUARTERBACK FOR GODS SAKE. thats all i have to say about that game, time to go on to my favorite teams. Clemson 2-0 (3) vs Auburn 1-1 (15): 14 : 6 Clemson Offensively, Clemson only got two touchdowns, but they had an amazing defense. 11 times jarret stidham hit the ground by clemsons defense. kelly bryant had 2 touchdowns in the endzone, and the defense reduced the scoring of auburn to 2 field goals. Clemson will be challenged even more this week at lousville by the "heisman winner" lamar jackson, and they need to step up on both sides of the ball, especially on defense. Clemson needs to play a good game this week in order to win at lousvilles turf. New England Patriots VS Kansas City Chiefs: 27 : 42 Chiefs Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt are a good pair, and they did well against the pats. I didn't underestimate this team like most pats fans probably did, but i thought pats were gonna win. Aw well. The Patriots need to focus on their next game against the saints, and try to bounce back. I'll give the chiefs a LOT of credit, and maybe they'll make a deep run in the playoffs this year. I know they have the potential to, Kareem Hunt is probably Pro Bowl caliber. Lets see how next week goes. Pats could easily win next week, but they need to make sure to have a good defense against Tom Brady. I'm not gonna do high school football highlights, unless requested, because theres so many different teams. Cya next week, and expect a top 25 ranking entry this week. Also, heres a question: How do you feel about the top 25 rankings, and who are your predictions for the CFB playoff? My prediction is: 1.Alabama 2.Oklahoma 3.Clemson/Florida State 4.USC Who is your favorite sleeper team this year? Mine is Purdue, they lost at Louisville by a 7 point margin, if they can do that, they could easily go to a good bowl game this year.
  5. Hello! I haven't seen any talk about college football in this thread, even though IT JUST STARTED BOI! I decided to make this thread because I like football, and i love talking about it. Whats your favorite college team, NFL team, and/or high school team and why do you like them? You can debate about teams in here too, as long as you keep it peaceful. I'll discuss highlights about a game of the week weekly.
  6. To be honest, I was mildly surprised about this game, but i also wasn't that surprised. Like i said, the chiefs are a pretty good AFC team. Patriots VS Chiefs: 27 : 42 Chiefs I'll update the blog entry after watching the game to tell you highlights.
  7. Hello, everyone, and welcome to my FOOTBALL blog(AMERICAN FOOTBALL.) Today, I'll just talk about some points of what am i gonna do and talk about some GOOD OLE AMERICAN FOOTBALL! 'MURICA! Some people may hate September, but for me, its when the good stuff begins. College football and high school football has started already, and NFL starts THIS WEEK! I'll be talking about my favorite football teams, and some of the highlight games of the week. My favorite teams in high school, college, and NFL football, in order, are the clover blue eagles, the Clemson tigers, and the New England Patriots. Say what you want about them, because i know people just LOOOOOVE to hate on football teams, but i love these teams and they will always be my favorites. Now, lets go to discussion with the games that these teams had and/or are going to have. Clemson Tigers(1-0) VS Kent State(0-1): 56 : 3, Tigers This was an easy win for the tigers, as they are going against one of the worst college teams in the NCAA. Clemson looked good on the field, and some of the players potential were shown today. Kelly bryant has huge potential, in my opinion, to be a Heisman quarterback. Hes REALLY good on the ground, and can do some stuff in the air too. He did throw an interception in the game though. Clemson, as a whole, has a LOT of new players. They lost Deshaun Watson, the best QB in the NCAA(NO JOKE, Lamar Jackson DID NOT deserve that heisman), Mike Williams, Wayne Gallman, Ben Boulware, and more, BUT, good teams don't rebuild, they reload, and the players Clemson has massive potential. We still have people like Deon Kane, RayRay Mcloud, and other awesome veterans. Clemsons first real test start against Auburn tigers. This may be a challenging game, but as long as clemson has it under control, and doesn't become arrogant with all its players, they'll have this game. Clover Blue Eagles(3-0) VS Hunter Huss(2-1): 42 : 41 Eagles This was a dissapointing game for the blue eagles imo, they fumbled at least 3 times, and threw 2 interceptions. Hunter Huss got clover into overtime, and if they scored that two point conversion, Clover would of lost at home. I was ecstatic when clover won. Next game is south point vs clover. I give south point the advantage, as they have a football team that could crush clover, and Clover will be at South Points stadium Its a non conference matchup, and all I have to say, is if clover plays like they did against hunter huss, they are going to have a BAAAAD time. New England Patriots VS Kansas City Chiefs: TBD (The game is on September 7th(today)) This is going to be an awesome season opener, two great teams battle it out to get the first W of the season. Even though Patriots won't have Edelman for the first game, I give them the advantage, since they are at home, and they got some good players. They got Dont'a Hightower, Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and the defensive star Malcolm Butler. Kansas city has had a lot of success too though, so this will be a great game, but i think if Patriots don't underestimate these guys and play good football, they'll get the W easily. Tune in tomorrow for my patriots blog entry, and Tune in next week for the next football entry (i'll do highlights from other teams) Cya
  8. Touchdowns, field goals, safeties, penalties, and lots of commercials - This is the thread for everyone who loves them some football! NFL, CFL, Arena, NCAA - just about any form of American Football discussion is welcome. First question, what NFL team do you support, and how do you think they'll fair this season?
  9. A while ago I came across an image of 30 ponies each representing an NHL team. So I figured that this sounds like a fun idea for other sports as well. I decided to make an image of 32 ponies each representing an NFL team. I used the eyedropper tool in gimp on images of uniforms and logos to get accurate color schemes of the teams. I do NOT own any of the team logos used for cutie marks. I made every pony in General Zoi's Pony Creator. The alicorns are all teams who have won a Super Bowl at least once. The pegasi and unicorns represent teams who have been to a Super Bowl but have never won it. pegasi for AFC and unicorns for NFC Finally the earth ponies represent teams who have never been to a Super Bowl. Thoughts?
  10. The Pontiac Silverdome opened in 1975. in Pontiac, Michigan. For the next 26 years the venue was home field to the NFL's Detroit Lions. It also hosted the Detroit Pistons for a time as well as several college and minor league teams. But personally the Silverdome became a favorite of mine as it was the site of Wrestlemania III. It's hard to believe that 30 years have passed since March 29, 1987. It's one of the few Wrestlemanias I can still remember the exact date of. While Andre the Giant and Hogan headlined the event, Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage nearly stole the show with an insane, non-stop 14 minute thriller that saw many tide changes and two counts. But most of all, WMIII was remembered for being big. Everything about it was big. Even Andre, normally billed at 7'4”, gained an extra inch and was 7'5” for one magical night. There was a lot of exaggeration and years later just about everything has been called into question. Some say that the claim of 93,173 fans in attendance wasn't true and that they couldn't have fit more than 78,000 to 80,000. And it's been pointed out that Andre had lost several matches cleanly prior to this. True, but to the best of my knowledge the statement that the Giant never lost in the WWF is also correct. Anyway, after WM III, the Silverdome continued to hold many other events. It saw Super Bowl XVI in 1982. The NFL's championship game would return to Michigan in 2006 but this one was held at the Silverdome's replacement, Ford Field, in downtown Detroit. Almost everything has a life span and that's especially true of sports arenas. After the Lions left in 2001, the Silverdome closed in 2006 and was briefly reopened in 2010. Its doors were shut for good in 2013 and has been awaiting demolition ever since. I'm not sure when exactly the fabric roof came down but it's sad to see the tattered pieces strewn about. Pretty sad. Now it just looks like a dead outdoor football field. If it's any consolation, the next dome to host a WrestleMania, Skydome in Toronto, is alive and well as the Rogers Centre.
  11. Have you noticed that sometimes sports teams sell merchandise with famous cartoon characters on them? Like you would see Disney characters or Looney Tunes, among others pretending to be members of a popular sport team. Well I was thinking: What if they did that with My Little Pony? Somehow I can imagine them selling stuff like: -Pony figures in the team's colors with the team's logo as the cutie mark. -Pony plushies with them dressed in the team's uniform. -T-shirts and sweatshirts of the ponies as fans or players of the team. -and other stuff. One problem though is that sometimes they do this for only a select few teams. However I feel they should do MLP sports merchandise for: -All 32 NFL teams -All 30 NBA teams -All 30 NHL teams -All 30 MLB teams -Several NCAA teams. What do you think of this idea?
  12. It looks like we are bidding farewell to TWO NFL venues this winter. The first to close was Qualcomm Stadium which began life as an MLB/NFL cookie cutter to house the Padres and the Chargers together. But multipurpose stadiums fell out of favor by the 1990s and so the Padres moved to the friendly confines of Petco Park in downtown San Diego. Meanwhile, the Chargers soldiered on in the aging arena. Qualcomm's last Super Bowl was hosted in January 2003. It was made clear that if the NFL was going to award another Super Bowl to San Diego, a new stadium would have to be built. Football facilities over a certain age are basically barred from holding the big game. Two notable exceptions though are the Superdome in New Orleans and the Dolphins Stadium in Miami. As long as they make regular upgrades, they'll continue to get a pass from the league since those cities are very popular Super Bowl venues. Anyway, the NFL and Chargers have approached city, county, and state governments several times for assistance to finance a new field. But in each case the Chargers were asking for more public money than was acceptable. I agree that sports stadiums shouldn't get excessive public subsidies but I still feel bad about San Diego's situation. Anyway, a last ditch referendum was put before voters last fall to raise money for construction and it was rejected. It was pretty much known that if it failed to pass the Chargers were leaving San Diego. The strange thing is, the Chargers already celebrated a potential Qualcomm Stadium finale last season as they were then first offered the option to go in on the Los Angeles Rams stadium with Stan Kroenke. Despite a hefty NFL relocation fee, being a tenant in the Rams stadium, and having to split the Los Angeles market with them, the Bolts ultimately decided to make the move. Anyway, here is a nice, concise overview of Jack Murphy/Qualcomm Stadium's history. After years of sharing the dual-use Fulton County stadium with the Braves, the Falcons finally got an upgrade. Atlanta's Georgia Dome opened in 1992 and became the NFL team's new home. At the time it was well received. The Georgia Dome hosted the Super Bowl twice in 1994 and in 2000. But supposedly it didn't measure up very well compared to its peers that have opened in the years since? I dunno...25 years seems like an awful short life span for a sports venue but this guy makes a pretty good case for why the time had come to replace it. In any event, the political climate in Georgia is different from California and getting public financing to complete stadium deals is relatively easy there. I visited Atlanta in 2015 and it was something else to see the Georgia Dome and its future replacement under construction right next to it. Here is the In One Minute piece on the Georgia Dome. At least the Falcons managed to send the dome out in style with a victory that led to their appearance in Super Bowl LI. Plenty of teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, closed out their previous digs with a disappointing loss. Next month's dead building feature will discuss a former NFL venue that is known for hosting one of the most popular WrestleManias of all time.
  13. The 51st Super Bowl will be decided in two weeks. Who will win the conference championship games and enter the field of battle in Houston? Falcons vs. New England Patriots Who do you want in? What plans do you have? Discuss!
  14. As a football fan, I've recently become a fan of the 31 members of what is known as the 100 Sacks club. The NFL players who have performed at least 100 sacks throughout their NFL career. Unfortunately only 12 out of the 31 have managed to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. (Possibly 13 if Jason Taylor manages to get in this year) The ones who are in are: Bruce Smith Reggie White Kevin Greene Chris Doleman Michael Strahan John Randle Richard Dent Lawrence Taylor Rickey Jackson Derrick Thomas Charles Haley Andre Tippett 5 are still active: Julius Peppers DeMarcus Ware Robert Mathis Dwight Freeney Terrell Suggs As stated before, Jason Taylor is entering his first year of eligibility, so he could be there soon. 2 had just recently retired will have to wait a few years: Jared Allen John Abraham And 11 have still not yet been inducted despite being eligible for some time: Leslie O'Neal Simeon Rice Clyde Simmons Sean Jones Greg Townsend Pat Swilling Trace Armstrong Neil Smith Kevin Carter Jim Jeffcoat William Fuller Which are your favorites? Which ones would you like to see inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame that haven't been inducted yet?
  15. So yeah, everyone knows by now who's going to the Super Bowl, but which team are you rooting for? My team is the Green Bay Packers, but, yep, they didn't make it...but for the Super Bowl, I'm rooting for the Patriots. I really despise the Falcons, not as much as some other teams, but still. So what about you guys? Falcons or Patriots?
  16. For many years I've had a fascination with various sports uniforms. So I was wondering. Which ones are the best and worst uniforms ever made for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College, and anywhere else? You can probably base this on a number of different aspects. Here are some links to some sites that can help make judgement on that. Chris Creamer's Sports Dressed to the Nines Gridiron Uniform Database NHL What do you think are the best and worst uniforms ever made?
  17. This just in: Very sad to hear, but I must say the truth even if it hurts. It was downright irresponsible for Trey to go out at night on a dirt bike. Dirt bikes have no lights at all, plus the fact that he was wearing dark clothes, not even light clothes. He was only 23 years old and it was only his second season...he will be missed. RIP Trey Walker
  18. I want to know about your favorite team in the NFL. Here's my favorite team, and it is my hometown team also! Here's my taste of the my team. http-~~-// (It is Seahawks if you can't notice which one)
  19. Raise your hand if you like MLP:FiM. *raises hand* Now keep your hand raise if you love sports. *keeps hand up* Thanks to my obsession with both those things, I altered every NHL and NFL team's logo to something from MLP. NHL Ponification Project Gallery - http://xfizzle.devia...allery/31949104 NFL Ponification Project Gallery - http://xfizzle.devia...allery/32015065
  20. So i thought it'd be fun to have a fantasy league, so if you're interested in joining feel free to join, you don't need to be very knowledgeable to play this isn't for money, there are only 10 slots so it's first come first serve.
  21. I think my favorite would be Jameis Wiston because he is a really good passer, runner, and very acctuate with the ball. Who is your favorite?
  22. So the Patriots are world champions, after what I believe to be the greatest Super Bowl ever played. I've never experienced emotional highs and lows like that over a sporting event, which truly means something coming from a Boston fan. You could pick out 20 plays from either team that completely change the outcome of the game if even one of them goes differently. It seems fitting that the biggest play of all was made by a Division II, undrafted rookie who was fifth on the CB depth chart before the game. Really this has just been an incredible season. I don't think anyone could have foreseen this after getting our teeth kicked in by Kansas City in week 4. Of course, we're still despised by virtually everyone outside of New England, all because of an overblown scandal from 10 years ago that no one remembers the details of anymore, or ever knew them to begin with. Still the target of absurd witch hunts, and judged by many to be guilty until proven innocent (maybe not even then). The team that everyone wants to lose. All I can say is... We got the swag now.
  23. As soon as I can I'll post a link. Ponys were in a super bowl commercial!!
  24. Now that the 49ers are eliminated, I have nothing better to do for the next 5 months than to speculate who the 49ers and everyone else will pick. Last year my wish list went like this: 1. WR Odell Beckham Jr. 2. CB Kyle Fuller 3. CB Jason Verrett I'm proud to say all of these players turned out to be great this year, but sad to say the 49ers drafted none of them. I did however correctly predict two of their picks last year! (Marcus Martin and Trey Millard ) Anyway, here you can post your thoughts on draft prospects, post tape/highlight videos, stats etc! Talk about who your favorite prospects are and who you want your team to draft! Here's one of my draft crushes this year: Sean Mannion Quarterback Height 6-5 Weight 214 Oregon State Projected Round 3-4 ( Projected 40 4.76 With Kaepernick playing poorly and Blaine being Blaine, it's imperative that the 49ers find a QB to develop in this draft. Mannion has the size and skills that you look for and is projected to be available in the 3rd round or later. The QB class this year is not very deep and I'm sure many teams will be looking at him. I actually think he'll go in the 60s (late second round) since so many teams are QB needy. What I like in this tape is how he stays calm in the pocket and scans the field. He's quick to make decisions while under pressure and doesn't just scramble away.