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Found 20 results

  1. 5 being average. I came across these graphs, and it made me think a bit, and if I were to simplify myself to fit in this graph, where would I fit; Obviously we all know personalities are way more in-depth than this, but hey it's just for fun hmm if I were to simplify these 3 traits on how others would probably perceive me if they hardly knew me... I think my; attractiveness 8/10 intelligence 5/10 kindness 8/10 So I'd be in the dumb/Idiot spot haha. What about you?
  2. I had one only last night about some little friendly mouse (no clue why ) that liked to climb around on my body. I don't remember too much about it, but at one point, he fell and landed on his back with the cutest shocked look on his face... but he got so happy when I started tickling him then~ ...this is kinda embarrassing to talk about... Have you had any cute moments in your dreams?
  3. Tiltle explains everything. Let's get started. And a 1, and a 2, and you know what to do!
  4. Been thinking about making something like this for a while now, so I guess I'll give it a shot~ Pretty much, I'll be hoping to update this blog weekly with good news and lovely moments and so on that I've heard about lately, since I feel the world can tend to overlook the bright side of life from time to time. Obviously, this isn't to say that the world is perfect or that anything bad happening should just be casually dismissed, but these bad happenings already get plenty of attention and responses elsewhere, so I'd like this blog to be free of that as much as possible and instead focus on people and moments that aren't so talked about ~Good Happenings~ Or in case you're not one for reading, here's some nice pics/gifs/vids I've seen very lately :3 ~Lovely sights~ And that's about all I can think of for now Depending on how this goes and my motivation for it, I might do another entry like this next week too. For now, you're welcome to comment any news/images/events etc. you know that brightened your mood, I'm trying to be sorta thorough but I'm sure there's a ton that I'm unaware of! C'ya next week, perhaps~
  5. Someone is sad and it`s near you, Help her/him ! :okiedokielokie: How whould you make them smile again ? :3
  6. Your eyes are beautiful like the cosmos. Your mind is full of ideas like a book Your Voice is as sweet as nectar Your Body is as beautiful as a fantasy You are always beautiful never forget that, no matter what you think you look like you are never ugly.
  7. As the title suggests, did you expect the community/fandom to be as it is? And did that change once you got into the community? I mean things like: The size of the community Everypony`s personality The way we interact with each other The reason people like the show In my case I did expect the community to be as big as it is, I was expecting everyone to be nice and kinda the same interests as me (liking the things about the show that I like) as for interaction I was expecting everyone to get allong well with each other. Once I got into the community I was pleasantly to see how nice everypony is, and how we all go allong with each other! I am amazed at how insightfull someponies are and see the little references in episodes that I don`t, and I learn more about the show every time I`m here and that in turn makes me like the show more and more! I`m really interested in hearing what everypony else expected!
  8. Welcome!!! lol I started this game because I am bored. So tell me what you did today and I will tell you if you are naughty or nice!!!
  9. Edit: since I first wrote this my least favorite mane 6 has changed to Fluttershy because I am starting to like Rarity a bit more. First let me start by saying that I don't hate or dislike any Mane 6 character they are all great for their own reasons and I have at least one thing I like about them and that even includes my least favorite. In my case my least favorite is Rarity mostly because I feel like her negative traits being vanity and shallowness are over emphasized while her positive traits which I will mention in a moment are under emphasized which for me as a viewer can sometimes be a bit jarring and detracts from her full potential as a character. In the episodes where her positive traits do come out however they have done a fairly decent job of showing them and in one case being the episode A Dog and Pony Show she even used what in most other contexts would be negative traits to outsmart the diamond dogs for that reason that episode is my favorite one focusing on Rarity. What I do like about Rarity though is that she is a very creative pony, sure fashion is not my thing but the dresses she made for her friends in Suited for Success were impressive and are in my opinion the best example of her element being generosity. Though she dosen't always see eye to eye with her sister, Sweetie Belle who is actually my favorite cutie mark crusader by the way, she does often go to great lengths to make her happy which in many cases includes doing things she wouldn't normally do. While she often does care way too much about what other ponies think about her she has stuck by her friends. She is a fairly complex and varied pony in some situations she can be fairly selfish and vane but in other ones she can also be very loving and giving and I think these may be the traits that makes some people like Rarity.
  10. For me, the Waddle Dees in Kirby's Epic Yarn come to mind. They are SO ADORABLE! Provided they aren't carrying any spears, their only attack is to tackle you. Which a] does no damage to you, and b] sounds like this: Also, throughout the game, their inability to hurt you allows them to be put in cute little situations such as playing 'catch' with each other and- my favourite- this: What about for you?
  11. One of my favorite things to do in videogames is to just stop and look at the sky sometimes. I like when game developers put effort into the skybox to make it look amazing. It's a little thing, but goes a long way in my book. I appreciate when they put effort into that. So, what is your opinion on skyboxes and what game has your favorite skybox?
  12. Hey everyone, I just wrote a fic about Hearth's Warming. it's centers on Rainbow Dash, as she tries to find meaning in a season dominated by commercialism. If you decide to read it I hope you enjoy =)
  13. I was thinking the other day: What if people shared words of kindness more frequently? What if they showed displays of genuine compassion on a regular basis? The fact of the matter is, we need more of this. Many of us, including myself, browse these forums daily, and more often than not, we end up seeing at least one person express discontent over something or other. Family issues, school troubles, sick days, bad hair days, issues with depression, anxiety, and the like. But how often do we sit down and actually type out few words of encouragement to help them out? Well, the answer to that is: Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don't. The intention of this thread is not to guilt-trip anyone into being kind, though. It is to encourage random acts of kindness, whether it be on this website, throughout the fandom, or even in your real daily lives. We've all heard the expressions "love and tolerate" and "friendship is magic" thrown around very often, but it's very important that we never forget to uphold these values within ourselves. So here is my humble request: Take some time out of your day to send a nice message to someone else. It doesn't have to be long, and you don't even have to know the person you send it to personally (although it helps). Even if it doesn't look like a person is struggling, they might be! You never know unless you ask, or inquire about their lives. Some people aren't as vocal about their problems. Feel free also to comment in this thread as well. Share your words of encouragement with the world! You never know who might need them. And remember: Keep calm, and brony on! Edit: Also, if anyone comes to this thread seeking help or advice in any area of their lives, feel free to message me as well. I'm no Dr. Phil, but I'm a good listener, and a pretty good friend.
  14. Hey guys! I wanted to bring to your attention that there is a member of this website that is going through a very tough time in his life. His name is @Kyoshi, and I'm sure some of you may know him already from the art he contributes to this website. Things such as various banners he's designed for other MLP Forums users and even front page headings for the site, including the one that is featured right now, at the top of your computer screen. I will not divulge any details of the struggles and hardships he is going through, but just know that he is feeling down. What I wanted you guys to do, is send him some encouraging words of friendship. Let him know that there are people out there who care about what he does, and who he is. You don't need to tell him that I sent you, because ultimately, that is irrelevant. What matters most is that you communicate to him that he is welcomed and appreciated, for everything he does. Compliment him. Be kind. Introduce yourself if you don't know him that well. Make his day! He's a nice guy, and he doesn't deserve to be feeling the way that he is feeling right now. Just remember, this doesn't have to be just a one time thing. You can make a difference in many people's lives by sending them spontaneous words of kindness. So go out there, and show your compassion!
  15. So here`s my drawings ^^.I been drawing for a week now and each picture takes about 1-4 hours to finish, plz say what u think /Greetings Vinyl Ps.the cave thingy is ugly cuz i didn`t have any sketch there to go on....
  16. So, apparently Hasbro has already planned to release a figure of Twilight as an alicorn. It looks pretty accurate (besides the Cutie mark and wings)! I don't really mind this figure, it looks great. my problem though is that I recently read a post about a rumor about how Hasbro might be using Alicorn Twilight as a marketing scheme. So seeing this makes me a bit nervous, but I don't think that's the case. So, I think this looks like a very well-done figure! Looks nice, and I would buy it! At least, if I had enough, your thoughts? Opinions?
  17. Anyways, since the first drawing of me and AJ has been a success, I'm gonna do another one for either next week or the week after that. I have mid-terms this week so I need to study tomorrow, plus I need to play some good 'ol BOII since I haven't a while. Anyways, I know exactly what I'm gonna draw, the hard part is knowing how to do it . Stay tuned .
  18. Lately I have been seeing a lot of depressing threads, where people are talking about how bad their life is, and all the things they dislike, and it makes me really sad. So, for a change, how about the opposite. So this is a thread, where you can make yourself or others happy, in any way, shape, or form, no sadness allowed. Do it by talking about how great your day was, how great your life is, sharing funny stuff, or complementing other people on their achievements! So to start the thread off with a bang, how about the most upbeat song of all time?
  19. Im not trying to be offensive at all, but I mean, Trixie was MADE in the show to be mean. Of course anybody could become nice or be nice on the inside but why Trixie? I dont see many people saying Gilda is nice of Diamond Tiara is nice, but I still see people saying Trixie is nice. And for people that think she has to do that to get money or something, its not like she has to be mean to be a magician... (Btw, I dont mean why do people like trixie. I can see how you could like her. I mean, I like Discord. Just, im not saying hes nice or anything)
  20. Will, actually its more like yesterday Spring is here, since that was the Equinox. But still, I'm so excited that Spring is officially here. I've had winter wrap up in my head all day, and I can't stop being excited. Im just wondering what everyones doing to celebrate!!!