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Found 15 results

  1. This is one of those instances in which no matter who wins, a franchise is going to win their first championship ever. So who would you like to win the Stanley Cup, The Washington Capitals, or the Vegas Golden Knights?
  2. I've been a hockey fan since I was 10, and with the new season starting. I would like to know who everyone's favorite NHL team is.
  3. If you recall the piece I did with the ponies each representing a different NFL team. Well now that football season is over, I figured I'd make one for every NHL team since it is still winter. I haven't included the Vegas Golden Knights as they debut next season. I'm only including active teams. Like before, I used the eyedropper tool in Gimp to get as accurate of color schemes as possible. It should also be noted that the colors do tent to repeat with two or more teams. I DO NOT own the logos used as the cutie marks. Also like before, the alicorns are teams who have won the at least one Stanley Cup. Pegasi and unicorns represent teams who have been to the Stanley Cup Championship but have never won it. Pegasi for the Eastern Conference, Unicorns for the Western Conference. Finally, earth ponies are teams who have never been to a Stanley Cup Finals. You will also notice a change difference in the manes and tails from the NFL one. Thoughts.
  4. As a hockey fan myself. I was wondering who you're going for in the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals. Either we have our first repeat championship since 97-98 with the Pittsburgh Penguins, or we have a first time championship in franchise history in the Nashville Predators. Who are you going for?
  5. Have you noticed that sometimes sports teams sell merchandise with famous cartoon characters on them? Like you would see Disney characters or Looney Tunes, among others pretending to be members of a popular sport team. Well I was thinking: What if they did that with My Little Pony? Somehow I can imagine them selling stuff like: -Pony figures in the team's colors with the team's logo as the cutie mark. -Pony plushies with them dressed in the team's uniform. -T-shirts and sweatshirts of the ponies as fans or players of the team. -and other stuff. One problem though is that sometimes they do this for only a select few teams. However I feel they should do MLP sports merchandise for: -All 32 NFL teams -All 30 NBA teams -All 30 NHL teams -All 30 MLB teams -Several NCAA teams. What do you think of this idea?
  6. For many years I've had a fascination with various sports uniforms. So I was wondering. Which ones are the best and worst uniforms ever made for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, College, and anywhere else? You can probably base this on a number of different aspects. Here are some links to some sites that can help make judgement on that. Chris Creamer's Sports Dressed to the Nines Gridiron Uniform Database NHL What do you think are the best and worst uniforms ever made?
  7. Raise your hand if you like MLP:FiM. *raises hand* Now keep your hand raise if you love sports. *keeps hand up* Thanks to my obsession with both those things, I altered every NHL and NFL team's logo to something from MLP. NHL Ponification Project Gallery - http://xfizzle.devia...allery/31949104 NFL Ponification Project Gallery - http://xfizzle.devia...allery/32015065
  8. So this is a thread concerning the 2014-15 NHL Playoffs. Here you can discuss about them as the Playoffs take it's course during the following weeks. This thread will be updated whenever there's a new matchup I know there is gonna happen. and remember: go habs go!! But seriously, remember that the forums rules still applies here, so respect everyone's team. So whitout further ado, have some nice NHL Playoffs! BRACKET (updated for Round 2):
  9. Well it's hockey season folks and I want to start a little game if you're up for the challange. I have started a GM Connected League om NHL14 for the xbox 360 and would love if some of you would join it. I started it today and am currently looking for members. Info: Name: Equestrian Hockey System: Xbox 360 Just type the league name in and you should be able to find it. My Gamertag is Mr HexDex incase you have troubles. Good luck to you all and I would love to make this more of a competition indepth thing if I can. Such as active roster, who's on who's team, league standings and so on.
  10. So we're now at game two of the Stanley Cup finals in 2nd overtime tied at 4-4, with the LA Kings holding a 1-0 series lead over the New York Rangers. This series is proving to be VERY close and could very well go to seven games at this point. Anyone else following? I saw the World Cup topic, but nothing for the Stanley Cup final. I'm not really cheering for either team as my Pittsburgh Penguins were eliminated in the playoffs, BUT I am enjoying the series nonetheless. Anyone here have any hockey loyalties? Edit: And the LA Kings win in 2nd OT, thereby gaining a 2-0 series lead. Well played! Now time for the Rangers to get two wins at home.
  11. Hello friends, I would just like to congratulate our dear Poniverse staff member, Nas, for becoming a professional hockey player for the Winnipeg Jets. His jersey number is #69 and you should all believe in your dreams, because Nas' dreams came true. His words that struck me the most were, "Otty.. Stop. :l", which is how he responds to everything I say. :') Nas, I hope you become the very best hockey player ever. "Believe in yourself, because you can overcome mountains." - Nas "Dew or Dew not, there is no Dr. Pepper." - Nas
  12. This topic is to find out who everyone here roots for and to maybe connect fans of the same team together or to help users find their rivals and subsequently trash talk them. If you're an international user (outside the US/Canada), feel free to tell us which teams (and their sport/league) you like to cheer on. if you want you can copy/paste this list I'm going to use NHL - Detroit Red Wings NFL - Detroit Lions MLB - Detroit Tigers NBA - Detroit Pistons College - Michigan Wolverines Soccer/Football - none Rugby - none Pretty standard for a Michigan resident lol. I despise the Ohio State Buckeyes (college), Notre Dame Fighting Irish (college), New York Yankees (MLB), Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL), Chicago Blackhawks (NHL), San Jose Sharks (NHL), Miami Heat (NBA), and Chicago Bears (NFL). Some of these are direct rivals like OSU, ND, Chicago teams, and some are indirect like Detroit rarely plays them but I dislike how they go about things like the Yankees, Heat, and Penguins. I dislike Michigan State Spartans (college) too because they're our little brother and they hold a HUGE inferiority complex towards Michigan.
  13. Made yet another wallpaper; non-pony related this time. This one based on one of my favorite National Hockey League teams, the Washington Capitals. The colors, logos and design in general are based on these jerseys they used from 1995-2007, one of my favorites in the history of the NHL. Illustration by Andrew M. Greenstein, The unofficial NHL Uniform Database Anywho, I think I'm definitely getting better at these, it's really fun. You guys can look forward to more in the future!
  14. Hey guys! Anyone else a big hockey fan? I am a huge Boston Bruins fan. I go to multiple games every season and I love the atmosphere of going to a game and unlike other sports hockey is exciting to watch. I'm really glad they were able to resolve the lockout situation (better late than never) and we should have NHL hockey for another 10 years. I know this is a bit late but the NHL playoffs are going into the Conference Finals. Who do you think is going to the Cup Finals? Who do you think is going to win Lord Stanley's Cup? Anyone disappointed in there team's performance this year? Do you have high hopes for next year? I think the Bruins will beat the Penguins in 6 games (complete homer pick). And the Blackhawks should beat the Kings in 6 games as well. The Blackhawks should win the cup in 6 or 7 games regardless of who they play. I think that there offense is too potent to not carry them to a Cup victory. Any other Hockey comments in general are always welcome as I'm always willing to talk hockey.
  15. With the NHL Owners and NHLPA ratifying the new CBA and signing a MOU (memorandum of understanding), the lockout is officially over! Training camp starts tomorrow. I'm not planning on going to any Red Wings games nor will I purchase any merchandise. The league and players must know how pissed the fans are that this lockout happened. My suggestion is to watch the games on TV, but don't go. Watch them at the many restaurants and bars near NHL arenas that have been hit hard by this lockout. Anyways, about the season itself. It's 48 games. Any slow starts or losing streaks could be deadly. Also with little rest, I expect injuries to pile up. By April it may come down to which team has the deepest bench and AHL affiliate. Too early to pick a Stanley Cup matchup.